May 7, 2009, - 12:20 pm

The Elizabeth Edwards Oprah Emasculation Session

By Debbie Schlussel
The media world–and some conservative hypocrites like Sean Vannity–are all abuzz over the Elizabeth Edwards interview with Oprah, which airs today on the daytime TV talk show host’s daily garbage-fest.
But it’s no cause for celebration. It’s actually very unseemly. Yes, the guy cheated. So, leave him . . . or not. But don’t do this “Jerry Springer” act all dressed up in the high-brow rapper of the corpulent high-priestess HOprah. If you do this–and Mrs. Edwards did–you really are no different than the trash on Jerry and Maury on every single other channel.
To air your whole dirty laundry on national TV and in a book you’re pimping, well, I’m sorry, Elizabeth Edwards, but I don’t feel for you.


Castration Pity Party: Oprah’s Latest Penis Removal Seminar
What this amounts to is a national television castration of the guy, something Oprah loves to do with cheating husbands. This fits nicely into her anti-male narrative. It’s nothing new. A husband took vows. He cheated. Especially a politician and one with lots of money. Some of the spouses even have cancer. Mrs. Edwards isn’t the first. And there’s really nothing new here . . . unless Rielle Hunter becomes the new spokeswoman for “No Excuses” jeans. And that wouldn’t be news either.
It’s not even new for Oprah. She had on a similarly wealthy and equally low-class “my man cheated on me” ranter from Detroit. A wealthy woman, Suzy Farbman, knew her gazillionaire hubby was a serial cheater on her. But she loved the money and the parties. So, instead, she stayed and wrote a book–which no-one bought or read. And got her sister, a friend and producer for Oprah, to put her and her “repenting” husband and their two sons on national TV for all the world to see. She got her revenge. Her husband’s penis is now basically gone, unable to be re-attached Bobbitt-style (no shocker or coincidence that Oprah featured a gushing interview with the castrater, Lorena Bobbitt, last week).
Sorry, but if your husband cheats on you, going on Oprah to talk about it and whine doesn’t make you any better. It kinda, sorta makes you worse.
Yes, John Edwards is a lout. But not because he’s a philanderer. He’s a cretin because he (and Elizabeth, who certainly doesn’t need the money from this book) made his money off the backs of doctors and hospitals in America, in ridiculous lawsuits in which he portrayed a fetus. That’s why he’s a creep. He’s a leftist, blood-sucking crook and paper pusher, with a giant mansion to show for it. It’s funny–on the Oprah site, it implores you to “go inside the home that John and Elizabeth Edwards built together.” Um, more like the home that the soaked, sued, and screwed doctors, hospitals, and middle-class patients of America built together.
But you won’t hear that on Oprah. Nope.
Instead, the cancer-stricken Mrs. Edwards is using some of her last days, not tending to her family or concerned with the more important issues of our day, like, for example, good medical treatment for less fortunate cancer patients whose insurance premiums are high or can’t get full treatment because their doctors, hospitals, etc. are constantly sued by people like her husband.
It’ll make a great epitaph:

Here Lies Elizabeth Edwards Who Spent Her Last Days Exposing Her Cheatin’ Husband to Oprah’s Housewife Viewers

Why is she doing this? What will it achieve? She doesn’t need the money from the book. If this is to embarrass her husband, why not just leave? Why go on national TV in a moving, talking version of a National Enquirer? The guy isn’t running for anything anymore. His political career is thankfully finished.
Sorry, but I can’t see the purpose in all of this . . . other than to have the unduly moralistic finger-wagger, Oprah, and the missus, expressing their moral outrage–OUTRAGE!–that a liberal, conscience-less hubby couldn’t keep his pants on.
More living, breathing evidence of the the trite old standby:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned . . . and a sleazy, unduly-worshipped daytime talk show hostess in May ratings sweeps.

It’s shameless and salacious. And not just on Oprah’s part. That’s the usual. But on the woman done wrong’s part, too.
Here lies Elizabeth Edwards. All the money in the world didn’t stop her from doing her part for the low-class cesspool of daytime talk.

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I can’t feel sorry for a stupid woman who was diagnosed with cancer to not get treatment because she decided it was more important to be by her cheating husbands side on the campaign trail then getting much needed treatment for her cancer. Her cancer was found in its early stages but treatment would interfere with the campaign, so she like a blithering idiot waited far to long to start her treatment. It was also more advantageous to go on tv during the campaign and whine for the world about her cancer and how her hubby should be the president because of her sacrifice for the greater good. The woman is getting exactly what she deserves.

wolf2012 on May 7, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Nice to see hoprah fat again!!! Maybe she’ll get the stomach ring operation and stay knocked out. I think she did more to elect B.O. than all the money Soros kicked in.

samurai on May 7, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Speaking of hoprahs fat ass, am I the only one who gets all this spam email about diet pills seen on Oprah-Not a great selling point to advertise a diet product with Oprah’s fat ass as a good thing to buy your product.

wolf2012 on May 7, 2009 at 4:45 pm

When did Oprah go back to her ugly COLOR PURPLE self? Make up!

