September 20, 2012, - 4:36 pm

How Muslims Treat Fellow Muslim Visa Seekers: We Should Take the Hint

By Debbie Schlussel

The anti-American, Israel-boycotting Muslims who rule the United Arab Emirates aren’t stupid when it comes to immigration. In fact, they are smarter and more resolute than we are. First, they expelled all of the Shi’ites a/k/a Hezbollah/Iran supporters, after seeing what Shi’ite unrest has done throughout the Sunni world, whether it’s in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia’s Qatif Peninsula or President Bush’s Iran-backed Shi’ite “democracy” in Iraq. And, now, they are requiring that all those from Asian Muslim nations seeking tourist visas to the UAE must have a college degree. We, in the U.S., on the other hand, take every single Muslim extremist and uneducated moocher there is (not that a college degree means “educated” anymore–it just means someone lasted through four years of partying and wanton sex, but in other countries it actually means something).


Alien v. Predator: How Muslims Treat Fellow Muslims, While They Laugh @ Us

Tourists from South Asian countries that export labour to the UAE will require a university degree to get a visa as the rich Gulf state fights an illegal influx, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Electricians, pipe fitters, masons, farmers, drivers, tailors and cleaners from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines are now banned from obtaining a tourist visa, Gulf News daily said citing a senior immigration official.

The new measure sets a university degree as a prerequisite to obtain a visa, the official said.

“The Federal Residency Department… has decided to adopt stricter regimes for tourist, visit and conference visas to curb the influx of blue-collar workers from many labour exporting countries,” said the official.

“This would help significantly reduce the risk that individuals engaged in organised crime or the trafficking of persons could gain entry to the country,” he said. . . .

Tourism grew rapidly in the UAE, especially in the glitzy emirate of Dubai, where the number of tourists increased to 9.3 million in 2011, up 10 percent from the previous year.

The UAE has millions of foreign workers, mostly from South Asian countries.

The expat-dominated population is estimated to have grown to around 8.2 million by the end of 2010, with UAE nationals making up only 11.47 percent.

They aren’t stupid over there the way we are when it comes to their fellow co-religionists. Illegal aliens and visa holders who do meet their standards have no rights and cannot apply for asylum, citizenship, or entitlements.

That’s why they laugh at us, as they shore up their own borders, while ours are ever more porous.

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Yep. Here in Simi Valley, now there’s hoards of new muslims that mysteriously popped up, crowding the parks, at the mall, in the supermarkets wearing full hijabs and you see them using WIC coupons for hundreds of $ in baby formula and using EBT cards in the checkout for tons of lavish groceries. They also live in previously-foreclosed, nice homes, on section 8, presumably.

I sure do feel more diverse, now. Thanks, Obama.

DS_ROCKS! on September 20, 2012 at 4:44 pm



    As Goes... on September 20, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Yup, and the inevitable honor killing will surely raise property values.

    Worry01 on September 20, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    WOW! Simi Valley certainly has changed from a conservative enclave!

    Rochelle on September 21, 2012 at 12:57 pm

They have done nothing that we could not do readily in the United States. Unfortunately, the cheap labor/cheap votes coalition holds firm here. There is little concern over increased crime, overwhelmed public services, and schools that are no longer able to function due to the alien influx. Formerly American cities like Los Angeles would be almost unrecognizable to someone who lived there as recently as the 1970’s. It looks like something out of Latin America, rather than the United States.

Worry01 on September 20, 2012 at 4:45 pm

All the foreigners in the UAE have made it what Beirut used to be in the Arab World prior to the 1970s.

No wonder they want to close the doors. But it may be a case of too little, too late.

NormanF on September 20, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    However, it is important to remember that they do not play nicely. They could do things that would land any government employee or official in prison here.

    Worry01 on September 20, 2012 at 6:26 pm

The French are overrun with Muslims.

And I just wrote Debbie how “peaceful and tolerant” they are. Neither the Europeans nor us – have a clue on how to deal with these savages.

Transplanting them elsewhere doesn’t change the nature of the beast. We’ve seen how Islamophobia is more fiction than fact and how anti-Semitism remains a very real threat today.

