June 17, 2009, - 11:37 am

Feminism Run Amok: American Males Left Behind

By Debbie Schlussel
While our government constantly spends tax money to promote women and gender-based affirmative action, men in America have fallen behind.
I’ve noted it on this site many times–whether it’s men as minorities in college and grad school student bodies, or men overwhelmingly and disparately affected with job loss in the bad economy, or males passed over in hiring positions in math and science at our nation’s tax-funded universities.
David Zincenko, editor-in-chief of “Men’s Health” magazine, has a great column on the disparities for men and how the American male–long under attack–is now in decline. (I don’t agree with his applause for Obama’s re-establishment of the White House Council on Women and Girls, an unnecessary office the Bush Administration closed; or his apparent endorsement of nationalized health care.)

It’s not a good thing, and something to consider as we approach the day honoring the less appreciated parent, Father’s Day. Here are the key excerpts:

Some experts predict that this year, for the first time, more American women will have jobs than men. And that’s just furthering the decline of the endangered male.
Consider this: A 2007 government survey found that of the 36.8 million American adults who lack health insurance, 56% are men. But given the tremendous percentage of lost jobs that were held by men, that number could skyrocket. . . . [M]en who are single or divorced and who, studies show, live shorter lives than their married brethren . . . now make up the largest segment of the unemployed and uninsured. The impact of this in the form of untreated illness and injury will follow single men around for a generation. . . .

If anything, that part is the answer to the confirmed bachelor lifestyle and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men make up the majority of those injured on the job. In the manufacturing, mining and construction fields, 86% of workplace injuries and illnesses occur to men and 92% of workplace-related deaths are men as well.
And let’s remember our injured vets: 98% of the Iraq wounded are men, and for many of them, their war-related health problems will continue for a lifetime.
Psychological issues again, often left untreated because of a lack of employment and insurance affect men in much greater numbers, as well. Almost 70% of homeless adults are men, and the suicide rate for young men is five times that of young women.
These factors help explain why, in 2006, the average American male could expect to live 5.1 fewer years than the average woman; a black American male will likely live 11 fewer years than a white American woman. (By contrast, in 1920 men and women could expect to enjoy about the same lifespan.)
Despite the overwhelming evidence that men are being left behind, the U.S. government has never made a concerted effort to address male health issues. Right now, there are seven (seven!) offices of women’s health in the U.S. government: six in the Department of Health and Human Services and one in the Department of Agriculture. And the Pentagon makes huge investments in women’s health research. Yet there is not a single federal organization that encourages and disseminates physical and mental health research for and about men.

I don’t advocate opening up and expanding agencies for the health of men. We need to close the agencies dedicated solely to the health of women. Those are discriminatory. And there’s no reason we need several such agencies. There should be a consolidation into one agency, which does research into the health of both sexes and the particular health needs of each one.
Still, the facts and figures he cites are telling. As America continues its push toward a matriarchy, pushing men out of the way in favor of artificial insemination, single mother households, etc., it is one more step in the way of America’s demise and our continuing quest to emulate Europe. As we honor Governors who abandon their families to Mr. Moms, while they pursue political careers and while their own daughters father babies out of wedlock and shut the fathers of their babies out of their kids’ lives, we must ask ourselves what are the benefits of that. Why are we applauding those who behave this way?
As men are cast off to the wayside as obsolete, ask yourself if you want America to be the international equivalent of the WNBA or a NOW meeting?

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Hi Debbie,
Thank you for posting this!

