June 29, 2009, - 9:08 am

HILARIOUS: Another Great Kimmel Monologue Mocking Overhype on Michael Jackson Death

By Debbie Schlussel
Yes, Michael Jackson was a great, talented, influential entertainer. But let’s get some perspective. It was a big story on Thursday and perhaps Friday. But it doesn’t deserve the endless hype it’s getting. This isn’t the same as 9/11, contrary to the boneheaded statement of NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson a/k/a Chad Ochocinco” (this dolt had his name legally changed to reflect his Cincinnati Bengals jersey number, 85). And someone needs to tell it to the All Michael Jackson Channel a/k/a FOX News.
Jimmy Kimmel does a good job of mocking it. This one isn’t nearly quite as good as the one I posted Friday, but it’s good enough. The Jackson parts go from the beginning of the video until 4:42. You gotta watch ’til the end to see the best joke, which is the absolutely hilarious “version of Thriller” from Washington, D.C. (After that, the rest of the monologue is stupid and tasteless, in my opinion.)

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