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Obama’s J-No Says US Has No Idea How Many Visa Violators Are Here; Rubio’s Amnesty Bill Won’t Address This

By Debbie Schlussel

Over the years, I’ve told you that the United States does NOT track visa holders who come to this country, even though they are a large segment (nearly half) of those who eventually become illegal aliens on our soil. Once they are here we have no idea where they go, with whom they meet, whether or not they abided by the conditions of their visas, or if they are still here and have overstayed. If and when immigration amnesty happens, whether it’s Obama’s plan or Marco Rubio’s Senate Gangbang of Eight Plan, we will not only not have secure borders (contrary to Rubio’s claims), we will continue to allow visitors to the U.S. and let them stay here forever, without ever making sure they go home. And so the illegal alien problem will not end. Today’s Wall Street Journal, in “U.S. Struggles to Nab Visitors that Overstay,” reports that the problem has not only gotten worse, but that Marco Rubio and his Senate Gangbang of Eight’s immigration amnesty package does NOT address the problem and will NOT track visa holders once they get here (and, as is often the case, choose to never leave).




More than 150 million non-U.S. citizens legally entered the United States per year in each of the last five years for which data are available. Shouldn’t we track whether or not they leave? We don’t. And Rubio’s bill won’t change that.

The same thing was promised in 1996 with the last immigration amnesty which was implemented, and it didn’t materialize, as I reported back in 2003, when I noted that Michigan’s Lebanese Arab Republican U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham blocked visa-tracking efforts at the behest of pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Jim Zogby and his Arab-American Institute:

Abraham was Senate Immigration Subcommittee Chairman through the end of 2000. Abraham routinely caved to the demands of Arab/Muslim leaders, such as the Arab American Institute’s James Zogby, on national security matters, especially immigration.

“Ever since (I first met) him, Abraham has been coming to us and giving advice, support and the benefits of his leadership,” Zogby told The Detroit News.

And taking Zogby’s advice, too.

Abraham actively worked to delay computer systems to track foreign visitors, which Arab/Muslim groups, including Zogby’s, strongly opposed. 1996 immigration law required computerized entry and exit tracking of all temporary visas, but was gutted by Abraham and other legislators. They refused to allocate money for the program and delayed its full implementation until 2005. In 2000, Abraham, as Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, delayed implementation of other requirements of the 1996 immigration measure, including university-assisted enforcement student visa laws and collection of fees from foreign students to pay for computer tracking.

These programs might have prevented the Sept. 11 attacks. But Abraham desperately craved the Arab/Muslim vote in Michigan.

I’ve also told you that systems to track visa holders have either been starved of cash (such as by Sen. Abraham at the behest of Arab and Muslim interests) or they were simply canceled, including several such efforts begun and ended by the Bush Administration when the pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS, Muslim-dominated American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) whined endlessly about it. G-d forbid we should actually keep tabs on those who enter the U.S. and disappear, right? And, as I’ve told you, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who work the cases of visa holders who’ve overstayed are rewarded not for finding the visa violators, but for opening and closing files (regardless of whether or not the illegal alien is located and deported). And it gets worse.

Janet Napolitano expressly said she doesn’t want to spend the money on checking the fingerprints of those who leave, even though it is the only reliable way (other than DNA tests or retina scans, which are more expensive) to make sure that the person who came here on a visa to the U.S. is the one leaving, as a common trick in the Muslim community is to come here and send a relative home on the visa. Plus the airlines don’t want to get involved by making sure the aliens board the plane and actually leave. More:

A long-standing problem in immigration enforcement—identifying foreigners who fail to go home when their visas expire—is emerging as a key question as senators and President Barack Obama chart an overhaul of immigration law. The Senate is discussing an overhaul that would require the government to track foreigners who overstay their visas. The problem is the U.S. currently doesn’t have a reliable system for doing this. . . . An estimated 40% or more of those now illegally in the U.S. entered with a valid visa.

Lesbionic Woman is Clueless, Useless, and Dangerous

Congress moved to tighten the system after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. Foreigners now get their fingerprints taken when they enter the country. A similar biometric system to track exits also was mandated. But it proved costly and tricky to set up, and it wasn’t put in place. Among other things, airports have no obvious place to do the checks. . . .

