March 19, 2007, - 10:21 am

Will Denning McTague Get the Sandy Burglar Treatment?

Denning McTague, an intern with the National Archives, stole about 165 Civil War documents, including the War Department’s announcement of President Lincoln’s death and sold most of them on eBay.
He was rightfully charged with the thefts and is being prosecuted.
Juxtapose his situation with that of Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger–or as Rush Limbaugh likes to call him, “Sandy Burglar.” As we all know, Berger stole countless documents from the National Archives.

Will Denning McTague Get Sweet Deal,

Like Clinton Friend Sandy Berger (with a Dubai “Patron”)

What we don’t know is how many documents he stole and whether or not they’ve all been recovered. And we’ll never know, because Berger has never taken a lie detector test, nor has he given the full details of what he stole and what he returned. We’ll never know what he stuffed down his pants and whether it was destroyed or its whereabouts. We do know that Berger did, in fact, shred some of the documents with scissors. He admitted to intentionally destroying at least one document.
And we know Berger’s motive, which unlike McTague, was not mere theft to get a few bucks on eBay. It was to “massage” a positive image of his role in the days before 9/11, when he–not the Bushies–was in charge of dealing with the Al-Qaeda threat, but didn’t do the job.
On the other hand, Denning McTague has helped officials recover most of the missing items. He plans to plead guilty.
Sandy Berger pleaded guilty. But he got a sweet deal. He got to plead to a misdemeanor instead of felonies, paid a fine of $10,000, and was merely suspend his national-security clearance for three years, with the possibility of a renewed clearance right after that.
So, will Denning McTague get a sweet deal like Sandy Berger? Will Denning McTague get the Sandy Burglar treatment?
Not likely. Because life is different for you when you are an FoB (Friend of Bill [Clinton]).
Unlike FoB Sandy Berger, Denning McTague faces a year in federal prison.

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The failure to get serious with “Bergler”, the amazing incompetence on border issues, including the disgusting prosecuttion of Officers Ramos and Campeon, including getting in bed with drug-smuggling illegal aliens, and a bunch of other bungling policies illustrate why Alberto Gonazalez needs to go….and go now.
Although the liberals will crow about it as a victory, so will conservatives who have been treated like dirt by Gonzalez’ DOJ…..

DDB on March 19, 2007 at 11:08 am

I doubt he gets the FOB (Friends of Bill) prison discount, now if he stole documents to cover up for major criminal incompetence by a Democratic president, he’d get off scot free

sultan_knish on March 19, 2007 at 11:44 am

He should’ve stolen documents about the Klinton Criminal Machine while at the Archives. Then, he could’ve used them as a bargaining chip in any prosecution and gotten off with a slap on the wrist, just as “Sloppy Sandy” received.

Thee_Bruno on March 19, 2007 at 12:27 pm

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