But we can’t tell the truth about Islam. Maybe Debbie will post the video link I sent her. It tells you all you need to know about what Islam is doing to the West and while they denounce our freedoms they are more than happy to take advantage of them to subvert them.

NormanF on September 20, 2012 at 6:42 pm

“And I just wrote Debbie how “peaceful and tolerant” they are. Neither the Europeans nor us – have a clue on how to deal with these savages.”

Well, you and I know full well what to do, Norman. We just say no to Nazism and Islam. Period. A friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in years and who is “Christian” (unbeliever, really) asked me point blank: am I saying that Islam is akin to Nazism and should be opposed as such. I said yes. He disagrees with me very much, but the clarify of such a position is its strength. And it’s TRUE.

So, do we want to have sensitivity courses for Nazis? No. Hence, none on behalf of Muslims.

We just have to look these guys in the eye and say, “yes, you are part of an evil political movement, and I reject your “good cop” tears and whining about “Islamaphobia” as much as I reject the “bad cops” who blow up our buildings.

Islam has very effective rules of engagement. That’s how it has spread. It works along with human nature.

skzion on September 20, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Skzion, you’re a straight-shooter (so to speak… 😀 ) and you know your stuff. You friend disagreeing with you only shows how IGNORANT he is on Islam. That’s one of the most annoying problems today…those people who are soooo hot to disagree (due to PC sensibilities, most likely…oy vey…) and yet they are completely IGNORANT on the facts.

    The hubris and narcissism of those sorts really gets to me. Welcome to 2012…when the truly ignorant people are so arrogant about their ignorance. It’s beyond frustrating.

    Now…if he was an independant thinker and had a natural curiosity to learn what you indeed know…he’d be in for some interesting schooling and knowledge…

    Skunky on September 20, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    @Gay Obama,

    Actually, when it comes to “Nazism,” I’d say that YOUR kill-em-all attitude (in the name of your religion, no less) just barely edges out Islam for the Hitler prize.

    Tell me, given your “lifestyle choice,” would your AIDS-infested superhero Meir Kahane not call for you to be STONED to death? Seems like you are awfully, um, SELECTIVE when it comes to dogma.



    Is there no end to your butt-kissing? You must have one brown, smelly nose by now. And I definitely LOL’d at your implied claim that you even know what independent thought is – pretty much anyone who agrees with your brainless repetition of Schlussel, is independent now.

    Apparently. RAAAWK, indeed.

    Statusmonkey on September 21, 2012 at 11:34 am

      Meir Kahane tried to warn the world regarding the threat from the militant Muslims and they must have been threatened by the truth he spoke because they murdered him!

      Rochelle on September 21, 2012 at 1:05 pm

        Rochelle, don’t feed the trolls.

        skzion on September 22, 2012 at 2:38 pm

          @Gay Obama,

          So am I trolling, or am I a Palestinian secret agent for the Democrats? You can’t seem to decide.

          If I was trolling, it’d be pretty hard for me to top a fruity wannabe genocide artist.

          Statusmonkey on September 22, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Fear always works better than love. Every tyrant has understood its utility.

All the human utopias throughout history were built on human suffering and death. Its easier to humanize Nazism and Communism than its to reform Islam.

They take their “right” to murder us as a command from Allah. They have been doing it for 1400 years and at some point, we have got to cease submitting to them.

And there will always be those in this world who will never submit to Islam. That too is part of human nature.

NormanF on September 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Yes, Norman, there will always be those who will not submit. Isn’t it time to insist that Muslims be converted to a real religion? Why are we always playing defense.

    What else can be done with Islam?

    skzion on September 20, 2012 at 7:20 pm

      @Gay Obama,

      The real question is what should be done with YOU.

      You ought to be strapped to a table getting electro convulsive treatments. Expelling the demons.

      Statusmonkey on September 21, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Norman, Islam is about submission. When the submission ends, Islam begins to die or go into suspension like a virus without a host.