Nobody is sure how many people are in the U.S. on expired visas. The most commonly cited figures equate to some four million to five million people. But that is based on a 2006 study by the Pew Hispanic Center, which relied on a formula that was created using 1990 data.

In 2011, there were 159 million nonimmigrant visits to the U.S., according to the Department of Homeland Security. More than three-quarters were for pleasure. But millions also involved business travelers, temporary workers and students.

A handful of other countries have established systems for monitoring visa overstays, according to the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that studies immigration issues.

The institute singles out Australia as having a particularly effective system. Information is collected and electronically recorded for all visitors entering Australia, and then checked again on the spot as people depart. People who have overstayed their visas are flagged for a secondary inspection upon departure. The institute also points to Japan, which implemented an entry-exit system in 2007 that includes fingerprinting visitors.

[Emphasis added.]

If Australia and Japan can do this, we certainly can. But we won’t. Because America really doesn’t have the testicles to actually enforce immigration law. Not now, not with or after amnesty, not ever. We could have instituted such a system before Australia and Japan, but we never do. And we never will. Because we really aren’t serious about national security or keeping America safe and intact as a viable country.

The Senate legislation under discussion wouldn’t create any additional enforcement program to track down people who overstayed visas, Senate aides in both parties said. Still, they said it is important to understand the scope of the problem, and that tougher employment-verification systems contemplated by the legislation would deter future visitors from overstaying their visas.

Yeah, you keep tellin’ yourself that. Hilarious. No one is deterred from overstaying his or her visa. That’s, after all, how nearly half of the illegal aliens are here. They came legally and never left.

The Department of Homeland Security . . . is no longer focused on implementing a biometric system, one relying on fingerprints or other unique personal markers, to make sure someone leaving the country is the same person who entered on a particular visa. Instead, the department has begun comparing lists of people with expired visas with lists of foreigners who depart through airports and seaports.

Again, this will NOT work, because someone else can leave on a visa that was used by a different person to enter the U.S., meaning that first person will remain here and we will NOT know the difference.

The department has no current way of tracking foreigners who leave by land. And officials said the department still can’t say how many people are in the country on an expired visa.

Another problem is that some of the people who haven’t left the country have found legal means of staying—such as getting employment or student visas, or gaining refugee status. Officials said they are working to integrate all these databases now.

“They are working.” Yeah, right. Um, it’s 11.5 years since 9/11 and they are still “working” on it. Manana, manana!

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that her department should be able to report the rate of visa overstays by the end of the year.

Um, why doesn’t she know that now? And, if she doesn’t know the number, why on earth are we discussing amnesty for these people? If we don’t even know how many are here, we’re not gonna know how to find them and how to solve the problem. And yet we are pushing for this absurd amnesty anyway? I know–flying blind is the way we do business in this country, especially with national security . . . which is why we don’t have any.

A biometric system that included measures like fingerprints, she said, would be “extraordinarily expensive.”

So? Securing borders is expensive. But it’s the primary purpose of government. If we don’t spend money on that, we shouldn’t spend money on anything, especially the Department of Homeland Non-Security.

The department tested three possible biometric checkpoints in pilot programs, and all had problems. The first checked travelers when they got their boarding passes. But airlines balked at that additional responsibility, and officials concluded it would be easy for travelers to “check out” at the counter and then simply leave the airport.

A second option was processing people at the security checkpoint. But that diverted officers’ attention from their prime responsibilities, and slowed the lines, officials said. Plus, travelers could still leave the airport after going through security.

The final option was to do the checks in or near the jetways to capture people just before boarding.

But it was difficult to find space at the gates, a senior homeland security official said, and airlines again balked at any additional responsibilities, arguing that this is a government function.

Yup, those airlines . . . always looking to help keep America secure, right? I guess losing a bunch of planes, employees, and customers on 9/11 and nearly losing more, many other times, didn’t mean much.

Without making sure that those who enter this country with visas leave when they are supposed to, we will never have secure borders. And we won’t do this. America, we’re screwed.

Have fun with amnesty. And all the illegal aliens that come after that.


