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“Uniter”?: In Life & In Death, Michael Jackson’s Ministers of Hate (Sucked Dry by Nation of Isla

By Debbie Schlussel
As I’ve noted, I loved the music of Michael Jackson, and it brings to mind great memories. But the hype and absurd mythology now being manufactured about the man is getting on my nerves.
Specifically, one of the echo chamber utterances we keep hearing from the mainstream media about Michael Jackson is the claim that “he united the world.” It’s complete fertilizer.
That’s why I wrote several years ago (and was roundly attacked for it) that the countries whose people love Michael Jackson (and soccer) most are usually the countries and people who hate us (and support terrorism) the most.


Just because others around the world like or do something we do in America, doesn’t mean it “unites” us. Osama Bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad eat and go to the bathroom, just like we do. Does that mean these things that we both have in common unite or unify us? Not really. Didn’t save the people on the planes.
I’ve made the same comments, for well over a decade, whenever I hear that Muslims (whether it’s in Riyadh or Tehran) somehow like America because they’re exposed to American pop culture. As I’ve always said, they may love to wear Levi’s and enjoy eating Baskin-Robbins ice cream. But they’d murder Levi Strauss, Burt Baskin, and Irvine Robbins–all of them were citizens of the “Great Satan” America and all were “evil Zionists”–in a heartbeat. And as we know, a number of Islamic terrorist groups use hip-hop to recruit terrorists. Is that really “unity”?
I don’t hold Michael Jackson responsible for that. It has nothing to do with him. And, in this column, I’m not referring to Jackson’s inexcusable and outrageous anti-Semitic lyrics (“Jew Me . . . Kike Me,” etc.) in a song and comments in a taped private phone conversation (“They suck . . . they’re like leeches.”). He apologized for those, and the lyrics were aimed, sadly, at the father of the kid he paid off. (Not that this is an excuse. It is not. And Jackson was immensely helped by many Jews, throughout his career and his life, including extending him gazillions in credit when no-one else would.)
I’m referring to Michael Jackson’s and–now, in his death–the Jackson family’s conscious decisions to surround themselves with America’s most divisive, most prominent ministers of hate.
Sorry, but hanging with and allying himself with Ministers of Hate, Inc. makes him anything but a “uniter” or “unifier.” It makes no difference that he penned and sang songs, like “Black or White.” He hung with those who made their livelihoods stressing the difference between the races.
Instead, I’m referring to Michael Jackson’s longtime alliance with Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson, Al “White Zionist Interlopers” Sharpton, and Louis “Judaism is a Gutter Religion” Farrakhan. Here’s a little tutorial on the statements of the Jackson and Sharpton. I’m sure your familiar with the many anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted words of Farrakhan, including those on which I’ve reported when I heard him in person at a Detroit Shi’ite mosque.
As we know, the first two–along with their Jewish counterpart in shameless self-promoting, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (who is friends with Sharpton and got Jews to pay for a post-9/11 trip for Sharpton to –ingratiated themselves with Jackson in life and now in death.
And the third, Farrakhan, supplied bodyguards to Jackson, who reportedly embraced Islam (as his brother Jermaine Jackson, indeed, has). Reports say that Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam handlers were the ones that forced Jackson to agree to the 50 concert dates in London that now won’t happen. And there’s even more:

Grace Rwaramba, the woman he employed to look after his children for more than a decade, is known to have ties to Louis Farrakhan, the charismatic leader of the group.
Speaking after Jackson’s death, she claimed that he had increasingly fallen under the influence of the Nation, which supplied his bodyguards.
Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan’s son-in-law and chief of staff, was appointed to run the King of Pop’s business affairs despite a chequered CV including a spell selling unproven Aids treatments in deprived areas of Chicago.
Mrs Rwaramba also alleged that the sect charged Jackson more than 60,000 Pounds a month to rent the Bel Air property where he died, when similar houses were on the market for a quarter of the price.
The 42-year-old was sacked in December after falling out with Jackson. But she was replaced by another woman from the Nation employed by Jackson’s brother Jermaine, a Muslim convert.
Although there are no allegations that the Nation of Islam contributed to Jackson’s death, their involvement with the wealthy but vulnerable pop star has raised concerns that he could have been open to exploitation.

