February 15, 2013, - 1:41 pm

Kate Upton’s Uncle Helps an Islamic Terrorist

By Debbie Schlussel

You’ve probably seen the buzz about model Kate Upton’s mostly topless Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover photo, with the magazine on stands this week. Sadly, there’s not such publicity about what her effeminate, closeted, pan-jihadist uncle, the wimpy “Republican” (In Name Only!) Michigan Congressman Fred Upton, did to help an Islamic terrorist remain free on U.S. soil. Upton, heir to the Whirlpool corporation fortune, refuses to let Homeland Security deport a man who trained in an Islamic terrorist training camp.



Kate Upton & Islamic Terrorist Ibrahim Parlak (Bottom) Have an Ally in Common, Kate’s Uncle Fred (Right)

In 2005, I first told you about Ibrahim Parlak, the Middle Eastern restaurateur and Islamic terrorist, who lied five times on various government documents, in order to get asylum and a green card. Over the years, I’ve told you about Parlak, who trained in a Syrian terrorist training camp and was responsible for the death of a Turkish border guard as a member of the PKK Kurdish terrorist group (not all Kurds are the good guys, even if many are). Because I’ve written about him, Parlak has e-mailed me trying to intimidate me. Parlak’s lawyer, Palestinian Muslim Noel Saleh, is an admitted, proud donor to Hezbollah, and he headed a Muslim-dominated Arab welfare agency that aids and abets Muslim illegal aliens to come here, stay here, and commit Medicaid fraud. Despite Parlak’s many appeals, several judges reaffirmed that he is a terrorist and should be deported. But that won’t happen . . . not because of Barack Obama (and George W. Bush before him), but because of Fred Upton, uncle to Kate.

During each session of Congress since the courts affirmed Parlak’s order of deportation, Fred Upton introduces a “private bill,” which seeks to grant Parlak instant U.S. citizenship. And Upton did it again on Wednesday of this week, with House Resolution 682, entitled, “For the Relief of Ibrahim Parlak.” It’s the kind of legislation usually used for a heroic individual who has helped America or an Olympic hopeful who wants to compete for Team USA, not an Islamic terrorist who lied to U.S. authorities, fathered an illegitimate anchor baby (whose mother he never married), and trained with the most hardened terrorists in Syria. Private bills immediately stay all deportation activity so Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) can’t remove him from the U.S., as they’ve been trying to do for years.

Unfortunately, Fred Upton is a liberal who responds to liberals, like Parlak’s far-left advocate, movie critic and self-anointed national security expert Roger Ebert. Upton doesn’t care about America’s national security or about the rule of law. He also doesn’t care about the millions in tax dollars that have been spent fighting Parlak in the courts and beating him every step of the way. Fred Upton likes to reward liars, criminals, and terrorists. Ibrahim Parlak is all of those.

And Fred Upton repeatedly tries to reward him with instant citizenship.

Kate Upton is nearly naked in many of her photo shoots and lewd in some of her ads, like the one for Carl’s Jr. burger joints. But the most lewd thing in the Upton family is Fred Upton’s whoring out of America and the legislative process to protect an Islamic terrorist and keep him free as a bird on American soil.


A recap of some of he past info I’ve given you on Ibrahim Parlak from a previous post:

Today, I got an interesting e-mail, below, from Ibrahim Parlak, an Islamic terrorist whom the government has been trying to deport for years. Parlak has developed a cadre of lefty celeb supporters, including Roger Ebert (who used a movie review to criticize me over Parlak). A James Bond director is even making a propaganda movie about him. . . .

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) has worked hard to remove Parlak from the country. But they’ve met with resistance from celebrities, politicians, and the mainstream media (including sympathetic “Nightline” and New York Times Magazine portrayals) every step of the way. This is despite the fact that the Immigration Judge Elizabeth Hacker wrote in a 60-page decision that Parlak is an Islamic terrorist and documented many of his transgressions. Then, the Bureau of Immigration Appeals court affirmed her decision, and so did the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Through most of this, the Bush Administration pressured Homeland Security officials to treat Parlak with kid gloves, giving him lax reporting requirements and allowing him to keep his restaurant open for business. Parlak also couldn’t be deported because of the private bills Upton and Levin introduced. Last week, Parlak was even invited to testify before the Michigan Senate, where he has no business being. But sleazy Republican State Senator Ron Jelinek introduced a resolution to keep this terrorist on U.S. soil. (Yup, Michigan is sadly the anti-Arizona, with Republicans leading the charge.)

I hope Parlak will finally be sent away. But I’m not holding my breath.

Sadly, Parlak’s been allowed to game the system for years . . . with Kate Upton’s Uncle Fred’s help.

