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Yusuf Ibrahim: Was Beheading of NJ Copts a Muslim Hate Crime? Not Necessarily, But It’s the Way of the Arab World; UPDATE: Victims Were Alien Immigrants

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES: Murderer is Muslim, But Looks Less and Less like a Muslim Hate Crime and More Like Three Arabs–Two of Them Aliens–Involved in Criminal Activity ****

Was the New Jersey beheading of two Egyptian Coptic Christians, Hany F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds, by another Egyptian man, Yusuf Ibrahim, a Muslim hate crime? Not necessarily, unless you have evidence that Ibrahim is Muslim. Despite the liars and fabricators and faux-experts jumping to conclusions, “Yusuf Ibrahim” can be a Muslim or Christian name in the Arab world. This Yusuf Ibrahim may very well be a Muslim, but we don’t know that at all. And I don’t just make things up. I don’t need to. It doesn’t even matter if Ibrahim is Muslim. What matters is that his brutal, savage beheading of two fellow Egyptians on U.S. soil is typical of ALL of the Arab world. Yes, even the Christians. That’s how they act in that culture–the Arab culture, and the more of them we let in to the U.S., the more of this we will get on U.S. soil.


A number of readers have sent me the link to a nutty black helicopter site known for fabricating stories or flat-out plagiarizing legitimate ones, including repeatedly stealing my work and stories I broke here on this site. That website claimed that Ibrahim is a Muslim, without a shred of evidence. But, then, that website also labels as “exclusive” a story they admittedly ripped off from WABC and the New York Daily News. That’s exclusive? The site quotes a shrieking phony/car loan fraud scammer, who made millions by paying off Muslim straw buyers in her car dealership (and she left two dead innocents, a cop, and her one honest salesman who was telling on her and her ex-hubby to police). She’s no expert on this, and her comments are laughable, since, again, we don’t know who these people are or why they are dead, nor who the murderer is and why he did it. We only have an ambiguous name. In any event, honor killings and beheadings among Arabs are not exclusive to Muslims. Copts do it, and they did it to Jews, too.

Don’t forget, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out on this site because I actually know something about that culture and its history, that Copts–not Muslims–were the leaders of pogroms against Jews in Egypt. They killed plenty of Jews and led the Muslims in these efforts. And they are no less violent than the Muslims in Egypt, except that now there are no Jews left to kill, so they replace the Jews in that category and now want our sympathy. Their recently deceased Pope Shenouda III repeatedly called Jews, “Christ-killers,” and implored Copts to join and/or aid HAMAS. So, I would not be surprised if Ibrahim turns out to be a fellow Copt. If he turns out to be a Muslim, I won’t really care much more because I can’t shed a tear when Jew-haters are killed by fellow Jew-haters they allied with on Egyptian soil. I just wish they’d have stayed in Egypt because we don’t need more of them. I also don’t need more Mohammed film trailer makers of Copt origin here on US soil to engage in bank and credit card fraud and then blood libel the Jews by falsely claiming they’re Israeli and that American Jews gave them $5 million dollars to make his crappy trailer.

Again, if Yusuf Ibrahim turns out to be Muslim, so be it. But we don’t know that, and whether or not he is, I can’t shed a single tear for Copts. They made their bed in Egypt by allying with Muslims to kill, rape, and drive out the Jews from Egypt.

Now, it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. And that doesn’t sadden or anger me one bit. When Muslims kill American Christians–the ones who didn’t come from Egypt and didn’t lead pogroms against the Jews of Egypt while historically butt-snorkeling Egypt’s Muslims, that’s when I care.

Other than that, it’s just same ol’, same ol’ but for the setting on American soil. That’s the way of the Arab world (even the Coptic Arab world). And now it’s part of our world. That’s the tragedy here. Not the Copts.


If you look at Yusuf Ibrahim’s photo, he has gang-style tattoos on his chest. He looks like he’s probably involved in some nasty stuff and gang stuff. It can’t be a coincidence that he came into contact with two fellow Egyptians and beheaded them. There’s something more to the story, and perhaps they were involved together in some sort of illegal activity like drugs or something. The victims’ hands were cut off, not just their heads, a hallmark of a gangland style killing. One report quotes police saying the two Copts were in a car with Ibrahim and they got into an argument, and he killed them. Clearly, they knew each other and were engaged in some sort of dealings. If Ibrahim was indeed Muslim, then why were they hanging out with him? There’s something much different to the story. This isn’t a case of a Muslim Arab (if he’s Muslim) seeking out two random Copts to kill, behead, and mutilate.

This is how Arabs treat each other. In Arabia . . . and in America. The borders mean nothing to them and their conduct. How sad we keep bringing more of them to our shores.