Perpetua on June 17, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Debbie is great for highlighting this issue and should be commended while many others refuse to address this issue.
I am one of the white males that could not find a job in the 1980’s and had to start my own business to gain employment.It was not lack of skills or employability that I could not get work in any fortune 500 company, there is illegal systematic discrimination in the workforce then and now against the white male.
Back when I was trying to get work, I had a friend that ran a head hunter agency and he was able to get the answer to why I was always getting to the final interviews but failed to get hired.
He would call the human resource people that were not allowed to tell me my why I was not hired because they were afraid of getting sued.
In every company the answer was the same; ìwe need a minority… your guy scored the highest but we need a woman or a minority or bothî. They apologized profusely to him but said corporate has told us we need to beef up our numbers.
Have any of you looked at the faces in companies today, they are devoid of males and white males are becoming extinct.
I finally gave up. For people that think this is a bunch of bull, here is a link with the facts just in the US Government which are too common in the corporate world as well:
“The EEOC hired Hispanics by 98% above their racial quota, that accomplishment is dwarfed by the 427% by which blacks were over hired by EEOC.Blacks were over hired at the Court Services and Offender Services agency by 841%. And at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation by 405%.”
It is getting worse in the Barry Soetoro administration where the big lie about racial discrimination against minority groups is perpetuated.The fact is that being a minority or a woman almost guarantees you will get hired qualifications be damned.
Some thing has got to be done about this issue.
There is a huge group of men out there that are getting desperate and may resort to violence especially when the unemployment benefits start drying up for millions that have been fired or laid off in the current financial crisis.
Judging from stories from guys I know they are outraged and may just be a powder keg ready to explode.
Can you blame them?

ScottyDog on June 17, 2009 at 12:57 pm

Men are already a minority in America and they’re just not politically correct. One hears lots of stories about women have it hard in America but men have it a lot harder. The difference is men don’t complain about it.

NormanF on June 17, 2009 at 1:15 pm

My wife was at a planning meeting for an upcoming state conference last week. The committee leader of this event announced that she didn’t want to see the planned panel discussions to be seated by all white males. My wife noted that in the planning meeting there was not ONE white male face.
How pathetic.

kaporet on June 17, 2009 at 1:17 pm

[udging from stories from guys I know they are outraged and may just be a powder keg ready to explode.
Can you blame them?
Posted by: ScottyDog]
It makes a lot of sense. No wonder angry White males align themselves with the Palestinians.

Norman Blitzer on June 17, 2009 at 3:02 pm

Norman Blitzer
You are such an ass, I cannot believe some of the stuff you say on this forum.To compare this situation to the recent shooting is typical of the left winged nut cases in America today.
You probably believe the DHS report about people that voted for Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin are domestic terrorists.

ScottyDog on June 17, 2009 at 3:07 pm

You are a complete idiot like most of your right-wing cohorts. Yeah, it’s ok for the angry White male to claim victimhood and go on a shooting spree, but if it’s anybody else then it’s wrong. I got news for you moron, it’s wrong, period!
[You probably believe the DHS report about people that voted for Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin are domestic terrorists.]
The irony is it was more right than wrong!

Norman Blitzer on June 17, 2009 at 3:41 pm

When I retired from the Army I couldn’t get a WA State Gov’t job for anything. This was back in the mega expansion days for this state.
As I recall, ALL the dept heads & hiring agents I talked to belonged to either a minority or some other “protected” demographic group.
I only got a non-state job once I was interviewed by a vet who knew first hand what I had to offer.
BTW: I’m a middle aged white male with a anglo -christian name….SURPRISE!

SamAdams on June 17, 2009 at 4:25 pm

I agree with many of the posters above. Also, I would say that confirmed bachelorhood is becoming more and more common due to such trends. Getting married and becoming a father has become very problematic in the last 30 years. The chances of getting divorced are very, very hight now. Also, when that happens, the father is stuck with child support payments and frequently limited or no visitation rights with his children. So, why should a male even bother? It is very sad.