49smudge on May 7, 2009 at 8:16 pm

To a small degree, I feel for Elizabeth Edwards. Seems to me a person’s health should come first, instead, she tried to use it as a please feel sorry for me, and vote for my Bubba. Sadly, this whole story has turned into a bad soap opera, with very low who gives a rats-ass ratings. To top it, Doperah looks like she’s ready to nod off.

Jackson Pearson on May 7, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Hoprah is a vulture and a damn fugly one at that. With all her billions can’t she hire a minder to keep her from the food?
I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards only because she is so pathetic.

lexi on May 7, 2009 at 10:55 pm

I will agree with you about her going on Oprah and airing her dirty laundry is scummy. However, John Edwards hit an all time low. He was trying to portray himself as the clean cut boy next door but was nothing more than a horn dog. I mean what goes through your head to think you can get away with it after Bill and Monica? I’ve seen junkies with better judgment. And his ass is to blame for KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA. This delusional fuck was having an affair in Iowa and thought he could get away with it and the National Enquirer reported it before Iowa. Had he read the writing on the wall, he would have dropped out and Hillary would have won Iowa and candidate HUSSEIN COBRAMA would not have gotten the momentum to win the Primaries. Now we have the most manipulative man as the alleged President. He is 10 times as worse as Hillary would have ever been.

californiascreaming on May 7, 2009 at 11:13 pm

I could care less if Oprah’s ass became as big as a gravel truck. The things that bug me about her is that she is a racist, feminazi socialist/marxist and that quite a few nearly normal people, especially women, listen to her. The liberal/socialist/marxists like to whine about right wing talk radio, but the daytime TV talkshows that have been running since the ’80’s have done our culture and society quite a bit of damage. I am guessing that they contributed quite a bit to the fifty percent divorce rate, domestic violence and children being “brought up” in single parent homes or becoming wards of the state. All these years, many women who are home during the day have been watching or listening to two or three or more of these shows a day while doing housework or just kicking back. Then, after listening to people blaming all of the worlds problems on men, and pointing out various faults, real or imagined that men have, hubby comes home after a day’s work. Not exactly a recipe for domestic tranquility. The phrase “honey, I’m home” probably sounds quite a bit different after listening to Oprah type propaganda all day.

rtaylor174 on May 7, 2009 at 11:23 pm

The negative buzz about Stephen Soderbergh’s film, “The Girlfriend Experience,” is warranted. It is supposed to be a profile of the lives of upscale types, at the time of the last presidential election. It is nothing but a stream of insipid consciousness from innocuous drones. At the center of this mess, there is a pricy call girl, played by a real porn star. In the real world the porno queen bills herself as: “The dirtiest girl in the world.” And she told Rolling Stone that she would only appear on the Stern Show, wrapped in a palestinian flag.
Punchline: the movie release date is in July, but a screaner is already out there. That just hastens Soderbergh’s embarassment.

supercargo on May 8, 2009 at 1:29 am

I feel NO PITY for all involved. Even my mother who watched this dreck.
As I type this I am listening on SIRIUS Satellite Radio to Orson Welles as The Shadow, the man who haunts the guilty. The perfect way to describe the two empty c****, The Obama “Administration”, ACORN, The leftist media and false right paradigm heads like O’Reilly, Hannity and Lizzy Hasselbeck, and all femi-fascist clip cut lesbo hags. Pity he doesn’t exist for real.
“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime DOES NOT PAY! The Shadow Knows!” (eerie laughter)

NEPatriot on May 8, 2009 at 8:23 am

It’s unfair to judge Elizabeth in such a manner. She has very many valid points. We woman do need to learn to say NO! when a married man approaches us or we are tempted to be flirtatious. If we women want to achieve equal rights and power, we have to respect other women and their marriages. Many women are left by a cheating man late in life after having given up promising careers raised children. There is no way a women can get this back. They get some compensation in some states but it is never equitable. The vast majority of women are left far worse off financially than their male counterparts getting divorced. Not only has a cheater violated a holy covedant , but the greater issue is the children are left to cope with the issues a broken family and the total loss of respect of a major role model in their life. Why have we become so complacent about adultery, divorce, and the effects it has on our children? We’re so busy trying to have it all, we feel justified in our self indulgence. Our character and integrity defines us. Why are we so quick to throw it away and ruin a family that might have a chance for instant gratification? Why don’t we think about the spouse and the children before we act? “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Respect others and you will have greater respect for yourself and our society will be better as a whole. I’m sickened that another women would call a woman’s concerns a rant. If a man voiced some injustice, it would be called an issue.

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