Finally, what is the immigration status of the three Egyptians–the two dead Copts and their killer? They all came here from Egypt. Why? Why did we let them in? Did they come here legally?

We’ll find out soon.

**** UPDATE: A New Jersey media report states that the victims, Tawadros and Konds, were “foreign nationals.” That usually means that they were NOT legal permanent residents and likely shouldn’t have been living and working here, both of which they were apparently doing, perhaps illegally. The video story above notes that they were working and sending money home to Egypt. You cannot work here if you are a foreign national, unless you have a work visa of some sort or a green card, but the video above calls them, “recent immigrants.” The report also says that the three of them were in the White Mercedes Benz of one of the victims. How does a “poor” recent immigrant suddenly have a Mercedes, even if it’s used? And the report says that there is a warrant for Ibrahim’s arrest in a Jersey City armed robbery. The guy is a criminal. What were these Copts doing hanging out with a criminal in a Mercedes?

Something is not right here. And I very much doubt this is the Muslim hate crime that the frauds on the right are claiming. I think all three of these guys were up to no good.

No tears from me over any of these three.

**** UPDATE #2: I contacted the New Jersey State Police and their spokespeople wouldn’t tell me much, including why the two Copts were in their White Mercedes with a thug and criminal like Ibrahim. They also would not tell me the immigration status of any of the three.

I also spoke with Michaelangelo Conto of the Jersey Journal, who did the most in depth reports on this, and he said that Ibrahim’s roommate confirmed that Ibrahim is indeed a Muslim. He also said that he asked police what the three were doing together in the Mercedes, and they refused to say. He said that Ibrahim’s immigration status was not brought up at his arraignment, so he is probably here legally. We’ll see.

Stay tuned. This clearly isn’t the “Muslim hate crime” some are saying it is. It’s something very different and very fishy.

**** UPDATE #3: Just got off the phone with Lt. Stephen Jones of the New Jersey State Police Office of Public Information, who told me that the two victims were “acquaintances” of Ibrahim, which is why they were in the car together. He said the Mercedes was an old car and will get back to me on the year. He would not tell me much more.

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“Their recently deceased Pope Shenouda III repeatedly called Jews, “Christ-killers,” and implored Copts to join and/or aid HAMAS.’

So much ignorance.
Jesus was a Jew.
Jesus came not to destroy the Law of Moses,but to fulfill it.

I think so called christians who claim that “Jews” were “Christ killers”just use that as an excuse to hate andare ignorant of biblical teachings.

ebayer on February 20, 2013 at 3:37 pm

It would be easy for Debbie to jump on the “The Muslims did it because they are Muslims” bandwagon without any evidence as others including the “nutty black helicopter site” and the “shrieking phony/car loan fraud scammer” have done.

However Debbie has integrity and will do no such thing.

That is why this is the only site I read as a matter of habit.

I_AM_ME on February 20, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Nice coverage.

Sure explains the lack of clarity by other outlets…

As goes, so goes ... on February 20, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Beheadings do happen in the U.S. and not because of someone’s nationality or religion. It is usually done to send a message or conceal the deceased’s identity and is done post mortem.

There is a religion with some of its members known to endorse beheadings as a form of execution. I think this must have influenced some of these reports on the beheadings.

Visteo on February 20, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    reply @Visteo on February 20, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    yes ‘sometimes’ people get beheaded and its not related to ‘religion or nationality’ VERY VERY RARELY.

    In cases where it is done to send a message, the killers are usually mexican or hispanic. that is a nationality.

    When muslims behead people, it is not to conceal identity AT ALL. That’s how they ROLL.

    YES, the religion that not SOME but many of it’s members support beheading, stoning, hanging as forms of execution, and that piece of shit religion is ISLAM. (can i say a curse word? Sorry if not, but, I feel I cannot describe that foul evil fanatical cult without using certain words of the lowliest descriptions).

    Muslims have ALWAYS beheaded victims, even those killed in a different way, it’s a TROPHY. Mohammed personally beheaded MANY hundreds of people.

    Not only legal executions carried out by beheadings, but murders of daughters for ‘chastity’ issues-refusing to marry their disgusting filthy vile mentally retarded first cousin like their ‘dad'(property owner) orders them too. AND CHRISTIANS at the hands of muslims, beaten to death, burned alive, shot, starved, stoned, hanged, beheaded, destroyed.

    OH yeah, and at Dharma Sila, let’s not forget the Buddhists they are machete hacking, burning, shooting, stabbing & blowing up in Thailand. DIDJA know there used to be Buddhists in the pakistan/afghanistan region? SURE, but they’re all dead now.

