May 20, 2013, - 1:24 pm

New Jersey City Raises Palestinian Flag Over City Hall – HAMAS CITY USA; Got Amnesty?!

By Debbie Schlussel

UPDATE, December 2, 2015, 12:30 a.m.: Watch this CBS News report video featuring reporter, Pablo Guzman, confirming Muslims cheering on 9/11. Was he lying, too? Nope . . .

As longtime readers know, I’ve written about Paterson, New Jersey many times, noting that it has the largest concentration of Palestinian Muslims in the United States, North America, and practically anywhere outside the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. As I’ve also noted, even leftist MTV News (yes, that MTV) broadcast news reports showing Palestinian Muslims outside Paterson’s town hall, cheering the 9/11 attacks against America (and starting a riot using cement garbage cans and metal poles, which they used to attack police). Now, Paterson has made official what we’ve known for a long time: that it is Muslim-occupied territory. Over the weekend, Paterson raised the Palestinian flag over its city hall. Many of Paterson’s residents are legal aliens (who came here AFTER 9/11 courtesy of Bush and Obama) and illegal aliens (who will be able to “come out of the shadows” and get citizenship, per Marco Boob-io and his Senate Gangband of Eight’s Amnesty Bill).


HAMAS CITY USA: Paterson Raises Palestinian Terrorist Flag Over Town Hall to Please Its HAMASnik Residents

And don’t kid yourself. In this case (as in many others), the Palestinian flag over Paterson is just a proxy for the HAMAS flag. HAMAS enjoys a ton of support in Paterson, and that’s why Chris Christie ChrispieCreme appointed a Paterson HAMASnik Muslim to a New Jersey judgeship. Don’t look for Chris ChrispieCreme to denounce the Palestinian flag-raising over Paterson. He knows on which side his halal baklava is buttered. (He already called opponents of HAMAS, “crazies.”) And if these dhimmiticians who run Paterson had any degree of honesty, they would raise the HAMAS flag over the Paterson town hall for their HAMASnik constituents. Paterson is known not only as a hotbed of HAMAS money-launderers and terrorism-enablers, but also as home to a number of Al-Qaeda-linked terror suspects and conspirators (don’t forget that HAMAS is a vital part of the Al-Qaeda network).

PATERSON – The raising of a flag at City Hall on Sunday was like any of the dozen or so similar events held in the city each year in a nod to its diversity. Except it wasn’t. That’s because the flag raised — for the first time in Paterson, and possibly at any city hall in the United States — was Palestinian. . . . Sunday, . . . the flag was raised in the rain before elected officials and about 150 people. People cheered, danced, shared sweets and shouted, “Long Live Palestine.”

“Palestine is our country and we are proud of that,” said Clifton resident Salwa Ramadan. “We’re happy [to be] recognized finally.” Paterson had never held the event because no one had asked, Mayor Jeffery Jones said. The mayor read a proclamation proclaiming May 19 as Palestinian American Day in the city and honoring the group’s heritage and contributions.

Contributions? IEDs, new ways to sever body parts and marry off your sister at age 13 to some ogre?

He said he wasn’t concerned with potential political backlash. “If they’re citizens of the city of Paterson, they have every right to raise the flag,” Jones said. “There’s nothing that precludes them as long as they follow the process.” . . . Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-Paterson, and Assemblyman Thomas Giblin, D-Clifton, showed up — with Pascrell presenting a letter of Special Congressional Recognition and Giblin presenting an Assembly resolution marking the event. Shavonda Sumter and Benjie Wimberly, both Assembly members, and state Sen. Nellie Pou also sent a joint citation.

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, said in a speech that the Palestinian leadership thanked the city for its gesture. He urged local Palestinians to be good citizens and to continue supporting the struggle for justice in Palestine. Many Palestinian Americans live and run businesses in South Paterson, area some call “Little Ramallah” [DS: that’s the nickname I gave Paterson over a decade ago] after the West Bank city. . . .

[Khader Abuassab, organizer of the event] said he got some calls from blocked numbers cursing him. One text message, Abuassab said, came from Charles Meyers, business administrator in the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and former acting sheriff. The text said simply: “Drop dead.”

Well, someone has some balls . . . sort of.

Meyers denied sending it in an interview Friday, although he later answered the phone number that was the source of the text. “I look forward to an investigation to prove that it’s not true,” he said. Bill Maer, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said it was investigating the complaint.

So glad that Passaic County Sheriff’s Office has solved crime forever and spends its time and resources enabling and assuaging HAMASniks.

Good luck, America. You’re screwed. Today, Paterson, tomorrow, your city.

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