December 21, 2012, - 3:52 pm

Told Ya So: “Trusted Traveler” Member Tried to Sneak Gun Through U.S. Border

By Debbie Schlussel

On this site, I’ve criticized the “Trusted Traveler” programs many times because they are a means for terrorists and others with evil, criminal intent to get easier access to sneak contraband onto planes or into the U.S. from a foreign country. And, as I’ve noted, most if not all of the 9/11 hijackers (plus other terrorists, like Nidal Malik Hasan) would have been granted admission into the Trusted Traveler programs. Now, I’ve been proven right about the problems with the program.


“Trusted Travelers” Shouldn’t Be Trusted

(To those who don’t know, Trusted Traveler programs allow a person with no criminal record to go through a background check and get a card which enables him/her to speed through security at airports and border checkpoints, allowing him/her less than the normal security screenings. The program costs a few hundred dollars to join.)

Today, I received this press release from the Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection about a seizure the agency did Monday at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. The suspect claims he/she “forgot” the gun, but did he/she? Would love to know the person’s name.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers announced the seizure of an undeclared shotgun from a U.S. citizen participant in the NEXUS trusted traveler program.

On Monday, December 17, CBP officers at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel discovered a Remington 12 gauge shotgun along with ammunition during a primary trunk inspection in the NEXUS lane. The driver and legal owner of the firearm did not declare any goods upon arrival and told the officer after the discovery that he forgot that the gun was in the trunk. The weapon was seized by CBP officers and the infraction resulted in the subject’s immediate removal from the NEXUS program. . . .

Travelers who participate in the NEXUS program are afforded expedited processing when crossing the U.S.-Canada border. As participants in one of CBPs Trusted Traveler Programs, travelers enjoy a higher level of trust and confidence in regards to security when crossing the border.

This is the one “trusted traveler” that CBP caught. How many got their contraband through because they were members of this program? We’ll never know.

It’s time to end this absurd program that is just asking for trouble. It’s ripe for terrorist abuse. And terrorists may have already abused it. Again, we’ll never know.

Or when we do, it will be too late.


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In the 90’s a friend of mine entered Canada on business. Once in Canada, he realized that he entered with a rifle buried in the pile of junk in his truck. He decided not to declare it coming back into the states and was lucky that he did not get stopped. Even with increased security, post 911, there will be violations that go undetected. Hopefully, the program is adequately monitored and adjusted to minimize any threats to our security. In my neck of the woods the border patrol is everywhere. I even saw smugglers pulled over and arrested out of my back door. They used the water to cross. Something that has been going on since prohibition.

Visteo on December 22, 2012 at 1:07 pm

The other day I flew with a gun and 11 pounds of ammo(the max). I declared the gun and was inspected and passed by above-average and very nice TSA personnel. By law the ammo was in the luggage. Of course the ammo set off the explosives detector and our luggage was opened and inspected. All of my wife’s cosmetics were taken apart and the jars opened and sampled. The ammo was untouched. LOL. We really laughed.

pat on December 22, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    The TSA costs US tax payers billions of dollars IT HAS NEVER STOPPED ONE TERRORIST.

    As goes... So goes... on December 22, 2012 at 7:42 pm

Every now and then I hear about someone getting arrested at the airport for trying to take a gun on a plane, or someone (wealthy or public figure) in Detroit being involved in a gun incident and the gun turns out to be illegal. All of these people turn out to be gun control blowhards, that don’t want YOU having a gun. I don’t scan the news daily for these incidents, so I am betting that a lot more of them have been happening than I know about.

RT on December 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm

There are two reasons I am against this program. One is the security issue. There is nothing to stop someone who has passed a background check from “changing”. For instance we know the Soviet Union used to (And others, includng Russia, may still be doing this for all I know) recruit Americans who had Security clearances by finding out which ones had credit problems (They were able to obtain this information somehow) and then offering them money. They also probably blackmailed others if they did not have credit problems.

Second, unlike private industry, I don’t think government has any business treating us differently simply because we have more money and are willing to give it to them.

I_AM_ME on December 23, 2012 at 1:13 am

The Trusted Traveler program looks more like a means for the government to collect additional revenue. Also, it is so nice that you have to cough up four hundred dollars in order not to be treated like a criminal suspect while traveling. One could also say that the program is biased towards those who have the means to part with a few hundred dollars. Honest people with no criminal backgrounds who either cannot or will not pay the authorities get the fondle and grope treatment free of charge from the TSA.

Also, it is best to bear in mind that many high end criminals and terrorists typically do not have criminal rap sheets. They let those who work for them get their fingers dirty.

Worry01 on December 23, 2012 at 11:26 am

Was the person of the religion of perpetual outrage or was that person black? If neither, I think it is just a mistake.

But you are correct on the issue itself. The Nexus program on the southern border is nothing more than a free ride for drug smugglers.

See here regarding SENTRI users on the southern border and drug smuggling:

Federale on December 23, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Another government program failed? Probably was underfunded, as per usual. Give ’em another couple-o-billion, as per usual.

So Sad Too Bad on December 23, 2012 at 12:27 pm

You know, I look Lebanese, (most people with my last name that I know are Lebanese Christian) and I remember having a Conversation with a Catholic priest about the idiocy of the TSA once while waiting to board a plane. I said to him,

“Father, I’m Jewish, but I look Lebanese. There is a Little Old White Lady with a walker in line to board the aircraft. Now, I SHOULD be patted down, but I predict SHE will be, and I WON’T be, simply because political correctedness tops everything. Watch and see.”

As things unfolded as I predicted, I looked to wave goodbye to the Father, who was waiting for the next flight. He was able to stand only with the help of a building pillar, as he was laughing so hard.

I fly as LITTLE as I can; this year, hopefully, no more than 3 times— 1 Continuing Medical Education conference, 1 vacation, and 1 G-d Forbid (my father in law is 89, my brothers-in law are in their 60s, my parents are in their 70s). I go through the machine, therefore. But almost ALL the joy of flying and travel is pretty much gone for me. I cocoon. I wouldn’t travel anywhere if not for the kids.

Occam's Tool on December 26, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I’m pretty sure that plenty of contraband has slipped through the cracks whether it be from “Trusted Travelers” or just regular travelers, you’re just never gonna catch them all.

Smugglers often send a decoy to be nabbed first so that they can pass their shipments through with ease. Let’s say they had 50 kgs of drugs to pass through the border, they’d send a car through with 1 kg to purposely get caught. While the boarder patrol is taking care of that and patting themselves in the back for a job well done a second car with the remaining 49 kgs clears customs without a hiccup and the smuggle is complete

Kershaw on December 29, 2012 at 11:37 am

Program is obviously stupid. I continue to be disgusted at how PC practices keep destroying our country a little at a time. Last time I went to Canada, I was delayed by some car accident in the tunnel and had to wait a long time. The way I’ve been treated in the past, I haven’t gone back to the casino in years. Why bother? As a white male with no criminal past, I should be harassed?

samurai on December 31, 2012 at 10:39 am

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