Hmmm . . . Michael Jackson, I think we know who the real leeches were in your life. Hint: Not the Jews.
If, as speculated, Jackson’s will provides Rwaramba custody, it would be interesting to see these completely White kids taught the Black supremacist racism and hate of the NoI. It has the potential to turn them into the reverse version of the blind Black Klansman in the famous Dave Chappelle comedy sketch.
Now, Jackson and Sharpton are advising the Jackson family on the funeral/memorial service for the late Jackson. And it figures to be a Who’s Who of Hate, Inc. spewing the usual “Blame it on the Crackers” routine, a la the Rosa Parks funeral, which I detailed on this site a few years ago. Except, this time, it’ll have a few White pop stars sprinkled in for sanction. I wouldn’t be surprised if–in addition to Action Jackson, Weird Al, and Louis X–the Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes a special appearance, as he did at the Rosa Parks funeral. Don’t bet against it.
It’s not like Michael Jackson’s association with any of these divisive figures was a secret. It was touted, and photographed, and reported on all over the mainstream media, while Michael Jackson was alive.
Why, then, does the mainstream media–aware of Michael Jackson’s fraternity of Ministers of Hate–continue to claim he “unified” anything?
Don’t answer. That was a rhetorical question.
Michael Jackson did not unite. And his circle of advisors are America’s chief merchants of division.
I’ll miss a lot of things about Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, the things I won’t miss about him are alive and well.

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I just went to the link for “a little tutorial on the statements of the Jackson and Sharpton.” I wish I had ready your site back when you wrote it.
I remember the uproar that took place when JJ made his “Hymietown” remark. What was so incredible about that was after the Andrew Young affair (Andrew Young was Jimmy Carter’s UN ambassador who held talks with the PLO [He claimed he did it on his own – anyone believe that?]) JJ just couldn’t refrain from opening the sewer that is his mouth and uttering statements that made “Hymietown” pale in comparison. In fact, when compared with some of those remarks, “Hymietown” could be considered a compliment.
That there are Jews and other whites (even blacks) who support these racist clowns is frightening.
As for Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, I no longer think good of him. I used to think he was doing good with his work on harmony in the home. No more.

i_am_me on June 29, 2009 at 3:05 pm

I’ve been waiting for “them Jews” to be blamed for MJ’s death. Has anyone heard from Obama’s minister lately?

Rick on June 29, 2009 at 3:44 pm

I expected all this coverage to happen. Look at Anna Nicole and how they made her out to be an angel and she was trampy and really had no talent. We all feel a loss when someone goes before their time. On a mass level we feel a sense of loss because this ties us together in our common experiences. So MJ will get a pass for about 2 or 3 months or sooner then the critics will hammer him to regain perspective. We laugh now at Elvis sightings and all the Elvis impersonators. I think MJ will have his sightings and his impersonators. People will claim he didn’t die it was his wax figure. But in the meantime it is great to see all the old footage coming out of the woodwork and brings back old memories. I always love to see to see footage from the 70s and 80s. You get a sense of perspective of where we came from and those feelings and attitudes wash right back.
As for the Farra-CON, JJ and Al they are scum and their claims are nothing more than trying to win minds over because someone who died had influence on society. They did it while MJ was alive and will do it after he is dead. MJ had influence and did not a unite. MLK united a nation.

californiascreaming on June 29, 2009 at 4:16 pm

If Michael Jackson had died or completely retired twenty years ago, people would have generally had good feelings about him. It was his long twilight existence that destroyed him. Michael Jackson was enabled, but he was also responsible for what he did with his life.

Worry01 on June 29, 2009 at 5:53 pm

Joe and Katherine Jackson – Jehovah’s Witness
Lisa Marie Presley – Scientology
Entourage and Nanny – Nation of Islam
Al Malnick – Meyer Lansky mob
I remember a tryst with Fad-kabbala, but I can’t remember with whom.
Geez, that’s a Whos Who of half-baked.
Calling Dr. Phil. Calling Dr. Phil ….

