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Pearl Harbor Day: Don’t Just “Remember” – Never Forget . . . That a Worse Enemy Exists Today

By Debbie Schlussel

Seventy-one years ago today, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. 2,459 U.S. military personnel and other Americans were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 1,178 American servicemen were wounded. 12 ships were sunk or beached, 9 damaged. We lost 164 aircraft to total destruction, and 159 others were damaged.


Until then, America hadn’t really entered World War II. They attacked us. Just like all the many attacks in which the replacement “they”–Islamic terrorists and the vast majority of the Islamic world that cheers them on–have attacked us, and not just on 9/11/01, but well before and after. On 9/11, President Bush wrote in his diary, “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.” But he did not fight the enemy the way American did post-Pearl Harbor. Instead, he embraced the enemy and set the table for other Republicans and Democrats like Barack Obama to do the same. That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. And not just to remember it, but to never forget that, today, we have a larger enemy that has been attacking us for decades, and we’ve looked the other way. That enemy also got us to voluntarily sacrifice thousands of American men to hand Iraq from one group of them to the other and to sacrifice thousands of American men to build roads and hand out candy to those that hate us far worse than those who bombed Pearl Harbor.

With only about a couple thousand survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack still alive, there will probably only be several handfuls alive for the 75th anniversary, as most survivors are now in their late 80s and early-to-mid-90s. At the time of the attack, there were 60,000 U.S. military personnel serving in the area and the surrounding South Pacific. And since there are fewer and fewer remaining Pearl Harbor survivors, Pearl Harbor Day is quickly receding into history, barely a memory. And, most important, we’ve already forgotten their resolve to fight back. Today, we just bend over or pay more attention to what the Kardashians are wearing and whom they are dating. Priorities.

Whereas yesterday they fought back against the Japanese and America entered and won World War II, today, we have a silent attack–with Muslims entering our shores and multiplying, and with us doing nothing to stop it because, hey, I gotta watch Honey Boo Boo tonight! Today, we are fighting–or, rather, capitulating, to the new version of those allied with the Japanese–-the new Nazis (who were allied with and part of the original Nazis). They are far more committed, far more dangerous, and much more difficult to defeat. They don’t just bomb ships and planes and military. They torture and murder innocent civilians. And they invade silently, through immigration, multiple births, politics, and pop culture–all of which can’t be bombed into oblivion like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Instead, we allow it.

Yes, sadly, on our end, we’ve lost the fortitude and bravery to fight back. We’ve surrendered our shores through immigration and open borders to the enemy. And instead of fighting back, our institutions and culture have bent over forward and backward for this enemy in our midst. Appeasement is the name of the game, something we’d never have done back then. Never.

As I’ve said before, yesterday we responded to the Japanese who attacked us and their allies, the Nazis. Today, we attack our own and enable the new, reconstituted Nazis descending from the Grand Mufti and his ilk.

G-d Bless all the brave men who died 71 years ago today. Let’s make sure their deaths continue to mean something, not just some empty slogans or brief media coverage. Let’s make sure that we never forget, but also that we connect the dots and fight back against Islam’s silent Pearl Harbor Times A Million on our shores, which succeeds without sending a single explosive device to Hawaii and which was rewarded for the mass murder of 3,000 Americans and other would-be and successful mass murders on our shores, like Fort Hood, Times Square, and Shoe and Underwear.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Pearl Harbor survivor Paul Meeker marked his 94th birthday. He served in the U.S. Army during that fateful day, after having enlisted in 1938.

“We heard an explosion, and we thought it was an earthquake,” Meeker said, noting that the Pacific “Ring of Fire” was used to such seismic activity. “One soldier, he said, ‘That’s a bomb. We’re being attacked!’ I went out and saw dozens of airplanes with rising suns on the wings.”

Although some historians have suggested the United States had some warning an attack was imminent, Meeker said the men on the ground were absolutely stunned.

“It was like if you pulled a gun out and shot me right now,” he said. “There was no hint of anything going on.”

And, today, despite several attacks on American soil by Muslims, including one last week by Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, most Americans aren’t stunned. Instead, they are too busy at the mall or playing “Call of Duty,” without heeding a real life call of duty to wake up to what is happening to our country.

Meeker and the other grunts ran and got their rifles from the supply room. While some soldiers manned machine guns and got some rounds off at the planes, Meeker said they could do little with small arms.

“We were only trying to save our lives, because bombs were falling all over the place,” Meeker said, sitting in the living room of his comfortable Malvern Hills home.

