May 18, 2009, - 10:35 am

Tweet of the Week: Michigan GOP Atty Gen Brags About Dinner @ Hezbollah Mosque, Spends All Day Tweeting, Campaigning for Gov

By Debbie Schlussel
Reader Squirrel3D recently commented on this site,

Twitter is the most overrated useless service at the moment, and it amazes me how you of all people even bought into it.

He has a point. But I use my Twitter account (follow me here) to promote this site and my views to new readers and to learn of interesting items from other like-minded thinkers online. It is useful for that purpose. It is also useful for another purpose. For information. Some people are stupid enough to put it out there. High profile people. People who are running for office and want your vote. People like Michigan’s pan-Islamist Republican Attorney General Mike Cox. His inane but revealing tweets can be found here.


Mike Cox Speaking @ Pro-HAMAS/Pro-Hezbollah ADC Banquet

Honoring Winners of Restrictive, Racist Essay Contest

As I’ve told you before, Cox hangs out at extremist Islamic organization dinners, where everyone there (and perhaps him, too) openly supports HAMAS and Hezbollah, and he hangs with individuals who have made openly anti-Semitic comments and statements in writing and for broadcast. I’ve written much more on this sleazy pol who continues to allow pregnant Muslim foreign alien women to defraud Medicaid and get citizenship for their kids, who allowed illegal aliens to get Michigan Driver’s Licenses for five years, and who took campaign contributions from his friend, Hezbollah agent and federally convicted insurance defrauder Ali Jawad (who has two wives).
Now, on Twitter, Cox has basically telegraphed to us that he spends all day long campaigning for Governor (and tweeting), including at extremist Hezbollah Mosques, like the American Muslim Society, well known for its pro-Hezbollah sermons and activities. Look at how Cox spent Friday. Hmmm. . . . taxes, homeschooling, and a Hezbollah mosque–not one of these has a single thing to do with the business Michigan taxpayers pay the Attorney General of Michigan to do. Not a single one. Can you imagine keeping your job, if you neglected it, and tweeted all day long how you were attending job interviews for a job you’d like to have in three years? You’d be fired instantly.
But not Mike Cox. Here’s what he’s been up to . . .



Mucho Thanks to David Lunde/Lundesigns for Extracting These Images

Also of note, the mosque Cox visited, the American Muslim Society is Michigan’s oldest mosque, at 70 years old. That should tell you something about the history of Muslims in Michigan where they first came and where they have the largest concentration in North America. They’re fairly new, they are interlopers, and they don’t have a history with us. Most Michigan synagogues are far older, and there are synagogues in the state that are more than 200 years old. Jews helped settle Michigan and found towns here. Muslims helped radicalize them and turn them into satellite states of Greater Barbaria.
That’s what the man who wants to be Michigan’s next Republican Governor is celebrating. And that’s why I’m supporting his Republican opponent Pete Hoekstra (his twitter account is here), who doesn’t pander to these extremists and go to comfort them every time they whine about a paper cut. He understands the threat that they are.
**** UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention is that the Liliputian Mike Cox is the signatory to a pro-Israel resolution signed by some other states’ attorneys general. But that’s just more evidence of what a political whore this guy is and how he plays both sides. We saw this on display in 2006 during the Israel-Hezbollah war, when Cox had himself inserted into a pro-Israel rally. Just weeks later, though, he made it a point to be one of the very few politicians appearing and glad-handing extremists at the pro-Hezbollah Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan dinner.
The guy is a two-faced Napoleonic snake, and unlike far too many Republicans and self-professed conservatives, I do not worship the ground he slithers on.

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Cox is a bastard. Islam is supposed to be against whoring around behind the wife as well. It’s just rotten, rotten rotten the whole scene. They’re made for each other, Cox and islam.

samurai on May 18, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Cox is one of those clandestinely aiding the expansion of islamo-marxism in MI and the US. The islamo’s have had a field day “BUYING” US politicians and bureaucrats: the Bush’s, Clinton’s, McCain, Hollbrook, Albright, Burns, the Dole’s, practically the entire US State dept,
…jeez, the list is endless. When the American “awakening” and backlash comes, these will have their necks stretched.

joesixpack31 on May 18, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Oh the irony. Who keeps voting for this fool anyway?

mindy1 on May 18, 2009 at 3:19 pm

…….I guess that’s one way of using twitter, but don’t look for me on it anytime soon.
Cox keeps getting voted by voters who are clearly gullable and I’m sure 1/4 of them are illegal aliens too.

Squirrel3D on May 18, 2009 at 9:32 pm

thanks Debbie,
Keep the lights on Cox. He is as his name says. Glad you are helping us to keep track of his antics.

BB on May 18, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Yeah, but is Mike Cox friends with Mike Huntz?

Doda McCheesle on May 21, 2009 at 11:31 am

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