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George McGovern, RIH: No Tears for Dead, Anti-American, Anti-Israel Hypocrite

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES – “Conservative” Morons at Breitfraud, FOX News pour on the praise for schmuck McGovern ****

Billy Joel sang that only the good die young. And that’s gotta be why former U.S. Senator George McGovern died today at the ripe old age of 90.

McGovern was an America-hating, anti-Israel, pan-Arabist, anti-Semitic hypocrite and fraud. Moronic, plagiarist websites, like Israel National News/Arutz Shevah (which has a record of plagiarizing this site, word for word, without credit, despite the fact that my family raised a ton of money for that site–and they shamelessly admitted to the theft) are merely plagiarizing gushing AP stories, drooling over this creep. It’s disgusting (though I’m sure they’ll quickly change it and rip me off some more after they read this). The Prince Al-Waleed News Network (PAWNN) a/k/a FOX News also gushed over this dead piece of crap. But here’s a reality check:

George McGovern w/ His Ideological Soulmate Hanoi Jane

George McGovern was an anti-American fraud. He gave aid and comfort to the Viet Cong enemy, by speaking out against and protesting the Vietnam War, even though he voted for it (John Kerry-style, he was for it before he was against it or something like that). As reader Jon Grant of Grant Patent Services notes,

George McGovern is a phony. Not only did he vote for the Tonkin Gulf resolution, but he also voted for the appropriations for the war, over and over again, until the war was unpopular.

McGovern built his political career and Presidential campaign on the backs of the dead and maimed American boys who were winning in Vietnam until protesters and left-wing media, sympathetic to his hypocritical point of view, lost the war for our soldiers on U.S. soil by lying to and manipulating the American public.

And, then, there’s the Middle East. McGovern made a lot of cash on the anti-Israel lecture circuit, bought and paid for by his Arab Muslim masters who paid his high speaking fees. McGovern was, for years, the president of the Middle East Policy Council, which changed his name from its more truthful original name, the “American-Arab Affairs Council.” The organization was very anti-Israel and pan-Arabist. As its chief, McGovern urge Soviet Jews–then under tremendous persecution from the Communist Soviet Union–not to go to Israel to live in peace and freedom, telling them there was “no real place” for them in Israel. Only a devout anti-Semite would do this. Obviously he said this because he’d prefer Jews to rot and die in captivity, rather than to live and multiply in Israel to the anger of Muslims who want to kill them. In McGovern’s view, Jews should be stuck in hard labor in gulags and Soviet concentration camps because he hated Jews and Israel. McGovern constantly attacked Israel, calling for the United States to impose trade sanctions on the country in addition to demanding an end to U.S. aid and loan guarantees to Israel, but not to the billions in aid to Arab Muslim nations. He demanded that Israel pull out of Jerusalem and return to pre-1967 borders.

Can you imagine if McGovern (who was clobbered in the second biggest landslide Presidential election in U.S. history) had beaten Richard Nixon and been in the White House during the Yom Kippur War of 1973? Despite Henry Kissinger’s self-hatred and attempts to dissuade Nixon from doing so, President Nixon gave needed aid to Israel in that war via a military airlift. (White House documents from the time show that Kissinger even delayed telling Nixon–by 3.5 hours–about the start of the war to keep him from helping Israel.)

McGovern’s positions on domestic affairs were typical of limousine liberal hypocrisy. “Not in my backyard . . . but all over yours.” Jon Grant has some personal knowledge on this:

McGovern also favored racial busing . . . for others. He lived in (then) 78% Black Washington, DC, and “bussed” his daughter to 98% White Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (known as “B-CC”) in Maryland.

He was a complete fraud.

I knew about the B-CC issue because his daughter was in my brother’s class (when she was not smoking pot, which she did alot). I even saw her smoking post on Cheltanham Street Exit of the High School. McGovern was also the graduation speaker at B-CC in 1973.

And that’s not to mention McGovern’s quickie choice of Senator Thomas Eagleton, a man with a well-known history of mental illness and psychiatric care, as his running mate. Some background check . . . and an eerie hint of the kind of checks he’d have done on his cabinet members and other appointees, had he been elected. Oh, and then, after saying he supported Eagleton, “1,000 percent,” he dumped the guy. Real loyal person, that McGovern.

As Jon points out, McGovern’s hypocrisy and self-dealing included his hypocrisy of calling for more mortgage tax credits when he opened an inn.

The man was a complete fraud. Unfortunately, many of his socialist ideas came into being, and our country is effectively bankrupt as a result.

Jon has a very fitting epithet for this left-wing cretin and emperor with no clothes, who was finally erased from this earth: “Prairie Dog Prick.”

Spot on.

I hope George McGovern didn’t pack a lot of clothes for his posthumous destination. It’s hot where he’s going.

George McGovern, Rot In Hell.

**** UPDATE: Faux-coservative FOX News fraud and long-time plagiarist Monica Crowley (the Wall Street Journal won’t run her stuff after an entire piece she “wrote” for them on Richard Nixon was lifted word for word from a Paul Johnson piece on Nixon) gushes over her “hero” George McGovern. Check out that moron’s tweets below. Yup, that’s your “conservative.” Those that know her personally know that Crowley not only has a long record of plagiarism, but also that she’s not really a conservative. But she’ll fake anything for money. Her gushing over McGovern should be a strong hint of that.

**** UPDATE #2: Another “conservative” moron, Joel Pollak (editor in chief and general counsel of the Breitfraud sites) gushes over anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic George McGovern. Wow, can you imagine if this ignoramus (more proof that plenty of dummies graduate with degrees from Harvard) was actually elected to Congress (he was clobbered by Jan Schakowsky)? Idiot:

Yup, seven complete idiots retweeted this dumbass. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by Pollak’s embrace of a Jew-hater. He proudly showed photos of his mother-in-law with her friend and boss, Jew-hater and anti-Israel scumbag, Nelson Mandela (for whom she was an appointee in South Africa), in his campaign ads (and, in interviews, he refused to answer questions on his position on abortion, saying “I’m running for Congressman, not rabbi,” so he’s probably pro-abortion, too). That tells me everything I need to know about him.

**** UPDATE #3: Wow, this Pollak ignoramus just keeps on putting his foot in his mouth. Rather than admit he is wrong in praising McGovern (and knows zero about the guy, which is a stunning amount of ignorance) after I exposed the moronism of his tweets on Twitter, he dug in and looked for more excuses. And, FYI, this is exactly the kind of lying crap and excuses anyone who reads any of the Breitbart sites gets on a regular basis. They just lie, make up stuff, and never admit when they are wrong (which is most of the time). And they don’t fact-check, research, or do their homework, they just spout and spew, like when they lied to cover Sean Hannity’s very exposed ass on his Freedom Concert fraud scam. Check these out.

Breitbart editor-in-chief Joel Pollak: America-hatred, Jew-hatred, and Anti-Israel activity are OK, As Long as You Don’t Kill Anyone, Like Ted Kennedy Did . . .

Jon Grant responds:

The guy is an asshole. George McGovern’s support of the Arabs caused more deaths than Ted Kennedy ever did.

Amen to that.

Breitbart editor-in-chief Joel Pollak: America-hatred, Jew-hatred, and Anti-Israel activity are OK, As Long as You Briefly Oppose Obama on an Issue . . .

Yeah, that’s the ticket. The next time you hear anything from the Breitfraud sites complaining that so-and-so is an anti-Semite or anti-Israel, remember that the guy who heads Breitfraud operations actually thinks that anti-Semites, anti-Israel cretins, and America-haters who spit on the graves of U.S. soldiers who died in Vietnam, are okay.

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