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15 Responses

But what exactly does any of this have to do with KATE (not Fred) Upton directly? Answer: Nothing. Zero. Unless of course, she plans to marry this terrorist. Can only take “guilt by association” so far. If there’s any direct evidence that KATE has helped this terrorist with asylum or things of that sort, then that is definitely a legitimate point to bring up.
But as this directly ties to KATE Upton, in a court of law, there’s no there there. If Congressman Upton continues to support this terrorist then he should be called on the carpet, as you’re rightly doing and the Michigan voters should respond in turn.
Again, unless there’s something directly to link KATE with this terrorist, it’s a non story. It’s really not her fault or problem per se. So what? Most people in life have a relative or two who have done less than stellar acts, and in Congressman Upton’s case, it’s not very stellar but potentially dangerous to the nth degree. Perhaps a committee should look into this and investigate the Congressman’s dealings.
But Kate? Unless it’s confirmed that she helped harbor this person, gave him sanctuary from ICE agents, etc.
A REAL story would be if it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Kate Upton was another Rachel Corrie, then THAT would of course be a definite legitimate story worth investigating.
The Congressman’s the problem, not Kate.

J: It’s what’s known as a “hook” in journalism, which we use to get people interested in the story and to learn about the issue. Her uncle is often interviewed for stories about her, too. She hasn’t denounced what he did, either. DS

jimmy on February 15, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Jimmy, you have been holding up Kate’s poster with one hand for way too long.

    Were you the slow kid in the class?

    Jonathan E. Grant on February 15, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      Super-models are greatly overrated.

      I have the looks to be a model but I’ve never let it define me. And people who give it undue importance know nothing about what truly “beautiful people” are like.

      They’re nothing at all like the demi-gods of our modern era idol worship.

      NormanF on February 15, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    People are free agents, they aren’t really to be expected to denounce every single thing regarding the behavior of their uncles, aunts, step-parents, 3rd cousin once removed on the mothers side, extended families, etc. If they are, then that tends to get into Soviet style “informers” on their parents and sending them off to Siberia.
    Kate isnt serving in congress. It’s really not her problem. Nor is it her fault she happens via accent of birth to be related to him. Its not as if she spends tons of time hanging out with him. If asked, most likely she wouldn’t be able to name the top pieces of legislation he has sponsored, nor is she really expected to.
    Again, in a court of law, KATE isn’t held responsible to blame for her uncles dealings. Let his Mich. district voters deal with the issue (e.g. it should be brought up at his town hall meetings back with his constitents, etc)
    The real interest would be if Kate Upton’s public behavior would indicate that she’s akin to Rachel Corrie. If that is in fact the case, then that is a serious matter.

    jimmy on February 15, 2013 at 4:15 pm

I’m going to take a guess here and say jimmy’s love letter in support of Kate would not exist if Kate did not look like Kate. It’s amazing how innocent women are when men value their sexuality.

Jess on February 15, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Well, you gotta admit, Kate has some awesome assets.

FrenchKiss on February 15, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Why do these people care about Pariak so much?

DS_ROCKS! on February 15, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Everybody should be helping Muslims all they can….helping them get to those “72 virgins”. You know, I don’t know why we don’t get along with Muslims better. They like blowing themselves up and we like blowing them up.

RT on February 15, 2013 at 3:57 pm

As if this article wasn’t enough to make my blood pressure go off, some troll named jimmy(jerk) has to put in her two cents and defend her and her uncle. Times like this make me sick. Useful idiots are always disgusting.

samurai on February 15, 2013 at 9:51 pm

Imagine the Islamist uproar if a patriot shot the piece of dogshit..

Canadian Steve on February 16, 2013 at 9:29 am

Upton needs to removed from office and Levin and both charged with treason and aiding and abbetting terrorists then execution, as for terrorist immediately hang him, there enemies of the USA

Clinton on February 16, 2013 at 11:51 am

Then ship Kate to a Muslim country immediately

Clinton on February 16, 2013 at 11:55 am


All right I will play along.

“some troll named jimmy(jerk) has to put in her two cents and defend her and her uncle”

I must have missed jimmy defending Fred Upton. Quite the contrary. “If Congressman Upton continues to support this terrorist then he should be called on the carpet, as you’re rightly doing and the Michigan voters should respond in turn.”

As far as defending her … defending her from what exactly? What is she being charged with? What did she do? What is her crime or role in this other than being the niece of Fred Upton?
Now Ms. Schlussel stated “She hasn’t denounced what he did, either.” OK … can we provide any evidence that she actually knows or cares about this case? Or that she should? If this were Malik Nidal Hasan, Johnny Walker Lindh or Mohamed Attah, fine. But there is a better than even chance that a 20 year old who is daft enough to agree to a nearly nude photo shoot in Antarctica and nearly got her money makers frostbitten off in the process has no idea who Ibrahim Parlak or any reason to. Keeping up on the Islamic threat, the war on terror, foreign policy/national security etc. let alone details of her uncle’s political career/voting record (assuming that she even has a relationship with her uncle at all … plenty of folks don’t) gets in the way of important model stuff like, you know, offending Catholics by wearing a bikini nun outfit in movies, making vulgar softcore porn Super Bowl videos and “dating” rappers and athletes. (As you might be able to tell, I am no fan of Upton, who by the way isn’t even fit enough to be an SI cover model, plus blondes aren’t my type anyway.)