One of the more bizarre memories Meeker has is finding a postcard in the supply room, quickly scribbling a note to his mother — “I am alright. Love, Paul” — and putting it in a mailbox, all in the middle of the attack. She got the postcard about three weeks later, joyous that he was alive.

Yet on that Sunday, no one was celebrating but the Japanese.

Three days after the attack, some of the damaged ships in Pearl Harbor were still smoking. Meeker and other troops worked non-stop for three weeks to get back to some sense of normalcy, convinced the Japanese would follow up. But no invasion ensued, and gradually they restored Pearl Harbor.

In 1943, Meeker, by then promoted to technical sergeant, developed ulcers, which at the time had limited treatment options. The Army sent him back to the states with an honorable discharge . On his way to Savannah, he stopped by Asheville to thank his Aunt Ethel, who had been particularly kind to him during the war. Next-door lived a young lady Meeker describes as “the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen,” Edna Webb. Three months later, on July 18, 1943, they married. They’re still together today. . . .

Today, he says, Americans should pause and think about those who secured the democracy we take for granted.

“It was a ‘day of infamy,’ and a lot of good people lost their lives fighting for their country,” Meeker said, referring to Franklin Roosevelt’s famous speech the day after the attack. “There wasn’t a slack person I knew of. Everybody gave it all they had.”

Spot on, Americans should pause, but most won’t. It’s just another day at the office or shopping for gifts. We are now a nation of slackers who just don’t care.

It’s sad. But it’s a fact. We are losing the Silent Pearl Harbor attack of a thousand cuts because we are still fast asleep. Rip Van Winkle ain’t got nothin’ on us.


From my 2005 coverage of Pearl Harbor Day, don’t forget these words from the Memorial:

My brothers lie in state,
In clear waters
Of testimony, their willingness
To answer our Nation’s call.
An angel bends down, whispers in my ear,
Never forget. Never forget.
Honor them. They
Gave their lives for you.
No man hath a greater love.
Do them honor.
And never forget.

Never forget Pearl Harbor. And never forget that we are facing an enemy far more fierce, an enemy that is slowly defeating us.


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“Never forget Pearl Harbor. And never forget that we are facing an enemy far more fierce, an enemy that is slowly defeating us.”

Truer words were never spoke.

DS_ROCKS! on December 7, 2012 at 2:49 pm

The parallel with Pearl Harbor goes far beyond what you said, Debbie.

It’s well documented that FDR provoked the Japanese into attacking, by illegally freezing Japanese assets in this country, among other things. FDR wanted the the United States to enter World War II, even though he lied blatantly about it during the campaign. He couldn’t rouse public sentiment to declare war against Germany, so he provoked the Japanese into attacking us.

There also is significant evidence (see The Codebreakers, by David Kahn), that FDR knew about the attack (location, date and time) before it happened, and did nothing to stop it, because he wanted it to happen. He let Kimmel and Short be the fall guys.

The real infamy isn’t that we were attacked by the Japanese, but rather that we had a treasonous chief executive who allowed Americans to die in order to advance his own agenda.

Brian on December 7, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    “It’s well documented that FDR provoked the Japanese into attacking, by illegally freezing Japanese assets in this country, among other things. FDR wanted the the United States to enter World War II, even though he lied blatantly about it during the campaign. He couldn’t rouse public sentiment to declare war against Germany, so he provoked the Japanese into attacking us.”

    Maybe so, Brian, maybe so. The Japanese were doing EXACTLY what the muslims are doing today, only more blatant about it. FDR put sanctions on Japan; does that sound familiar?

    WilliamMunny on December 7, 2012 at 6:21 pm

“Never forget Pearl Harbor. And never forget that we are facing an enemy far more fierce, an enemy that is slowly defeating us.”

I would have to disagree with that assessment. The Nazis and Japanese were devoted to racial supremacy – enslavement or destruction of all other races.

The Muslims currently lack the organization, the unity and the technology of the axis. Their “successes” have been the result of our failures.

What’s more, they want everyone to convert to Islam – the Japs and Germans could not be joined except by genetics.

Overall, I think that the Moose-limbs are much less of a threat than what we faced 70 years ago. Our failure to stop it is completely our fault.

Aurelius on December 7, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Aurelius, you really should take a peek at Moooooslim infiltrators ensconced in our Gubmint (you’re right about it being entirely our fault) and welcomed with open arms (even Conn is boo-hooing because the FBI in that state are verboten to have an open relationship with Jihadists) AND how the terror networks and financing are set up. I listed some off the top of my head in my last post below.

    You’re resting too easy. I disagree with you vehemently.

    Skunky on December 7, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Actually, the Koran espouses Arab supremacism above all else.