    Worry01 on September 20, 2012 at 9:29 pm


skzion on September 20, 2012 at 7:20 pm

A1, I know you’re lurking somewhere, masturbating. How about you provide your address, and we’ll send over an inflato doll. We’ll make sure it’s Kosher.

skzion on September 20, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    His steak sauce?

    Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 12:39 am

    @Gay Obama,

    So now you are summoning him?

    Maybe you and A1 should go out on a date together. You seem to be mental equals.

    Statusmonkey on September 21, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Educate Muslims to leave it.

Ali Sina thinks that is what we should be doing and we should ban it as a hate cult, not pander to it.

We’re doing exactly the opposite of how we should be dealing with Islam. Yup – you’re correct, its the time for the West to play offense!

NormanF on September 20, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    If one acknowledges Islam to be legitimate as it currently is, it will never change, much less disappear. Tolerating its vile threats, destructive behavior, and mayhem just invites more of it, and is a slap in the face to its victims. Anyone who committed an act of workplace violence that was caught on video tape and witnessed by many survivors would not have long to wait before a trial was held. Major Hasan has managed to stall out his actual trial by various means, including something as inane as his insistence that his beard(not worn before his crime)cannot be shaved for religious reasons. What other murder suspect would be accorded such deference, if they were not a Muslim?

    Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 11:33 am

This was originally commented in the ICE sensitivity training article. Sensitivity training and apologies, will it never end?

The United States Supreme Court has been directly at odds with both Obama and Clinton. These are just bold faced misrepresentations of the supposed respect of all faiths apart from the fundamental principles of Christianity upon which our Nation is founded on.
In 1892, the Supreme Court had this to say about both the religion of Mahomet (Mohammed) and the Grand Lama:
“Nor are we bound by any expressions in the Constitution, as some have strangely supposed, either not to punish at all, or to punish indiscriminately the like attacks upon the religion of Mahomet or of the Grand Lama, and for this plain reason, that the case assumes that we are a Christian people, and the morality of the country is deeply engrafted upon Christianity, and not upon the doctrines or WORSHIP OF THOSE IMPOSTORS”. Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States
The comment was taken from an earlier ruling, that of People v. Ruggles, 8 Johns. 290, 294-295. of 1811, which of necessity must be read in its entirety.
Ruggles sites additional rulings which further clarify that which at once destroys modern claims of church state separation.
Those responsible for the judgements of the courts were contemporary with Tho’s. Jefferson who didn’t die until 1826, and their judgements reached well beyond his demise. This of course same Jefferson so often quoted by the ignorant and frequently unchurched.
Islam, which this President seeks to enforce upon the American people, under Ruggles would be found blasphemous, and independant of any establishment of religion, striking otherwise at the essential interests of civil society in the United States.
Toleration is one thing, as in men suffering evil while it is yet sufferable remarked upon in the Declaration of Independence. Respect is something altogether removed from toleration, especially when countermanding the basis of our Law and as stated, an imperious attack upon our fundamental principles.
Obama is traitorous to the interests of the United States and by his own words has said he will side with the muslim. The whole of his administration is traitorous and both he and they should have been impeached long ago.
It is understandable Foucart’s passively complying with an unlawful directive, indeed, the agents might attend but they need not comply.
Time for the truth to be spoken.
At least the diest and the thiest contemplate the sovereign hand of God, but secularism in the United States has brought us to this uneasy dialogue and foolish acceptance of an antithetical power which would destroy us.
Saudi Arabia is wiser in that sense than the foolish unamerican belief that appears to motivate our leaders.
It is not only that our judges are here, we are purposely bringing them here.

Dad on September 21, 2012 at 1:24 am

The UAE has started kicking out its Shiites? Well, they may want to be careful, since the bulk of foreign investment in their country is Iranian! It would be good if UAE did witness a Shiite uprising.

And requiring a college degree? It’s no big deal getting fake ones from universities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, et al. So that shouldn’t be a tall order for South Asiatic Muslims who want to infiltrate the UAE.

The idiocy of these Arab countries too is unbelievable. The US has an adequate workforce – it’s not underpopulated. But that’s not true about any of these Arab countries that is swimming in oil, except maybe Egypt. They want to preserve their ethnic Arab identity, but even for that, they ought to be willing to absorb Palis, Egyptians, Jordanians and others from Arab countries not swimming in oil.