Meh. Just another incident of a dog that won’t hunt.

Gerald on February 16, 2013 at 8:33 pm

I wonder what the “other side of the story” is that the leftists are telling–leftists like Roger Ebert, the “James Bond director,” or the politicians backing up Ibrahim Parlak. What straws are they clutching to? And when is leftist Ed Asner going to join in the defense of the poor political victim, Ibrahim Parlak (assuming he hasn’t finally wised-up in his old age)?

If I were a psychologist, I would be doing a study and analysis into the mental states of leftists, who have this perverse obsessional passion that certain guilty individuals are “political victims,” even though every fact goes against that fantasy notion.

The most powerful case of this mass leftist hysteria was the case involving Wesley Cook’s murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Danier Faulkner–a case that has gone on for about 3 decades. Wesley Cook is more commonly known by the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

If you don’t know about this case, you should know about it. Here are the facts. On the evening of December 19, 1981 on Locust Street between 12th and 13th Streets in Phaildelphia, PA, Faulkner pulled over a vehicle driven by William Cook, Jamal’s brother. Faulkner called in for backup. William Cook exited his vehicle and scuffled with Faulkner.

Jamal sees the altercation and runs from a parking lot across the street. Jamal pulls a Charter Arms gun from his holster and shoots Faulkner in the back. Faulkner draw his gun from his holster, turns and fires once at Jamal, striking him in the chest. Faulkner fall to the ground on his back. Wounded, Jamal approaches Faulkner, stands over him and fires 5 more shots, the first of which enters Faulkner’s brain between his eyes. Jamal then stumbles severa steps away from the dying officer and drops down, and sits on the curb. A minute later, the back-up officers arrive. Officer Faulkner was later pronounced dead, and Jamal recovered from his wound at Jefferson Hospital.

An investigation was conducted, witnesses were present, and the ballistics tests established that the Charter Arms gun registered to Jamal fired the bullets that shot and killed Officer Faulkner, and that Officer Faulkner’s Smith & Wesson gun fired the single shot that struck Jamal. Hospital security guard Priscilla Durham and Police Officer Garry Bell testified that Jamal confessed in the hospital by saying, “I shot the motherfucker, and I hope the motherfucker dies.”

A jury by trial was later held and Jamal was found found guilty. End of this story? Far from it. Appeal after appeal followed, and only recently has the case been settled.

Although Jamal was given the death sentence, and then-Governor Tom Ridge signed the order, due to some prosecution mistakes on the jury instruction form, a Federal Court judge was forced to reduce Jamal’s punishment to life imprisonment. I have followed this case very closely, including reading the actual order orders. The judge’s order carefully explained why he had no choice under the law but to reduce the sentence to life imprisonment, and the fact of life is that the words that are used on jury instructions do matter, and in this case, the wording on the insturction form that the prosecution used gave Jamal a legal loophole to escape death. The judge took tremendous heat on both sides for his decision, but the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the district court judge. The Philadelphia Police were angry with the judge for not giving Jamal the death sentence and Officer Faulkner’s widow called the judges “cowards,” and the leftists were angry that the judge (and 3rd Circuit) denied Jamal a new trial.

From a criminal case perspective, this case has always been a virtually open and shut one to anyone who care about facts. Jamal is guilty.

But from a psychological perspective, the case provides a fascinating look into the perverse psyche of the leftist. To begin with, Jamal himself was a far leftist, and had been politically active in numerous leftist causes throughout his life. But facts are of little consequence to far leftists. Almost immediately, the leftists saw in the Jamal case, an opportunity to protect a “political victim of the racist system.” Labor unions, liberal politicians, political advocates, leftists educators, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and so-called “human rights” advocacy organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have expressed their love and devotion to the “innocent political victim of our racist society”–Mumia Abu-Jamal. Hollywood lefitsts, like Ed Asner, also bought into this leftist fantasy.

But there’s more. Jamal has been made an honorary citizen of about 25 cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Montreal, Palermo and Paris. In 2001, he received the sixth biennial Erich Mühsam Prize, eponymously named after an anarcho-communist essayist, which recognizes activism in line with that of its namesake. In October 2002, he was made an honorary member of the German political organization Society of People Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Federation of Anti-Fascists which Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has considered to be influenced by left-wing extremism. On April 29, 2006, a newly paved road in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis was named Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal in his honor.

No, you cannot make this stuff up. What do you call such a response from the leftists? Insanity? Perversion? Whatever it is, it boggles the minds of sane, rational people.

So what’s next? Perhaps those 25 cities around the world will also make Ibrahim Parlak an honorary citizen, and we’ll look forward to a road named in his honor in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis: Rue Ibrahim Parlak.

Ralph Adamo on February 17, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Upton is a whore and a scumbag. Fred, that is. Who did you think I was talking about?

I knew some models in LA. Underwhelming.

Occam's Tool on February 18, 2013 at 2:29 am

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