September 13, 2012, - 4:02 pm

Chris Stevens, Friend of HAMAS: US Amb to Libya Was Islamopanderer to Extremism (NBC VIDEO) – The Male Lara Logan

By Debbie Schlussel

It should be noted that the late Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by the very extremists he helped put in power. Stevens wasn’t just an Islamo-pandering cheerleader, he dedicated his career to romanticizing, whitewashing, aiding, abetting, and enabling Islamic extremism. Watch the video, below, from last night’s “NBC Nightly News” broadcast, beginning at 1:13 into the video. It confirms that the far-left Stevens was the liaison for the Obama administration to the Libyan rebels. He was a big part of the Obama plan to remove Qaddafi (with whom we had a de facto peace and an agreement pursuant to which he gave up all weapons of mass destruction) from power and install these animals in his place. As you’ll note, Stevens made a pandering video to Libyan extremists, introducing himself as the new ambassador. And he wanted to become U.S. Ambassador to Iran, where we deliberately DON’T have an ambassador or an embassy, something Stevens wanted to change, because he was constantly in bed with the worst elements of an already dangerous Islam. The attack on him was an attack on America that is outrageous and to be condemned. But his politics–which are also to be condemned–were what ushered his attackers into power to rule the streets of Libya.

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THIS. IS. ISLAM: Libyan Democrats Line Up to Take Pics of Chris Stevens’ Dead Body

Muslims Parade Chris Stevens’ Body on Libyan Streets

As you’ll also note in the video, Libya’s Al-Qaeda Ambassador to the U.S. spoke of how friendly he was with Stevens–they played tennis together. And this Muslim Brotherhood Libyan Ambassador shed these crocodile tears at a press conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a cheerleader of Islamic terrorism which fundraised for HAMAS and is part of the Brotherhood. ISNA, by the way, holds title to the land beneath most of America’s mosques through its North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and was a big backer of convicted Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami Al-Arian, who murdered American college student Alisa Flatow.

Yup, these were Chris Stevens’ friends. He slept with snakes and ever so predictably got bitten. It’s yet another example–of the gazillion we’ve already seen–that Muslims will attack, rape, and kill anyone from America, anyone from the West, even the biggest butt-kissers and tuchus-lickers of their cause. Stevens was Lara Logan in a skirt. He helped put savages into power, and then they practiced their savagery on him, with fatal consequences.

While I am outraged by the attack on the U.S. Embassy and the murder of Stevens and the other three U.S. Embassy officials, my disgust and anger is over what was a deliberate attack against America and what Stevens stood for only as an official representative of our country. As for what he stood for as an Arabist par excellence, well, he should have known better. Sadly, all of America and the West have to reap the everlasting poisonous fruit that grew of the seeds he sowed.

It’s comical to hear Hillary Clinton ask how this could have happened. It clearly happened because America followed the incredibly stupid and extremely dangerous policies she, Barack Obama, and Chris Stevens pimped on America, along with the father of the Arab Spring and Islamic “democracy,” George W. Bush (whose “liberation” of Iraq and free elections there and in Gaza started it all). (And Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity supported the Libyan rebels, too–attacking Obama for not supporting them sooner.)

If Obama had not followed Christopher Stevens’ preferred policy of deposing Qaddafi, backing the rebels, providing them air cover, CIA agent advisers, weaponry, etc., Qaddafi would be in power, the Middle East would be a whole lot more stable.

And Chris Stevens would be alive today.


Reader Jon Grant of Grant Patent Services agrees:

Christopher Stevens was an Arabist who loved Islam. He sided with the rebels against Khaddafi. He went to Berkeley. I think it is fair to say that he was no fan of Israel or the Jews. . . . He is the sort of person that was a propagandizer for the Arab/Islamic world, and had tried to lull Americans into a passive state vis a vis the Islamic threat.


Chris Stevens Loved Islam. Islam Didn’t Love Him So Much

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