March 30, 2007, - 12:12 pm

ICE vs. Local Officials: USA Today Runs a Phony Front-Pager

Today’s USA Today features a front-page gush over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its program to train local law enforcement in identifying, dealing with, and arresting illegal aliens. It even features a typically self-promoting quote from ICE Director of Investigations a/k/a “Peppermint Patty”:

“It’s something that is expanding,” says Marcy Forman, director of ICE’s office of investigations. “It’s certainly been a success.”

Uh, not exactly. Like her quote, the story is more puff than truth. As I’ve written, ICE has actually constricted–NOT expanded–its program to help local law enforcement enforce immigration laws. And that’s by design (because they really aren’t interested in stopping illegal immigration).
These Local & State Officials are Stopping Illegal Aliens . . .

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor & Arizona Atty. Gen. Terry Goddard

While These Top ICE Officials Block Their Efforts . . .

ICE’s Marcy Forman-Friedman & Julie L. Myers

As I noted in January–in a of ICE Chieftess a/k/a “The ICE Princess,” ICE put the kabosh on Costa Mesa, California’s plans to train hundreds of police in immigration enforcement. Ditto for the State of Oklahoma’s pleas to ICE for the same:

Then, there are Myers’ failures–no, refusals–to work with local law enforcement to help them help ICE enforce immigration laws. When Costa Mesa, California , little did he know that . Ditto for who also wanted to partner with ICE to make Oklahoma a State friendly to immigration enforcement. Myers .

Given that, it’s hilarious that the USA Today article claims ICE is helping Southern California police to screen illegal aliens. Why didn’t USA Today interview Mayor Mansoor? Because that would actually take some real reporting and a truly balanced story. And we can’t have that.
And, while it’s very crafty that the ICE PR spinners convinced Oren Dorell and William M. Welch–two incompetent USA Today reporters who apparently just rewrite slick government press releases for a living–that ICE is helping local law enforcement stop illegal immigration, it’s actually the exact opposite.
The people doing the real pioneering in immigration enforcement are state and local officials who do their work DESPITE ICE obstacles and impediments.
Take Terry Goddard. The Arizona Attorney General is a one-man immigration enforcement Superman, who’s faced Julie Myers’ opposition, not help. Top ICE sources tell me that The ICE Princess cancelled important meetings with him and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano because she is upset that for bringing them into the country.
If she’s truly for immigration enforcement–and we know she is NOT–why would The ICE Princess block Arizona’s efforts to break the chain of alien smuggling funds?
And, yesterday, Goddard did something it takes ICE a whole year to plan, with a whole lot less results:
Goddard smashed a human-smuggling ring responsible for transporting thousands of illegal aliens–at least 6,800 of them since 2005–into Arizona and other parts of the nation. He busted six travel agencies and 14 people in volved in the ring, as well as those who ran “drop houses” for the aliens. They were all indicted.
This was the work of a state Attorney General and subordinate Arizona law enforcement personnel, NOT The ICE Princess’ minions (though some of her agents–dedicated law enforcers, despite her incompetence–may have helped).
Moral of the story: If it’s on the front page of USA Today, and it’s a positive piece on top ICE officials, it ain’t worth the paper on which it’s printed.

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“Something that is expanding”? Besides her rear end? I think that is the only thing Marci can call a “success” in this administations tenure.

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