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Does It Matter That Murdered Amb Chris Stevens Was Gay? Only If You Pander to Islam

By Debbie Schlussel

Many readers have been sending me reports that murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was gay. The website Hillbuzz (a pro-Hillary Clinton/anti-Obama site) posted the news and photos, such as the one below, of Stevens with one of his alleged boyfriends–the boyfriend posted the pics on his Facebook page. I’m amazed at how many conservatives have e-mailed me and/or posted commentary elsewhere about how “inappropriate” it was for Barack Obama to send a gay man as a U.S. Ambassador to a Muslim country. Huh? Why should we give a crap what Muslims think about gays? And why should we pander to what they demand? Heck, if I were Prez, I’d send gays, strippers, and Playboy centerfolds as U.S. Ambassadors to every single Muslim nation (if I even sent any of these places ambassadors at all, since we know ambassadors are in these countries strictly to kiss the asses of Third World savages and pretend that they’re actually a civilization; oh, and to give them visas to come to America and disappear on American soil to do who knows what). Next, you’ll be telling me that it’s “inappropriate” to send Christians and women to these countries because Muslims hate them, too. And forget about the Jews. Are you kidding me? This is your excuse for why Muslims were right to murder this guy? (In other gay-related news in the everyday world of non-stop Muslim violence, gay porn star Tim Dax says he was duped into starring in “Innocence of Muslims,” the anti-Mohammed movie being used as a phony excuse for the Muslim violence that Muslims engage in, movie or no movie.)


Ambassador Chris Stevens, Murdered by Muslims, with Alleged ’70s Boyfriend Austin Tichenor


Behead Those Who Wear Lavender

I wonder if Stevens was openly gay, and I bet he was not, since we’ve heard little about it. I doubt the Muslims who murdered him had a clue about this guy. They only knew that he was the U.S. Ambassador. They didn’t know, for example, that he’d dedicated his life to putting Islamo-savages like this into power and wanted to be the first U.S. Ambassador in decades to Iran. They also probably had no clue that this far-left State Department careerist was very pro-Palestinian, very anti-Israel, and is now being mourned by P.L.O. terrorists. And they–the Muslims who murdered Stevens–probably hadn’t a clue that he was gay. And like most gays, he was moronically in support of the one culture around the world–ISLAM–that executes gays and severely oppresses the few gays that it doesn’t murder. Like most gays, he was against the one country and people in the Middle East that treats gays better than anywhere in the world, the one country and people that gives gays more rights than anywhere in the West: ISRAEL. Yup, Chris Stevens was a dhimmi member of what we call, “The Purple (or is that Lavender?) Jihad” . . . just like American Taliban John Walker Lindh’s dad. There’s a reason why they don’t call Benghazi, “Ben-gay-zi”: the cretins Chris Stevens championed to power made sharia the law of the land and homosexuality punishable by death–not even the sex acts, just the fact that someone is gay (even without being publicly so), is grounds for execution in Chris Stevens’ “new and improved” Libya.

So, frankly, I couldn’t care less that Barack Obama sent a gay to a Muslim country to be U.S. Ambassador. (If he and Hillary refused to send someone to a Muslim country as an Ambassador because that person was gay–and I’ll bet that’s happened–then, it would be a big story to me, since we know Obama is a complete fraud and hypocrite on the issue of gays and gay marriage.) I care only that Stevens was a hypocritical gay–like most gays–who worked to put in power those that would murder him if they knew he was a homosexual. That’s not the reason they did kill him. They took his life because he was an American (if nominally so, since he was a far leftist who worked against American interests in the Middle East). I care only that he was a gay who was vehemently against gay-friendly Israel and staunchly on the side of “let’s murder the gays” Palestinians. I care that he was a gay only because–like most gay activists around America who constantly attack Christians and their churches for opposing gay marriage but say zilch about mosques and Muslims who oppose it just as much–he kowtowed to and gushed over the one religion that actively beheads people like him for the kind of sex they have and who they have it with: ISLAM. That is the only reason his sexual preference is relevant. NOT because we need to give Muslims what they demand. That’s what we’ve been doing far too much of in the last 11 years since 9/11, and look where it’s gotten us: Muslims attacking us around the world non-stop.

For the record, I oppose gay marriage (which is an entirely different issue). But I have no problem with sending gays to Muslim countries as ambassadors. We need to be as in your face with Muslims about Western culture and freedom as we can be. Being against Obama shouldn’t kill your brain cells and take you to the point of siding with and wanting to appease Muslims on social issues. That’s what Dinesh D’Souza (who said America deserved 9/11 because Muslims have a right to hate us over the gays) and blind, stupid partisans do.

It’s not what America does. Not what America should do if it wants to survive.


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Sexual identity is learned in the home and prevailing culture. A man will stick his wanker anywhere to bust a nut if he does not believe it’s wrong? Gay is a scam. You do have a choice. anyway, where’s the “physiological evidence” we’ve been hearing about ad nauseum?

Jimmy Jam on August 3, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Jimmy Jam, that is the most lame defense of the mental disorder of homosexuality I have ever seen posted.

Conservative Mark on April 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm

Who cares that guy was or was not gay, but as a country we should be protecting our people who we do send overseas and making sure they aren’t going to get murdered by a bunch of backward zealots is part of that protection. The sad thing is that people died no matter what their lifestyle choices. These bohemians butchered Americans and people should be a little bit more ticked off at that issue.

sick of libbies on September 22, 2016 at 1:27 pm

Chris Stevens was definitely NOT gay. He had several long term girlfriends over the years despite his peripatetic lifestyle. None of them wanted the publicity of being named after his death. We prefer to grieve in private. Stop trying to make him into a homosexual just because he had platonic male friends.

loralei on October 3, 2017 at 10:53 pm

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