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Ohio Nazi Party Leader Targets Schlussel

By Debbie Schlussel


On Friday, I posted a sick, depraved, anti-Semitic e-mail message I received (which is repeated, below). I’ve since learned that the “man” who sent the e-mail message under a pseudonym is apparently really Mark Martin, a neo-Nazi who is the spokesman and “SS Commander” for the National Socialist Movement a/k/a the Nazi Party of Ohio. It’s very scary, especially since Richard Schmidt, another member of the Ohio National Socialist Movement, was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with planning to kill Jewish and Black leaders in the Detroit area. Apparently, I’m also on their hit list. It’s especially frightening for me because I looked up pictures of Mark Martin, which are re-posted below, in full SS Nazi dress. Now, I know (sort of) what my Holocaust survivor grandparents felt like at the concentration camps. My mother was born in Bergen-Belsen, after my grandparents were liberated, when it became a displaced persons camp.

Mark Martin: Dangerous, Unwanted PenPal . . .



Note that Mark Martin, who sent me the Jew-hating e-mail, is also a gourmet chef at an unnamed French restaurant in Ohio, according to TIME Magazine. (He has his own organic garden–yup, and Hitler was a vegetarian, too.) If you know at which eatery Martin works, please let me know, so the world can know which restaurant employs such a scumbag. Receiving this e-mail and learning this diabolical person’s identity is weirdly auspicious on the eve of Passover, which begins tonight at sundown. Tonight we’ll read the Haggadah (the book we use in the Seder ceremonial dinner tonight and tomorrow night), which notes that in every generation, there are those who seek to destroy the Jews. In this generation, that role is occupied by Muslims and cretins like Mark Martin. It is a shame that he is defaming those of us who truly care about secure borders and the illegal alien problem, by usurping this issue for his racist, bigoted movement.

Mark Martin, 43, of Covington, Ohio, is a chef at a French restaurant and tends his backyard organic garden. But he also dons the black and brown uniform of western Ohio’s National Socialist (read: Nazi) Movement. “There’s nothing neo about us,” he says. Martin admits he frequently harasses day laborers and threatens them with deportation. “As Americans, we have the right to make a citizen’s arrest and detain them,” he insists. “And if they try to get away, we have the right to get physical with them.” Martin gleefully boasts about leading eight fellow storm troopers in disrupting a May 1 pro-immigrant rally in Dayton by taunting protesters. Although police ultimately restrained him, Martin believes his agitation was worthwhile because it attracted new recruits. “After the rally, the Klan called us,” he says. “Now we’ve started working together more often.”

Here is Mark Martin’s e-mail to me from Friday, using the phony name, “Scott Frieh”:

From: Scott Frieh
Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 2:38 PM
Subject: stupid kike whore!

if you sucked any more you’d inhale your own fake plastic tits you fugly fake cunt! How’s that bleach blonde working out for you? nothing says white like a blonde and we all know how fucking ugly you kikes are au natural! How’s that nose job bitch?

How do I know that this is really from Mark Martin, the Nazi thug? Well, he outs his e-mail address as that of Mark Martin in a posting he made on the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi website (whose owners contributed to Ron Paul). In the posting, he is soliciting money for an appearance by “Saga,” a White supremacist singer from Sweden who is nicknamed, “The Queen of White Power.” (He even attacks his own National Socialist Movement for not giving him any money to pay for Saga. Hey, I thought the JOOOOS were “the cheap ones” in his world.) Here is the posting:

May 27th, 2008, 08:32 AM
14! 88!

Well, for the last 7 months I have been working with Erich Gliebe, Saga and Jeffy, the Illustrious Idiot, to get Saga over here to play this summer.
I had to arrange places for her to play, set up dates as did Erich, but what did Jeffy do? JACK SH*T and Jack left town! NOT ONE DONATION for air flight or hotel expenses from the NSM!
Erich and my other NA buddy Eric have talked to her (yes, I have her number, so eat your hearts out!), gotten things going, talked about getting it organized and what did Schoep do? NOTHING!!!!
She tells us now that due to lack of funding, she won’t be able to make it.
Now, I know Saga is a very busy lady. but she was willing to take the time to come over here for 2 weeks, play the 12 or so states all for just food and a room for her and the family. That’s IT! She was going to play for NOTHING!
Now the NA isn’t really active publicly anymore and that’s OK, but at least Erich Gliebe took the initiative, followed through with what we wanted to do and that was to entertain our volks here and to meet Saga. You would think that Jeffy would make that a f**king priority, but nooooooo….. Jeffy didn’t. In fact, Jeffy never called me back ONCE about how the funds were going, how many places we had set up for her, I mean Hells Bells! I even had the KSS boys willing to help us out as well as that stuttering dildo Nick Chappel & the Redneck Shop but the “Commander” was too busy slappin’ nasties with his new gf to even give a sh*t.
So there ya have it folks! No Saga concert this summer due to lack of funds and motivation from the NSM, who didn’t even TRY to donate, announce or help out in any way. He just wanted the glory in having their name associated with her. The NA came up with half the funds and as the NSM is the allegedly largest WN org in America, they could have bake sales or a page on the website for donations but they did nothing! Nada! Zip! Squat! Kaput!
Now, if you want to see Saga, we need $4000 (minus what we already have) to cover air flight for her and her entourage. Contact Erich Gliebe at or Mark Martin for more info on where to send your donations.
Let’s try to show our collective white unity and let’s get Saga over here to play! If every registered member on this site sent in $1, we would have 3 times the $$ needed to get her here!
My $100 is ready. Anyone else want to see the Queen of White power music this summer??



[Emphasis added.]

Mark Martin, just like the Nazis did not take my grandparents, you will not take me. I am ready for you.

**** UPDATE: Reader Michael has the scoop on Mark Martin:

Debbie: uses a lot of fake names; real one is Mark Martin PO Box 181 Covington, OH 45318 phone: 937-558-1478 ~ National SOCIALIST Movement. Known internet troll and antisemite.

” claims to have been a Marine combat veteran who has won several combat medals…Martin was expelled from the Marines seven days after joining boot camp for failing a drug test”

Google “Mark Martin” NSM for more info..~M

Thanks, Michael. We need to be vigilant with these creeps lurking around.

Sadly, Some Things Never Go Away . . .


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59 Responses

Mark, How are things at 9020 West US 36 Covington, OH 45318? Do you still have a huge flag pole in front of your house? Are you still married to Pam or did she dump you yet?

Debbie, feel free to call this punk at (937) 558-1478.

Eliana on January 4, 2015 at 10:38 am

I know this Mark Martin very well. I battled him on-line for about three years, until I wisely decided he is a total waste of time. He sued me in Federal Court for slander after exposing that he was kicked out of the marines after 7 days for failing a drug test, but his case was immediately dismissed.

He also threatened to come to my house in Saint Paul, when the NSM came to Saint Paul for a “book burning”, back around 2005. I told him I bought a gun and if he set foot on my porch it would be the last thing he would ever do. Of course he never showed.

A year later when the NSM came to Saint Paul for a rally at the State Capital I offered to buy them all dinner, but they refused my offer. I was going to take them to a Soul Food restaurant I know. Ironically they went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

As far as his being a “French Chef”, I called every French Restaurant within 100 miles of Dayton and no one had ever heard of him.

The man is all hot air and as another poster wrote here, they all talk tough on-line, but are cowards unless they are in a pack.

Very small minded men, not worth our time.

Dann Dobson
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Dann Dobson on January 8, 2016 at 2:59 pm

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