But this is true – it’s impossible to get citizenship of any of these countries, unless one is Muslim, and one’s ancestry is from that country. The concept of naturalization doesn’t exist, just as the concept of adoption doesn’t exist. I don’t think that the West should necessarily be like that, but I do think that the West should not only close the doors to all Muslims seeking to come in, but also expel – Idi Amin Dada style – all Muslims already living in the West Send them all to Saudi Arabia on a haj, and let the Saudi authorities figure out where to send them once they’re done w/ it.

Incidentally, on a different note, Mexico too has a double standard about being tough on Central American immigration, even while encouraging La Raza and illegal immigration to the US. Point is that Mexico still considers the US – particularly those parts lost after the Mexican war – as its own terretory, which explains this double standard. The US could have done w/ a Tancredo like president, who’d expel all illegals, and then start fresh on people wanting to emigrate legally.

Infidel on September 21, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Actually, the UAE is well aware of diploma mills. They would check such credentials.

    Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 11:25 am

Ah, the “Religion of Pieces” in action yet again. They never cease to amaze. Although, what else should we expect from the same group of people who wail, riot & kill in the name of the “palestinians,” yet do NOTHING to support their “Mulsim brothers?” Just look at the Jordanian “refugee” camps, where people of “palestinian” decent have lived for a few generations without ever being offerred the chance for Jordanian citizenship. And the Jordanians ain’t the ONLY ones who do this…

Hypocrisy, thy name is Islam

Cicero's Ghost (NB) on September 21, 2012 at 8:18 am

I’d say that America’s support for immigrants from other countries is in direct proportion to the likelihood of said immigrants’ support for domestic socialism.

People from Libya, Pakistan, sub-Saharan Africa (and super-Saharan Africa, come to think of it), and especially MEXICO (to whom the “conservative” nominee is openly pandering), move to the front of the line. People from Australia, Western Europe, etc need not apply.

Think about it. If these immigrants ever started voting AGAINST the Democrats (not that that will ever happen, memo to Romney), they would be launched back to Mexico out of a CANNON. The American people would be whipped up into a frenzy, and the arrival of every single immigrant would be treated like a miniature act of WAR.

Statusmonkey on September 21, 2012 at 11:45 am

It has become trendy to poke the Muslim beast; the more it howls to more it gets poked. The beast can get angrier than a junk yard dog and devour every joker and poker. From a distance the game of poke is lots of fun, but the neighbors of the beast live in fear.

chowching on September 21, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Thank you for sharing your insanity chow chow.

    Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 2:26 pm

…but to paraphrase ‘Tony Stark’,:

“…they have an army…..WE have a Deb!!!”

..P.S. …does not the new Obama re-elect pseudo-flag-reboot, with the Eye Of Obama as the field, have only 5 stripes to show his solidarity with the 5 pillars of Islam?

Nick Fury on September 21, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    I just yesterday heard about that $35.00 “flag” sold by the White House on-line for Obama’s re-election funding!

    Rochelle on September 21, 2012 at 1:15 pm

      Yes, for a mere $35 you too can pledge allegiance to Barack Obama. Shipping and Handling Separate.

      Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 3:55 pm

The world’s largest Synagogue and mall can be built in Cairo, it would welcome millions of Jews to pray and shop. Egypt again would house a Jewish population, the Koran and Old Testament will become one book.

chowching on September 21, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Chow Chow seriously, you are completely incoherent. Have someone call a paramedic. You have a problem.

    Worry01 on September 21, 2012 at 7:14 pm

And every illegal muslim in this country is registered to vote!

bob on September 21, 2012 at 11:37 pm

It would be terrific if Debbie’s site allowed a way for individual users to create lists of nutcases and trolls to be automatically ignored.

There are times when we really do want to see the nuts. The Muz Polish Poles who come here, after all, can be useful reminders of where evil lurks. But the ad hoc weirdos have no purpose. They do not make arguments or engage others’ arguments and simply remind us of what we already know.

skzion on September 23, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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