    “Islam”, as you know, means submission. Arabs submitting to God. The converts submitting to Arabs.

    Organized religion is crowd control. Islam is by far, the worst offender. That is why I subscribe to none.

    The Reverend Jacques on December 8, 2012 at 4:43 am

Do not forget…nor should we forget that it was the Radical Right that got us to voluntarily sacrifice thousands of American men to hand Iraq from one group of them to the other and created many more terrorists that lurk waiting to avenge the death of their neighbor, mother and cousin. I am guilty because I fell silent to stand behind our troops and leaders. Prayers and thanks to all that have served with honor.

Visteo on December 7, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Visteo, you’re right about GWB but you are NOT right about the “radical right”. There is no such thing and if you think that you are not following facts.

    Radical right! As if! If there WERE such a thing I would reckon they would know what DS knows about Islam (and @ the time of 9/11) and would have proceeded according and have fought those bastards CORRECTLY.

    There is no “radical right”. I wish there was. They exist in Congress (where the power is) just as a pile of rocking-horse sh** exists under a rocking-horse. Nice try.

    Skunky on December 7, 2012 at 6:57 pm

Indeed! I will never forget. It’s hard to these days with all the PC shenanigans going on.

God bless all how have served this country well. The Lord knows that they are being poached from within the military by leftist and statist pukes. We still have some freedom to fight for courtesy of brave men who fought valiantly so we can dumb ourselves down so disgustingly as many have.

And DS is right. She knows the enemy better than anyone and her teachings have taught me well. I still have many, many, many miles to go though.

Many here know the enemy and are NOT afraid of saying who and what they are. Still, as I try to devote time to the issue everyday I am thunderstruck by how the enemy is winning and the countries in collusion and aiding & abetting. It is worse than I ever imagined.

Just off the top of my head I can name some countries: Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Mali, Bangladesh (India) along with the usual suspects Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Gaza, UAE and Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s real, it’s legion and it’s scary as hell!

Skunky on December 7, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Our worst enemy now is being allowed to colonize Dearborn, Michigan and other places and has infiltrated the highest levels of our government.

RT on December 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm

This is why I loved it when I lucked out and got Pearl Harbor as my first duty station in the Navy. The USS Arizona Memorial was a great place to reflect on what happened on December 7, 1941. We must never forget that day as our brave men fought back the aggression of the Japanese and the Nazis. We must also remember despite what the idiots in government and the media tell us that we have a new enemy who is on the move. This enemy will stop at nothing to accomplish it’s goal. That goal is the destruction of freedom loving people around the world. The radical dirtbag Muslims would like nothing more for the US and Israel in particular to be turned to dust. Sadly with stupid and wobbly leaders in our respective governments that evil dream could become a reality.

Ken b on December 7, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Soon after 9/11 “W” said you are “with us or against us,” but then he wimped out. He got carried away with liberation and democracy instead of VICTORY. The Axis eventually became more democratci after they were defeated! When “W” said islam means “peace,” he essentially accepted the PRIMACY of islam. Now, Barak Hussein openly accepts the SUPREMACY of islam.

Otto Schaden on December 8, 2012 at 8:05 am

on my way overseas the troop ship i was on stopped at pearl but our politicians have forgotten pearl as they are letting in all kinds of terrorist we need the kind of leaders we had in 1941 all those hollywood actors who went to war but in 911 not 1 hollywood actor joined up exept 1 football player the japanese american formed a regiment and fought the germans but the muslim try to blow up buildings in usa

martin on December 8, 2012 at 10:16 am

“A Time For Choosing”.
Best speech ever in my opinion and very relevant to the islamofascist threat to western civilization.
When Bush declared a “war on terrorism” after 911 he screwed up. He did not recognize that it is ISLAM as a whole that spawns the so called radicals. They are not radicals they are Islamic conservatives following the decrees of their nihlist religion to the letter. They are but a symptom of the disease that is Islam.
When he declared he would find out who was responsible he had only to look no further than Iran.
Hezbollah is but an extention of Iran’s revolutionary guard, funded, trained and armed by Iran. As are virtually every “terrorist islamic faction”. We have not declared war on Islam however Islam has indeed declared war on us.
You do not kill the snake by chasing it’s tail, you cut off it’s head.
Bush should have turned Iran into dust. No compromise, no chamberlain style appeasement, not an easy answer but a simple one. He should have declared war on Iran and ripped the fangs out of any Islamic nation that sided with them.
Any muslim that protested on home soil would have been deported or detained as traitors.
Instead we have our present mess..and Dearbornistan..

Canadian Steve on December 9, 2012 at 12:29 am

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