BlackFlagQ55 on June 29, 2009 at 7:13 pm

I am sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. The only thing good about him was the moonwalk. He started that herky-jerky, crotch grabbing style of dancing but the moonwalk was good. I was never a fan because I saw no talent, just some manufactured act.
In addition, MJ was a pervert and a freak. I’m just glad I was never stupid enough to spend money on him.

lexi on June 29, 2009 at 8:25 pm

as the writer, Prof Eugene Narrett noted in his blog….
The media distraction machine has been drowning its target audience in the dazzling bathos of the illustrious ìfreak,î Michael Jackson, a cynosure and epitome of modern genius and disease. A constructed person whose identity was a mÈlange of sentiment, desire, toxic trends and, perhaps, serious fiddling he was an avatar of postmodernism, an ìidol of the theatreî in Baconís sense as well as literally.
When the unstable West raises the banners for its spectacular last stand, already in play, it ought to feature his Frankenstein visage on it, haloed by that large white zero.
With the Reverend Jesse Run Jackson bellying into the picture muttering ominously about an evil doctor, law suits hover like vultures above the stage. In the glare of the cold light and stunning music perhaps Reverend Sharpton too may descend with props and media flacks chirping in tow. Given that the point is distraction, and dolors, one expects the denouement to be both funereal and greatly prolonged.
Be that as it may, some who retain their senses, and sense, despite all, will never forget the immortal verse that will remain as the Starís legacy, a verse that ensured his entrÈe into polite and important society from assorted Emirates to palaces of diplomacy and art:
ìKick me, kike me; Jew me, screw meÖî As noted, it was an avatar of an insane and late stage in a corrupted worldís disordered dream. As mad imperial arrogance and barbarism play ring-around-a- rosy, this idol was the thing in the middle.
“Now if theyíd only get the remains off TV: but that would negate its function as dispenser of dazzling, morbid and fascinating images and bad faith. Itís ugly and sad; very a la mode. ”
This entry was posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009

mgoldberg on June 30, 2009 at 1:40 pm

It’s somewhat humorous that MJ spent half his life doing every damn thing he could do to become a white man…bleaching his skin, mega nose jobs, etc, but the minute the chips were down (getting caught molesting little boys), he turns to Race baiting bastards like Louis Farrakhan for muscle.
I was never a fan…and the whiter he got, the less I liked him.

Southernops on June 30, 2009 at 5:12 pm

It looks that MJ’s kids biological parents may have been both Jewish. Obviously the kids have no Black blood. The DNA tests like Anna Nicole Smith to find out who the real parents is going to raise the stakes. Or maybe Maury can just have a 2 hour special. If they contest the custody, this drama will be played out in the media in the worst way. I can see smoke coming out of the ears of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Farra-CON.
“Even after Jacksonís death, the Jewish angle has been resurrected with speculation on whether custody of his two older children (and of the estate they will inherit) will go to the pop starís parents or the kidsí Jewish mother.”

californiascreaming on June 30, 2009 at 11:55 pm

“blind Black Klansman in the famous Dave Chappelle comedy sketch”
Oh God that was a funny sketch. I especially liked the part where the redneck’s head explodes.
I’m rich, beatch!

Richard on July 1, 2009 at 3:50 pm

When are people going to stop making this pedophile out to be Allah’s gift to the world?
He was nothing but a child molester who wanted to be white more than anything else. He bounced through almost every major religion in an attempt to justify his life. I am sure that the so called ìProphetî Muhammad being a pedophile himself had a lot to do with his joining Islam. While his music was subjectively good it does not change the reality of who this person was. I was also not surprised Fat Albert Sharpton got involved in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and that his family is disputing his will. There is money in the water and the sharks are circling. These same people wanted NOTHING to do with him when he was alive but now they have no problem going after his money Disgusting reprehensible behavior but behavior that was 100% expected

mfee01 on July 2, 2009 at 9:13 am

michael jackson was loved all over the world! the whole world is mourning the lost of a wonderful man with a heart of gold! a good samartitan who donated millions to charities! he is in the guniess book of world records for donating money! the bloodsuckers, leeches and wicked media conspired to bring him down with lies in the media. dont get upset with farrakhan when he say that that wicked jewish reord companies and managers have exploited and ripped off black artist for years it is true! watch the movie cadillac records it tells the truth! people are jealous becuase michael was ablackman that was loved by all races and he was a good samaritan! if the man was all what the media say he is why is the world crying for michael?

