April 12, 2005, - 8:54 pm

Title IX for Jihadi Chicks and Billionatrix Golfers

By Debbie Schlussel

The strange new equality of the Islamic jihad has arrived on our shores.

Yet, feminist Martha Burk is complaining about women wearing pink.

Thursday, The New York Times reported that two 16-year-old girls from New York City were arrested in March because they planned homicide bombings.

Saying they are “from New York City” is kind of a stretch.  The girls were actually from Bangladesh and Guinea and are in the U.S. illegally, as are their families.  Both families have overstayed their visas—and welcomes—by more than a decade.

The strange new jihadist feminism—where women are equal nowhere except when  blowing themselves up—is nothing new to the Islamic Middle East.

Female homicide bombers, like Wafa Idris, Abu Asiyah (who has a man’s nom de guerre, but isn’t one), and Dalal El Mughrabi, are honored as “role models” and “heroines” by Muslim societies.  They are honored with statues, posters, and as clues in Islamic newspaper crossword puzzles.

Palestinian Authority TV ran M-TV style music videos, in which a female singer becomes a warrior for the jihad encouraging violence and singing of her desire to die as a homicide bombing martyr.  Islamic newspaper, Al Hayat Al Jadida honors female homicide bombings as the new (if deadly) Islamic feminism:  “These actions . . . . attest to the Palestinian woman’s capability to perform successful actions.”  Raviha Diyav of the Palestinian Women Union called female homicide bombings an illustration of “the determination and resolve of the Palestinian women to participate as full partners in the national struggle.”

Full partners?

While they are second-class citizens in Islam, these women are, literally, exploding the glass ceiling.  The only problem is that there’s no room for career advancement—except as one of 72 virgins—at the next level.

But that’s half way around the world.  Or so we thought.

Now, this new “equality” is on our shores.  How many illegal jihadist femme-literally-fatales are here on our soil?

And what is the feminist response?  Are feminist leaders publicly lamenting the radical Islamist teachings that give women no equality, but encourage them to kill themselves and others in our society which has that equality Islamists hate?

No.  Instead, feminist leaders, like Martha Burk, have resurfaced in yet another fine whine against corporate America and . . . fashion?

That’s right.  She’s baaaack!  Martha Burk—the woman who in 2003 failed to bully Augusta National Golf Club into allowing female members—is now decrying women’s clothing.

Not the hijabs, nikabs, chadors, abayas, and burkas that symbolize the degradation of women in Islamist life.  Nope.  Not the patterned kefiyeh scarves adorning Islamic female homicide bombers.

No, Martha Burk is decrying the color pink.  Not just for her own harsh visage, which could badly use some pastels.  But for all American women.    Pink is “retro in the worst sense of the word,” Burk told The New York Times Sunday Magazine.  “We are back in the 50’s.”

Yes, it’s not the hijab-encrusted would-be homicidal jihadists on our shores that Martha Burk-a is worried about.  It’s the pretty blonde girls wearing pink mini-skirts and polo shirts we should be scared of.  Right?

Actually, in Islamist Iran, there is a “pink revolution” going on.  Women who cover themselves in the hijab—by force, not choice—are wearing bright pink to symbolize their rebellion against the fundamentalist Islamic theocracy.

But Burk doesn’t encourage that kind of rebellion, and it’s not surprising.  Her hypocrisy on women’s rights, when it comes to Islam, is legion.

Burk says President Bush is not helpful to women.  “He talked about nothing besides liberating the women of Afghanistan and Iraq,” she complained.  That’s one more country than Burk complained about.

While Burk was fighting for the rights of a few billionatrixes to invade a private golf club, she said nothing about women fighting for their rights in dozens of Islamic countries around the world.  She said something about Afghani women, well after our largely MALE troops liberated them.

What Burk does stand for are groups like Equality Now and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), two of many misnamed, wacko members of Burk’s National Council of Women’s Organizations.  Both have ties to Islamic terrorists.

Equality Now serves as the U.S. mouthpiece for an organization that boycotts Israeli products and helps raise money to rebuild homes and buildings used for Palestinian terrorism.  The homes on the border of Gaza and Egypt hide tunnels for smuggling homicide belts and other weaponry to Palestinian terrorists.  The rebuilding campaign lists Rania Masri, who enthusiastically appeared with indicted Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Sami Al-Arian, countless times.

WILPF’s website called Palestinian terrorism, “legitimate resistance” and promoted a class-action lawsuit by HAMAS attorney Stanley Cohen on behalf of “Palestinian-Americans” against President Bush, Israel, Ariel Sharon, churches and synagogues, for assorted conspiracies.  Cohen represented HAMAS political director Moussa Abu Marzook and other HAMAS operatives.  He proudly displays a photo of himself and late HAMAS leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in his office and was a law partner of convicted lawyer Lynne Stewart who enabled her client, convicted terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, to send terrorist messages.

No, instead of feminists like Martha Burk decrying American Islamic girls’ high ambitions of homicide bombing and jihad, they have their priorities straight:

Male golf clubs, pink clothes for White chicks?  Bad.

Terror by HAMAS, Islamic Jihad? Good.

Islamic terrorism on our own soil?  Thank Heaven for little (Islamist) girls.

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