September 12, 2012, - 1:40 pm

U.S. Ambassador Murder by Muslim “Democrats”: THIS. IS. ISLAM. (& the Video That Allegedly “Started It”)

By Debbie Schlussel

So, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were murdered (and probably tortured) by Muslims. And this is a surprise, why?

THIS. IS. ISLAM. . . .


Libyan Muslims Parade Body of U.S. Ambassador Stevens & Burn American Flag

Egyptian Muslims Storm U.S. Embassy, Replace U.S. Flag w/ Al-Qaeda Flag

Over 1.5 years ago, when I said that Lara Logan’s gang rape was to be expected from the “liberal democrats” whose “liberation” she was openly cheering in her CBS “reporting,” I was loudly attacked around the world on both the left and the right for saying so. Major newspapers and TV shows on MSNBC and CNN attacked me non-stop. I was criticized for saying this is Islam and this is how Muslims behave without dictators like Mubarak and Qaddafi to keep them in line. Apparently, I was supposed to, instead, cheer the “democrats” and shed tears for Lara Logan’s misfortune at the hands of those savages whose uncaging she cheered because apparently they were—like all violent Muslims–“not-really-Muslim” Muslims, and I was some sort of bigot for daring to say otherwise, as in: tell the truth. And yesterday, on the anniversary of the Muslim massacre of 3,000 Americans, the “liberated” Muslim “democrats” showed us, yet again–in two different Muslim nations–how peaceful and liberal and democratic they truly are. Our U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, is dead. Murdered. Supposedly suffocated to death and probably tortured before that. Also dead are four other U.S. Embassy employees. And, yet, they keep telling us that Islam is “a religion of peace.” Um, THIS. IS. ISLAM. Helloooo . . . ? In which other embassies around the world does this happen? Do Christians or Jews or Hindus or Wiccans or Zoroastrians storm our embassies, kill our ambassadors?

When there are anti-Christian movies, “art,” and crosses in urine, do we riot and kill? When there are beheadings of a Jewish baby and the >slaughter of an entire Jewish family in Israel, while they slept on the Jewish Sabbath, do we riot and kill? No, but maybe we should. Maybe the problem is that we are too calm, cool, and collected and refuse to engage and be proactive against a religion characterized by savagery all over the world. A religion that is at war with us while we are a) at the mall, or b) keeping up with the Kardashians.

Hillary Clinton is giving us the same BS excuses I was served up with from the right and the left about Lara Logan–that after the attacks BY MUSLIMS, a scant few Muslims tried to help out. I was told that Muslims rescued Lara Logan . . . AFTER over 200 Muslim men gang-raped and nearly killed her. FOX News moronette liberal-in-a-peroxided-mullet Kirsten Powers, whose husband is an Egyptian Arab, attacked me on Twitter and pimped that line of BS. Now, her fellow peroxided idiot, Hillary Clinton, is telling us how “heroic” Muslims are for rushing the Ambassador’s dead body to the hospital. Thank Heaven, er . . . allah, for small favors.

I warned that this would happen. I warned it would happen in Egypt, when I said that we should have backed our friend Mubarak because the Muslim Brotherhood-HAMAS-Al-Qaeda masses of Egypt would take over and create typical Muslim “decivilization,” or is that “uncivilization”? I said this would happen in Egypt and in Libya, and I was attacked for it. Sadly, like Cassandra, I’m right, with tragic consequences. As I said back then, we were far better off with Qaddafi in power. We had a de facto peace with him. He gave up his weapons of mass destruction and allowed our inspectors and our oil industry in. It was pursuant to an agreement President Bush made with Qaddafi, the only good thing the Bush administration did and the only positive result of our war in Iraq (which precipitated the Qaddafi rapprochement). I was against the agreement at the time, but I was wrong. Sadly, Bush, who made the agreement, has supported this Arab Spring bullcrap he started in Iraq and HAMASastan and backed the removal of Qaddafi and Mubarak–neither of which would have happened without heavy American support and involvement. And now we are reaping the rewards. As my late father used to say, “Cast thy sh-t upon the waters.” It comes back to us tenfold or more.

