April 13, 2009, - 1:08 pm

Diane Sawyer, ABC News Lie in Anti-Gun Propaganda Special

By Debbie Schlussel
While I was away for the first part of Passover, I not only missed the Oprah “Get Your Daughter a Vibrator STAT” episode, but I also missed the “If I Only Had a Gun” ABC News “20/20” special.
As I predicted (and you didn’t have to be Einstein to figure this one out), it turned out to be an hour of propaganda. When Diane Sawyer claimed at the beginning that the special was not about the right to bear arms and not about the guns already out there, you knew that was a lie. It was exactly about that–a one-hour gun-control propaganda hour.
But even more troubling was the biggest lie told by Sawyer at the beginning of the show. She said, “this has been the most violent month in U.S. history.”


Diane Sawyer & ABC News Blatantly Lied in Gun-Grabber “News” Show

Really? Has April (or the last month through the date of the show’s airing on April 10th) really been the “most violent” month in American history? If violence is measured by murders, not really. Remember 9/11? Sawyer was referring to the shootings of cops in Pennsylvania and California and aliens and employees at an immigration center in New York. Those pale in comparison to the 3,000 Americans murdered on one day in September of 2001. More Americans have died in one day in some Civil War battles than died in these incidents.
It’s simply not correct to call this past month, “the most violent month in U.S. history.”
Not even close.
And that’s even if you include all of the other murders–and even the other violent attacks–in America in the last month.
But since ABC News is willing to lie about this in order to get a point across about how you shouldn’t have easy access to guns, then they’ll lie about anything for any reason.
You simply can’t believe ABC News. The “A” definitely doesn’t stand for “Accuracy.” And frankly, “American” is a real stretch for Diane and the gang, too.

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This show and 60 minutes piece last night are utter trash as expected. MSM bent on banning all guns. The message was to protect our children we must ban assault guns. Fascism wrapped in pampers.

californiascreaming on April 13, 2009 at 2:19 pm

i did not watch-i do not trust her. my cousin oce sent me a video of him teaching his 8 year old to shoot in a safe controlled manner-and the kid got good at it.

mindy1 on April 13, 2009 at 2:29 pm

I don’t watch ABC news. Period.
Just thought I’d let you know that I celebrated the inauguration of Barack O’Bama by purchasing a firearm. It’s the first one I’ve bought in 30 years. I’ve been wanting this particular firearm for a long time and the election of Barack O’Bama gave me the perfect reason to finally make the purchase.

There is NO Santa Claus on April 13, 2009 at 3:07 pm

Debbie, save your sanity and your health. Don’t watch the MSM nightly news. I haven’t for a decade and I find I haven’t missed much.

NormanF on April 13, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Diane Sawyer is another CFR mouthpiece spreading their agenda and propaganda right on cue. She is just one of puppets. The rest of the MSM propaganda spokes holes are doing the same thing like running stories about Mexico’s drug war being the fault of our 2nd amendment.
Barry Soetoro intends to take our second Amendment away from us before he suspends whats left of the Constitution and imposes the New World Order.
Who would of thought that a President would be able to fire a corporate CEO until this CFR puppet came along.
Who would of thought that a President would put a CFR former Federal Reserve Banker,Timothy Geithner in charge of stealing trillions of dollars from Americans.
You can laugh all you want but he even banned the sale of .223 brass from the military bases to ammo manufactures in America and ordered the Military to shred the brass before it could be reloaded. Once this was made public they backed off but make no mistake he intends to take our guns from us.
There is an Ammo shortage across America as a result of the Pentagon shredding surplus brass. Walk into any Walmart and try to buy Ammo right now.
We are watching the systematic destruction of America as we used to know it since this commie took office.
Your papers please comrades.