“We’re From the Govt & We’re Here to Help . . . Protect The Lesbionic Woman”

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Law-abiding people abroad are suckers waiting for years to immigrate to the US while scofflaws can jump the line with non-immigrant visas, abscond with the intention of never going back home and remain here for years.

Obama, J-No and Rubio have no intention of ever enforcing our immigration laws. This is a problem none of them intend to address.

Why bother to have a sovereign country if every one sooner or later gets a free pass to stay here? Sure, its expensive to protect the country. Our elites just don’t care to do it and that is why America is royally screwed.

Whether or not amnesty happens.

NormanF on February 19, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Thanks Debbie for keeping the spotlight on these Amnesty bums!

westie on February 19, 2013 at 3:19 pm

We already have defacto amnesty – we have had it for decades in fact.

All the amnesty proposals now under discussion would simply make dejure what is already established fact. And amnesty will not solve the illegal alien problem on three fronts:

1) Securing the porous border with Mexico

2) Making sure visa holders actually leave the country when they promise to leave the country


3) Deporting the huge numbers of illegal aliens already living here.

None of these problems are going to be fixed now, in the future or ever by the Open Borders Crowd now foisting amnesty on us.

As Americans, we like to look for an easy way out of a huge problem. And the easy solution (amnesty) will only create an incentive to perpetuate illegal immigration into this country unto eternity.

Only in America do our leaders never put the country first.

NormanF on February 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm

The only real way is to inspect all departing air and sea carriers just as all arriving air and sea carriers are inspected as they arrive. Departure control is half of the tracking system. The other half is the computer system that notifies ICE that an alien’s period of admission has expired and that alien needs to be tracked down.

Also, there must be departure control of land arrivals as well. The real solution is an additional $5.00 fee on airline tickets to fund departure control.

Also needed is a fee on land border crossers, $5.00 per non-commercial vehicle and for commercial transportation vehicles (buses etc.) a $5.00 fee per passenger. Pedestrians would also be charged $5.00 for both arrival and departure from the U.S.

Federale on February 19, 2013 at 7:08 pm

I think it has merit – foreigners should be required to fund the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Any one who can’t afford the fee to enter the country probably won’t be able to support themselves here.

But that doesn’t deal with illegals who cross the land and sea borders and they’re not going to pay any fee and we have no idea where they are in the country.

Our immigration system is broken and is badly in need of a major overhaul. But for various reasons, that is never going to happen.

NormanF on February 19, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Is this because certain big businesses rely on cheap, illegal labor and they lobby politicians to not enforce immigration laws? I remember when Clinton was elected, he was in bed with Walmart and Tyson, his home-state, big-backers, and that he shortly thereafter implemented MFN status to the Chinese which benefited Walmart (lower tariffs on Chinese goods)and relaxed enforcement of immigration laws to the benefit of Tyson.

Is this what this is all about – just increasing profits and to Hell with us?

DS_ROCKS! on February 19, 2013 at 8:28 pm


This is so spot on and exactly what we have been struggling against for years. We have 20,000 Border Patrol Agents and thousand of Inspectors to secure our points of entry, but relatively little to deal with interior enforcement, both in terms of systems and personnel. This in spite of the fact, as you cite, that 40% of illegals originally entered on a visa. We have been intentionally hamstrung by politicians, who simply do not want any interior enforcement and believe that these overstays and other illegals are part of our “community”. Not mine.

Federale points out quite accurately that those systems and personnel could be paid for with each non-immigrant entry. $10 a pop would do the trick, and we wouldn’t have to use Special Agents or Deportation Officers to track the overstays down. We already have a GS-09 position titled Immigration Enforcement Agent that could do that, though we’d need to hire thousands more and couple it with systems to do departure control. The technology is there, and it is not so very expensive. The only thing lacking is that most politicians don’t want to see members of their “community” locked up and deported. They have no problem stopping people at the border, but once they’re here it’s: Mehhh…..let ’em stay, what’s the worst that can happen? Uhhh, 9-11 maybe…..