And then there are America’s twin frauds, Pastor Terry Jones and Sam Bacile. I’ve gotten calls today from major American media outlets, asking me about Bacile–who made this movie everyone claims set off what Muslims do, movie or no movie (with Jones connected to it and helping to promote and distribute it somehow). I don’t know who this Bacile guy is and neither does anyone else. He’s some sort of sketchy guy who is clearly trying to bait anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism by saying he raised $5 million from 100 Jewish-Americans to make the movie. Who are the “100 Jews” that gave an alleged Coptic Christian who claims he’s “an Israeli Jew” $5 million? I don’t believe him, and I think it’s propaganda set up to make Jews and Americans look bad and create scapegoats in them. Seems to me he’s an agent provocateur. He made possibly the worst movie ever, and, like I said, while I am no conspiracy theorist, I believe he may be some sort of plant to discredit those of us who legitimately expose the dangers of Islam. His movie trailer–which I viewed yesterday but cannot post because it’s been made “private” on YouTube–is laughable, and I can’t believe he raised and spent $5 million on such dreck. The people in the movie are in “tan-face” with the make-up so bad, it looks like they rolled around in dirt. Hard to believe this cost $5 million rather than $5,000. I believe that Terry Fraud is also either a plant or just a flat-out con artist. As I’ve noted before, for a guy who is against Islam, he just doesn’t know a damned thing about it (as is evident in video interviews and “debates”) and takes legitimacy away from those of us who do have legitimate concerns about Islam and sharia and how America has bent over backward and forward for them. He went on a Detroit TV station and couldn’t give a single example of how Islam and/or the koran are violent or how sharia is imposed in America. He was simply clueless and he’s in this for the money (of which he’s making a great deal). So, who is funding him and why? Is it to discredit legitimate critics of Islam? I think so.

But Muslims hate us and will riot and kill us no matter what, whether or not they have a crummy excuse. And we believe in freedom, and I believe in the right of schmucks and putzes to make crap. Yesterday’s riots at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and the murder of four U.S. Embassy officials in Libya would have happened anyway. None of these people have seen the movie and only heard rumors about it. The movie’s not out there yet, just some silly snippets. They would kill Americans at any opportunity, no matter the phony excuse.

And you have to wonder about the security at the U.S. Embassy. How did this happen? If this was “just a small group of militants”–the BS Obama and his cronies are claiming–then how did they get in and murder FOUR American officials including our Ambassador? Were Marines guarding the Embassy or contractors? For all the attacks Blackwater a/k/a Xe a/k/a Akademi (or whatever name it’s going under these days) got, they never ever lost a U.S. official to Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan. Never. A federal law enforcement agent friend of mine writes:

The Diplomatic Security Service is in charge. They work for the Department of State. They are Special Agents that oversee investigations and security of people, Ambassadors, visiting diplomats, etc. at the embassies. They have direct responsibility to protect the Ambassador, Embassy staff, secure documents, the building, etc. Because of limited manpower (and ability), they contract out to companies to provide the protective security detail (PSD) Usually, that means former operators. Right now, the Department of State is sitting on numerous contract bids/awards to due the elections, money, incompetence etc. The inner security is manned by MSGs (Marine Security Guards). They are the last line of defense. The outer security is the responsibility of the host country. The Ambassador’s residence is secure place with a safe room. The staffers get limited security at their residence, but there is an exfiltration plan for everyone.

So what happened here? Why didn’t this line of defense work? Who was guarding the perimeter? They probably did use contractors–probably Libyan ones who were bought off–because it was only a consulate, not a full-fledged embassy yet.

And finally there are the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are allegedly shown as the victims of Islam in the Bacile/Jones movie. They, predictably, condemned the movie. And not just because they don’t want to be killed–and have been killed at the hands of Muslims plenty, already. Copts have been partners with Muslims for years. The rift is only more recent. For centuries, they were even more anti-Semitic than the Muslims, as I’ve noted on this site, and they led Muslims in the pogroms against Jews in Egypt. Their recently-deceased clown of a Pope, Shenouda III, called Jews Christ-killers and constantly attacked Israel, calling for Copts to support HAMAS and Arafat before that. So, I shed no tears for them. They get what they deserve in Middle East karma. You sleep with snakes, you get bitten. Read more about Coptic Christian Jew-hatred and HAMAS love here and here.

Unfortunately, we in America didn’t sleep with Terry Jones or Sam Bacile, and they give a phony excuse–phony cover–for Muslims to continue to behave like Muslims have always behaved throughout history, ever since G-d said in the Bible that Ismael and his kind were “Pereh Adam” (Biblical Hebrew for human savages–rather than savage humans, with the animal word being the noun and human being the mere adjective).

Remember, though, Sam Bacile and Terry Jones and their dumb antics weren’t around on 9/11. And yet 3,000 Americans were murdered by Ismael’s descendants. Ditto for the Marine barracks and U.S. Embassy bombings in Beirut. And the U.S. Embassy takeover in Iran in 1979 and American hostages being taken for 444 days (when Muslims were slightly less brave–today, my friend Marine Kevin Hermening and the rest of the hostages would have been executed). And the Khobar Towers. And the U.S.S. Cole.

Muslims don’t need an excuse. THIS. IS. ISLAM.

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