ScottyDog on April 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm

Scottydog,….I have posted many comments on serveral of Debbies thread regarding the ammo shortage. And especially how Wal-Mart either has limited ammounts of certain ammo or simply out of it. Most of the handgun ammo from a .38 special to a .45 caliber is most difficult to find, as well as finding 12 gauage shotgun shell. If you happen to find ammo at Wal-Mart they have a limit on how much you can purchase.
Scottydog, there is no way the govt. can take away our guns…though that’s what they would love to see happen. Therefore Obama, is talking about imposing a 200% tax on the purchase of new guns sales and ammo. Obama is saying if I can’t take away the peoples guns due to the 2nd amendment. Then I will tax it so high so it’s not “affordable” for the average citizen. So in essense if Obama is successful in this taxing. He will have impeded gun sales.
Scotty, if you do a little research in what I said above. You will ascertain that gun amd ammo purchases have had a 500% increase over the last year, all due to what’s happening. At least a new and current precedence was established by the Supreme Court when Washington D.C. banned anyone living there from having a gun. So far per the Constitution the government cannot take away our guns. But, they can set new protocols which makes it difficult and unaffortable for people to buy guns/ammo. This should have every American concern. The 2nd amendment was put in place, so the govt. wouldnt have absolute power. And that we the people have the right to protect and bear arms. And ensure we never come under tyranny rule.
What I been doing Scotty, is once a week I’m purchasing 1-2 boxes of .40 caliber (for my handgun) and 12 gauage shotgun shells. In an effort to stock pile and have a nice reserve. Because we actually might need it. I don’t have a problems spending a little more if I have to go to a gun store. In fact a place I do all my gunsmithing and purchase guns, ammo and accessories. The knowledgable sales rep informed me that the manufactures cannot keep up with the demand. Like I said above. The gun industry is booming in this terrible recession. Because ordinary people who are law abiding citizens, as well as responsible guns owners are seriously concerned over this issue.
Preparation is the key when it comes to issues like this. When I was at the gun store over the weekend. I was shocked in how the price on many decent guns has doubled from just 18-24 months ago. I suppose supply and demand is being applied on this.
Scotty, another option is you can purchase your ammo online. And there are plenty of reliable sites out there and the price is reasonable. I’m just as concerned as you are Scotty regarding this subject matter. I will never submit and give in my guns. In fact I just purchased a new Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 ga. shotgun. Got it with the heat shield, extendable/telescopic stock and a strap that goes around the forearm pump action. And the gun on the stock has a pistol grip with an 18″ barrel. Suffice to say, this particular shotgun is not designed for hunting or sport shooting. It’s made simply for defense. I bought it now because I don’t want to have to pay that huge tax once it’s imposed. Or worse this particular shotgun is banned because it’s regarded as an assault type weapon.
This is something that is being hidden from the public and the MSM ignores what’s going around them. And it’s time more good American citizens were made aware of this agenda the Obamanation administration has planned when it comes to guns. No, I am not a gun fanatic. I think people who are responsible should have a gun and take the proper safety course and so forth. A well equiped people will make the govt. think before they try to nationalize and make our great nation socialist. Militia’s have done a great service to America when the govt. got out of line. Stock up and be prepared. If people have several guns. Take the two you think you would need the most. And stock up on ammo for one long gun and one handgun. Because someday we the people just might have to use them…which I sincerely hope never happens. But, the way things are going with Obama, I’m not too optimistic.

Tenn Scholar on April 14, 2009 at 11:23 am

Tenn Scholar
That Mossberg 500 Persuader is a great gun as I have owned the same model for about 8 years. It is as good or better than a Winchester 870. The heat shield definitely will prevent some nasty burns.
The American people should all join Militias and take advantage of the real reason for the second amendment.They will be our only hope if Barry decides to implement marshal law.
I do not believe that ammo manufacturers cannot keep up with demand. If you ever saw a modern ammo plant in operation, you would agree. They can pump out millions of rounds a week.
There is a brass shortage created by the Federal Government not only with Military surplus but with new manufacture. I suspect the Obama Administration put pressure on them too causing the shortage and price increases that are simply insane.
Don’t think they cannot take our guns away, they did it in Australia, the UK and a partial ban in Canada.
Great minds think alike BTW. Lets hope we do not have to resort to an all out revolution to keep our country a constitutional republic.

ScottyDog on April 14, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Apparently, Diane Sawyer has less knowledge of American History than Obama. There are instances of ten thousand Americans dying within an hour such as Pickett’s Charge or Gen. Hookers command losing 7,000 in a half hour. If one uses a month as a time parameter, Chicago has as many murders as has occurred in this situation in Colorado. The willingness to engage in evil produces a person who is willing to kill by whatever means is available, guns aren’t the problem, people are and you can’t legislate the heart of a man/woman. As a nation we have removed morals and ethics from the public arena, now we reap the rewards. As for Diane Sawyer, nothing more than a paid talking head.

Thomas on July 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm

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