please on February 19, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Don”t nobody know how many illegals be in this country? Not HSI/ICE, not J-NO, not RubiO? Actually don’t blame RubiO, he the new kid on the block, and don’t know nothing. So, let me get this straight: The Department of Homeland Security, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, federal bureacracies that is dedicated to the security of of the Homeland, of Immigration issues, hundreds of millions of dollars in budgets; tens of thousands of employees; thousands of “tough, seasoned, experienced, and very busy criminal investigators”, and don’t nobody know how many visa violators they is? And this has been going on for how long? A lot longer than HSI/ICE has been in existence (2003). Simpson-Mazzoli in the 1980’s “legalized” many illegals with the stroke of a pen, sort of like the INS is used to dealing with issues with the stroke of a pen, like promoting secretaries and clerks to “special agent” with the stroke of the DD’s mighty pen. Now they want another amnesty, clean house every 20 or so years and amnestize all illegals, keeping it real. So, while all attention has been on the SW border with the Mexicans, all the European and Middle Eastern trash have been firmly entrenching themselves legally with visas to enter the country. Mexicans were always here and the U.S. shares a long border with them, if ya wanted to keep them out ya shoulda not have stolen they land.

MF Jones on February 20, 2013 at 12:05 pm

M Effer Jones, who the hell cares what an ignorant buffoon like you thinks? Your grammar is atrocious and you started off your illiterate, ignorant ramblings with a double-negative!

ARE should have been used in lieu of “be”

HE’S is used when trying to express “he is” not “he”. Or “he be”

ANYTHING should be used to express when someone doesn’t know a thing or two…or nothing like all. Sort of like you and the English language.

OF OF is one “of” too many. You only need one. If you’re crapping on about ill conceived transportation devices, using the proper term of “AT-AT” Walker is a-ok for we Star Wars fans! No “of of”!

When using “and” a comma is NOT needed…it’s extraneous & sloppy (like you). Yuck! My biggest pet peeve!

“Don’t nobody”…again with the double negative! No, no, no, you big, dumb dummy!

More extraneous commas. You should get the death penalty for that! Perhaps the jolt of electricity would properly restore your bad grammar to good!

The bad, illiterate and boring spewings of “M Effer Jones”~”Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”!

Skunky on February 20, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Pay MF no mind. He is literate and is using this language to tweak responses, he has written perfectly well before. That said, he is still an idiot, parroting the same nonsense of “stolen” Mexican land. The U.S. of course got those lands as part of a treaty resolving a war. Those lands were only two decades removed from being part of the Spanish Empire, and primarily occupied by native Americans and Europeans. Were they such an integral part of a Mexican identity when the notion of a “Mexico” was only 20 years old? For centuries, all of those territories, and those in South America, were part of New Spain. In fact, at the time of annexation in 1948, there were more Chinese in San Francisco than Mexicans in all of California and New Mexico. Had the U.S. annexed or purchased these areas from Spain, no one in Mexico would say shit today. Do the Francophones in Canada complain that New Orleans or Vermont is their birthright? I am not saying that the U.S. had some altruistic notions, but I am sick and tired of the argument made by Mexicans from places like Chiapas (or their apologists) claiming that Azatlan is their birth right. Mexicans weren’t very culturally or even ethnically linked to the native, European, or even Californios that occupied the area before Americans muscled in.

    The reason DHS doesn’t know how many overstays are present has nothing to do with Special Agents or the millions spent on systems that don’t track this data. It is the lack of money spent on systems that could track this data that has been denied for political reasons and have nothing to do with career employees. I suspect MF and other agency critics know this, but when you’re an ass, it doesn’t matter.

    Please on February 20, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Great post Debbie,

Oh. Now I understand. Dumb ole me….The government does not have a way of tracking those that overstay their visas, but they have a way to disarm America.

What is my sheriff going to say to me to get me to give him my guns?

Anyway he is only going to get a fight from me.

I have enough ammo to last a couple of days.

