July 8, 2009, - 11:31 am

Tonight on TV: Your Tax $$$s Fund More PBS’ Anti-Israel Propaganda – Historic GOP Failure

By Debbie Schlussel
To my mind, the biggest failure, the biggest rip-off by Newt Gingrich and his Contract for America was his and the Republicans’ refusal to defund PBS–the Public Broadcasting Service–when he had the chance, when Republicans ruled the roost in the Congress. It was something they’d repeatedly promised to do, but didn’t have the cojones to seal the deal.
There’s a reason why I call PBS, the “Palestinian Broadcasting Service.” That’s what it is. During your average week, in addition to anti-American, left-wing programming, there is always anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bunk on the schedule.
Tonight is more of the same. It’s basically a repeat of the many PBS listings I’ve kept track of over the years. And your taxes continue to fund it.
From Today’s USA Today:

From Today’s Detroit Newsistan:

Notice that the broadcast is subtitled, “Heart of Jenin.” As I’ve noted many times over the years, Jenin is the stronghold of Islamic terrorists and their homicide bomb factories. It was used as the base for a string of homicide bombings in which innocent Israelis and other civilians were murdered. In 2002, Israeli soldiers went door to door in Jenin–at great risk to their lives–looking for terrorists and bomb manufacturers, rather than drop a giant bomb on the place as they should have done. But they wanted to spare the Palestinians, and they got nothing but a giant PR fiction for it.
A mythical “massacre at Jenin” was made up by Palestinian propagandists and their eager mainstream media news tools. Part of the mythology was that Israeli soldiers murdered 500 Palestinian civilians. But even a United Nations investigation found that this was a total lie, that only just over 20 Palestinians died, many of them from natural or other causes unrelated to the Israeli presence.
Don’t be shocked if PBS repeats this canard on tonight’s offering. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. PBS = Pan-Islamic BS.

By posting this, I’m probably doubling the ratings of one 69-year-old cat lady and an aging sixties hippie to four such people. But it needs to be pointed out.
If the 69-year-old cat lady and the aging former toker who watch this anachronistic, stale channel want to watch this anti-Israel mythology, fine. But let them pay for it, not the average American taxpayer who never ever tunes the clicker to PBS.
As I’ve noted before, PBS is “patriotic” twice a year, with a fireworks broadcast on the Fourth of July and a similar program on Memorial Day. But the rest of the year, it’s like Bin Laden or Ismail Haniyeh is the programming executive.
Yes, the GOP had the opportunity to defund PBS and was about to do it. But Newt Gingrich wimped out and refused to allow that part of some pending legislation go forward.
Now the GOP is out of power for–I believe–a long time. Now it is too late. They had the chance to end tax funding to PBS, but they blew it.


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Debbie, even worse when they need money they play some corny old Yiddish shtick shows and beg the elderly Jews for donations. Jackie Mason should forbid the use of his image on PBS***.

Anonymous1 on July 8, 2009 at 9:57 pm

Debbie, I enjoy the hell out of most of your articles which aren’t ranting on about the evil Liberal agenda or finding anti-Israeli sentiment under every nook and crany. I’ve gotta say, you’ve missed the boat on this one. With all the garbage on TV, PBS has, for years, been an oaisis that includes many different programs with alternative points of view. Hell, Ken Burn’s series alone are enough to keep it around, no? OK,, this program is not the rabid pro-Israeli point of view. That’s OK. I relish diverse points of view and enjoy alternatives to the same ole’ , same ole’. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to continue to write about ICE from time to time!
A fan

Tim on July 9, 2009 at 9:46 am

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