closg on July 8, 2009 at 10:07 am

how many jewish movie writers and television show writers have exploited black actors bloodsucked them for their money and exploited them! michael jackson never molested children, that was lie that was created to destroy michael jackson! michael did not want to be white he was proud of being a blackman! white supremcy destroyed michael, white jewish owned media destroyed michael, wicked zionist racist bastards destroyed michael jackson!

closg on July 8, 2009 at 10:12 am

some idiot mentioned the jews extended michael jackson credit, of course they did at 1000% interest rates!

closg on July 8, 2009 at 11:59 am

A creditor does not have thr right to charge huge interest rates 1000% thats bloodsucking! i’m a member of the nation of islam i have been told about the way the leeches and bloodsuckers did michael jackson! I’m very hurt by the insults you hurl at Min. farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. you owe us an apology! you have never sat down and talked to min. farrakhan so dont judge him! he does not hate jews or whites. he just dont like the way the jews and whites mistreat black people. also he speaks out on how blacks mistreat other black also! why dont you meet with farrakhan, then you can judge him, that would be fair!

closg on July 9, 2009 at 9:00 am

Michael was not a man filled with hate for anyone. His only fault is he listened to the wrong people when he was desperately lovely. He was ripped off by The Nation of Islam; charging him $60,000 a month for a $15,000 a month home. Michael was always vulnerable yet creative; not psychic. WE ARE THE WORLD… all of us; there is good and bad in everyone.

What Reverend Sharpton said at Michael’s memorial service wasn’t about hate but love and how Michael brought everyone together.

Grace had connections with Farrakahn & so did Jermaine. Well didn’t Grace and Jermaine have a relationship at one time? Didn’t Michael fire Grace many many times. Why would Mrs. Jackson risk Michael’s children with a person (or persons) that projects hate (of any kind) when his children are being raised Jehovah Witness; but 2 have Jewish blood running through them?

I am saying I respect this writer, Ms. Schussel, but I am going to disagree with her. She has the right of the 1st amendment. My right is to not agree.

Peter Pan, have no fear… your Wendy is here…

Wendy on August 23, 2009 at 1:29 pm

First of all Micheal was a human being.He hurt and bleed like the rest of us .Yes, he was talented but that will not matter to god. What will count is if he (Micheal) received God as his savior, his obedience, and the the things that he did to genuinely help others.I am one of those people who do not believe that he molested anyone.I believe that the kind of love and spirit he had, he would’ve never hurt a child.I believe people with distorted mind took what innocent and made it out to be something disgusting What if he was molester.The word of god says that we should never jugde someone and that we should forgive one another.We have the nerve to point our figure at Micheal and not correct ourselves.People stop dwelling upon the negative and look for the positive.You people who claim to be a christain but you live like. a hypocrite,.I am really shocked about the statements made about Rev. Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson.Let me remind you that the word of god says do not touch my anointed nor my prophet no harm.This means that you do not say or do anything bad to or about gods people or else god will deal with you.And if the man/women of god is found guilty of sin,god himself will deal with them.And as for Micheal Jackson,You may not agree with everyting he did but one thing is for sure he those who had a need. Stop bashing this man he’s dead and gone now show his family some respect.When you see trouble or confusion just pray for peace.For those who are interested let’s be more christlike. .

0bsevant on March 14, 2010 at 11:08 pm

quit hatin’. the man was great, period. and you’re not and never will be. get over it

Paulie on January 24, 2013 at 9:21 am

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