May 13, 2009, - 1:17 pm

Baby Mama Video of the Day: Twins Have TWO(!) Different Fathers; Judge Makes Baby Daddies Watch “Maury”

By Debbie Schlussel
How bad is the baby mama prob in America? Well, it’s not just that 40% of American kids are now born out of wedlock. It’s that now, a baby mama can have twins with two different fathers (no lie). And that their mother calls a TV station to brag about it. That’s the story of Baby Mama Mia Washington and her young twins, Justin and Jordan. Yup, this story is the video version of America defining deviancy down.
It’s called, “heteropaternal superfecundation.” What a fancy word for a result of such trashy behavior. When a woman ovulates multiple eggs and has sex with two different men in a short period of time, there’s a tiny chance two eggs could be fertilized by different male sex partners and end up being born at the same time.
Hmmm . . . since they’re definitely not identical twins, and they’re not fraternal twins, I guess we could call ’em babymamaternal twins.

Here’s a quick video explaining how this rare occurence happens, courtesy of Dr. Josh Bazell:

Speaking of baby mamas, on a related note, Wayne County (Detroit) Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree makes baby daddies who don’t pay child support watch “Maury.”
I’m not a fan of “creative sentences,” which is what this is. However, for me, watching that show would, indeed, be utter punishment. Still, I gotta know why Hizzoner McCree doesn’t make the women who had these kids–and had to have been participants in the sex that produced these illegitimate kids–also watch “Maury” and report back to him. On the other hand, to my mind, “Maury” is part of the problem, not the solution. Not in the least.
And, as we all know, some of these women are having these kids so that they can have a steady stream of money rolling in from these baby daddies. And the court is quite touch on these fathers, not tough at all on the mothers.

If you’re a deadbeat dad who agrees to start making child support payments to stay out of jail, you’ve got to meet one more requirement in Judge Wade McCree’s Detroit courtroom: Watch the Maury Povich show.
McCree, a criminal judge in Wayne County Circuit Court, has begun sentencing dads to watch the show at least monthly and discuss it with their probation officers.
The judge, who is to appear on the show Thursday, said he got the idea after watching a few episodes. One day in February, he shouted to a man with five kids from five women: “What the hell do you think this is, the Maury Povich show?”
A videographer was in the courtroom for a local TV show and asked permission to send the clip to Povich’s show, McCree said.
Soon, Povich had a crew filming in McCree’s courtroom.
“Some of these men in my court watch the show and see how ridiculous some of the deadbeats look, and then they realize it’s them,” McCree said.

Um, actually, the baby mamas on that show look ridiculous, too. The baby mamas are as much a part of the problem as the baby daddies.

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What kind of woman calls a news station to brag about having sex with two different men at the same time and wants the world to know she did it.
Pathetic slut says she will take responsibility for her actions.
Want to bet she is already receiving assistance and will be hoping to “Cash In” because of the publicity.
If these women had to pay for their own babies and not the federal government this type of behavior would stop.Thanks to LBJ’s great society we have spent over 1.5 trillion on these kind of mothers and we end up with people Dependant on the Feds.
What you get is ghettos full of Dependant losers just like we saw during Katrina.

ScottyDog on May 13, 2009 at 3:17 pm

That’s just what Detroit needs. More idiots watching Maury instead of looking for work or going to school.

DontTreadOnMe on May 13, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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