    And I have to suffer the disgust I feel when reading articles on the terrible injustice against Bangladeshi muslims in Burma being så så förföljda, men de är jus så oskyldiga och och aldrig gjorde ingenting för att ingen !!

    It makes me VOMIT!! The same bastards propagating those lies are the same ones who tell us Turkey is ‘moderate’, so is the Muslim brotherhood, and the new leadership in Libya is SECULAR.

    Rebecca Olesen on April 8, 2013 at 7:53 am

Debbie, I thank you for you’re whole investigative report on this story that happend, not too far from where I live, this is why I pity and ridicule those who do immature and childish name-calling on you and do all sorts of BS conspiracy-propaganda trutherism towards you, etc., they don’t know or know little much and it’s the very same people who ridicule and name call you DS who steal and plagarize off of you’re works.

And I’ve heard of this story a few weeks ago, and I to suspected that the perp’s a muslim (he happens to be), because he allegedly beheaded and mutilated his victims, but what I didn’t know was that the dead victims where in this country illegaly, and did all sorts of money fraud, and other illegal stuff that violated our laws, so there wrong on what they did before being murdered.

I’m also aware that some coptic-christians of Egyptian born or Egyptian ancestry are anti-semitic towards jewish people (ironically, both jews and arabs are semitic people) also aware of their Pope referring to jewish people as “jesus-killers” (it was Pilate who killed jesus, a Roman governor), and when Egypt was being formed as a country in its early days, the copts unfortuantely committed pogroms towards arab-jews in Egypt, etc., so I clearly didn’t forget all of those historical information!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on February 20, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Let’s just say for the sake of argument it was a Muslim hate crime.

It’ll be never reported as such in the media. And don’t you know, unless you have been in living in a cave, that the greatest threat to America is “Islamophobia.”

We treat offenses against Islam exactly as they do under Sharia.

If the Copts were murdered by a Muslim, they’re out of luck. And that’s exactly what happens to them back at home. Christian Arabs who flee Islamic intolerance back home discover that it follows them here.

Whether or not its a hate crime, nothing will happen to a Muslim assailant. There is no such creature in the Religion Of Peace.

NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Knowing a few muslims, I am under the impression that getting tattooed is not allowed. Maybe they were halal tats? (sarcasm)

samurai on February 20, 2013 at 5:50 pm

Samurai,you hit the nail on the head. Calling this man a muslim, simply because he was born in Egypt into a Muslim family doesn’t say he was a islamist .
To defile his body means he is a Friday afternoon Muslim in my view. I note that nowhere has an Imam come forward to say what a good boy he is.
The real story will probably be of one where two low lifes were doing a deal with another low life who killed them and in attempt to disguise their corpses,removed the heads and hands in the time honoured manner of TV shows and movies.
My point is…the alleged religion or alleged religious beliefs of these people has nothing to do with why they killed .

Aron B on February 21, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Oh spare me “Aron.”

    skzion on February 23, 2013 at 12:03 pm

i am very happy to hear your take on this. I was sent the story by a Christian friend who hates Muslims. I once lived in the middle east and I know people, both Christian and Muslim who use the name Ibrahim (Abraham) Yusuf(Joseph) I am very happy to be a Buddhist. As one poor beaten guy once said “Can’t we all just get a long?” We all bleed red blood and want to be happy and provide for our families. Let us concentrate on being human and not so much on what god or gods one believes in!

Dharma Sila on February 24, 2013 at 12:26 pm

I think he emmigrated here when he was very young and isnt from fundamentalist background either (though that hardly has any relation to this savage crime)

Moral of this story is the media put a hate the muslim spin on an already shocking news story, but why? People are already glued for a story of decapitation, so why do they feel the need to add something sensational like a religious hate crime (to something that couldnt already be more eventful for the evening news)

Crimes like this are very individual to the person as no society harbors such heinous acts as part of their culture. Kid could probably needed some type of professional mental health intervention a long time ago which may have prevented this.

Joey on August 9, 2013 at 7:29 pm

No idea how i got to this site which looks like a day time talk show host at top, but at the bottom you read her ranting on a hate mongering diatribe

JC and the smell of this story is drugs & money laundering that is unrelated to these guys religious beliefs.

You clearly sound like a monster yourself, but we should both be upset that our public TV networks are legally allowed to propagandize the public with this religious spin to garner support for an imperialistic war for oil.

Joey on August 9, 2013 at 7:37 pm

No US citizen regardless of religion deserves to be beheaded…I would expect such a response from a stupid Jew like you…your reporting lacks substantial facts and your centuries-old commentary about past religious wars does not seem to pertain to the news story itself…

Matt on September 19, 2013 at 5:03 am

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