July 15, 2009, - 11:56 am

LPGA Tour Fires Chieftess Who Wanted Players to Speak English

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s not often we write about women’s sports on this site (except to mock them). We prefer to focus on professional sports, which means NOT the WNBA, the LPGA tour, women’s soccer, and other such bearded lady circus sideshows.
But this is one of those rare instances that demand our attention.
Last year, I told you about then-LPGA Tour Commissioner Carolyn Bivens’ plan to require her female golf members on the tour to learn English. (In case you don’t know, LPGA stands for Ladies Professional Golf Association, but judging from the players on the tour the L might stand for something else, as in “The L Word.”)
It was something I applauded. But, predictably, after whining from tour sponsor State Farm Insurance and protests from the many foreign players on the tour and a gazillion Asian American activists who attacked her as a bigot, the women’s golf league quickly backtracked and the plan was never implemented.

Now, Bivens has been forced out as chieftess of the LPGA Tour and her support for the English-only policy has been cited as one of the major reasons for her ouster.
Sad but true, it’s a crime in America to expect your employees, your representatives to be able to speak English and actually conduct an interview with the press in the language of the country which makes you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
English in America . . . out. Political Correctnes . . . well, it’s not just in because it’s no longer just a fad. For at least a couple of decades now, it’s become a classic.
For lesbians who don’t speak English and can’t even come close to competing with the real pro golfers (men), your best bet is the next Dinah Shore Classic. Not sure how you say that in Korean.
But, hey, most of the LPGA Tour isn’t sure how to say it in English.

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What? First? Norman Blitzer hasn’t been here yet to denounce you as a racist homphobe

Doda McCheesle on July 15, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Women’s golf can never match the success women’s tennis has become. Now the sport is being conquered with Asians who refuse to speak with the press. Whether it is culture or not it will doom the goose that laid the golden egg. Sports is about fans and engaging with its following. Also Women’s tennis has never allowed itself to be taken over by the butch lesbians. Sure Martina Navratalova and especially Billie Jean King tried to shape the sport but eventually failed. Call me sexist but it doesn’t hurt that women are running around in short skirts that will have men watch. The LPGA will be in denial but until they change their image it will get less and less following. Sorry if I want to hear a lady talk like a man about their performance then I will watch a man in that sport. Uhhh, gender differences matters.

californiascreaming on July 15, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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