Worry01 on June 17, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Norman Blitzer spewed the following leftist dribble:
“You are a complete idiot like most of your right-wing cohortsÖ..!”
I did not condone shooting or even mention it in my comments. You invented it out of whole cloth. The facts about the racist that went on a shooting spree were not even in the DHS report does not bother you either does specious personal attacks you make all the time here on this forum.
You even called me the usual right winged label when I am nothing of the kind. I am not a Republican, numnuts, nor am I a right winged anything.
The facts really irritate people like you because you are so invested in identity and diversity politics that you cannot see the forest because of the trees. You folks believe in “leveling the playing field” despite the evidence that it is not only bad for the person, it is bad for the country.
OPM recent reports have shown that “The feds have over hired blacks by such an overwhelming margin in all 22 independent federal agencies that it is difficult to see the over-quota hiring of the other minorities.”
You know like women who are not even a minority:
28% SSA (Social Security Administration)
26% Treasury Dept.
23% HHS (Health and Human Services)
12% VA (Veterans Administration)
The fact of the matter, it is illegal to discriminate against people in the hiring process and the fact the number one cohort discriminated against is the white male must just get your underwear in a wad. Barry Soetoro votersí like you are nothing but hypocrites.
Is it to much to ask that employees be treated according to merit and fitness and without regard to color and sex?

ScottyDog on June 17, 2009 at 5:26 pm

There is something that stupid white females in this country are unaware of apparently… unless they are manipulating the terms for their own vices..

its called “biology”.Even with the NWO pushing feminism as a ruse to destroy the nuclear family..and enlisting females (the easiest to TRAIN like a DOG of the two genders)… you simply cannot discharge millions of years of biology in even a few decades..

The backlash of the more aggressive gender is going to be massive. Domestic violence and violence toward women and girls is sky rocketing…

What is being done to the US is a copy of what the Bolsheviks did to Russia. Exactly blue print because its being done by the same psychopath Masons who orchestrated the first two global wars and the removal of the Czar.. under Masonic/Rotchscild orders…

Forget WOMEN and FEMINISM. Take a look at modern Russia. All the women want out because they are brutally treated by men there because of the ruse of feminism turning femininity into dust over the past century… but the sad truth is that men in this country will not treat them any better because of the destructive forces of feminism here !

The American Male is NOT IN DECLINE… he is simply rethinking his strategy and I guarantee that the backlash will be so swift and so final that within a few years, there will be many more females committing suicide or whining and crying about their post-menopausal anger at never having been loved, never having a single child, having no protection from men and being used like a ‘sheath’ over and over and over and over… by men willing to abuse them and use them for sex as toys.

Its a scientific fact that females are less intelligent by IQ quotients and are emotionally susceptible to suggestions outside themselves, are bad decision makers in general lacking these general traits from millions of years of evolution and dependance upon men.

The absurdity of feminism is akin to training a pitcher and a catcher for 30 years and on the final game of the World Series, you switch their positions and so “go get em guys”…this is how plain idiotic ‘feminism’ is…

Today women are pretty much stupid walking jokes to men. They THINK they are ‘independant’.. when in fact, they have become even more obviously ‘dependant’ and easy to lure into one night stands and dumped. This trend leads to the massive increase seen in recent years of depressed females.

Females account for over 70% of anti-depressant meds in the pharma industry. It is not because males aren’t interested or don’t seek counseling. Males can withstand stress better and don’t cry to their boyfriends over broken nails…

Feminism is DESTROYING WOMEN.. not men. Only a feminist would write such a ridiculously lopsided piece that Men Are in Decline… huh ? Really ? How do you figure, when more men are HAPPIER than women statistically speaking ? Most businesss are OWNED by MEN. The Banking system, the government, all major industry CEO’s are MEN … women can’t build a god damn thing on their own.. they need men to do that for them. They can buy a home and only destroy it.. they can’t maintain it. A man needs to ‘fix’ everything they break… and now men don’t need to MARRY to get as much sex as they want… the male of the species was always prone to sex with multiple partners to carry on its biological genes.. and in today’s world, a man has access to many , many, many unwed sex partners that he can have his way with and not have to be stuck with just one.. thanks to feminism.

This is one obvious factor adding to men’s increasing happiness ! Many men are simply shirking the idea that ‘marriage’ is a good thing for them, especially today. Its always been known as a man’s ‘shackle’ anyway.

What this author and many feminists forget is that it just doesn’t MATTER who a woman says she is.. what her job title is… how much money she has now stolen from men… she has a vagina ! She is small and vulnerable. The more pompous and stupid and controlling she acts.. the more a man wants to dominate and subdue her…

This is what is accounting for the millions of shocking and violent porn videos on the internet where women are being brutally treated and willingly so… allowing themselves to be violated and mistreated and beaten even raped, just to FEEL the raw power of masculine energy… since feminism has robbed them of ever knowing that vitality..