Panhandle on February 20, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Please you dumb hick, you must get your myopic, revisionist history from the movies you watch. If you can read then you would know that Alta California and Nuevo Mexico were part of the the Nuevo Espana that you talk about, and that they were indeed part of Mexico, which was part of the Spanish Crown. And, no, they were not “mostly populated by Americans and Europeans” but by Spanish missionaries and both Spanish and criollos/mestizos, commonly known as Mexicans. So, laying claim to Aztlan, which by the way is not a political agenda of any sort, is wrong in your dumbass view, but the more violent “Manifest Destiny” is? Aztlan is where the Aztecs, Meso-Americans, originated from, and they were in power at the time of the arrival of the Spanish. So actually Mexicans can claim to be even more “American” than your white trash hillbilly ass. The point being made is that it was indeed manifest destiny that today’s immigration problems are a direct result of the political doctrine of the past 150 years. Coupled with a lame, lethargic, Clown of an agency as ins has always been, and as HSI/ICE has become, that’s why there are over 20 million illegals and visa overstays roaming undetected in this country, compared to the estimated 5 million of 1986, the last time the “broken” immigration system was “fixed”

And Skanky, obviously you care what I think, because you took the time to read and respond. And it looks like you have nothing better to do with your lonely, menopausal, yeast infected ass, other than sit by the window all day looking out, and freaking out everytime you see a Black or a Mexican walk by.

MF Jones on February 21, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    M Effer Jones, I don’t give a frog’s fat one what sops out of your illiterate & retardo mouth. I was just amusing myself ridiculing you and your crap grammar. I wanted those who were smart enough to bypass your boring slop to laugh at what an illiterate imbecile you are. Mission accomplished.

    Instead of boring us all here and embarrassing yourself you should go to your local Library and hire out Strunk & White’s “The Elements Of Style”. Your dumb ass needs it badly!

    LOL. You are a mental midget. My dad was both black and Mexican so again Ding Dong, you’re WRONG! LOLOL! 😀

    Skunky on February 21, 2013 at 2:39 pm

The revisionism is on the part of the ole MF’er. In Alta California, the population of native americans far outstripped those that would identify as Mexicans, at about 2-1 (there were only around 12,000 “Californios” at most). I stand by my point that the supposed Mexican identity in that area was limited and relatively new, and among the “Californios” some even preferred the Spanish crown to the governance from Mexico City. Further, there was a chasm of difference in the lifestyle, identities and culture of Alta California and Mexico, most obviously because the culture in Mexico was highly influenced and synthesized by a native populations of millions there, rather than the thousands in CA and NM. Native Americans had far fewer numbers, a completely different set of religions, languages, and customs than those descendant from the Aztecs and others in Mexico. Finally, in 1848 there were about 200,000 Americans and 50,000 Chinese in San Francisco alone, much less the rest of California. The bottom line: California, and even New Mexico, were not as tied to the Mexican government and were more oriented as strongly independent states and identities. That’s not to say they welcomed being conquered and turned over as part of a treaty, but if any group has a moral claim it wasn’t the Californios or today’s Mexicans, it was Native Americans.

The point of all these FACTS is that the claim made by Mexicans today that California is theirs by birthright is absurd. Indians, Mestizos, or whites from Yucatan or Oaxaca never had any meaningful links to California. By notions like these, descendants of historical empires based in Lithuania, Ukraine or Hungary could make competing claims to most of Europe as their birthright. That’s just as idiotic as the one made by Azatlanders now.

MF, you’ve bought the La Raza narrative, hook, line and sinker and exposed yourself for the self-loathing, race-baiting American that you are. Go ahead and march with the Reconquistas down the streets of LA , people whose ancestors probably last set foot in California 8,000 years ago on their way further south. They’ve got as much claim to California as Namibians do to Ghana. Both were colonized by European powers and share an inherited colonial language. By your and La Raza’s logic, someone living on the Skeleton Coast should have complete access to Accra.

I never said that America’s vision of manifest destiny, aspirations for a continental nation, genocidal policies, and desire for Pacific ports and gold were moral imperatives. But, it has been “ours” for nearly 200 years, and only was tenuously “theirs” for two decades. The birthright claim made by Mexicans today is often used as a way to legitimize their current invasion of this country. You may not care that the future of this country is being surrendered to foreign nationals, but most of the CITIZENS of this country do. But hey, what does my white trash hillbilly ass know?

please on February 21, 2013 at 10:00 pm

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