May 29, 2009, - 3:40 pm

“Torture Doesn’t Work”: An ICE Agent Who Needs to Shut Up & Work; Abu Moskowitz’s Tool

By Debbie Schlussel
Meet Kenneth Duke. He’s the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resident agent in charge of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
While you would think that ICE agents are consumed with the millions of illegal aliens still in our midst and customs smuggling issues regarding the transfer of weapons and technology from America to terrorists and parties like Iran, in Kenneth Duke’s case, he’s apparently got those problems licked.
You see, he’s got so much time on his hands now that he’s solved all immigration and customs issues in Western Michigan, that he’s speaking out to newspapers to tell them that “torture” of terrorists in interrogations doesn’t work.


ICE’s Kenneth Duke & Boss Abu Moskowitz Speak Out

Against “Torturing” Terrorists
So, what exactly does torturing terrorists have to do with ICE?, you ask. Good question. Answer: It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the mission and/or functions of the agency charged with enforcing our nation’s immigration and customs laws.
But, since he now feels he’s an expert, Special Agent Duke decided to stick his nose into the issue and get some press coverage. After all, with the Obama release of selected interrogation memos and Dick Cheney and his daughter rightfully blasting Obama on this issue, it’s hot. And why not have an ICE agent opine on this issue, because clearly that is what we need our immigration bureaucrats doing.
Desk jockey Duke apparently thinks he has some special expertise in torture methods in interrogation because in April of last year, he volunteered to go to Iraq to help investigate and dismantle the financing Al-Qaeda uses to obtain weapons, build bombs and recruit homicide bombers there. Clearly, Agent Duke wasn’t totally successful in that mission, since Al-Qaeda is still successfully committing homicide bombings and killings there on a regular basis.
But Duke wants us to know that he’s never seen torture used successfully. Really? Does this mean he saw other members of his team torture suspected terrorists or that he himself did it? Did he file a report, telling higher-up authorities about this torture he claims to have witnessed? Was Duke present at the alleged “torture” a/k/a waterboarding that we used as an enhanced interrogation technique on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Is he aware of the intelligence on planned terror plots that we got from KSM?
It’s a sure bet that the answer to all of these rhetorical questions is a solid “NO.” I don’t believe Duke saw anyone torturing suspects. ICE simply isn’t involved in that kind of thing. It’s sad that the former U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigation, which is now part of ICE, no longer is involved in investigating and stopping terrorists financing, which it did so well under “Operation Greenquest.” However, Customs never tortured suspects and informants to get that info. That’s not the business they were in.
Duke even admits he saw none of this:

“There was absolutely no waterboarding that I was aware of.”
Duke is convinced other approaches are more reliable.
“There was no physical touching. Every once in a while, you might ratchet it up to where you would raise your voice.”

So, basically, he doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about. And he needs to shut the heck up.
The real experts, not ICE or former Customs agents, but the military guys who interrogated KSM, Abu Zubaydah, and others, know what works. Yes, they are the experts, not an ICE agent who went to Iraq for a brief period of time and didn’t stop the flow of terror money.
While it is true–and I’ve heard it from many a successful ICE agent–that informants respond best when they are treated well by their handlers (as Duke asserts in The Grand Rapids Press), the people with whom the U.S. used enhanced interrogation methods are top terrorist masterminds who are smarter than that. They’re not your average ICE Arab Muslim street informant turning in his friends who sell ecstasy in Detroit. People like KSM don’t spill upon receiving a nice meal, a few bucks, and some compliments from an American male with a gun and a badge.
So why is Special Agent Kenneth Duke speaking out, to the media, against torturing terrorists, something clearly outside his purview and job description?
Well, any ICE agent can’t just speak to the press. These interviews are supposed to be carefully screened through the ICE Public Affairs Officer. And while Brian M. Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” ICE’s Michigan/Ohio Special Agent in Charge and Agent Duke’s boss (more about Abu M here), often violated that rule and leaked confidential information and stories to the press, none of the agents he oversees are allowed to do that. And this interview was done with Moskowitz’s full knowledge and sanction. He’s even quoted in The Grand Rapids Press article, praising his agent, Duke.
Why is Abu Moskowitz encouraging his agents to speak to the press about an issue that has nothing to do with ICE?
Well, Moskowitz is a liberal who desperately wants to run ICE or get a top job in the agency’s Washington Headquarters. In the past, as I’ve noted on this site, he’s also publicly defended the INS kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez from his cousins’ house in Miami.
Apparently, Abu Moskowitz–always a bridesmaid and never a bride–believes that if he kisses some Obama ass (the way he’s been kissing Muslim ass for years), he’ll get ahead. By having his agents speak out on issues important to BHO, like alleged torture of terrorists, and showing Barack a little love during this hot national debate, he’ll get in the good graces of the Obama-niks and their new chosen ICE Sheikh, John Morton.
Moskowitz is already the favorite boy tool of his boss, Marcy M. Forman-Friedman a/k/a “Peppermint Patty,” ICE’s Director of Investigations. She even chose Moskowitz to come to Washington and represent all ICE Special Agents in Charge at an awards ceremony, during which Attorney General Eric “Americans are Cowards” Holder gave ICE a $100,000 award for its “achievement” in protecting crime victim’s rights. (That’s funny, since the victims of illegal immigration are all Americans, and ICE hasn’t protected us much lately.)
But Moskowitz’s protector, Forman-Friedman, is not long for her position as his boss. And he needs a new way to get ahead.
Apparently that new way is having his top agent bureaucrats say stupid things to newspapers while illegal aliens continue to roam free.
Par for the course in the world according to Abu Moskowitz. Well past time for him and his bureaucrats to shut up and get to work.