A woman DERIVES POWER from and thru relationship with MEN.

Biology will ALWAYS FAVOR THE STRONGER SEX.. the MALE. Society has never been and never can be “matriarchal” and the maniacs behind ‘feminism’ know this.

What you idiots who believe in feminism need to realize is that its just a hack-saw job… the fort is all coming down soon. In other words… society is being dismantled on purpose and the end result is going to be very harsh.. and women will find that when the banks collapse and chaos is here, the law of the jungle of survival will put all those “single tough bitches” in a real fix…

Imagine… millions of really near-violent angry men raging to take back what is their dominion… the jungle… and all the restraints gone…

Its already happening. Just load up some porn videos. Watch the women being violated and willingly. This was the goal of feminism ? LOL… I guarantee half those women having semen shot into their faces and being gang raped and tied up and slapped around have a Master’s Degree….

FEminism is destroying SOCIETY. NOT MEN. Men are returning to more of a beastial neanderthal approach to females. Rather than be dominated by the weaker sex, they are dominating in an even more abusive way… sexually and physically women today are being treated like whores, sluts, pawns, concubines, prostitutes, toys…

I would rephrase the title of this to be “THE DECLINE OF WOMEN”…more aptly appropriate !

Iron John will not die. He will reclaim and train his bitches to submit.

Personally I’ve never seen so many “easy” whores on the market than a man can just simply use up and walk away, leaving her narcissistic lunatic mind in a frenzy ” how dare he reject ME!??”… the American female is a joke of a whore, who is likely to never have a husband or child, but be be gang raped in a warehouse by strangers… with or without her fancy car, nice shoes, and MBA..

Any man knows that throughout history…the real prize was to “mount the Queen” and have your way with her.. slap her around and spit on her supposed “throne”, rather than the easy prey of simple hand maidens.

The more American females “think” that the stupid “Sluts in the City” was a blueprint for real life..the more depressed and stupid easy prey these girls are.

Just keep treating them like ‘whores’ guys. Ignore them . Use them up. Shun them. Put them back in their place, and sexually mistreat them. FEminism will be routed out BY MEN in less than a decade.

Already there is a massive trend toward women quitting work and going home… they realize they’re idiots. They were lied to. They want to be loved.. not worshipped and the smart ones realize that they are BIOLOGICALLY PROGRRAMMED TO DEPEND ON MALES and that it will never change.

OctoMom is a circus clown. A poster child for the insanity of the mechanisms supporting deviant females.

Iron John on March 29, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Bravo, JI. I think what you expressed is hopeful thinking, you make sense. But I believe were screwed. In my opinion the game is already over. It was not a gender war. Any kind of war is just a distraction. It’s an excellent distraction.

I think we are screwed.

For what it is worth: I am a single, healthy male in his prime… I couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be to have a loving women at home. I literally couldn’t. My own mother is toxic and I am scared of her. And she is the status quo

I couldn’t imagine how great it would be to know a loving and supportive women. I couldn’t imagine. It’d be heaven.

Ghost Rider 7729 on December 21, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Just do what I did. Marry a Brazilian woman. They still value their men. Most of them anyways. They are very family oriented and treat their men well. Unless they are those gold digging types that just want a better life. A lot of those are in Sau Paulo. So my solution to the problem is to leave them all behind. Fight these elites that began feminism. They started feminism because they realized the American male was too hard to mold into their master plan. We fight and we fight well. So they make it hard to eat healthy and take our good women away. It is time to start looking overseas for a good loving and nurturing female that knows how to cook without using a microwave. By the way if I see another movie with a man wearing an apron in the kitchen I am going to punch a liberal in the face. The next one I see.

Mark on January 19, 2013 at 1:12 am

Thank you Debbie for posting this alarming message.

Rockin'Ron on January 22, 2014 at 3:55 pm

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