March 26, 2007, - 9:45 am

Bravo: Britain Says No Shizzle From Snoop Dogg

Bravo to Britain for saying, “No Shizzle, Snoop Dogg.”
British authorities denied rapper/pimp/drug dealer Snoop Dogg a visa for a series of planned concerts. Last April, Snoop a/k/a Calvin Broadus and five others in his “posse” were arrested and spent the night in jail when they made a violent, loud scene after some of them were denied entry to British Airways’ first-class lounge at Heathrow Airport.
Dogg/Broadus was previously barred from entering Britain in May, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Kudos to the Brits for sticking to their guns and saying no to this sleazebag, while he gets away with crime after crime over here in America.
Now, if only the Brits could have similar guts in denying entry to the far more dangerous Islamists they constantly welcome to their shores . . . .

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Snoop Dogg Eat Dog is a discredit to his race. To pimps and drug dealers, too.

FreethinkerNY on March 26, 2007 at 2:38 pm

No not really.There are far worse than Snoop Dogg but I wonder what his kids will turn out to be.

the_don on March 26, 2007 at 2:58 pm

“Snoop Dogg Eat Dog is a discredit to his race.”
No aurgement from me on that. Alot of these human feces like him are a disgrace to blacks like myself.
Of course the mainstream media, and the so-called black networks will say that Britain is full of “raaacists” and they denied a black “entertaaainer” into their parts. Cuz after all, an entertainer like Bill Cosby is “irreeelevant” to what we think repersents black america. And we feel that Snoop Dogg is a “progreeeeser” for all blacks.

Squirrel3D on March 26, 2007 at 3:25 pm

…and on behalf of “the boxing community”, a big
Yashir Koach to Queen Elizabeth(you go yenta) for starting off the year by stripping former overrated Islamic boxing champ “Prince”Naseem
Hamed of his ‘member of the civil division of the most excellent order of the British Empire’ award
for a hit and run at 90 with his Mercedes that broke a lot of bones in the victim who somehow survived(for this-Hamed did a few weeks of a 15-month sentence).Hamed who’s ring entrances were some mixture of Aladdin-and “designed by Al Queda”-last somersaulted into the ring in a major fight was
just before Passover,when he got his ass kicked by Marcos Antonio Barrera(a mere Mexican)…so hopefully Hamed tries another comeback this Passover.

jaywilton on March 26, 2007 at 4:59 pm

In 2007, we?re still saying someone is a “credit or discredit” to their race??? You would think this kind of language is, as my daughter would say, “so 20th Century”, but unfortunately it does reveal a sad fact. Because Black folks are still viewed as a monolithic group, each individual Black person does carry the burden of the whole race on their shoulders by their actions. Sometimes that’s good….it can spur you on to greater achievement, but sometimes it’s stifling…..the pressure to “represent” can weigh you down and stifle achievement. As a result, many of us have to be “on” 24/7, realizing that no additional Black folks will be hired in our department if we make a mistake on our jobs because we “represent the race”, or we can’t be “too loud” or “too boisterous” or engage in other behaviors at the risk of being labeled “too Black” and meeting a certain stereotype.
I remember listening to the radio growing up, and if a terrible crime was reported on the news, the first thing my mother would say was, “Oh Lord, I hope the perpetrator”s not Black!”. Because of her life experience, she knew that all Black folks in the area would be judged by the actions of one fool. As James Weldon Johnson said years ago, “Every race, every nation, deserves to be judged by the best they have produced and not the worst. The Negro is the only race that is judged by our worst.”
As a result, the Snoop Dogs of the world get lumped in with the Ken Chenaults…..
By the way, that was an interesting “parody” Squirrel3D. But I don’t know what Black folks you’ve been hanging around, because in my circles, Bill Cosby is still VERY relevant (these are circles the media does not show or refuses to acknowledge). Not much stock is put on certain “entertainers” such as Snoop representing us. I guess you’re not a member of the club….

JibberJabber on March 27, 2007 at 11:01 am

JibberJabber, are you serious? You think this is a “20th Century” phenomenon? Whenever a Jew commits a crime or acts disgracefully, I wince in pain, and it’s not because I’m paranoid. Or, as they say, “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me.” Minorities will always be viewed in a monolithic way, and any individual member will be viewed as representative of that group. You may not like it, may think it is wrong, may wish it were not so, but that’s the way it is. So I understand how Squirrel feels, because I feel it too. If you want to pretend that it ain’t so, that’s your business, but I live in reality. Do you know how many Jews are at the forefront of Hate-Israel movements? or Hate-Christians movements? I’m always out there apologizing to my Christian friends and reassuring them that “not all Jews think like that, in fact, most of us appreciate your friendship.” But it’s the Israel-bashing, Christian-hating leftist Jews that get all the media attention. I’ve often said, if I weren’t a Jew, I’d be an antisemite because that’s what the media teaches me. I imagine a lot of blacks who aren’t “ghetto-programmed” must feel similarly when they see black people behaving so badly or having the worst of their race “reps” paraded around on the media/TV/movies.
Squirrel, I “get” you.

AmericanJewess on March 28, 2007 at 11:10 am

American Jewess,
I feel you on this one but I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t say that minorities being viewed in a monolithic way has in any way disappeared and I don’t “pretend” that is has. All I was saying that it’s a shame that in the 21st Century, that kind of pressure still exist on Black folks to “represent the race”. I’m well aware of it…..I deal with it a work every day. Like you, I still cringe when I hear of a horrible crime committed and find out it was done by a Black person or see what is being paraded around and called “Black culture” today. I cringe when I see a Black coworker not carrying their weight, because I know all Black employees in the department will be smeared as a result. As a kid, my parents always taught us to conduct ourselves in the best way possible in public, because society is going to expect the worst.
However, I rarely apologize for it because there is nothing I can do to control another grown man or woman’s actions. If they were not taught or are not smart enough to realize that their individual actions will reflect on the whole race, then I can’t help them. Their stupidity is going to cost us a whole.
However, I do admit to being a little surprised the phrase “credit to their race” is still being used. I thought that was an anachronism from the 20th century….

JibberJabber on March 28, 2007 at 12:10 pm

He still popular?

KOAJaps on March 29, 2007 at 11:25 am

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