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So wait, you ARE pro-torture Debbie?
Weren’t you the one who posted video recently of that guy from UAE torturing the farmer who owed him money? I’ll assume a correction from you is being drafted right now on that article. After all, if the U.S. does it and it’s a “technique”, but you describe that guy’s actions as sadistic and barbaric, you’ll need to clarify.
And while you’re at it, how about drafting a post calling for the U.S. to withdraw from the Geneva Conventions as well? How can we maintain a treaty where we will be creating exceptions for ourselves whenever we feel like it?
Frankly, I’m shocked. The British never needed to resort to torture to extract high value information from the Nazi’s. In the face of the worst barbarians in human history, we did not sink to their level. But now somehow you think there is an exception? Maybe the show ’24’, as much as you claim you hate it, had a subliminal effect on you. Because that’s the place where the ‘ticking time bomb’ scenarios exist: In the world of Jack Bauer.

SanDiegoDave on May 29, 2009 at 5:11 pm

might I add that none of these experts whom the author defers have seemed to have stopped the flow of money, bombs, or anything else any better than this ICE agent has?

wingsuitfreak on May 29, 2009 at 5:33 pm

Waterboarding as applied by in the CIA is NOT torture. Otherwise, we would be torturing members of our armed services who also undergo this in training.
Although later banned, it was legal and effective at the time used.
NOT effective? Release the memo about it or STFU!
ALSO: ICE is now a tool of the libs. I feel bad for the professionals of that organization who have been betrayed by politcal hacks who could give a hoot about the security of this country.

SamAdams on May 29, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Typical Dickhead.

#1Vato on May 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm

Political correctness is more important to ICE than enforcing our nation’s immigration and customs laws. After all you might not be able to keep a terrorist from harming this country but you can make sure Islamists know you’ll still attend their falafel luncheons and schwarma dinners. Life goes on!

NormanF on May 29, 2009 at 7:28 pm

I’m all for not torturing these people. My only hope is that when they do actually strike this country again, and it will happen. That they make sure and target hollywood, and the liberals who defend them.

wolf2012 on May 29, 2009 at 8:59 pm

Here’s a self-test on torture:
Let’s define the word “torture.” Look at the list below of documented methods of punishment and persuasion. Beside each method write one of these words:
Agony: Use only one of these words.
A short definition of torture:
To bring great physical or mental pain upon another.
Use one of the above words that you think comes closest to describing what YOU would feel, if YOU were the one being punished or persuaded.
Here’s a brief list of examples:
* Being beaten while your hung by your hands, with your arms behind your back __________;
* A 1000 small razor cuts all over your body __________;
* Being forced to watch your spouse or child being gang raped __________;
* Punched repeatedly in the face __________;
* Being burned with a blowtorch __________;
* Being in solitary confinement for years at a time __________;
* Hear the shrieks of children who hang by their wrists while being … ??? __________;
* Sleep deprivation __________;
* Punched in the ribs, until they’re cracked or broken __________;
* Having your eyes gouged out __________;
* Water boarding __________;
* Having your tongue cut out __________;
* Hammering sharp nails into the tips of your fingers/toes __________;
* Having nails forced under your fingernails __________;
* Being placed in a room with insects __________;
* Sitting on the floor, for hours/days with your head between your legs __________;
* Having your limbs cut off with an electric saw __________;
* Having your hands dissolved in acid __________;
* Being slapped __________;
* Press your head/face down into a bucket filled with feces __________;
* Having your fingers bent back until broken __________;
* Forced to watch your friend, spouse, or children being beheaded __________;
* Having your teeth slowly knocked out __________;
* Listening to rock music 7/24 __________;
* Excoriated on your back/legs with a whip or chain __________.
The list can go on and on, but you get the point. Now, define the word “torture.” Do the methods of persuasion used at Guantanamo meet your definition of “torture?” In particular, is “water boarding” the moral equivalent of, let’s say, being forced to watch your spouse or children being gang raped, or beheaded?

Jackson Pearson on May 29, 2009 at 10:27 pm

For the interested that want to know what real modern day torture was during WWII, up to 1948, Google “London Cage.” Compared to London Cage, Gitmo was liken to a five star Club Med vacation.

Jackson Pearson on May 29, 2009 at 10:32 pm

This is where I disagree with you.

NEPatriot on May 30, 2009 at 6:12 am

ICE continues to be the laughing stock of federal, state and local law enforcement. FPS will be leaving ICE soon. The Air Marshals and Air & Marine Branch are long gone.
Once FPS leaves in 2010, former legacy Custom’s agents will stand alone with the former INS employees at ICE. IMHO CBP will form their own Office of Investigations and ICE will officially become Immigration and Criminal Enforcement. Most ICE employees are involved in the civil apprehension, detention and removal of illegal aliens. Contrary to ICE propaganda, ICE conducts very few criminal investigations.
The few Customs investigations that ICE performs will be transferred to CBP. ICE will investigate the few criminal violations that were assigned to legacy INS agents.
Before the current ObamaNation term ends, CBP will be the former US Customs Service and ICE will be the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). In practice this is already happening. Its just a matter of time before Congress makes it official.
This has been the plan since DHS was established in 2003. Immigration Enforcement has been and will always be the red headed step child of federal law enforcement because of POLITICS. This has always been the case under both Democrat and Republican Administrations. Some things never change. This includes Amnesty in 2010, which is a repeat of Amnesty in 1986.
Neither political party will do anything, including effective immigration enforcement, to alienate the Hispanic voters.

bonzerwolf on May 30, 2009 at 3:48 pm

“Apparently that new way is having his top agent bureaucrats say stupid things to newspapers while illegal aliens continue to roam free.”
Maybe this guy needs help from an expert on saying stupid things. He should talk yo Joe Biden. However in Biden’s defense the broken teleprompter crack was pretty clever and on key.
Bob A.

Bob A. on May 30, 2009 at 5:31 pm

Is it just me or doesn’t this Duke character look like a washed up, over-the-hill, has been with a dyed beard and hair, who is trying look cool in the photo while trying to suck his tummy in?

notanEVSfan on May 31, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Duke and Moskowitz are two prime examples of what is wrong with ICE; legacy customs managers who have no idea about immigration investigations, and are as far removed from the reality of what has been happening at ICE as anyone. These are two of the biggest sell-outs in the federal government. They are more worried about their career track than the security of our country. I wonder if Duke ever served in the military. If I had to guess I would say no. But maybe I’m wrong. To jump on a publicity topic for no purpose or reason makes me think he is dealing with a guilty conscience and knows deep down how he is part of the problem, so now he is looking for popularity. What a friggin boob! (DUKE)

freefromice on May 31, 2009 at 9:30 pm

What rights does a person who is coming to kill and maim you and your family have? He has 1 right. The right to die a violent and painful death.
What if a whole group of people had this plan for your whole group and country? The same would apply. They all deserve to die violently.
The framers of the Geneva accords knew and understood this.
As a corollary of this principle, prisoners should be tortured and killed. However, many nations at war wanted to make a gentleman’s agreement that if each side kept certain rules of treatment, both sides would avoid harming captives unduly.
However, ununiformed combatants which can’t be identified easily obviously would not fit this rule and that is why it was not applied to them.
The Geneva Accords were never a statement of morality but a gentlemen’s agreement.
It is apparent, that none of this applies to civilian targeting, enemy torturing terrorists.
Therefore, the old rules apply. Any and every means necessary to defeat and destroy these evil people is valid and moral.
Trying to go beyond these rules is inhumane to one’s own people and suicidal.

Facts of Life on May 31, 2009 at 10:41 pm

You can tell Duke’s a loathesome office puke by the picture. He’s out of shape, with more chins than a Chinese phone book.
He’s not a warrior; he’s just posturing with his arms crossed because he wants us to think he’s got his shit in one bag.

undaunted on June 1, 2009 at 3:06 pm

ICE has a career special agent in its employee right now, Steve Mocsary, who could lead the agency into a position of respectabilty and professionalism not yet seen since it was created. He knows how to deal with people like this Moskowitz and Duke, and he would place proven and respected leaders into key positions. In my opinion, he should be the Assistant Secretary for ICE. The rank-and-file in ICE would enthusiastically follow this man to hell and back. Instead, he will soon quietly fade into forced retirement due to the maximum age for federal law enforcement officers. What a fucking shame, and what a waste of great talent.

AynaydaPizaqvick on June 1, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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