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BREAKING: Feds Waste Your Money Digging for Jimmy Hoffa . . . AGAIN! Mob Boss Has Merch to Promote

By Debbie Schlussel

Several years ago on this site, I wrote about the FBI digging for Jimmy Hoffa . . . again. I did an “American Farm Held Hostage” daily count, as the FBI spent weeks digging up an old Detroit-area farm looking for a his body. I predicted the feds would NOT find Hoffa’s body, and I was right. Millions of your tax dollars were wasted, dozens of FBI agents were flown from all over the country to stand around and watch the dig, and you–the American taxpayer–had to pay to rebuild a new barn to replace the old decrepit barn the FBI destroyed in the futile search for Hoffa. Well, today, the FBI is at it again. Wasting your money, digging up yet another farm right now, as I write this, in Oakland Township, Michigan, about 32 miles from the City of Detroit. And I predict, yet again, it will be a bust.


Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? Who Cares; Anthony “Tony Jack” Giacalone, Suspect in the Hoffa Disappearance/Murder


Area Construction Firm Poked Fun @ Last FBI Farm Dig for Jimmy Hoffa

But, even if Hoffa’s body is found, so what? America shouldn’t be wasting yet more money looking for this corrupt union official who was in league with the Mafia, then crossed it.

This time, it’s based on a tip from Mob boss Anthony Zerilli. You see, Zerilli–who claims no ties to the Mob, even though he was a top Mob official (Underboss of the Detroit Partnership of Cosa Nostra) and did oodles of time in the slammer–has a new website with merchandise, including a book to sell and even autographed photos. And like a skilled public relations pro, he told the Detroit media about his claim that Hoffa was buried on a farm 45 minutes outside Detroit, carefully building the buzz for his book. Today, more free publicity for his book, with this waste-of-time-and-resources-dig.

The FBI is constantly asking the government for more money and ever larger budgets. Why? So it can continue on this comical treasure hunt? So that if the FBI ultimately finds Hoffa’s body, its officials can preen for the cameras? Not sure how this would be a source of pride to the agency, even if the body is found. After all, the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance is one of the monumental failures of the FBI. After generations of agents have worked on the case, they never found Hoffa’s body in nearly four decades of searching, and Famous But Incompetent never solved the crime.

Not that I care if they do. As I noted, Hoffa was not an innocent man. He was a mob team player, so I couldn’t care less what they did with their partner in crime. You hang with snakes, you get bitten. Hoffa’s kids are relatively wealthy. Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. is the high-paid head of the Teamsters Union, and a daughter, Barbara Ann Crancer, is a retired judge with a nice pension (she’s now 75). Let them spend the money for this wild goose chase seeking their crooked father’s remains. This is no longer about justice, since back in 2006, when they dug up the farm, the only remaining living suspect in Hoffa’s disappearance was 93. If he’s still alive today, that would make him 100.

Here is an excerpt from my May 2006 initial post on that year’s failed dig for Jimmy Hoffa. The Detroit FBI has since gone through two Special Agents in Charge and the pop culture references are dated. But the story remains the same on this Keystone Koppery:

Not far from where I live is Machus Red Fox (now Andiamo’s), the restaurant from which Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975.

I like a good mob story as much as the next person. But living in Detroit, rumors and resulting dig-ups of back-yards looking for Jimmy Hoffa are as common as Paris Hilton bed partners. And equally as valuable to society. As in, not very.
They never find the former Teamster’s Union president’s body, either. It’s the boy who cried wolf with a giant sinkhole of taxpayer dollars to go with it.

The FBI–nationally and in Detroit–repeatedly claims that its number one priority is fighting terrorism. So, why on earth is the FBI using tens of hundreds of agents–from Detroit, Chicago, AND Washington, DC–to scour a farm in suburban Detroit looking for Jimmy Hoffa’s body, over the next two weeks? No expense is being spared by the feds, and it is an incredible waste of resources. FIFTY(!) FBI agents are digging up the farm to look for Hoffa. It’s absurd.

We predict that the FBI will fail to find Hoffa’s body during this latest search. But, even if they do find his body, what purpose is served–30 years later–in doing so? Even then, it will be nothing more than tax dollar waste in the name of Cosa Nostra folklore.

There can be only one purpose in this Jimmy Hoffa exhumation circus: media coverage, PR, and face-time for the FBI and its [Detroit] Special Agent in Charge . . . . Clearly, terrorism is NOT the priority. Or there wouldn’t be the time, the money, the many agents to spare, going over every inch of the Milford Farm in the quest for the Holy Grail of Hoffa’s rotted corpse. It’s a sexy story, but worthless in terms of justice served. It’s not the job of taxpayers to fund the FBI’s wish to superimpose itself on “The Godfather” long after that age has ended.

What is a bigger threat to our safety, today: another 9/11 attack/nuclear weapons from Iran OR the deceased Anthony “Tony Jack” Giacalone, Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, and assorted other now-elderly or -dead mobsters who might have assassinated Hoffa?

Since the FBI doesn’t know the correct answer to that, we should all be worried.

The dissapearance of Jimmy Hoffa allegedly resulted in a fatal trip to a salami factory in Cleveland, the end zone in Giants Stadium, underneath a backyard swimming pool in central Michigan, a home in Detroit, and now a farm in a Detroit suburb. But they are all fantasy, including–likely the last one. What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Who cares. It’s an endless chase with no pay-off even if there is a pay-off.

The Jimmy Hoffa investigation should have ended. Far too much time has been spent on it. And it’s time for it to be relegated, forever, to American mob mythology or the professionals who write “The Sopranos.”

America cannot afford to solve every mystery no matter how much desired media storm it creates for Dan Roberts and the Federal Bureau of Irrelevant Investigation.

Isn’t it amazing how, seven years after I wrote that, history repeats itself to a “T”?

Here’s more from another post on the 2006 dig, “Desperately Seeking Jimmy,” also still apropos:

To all those who whine that the media focuses only on missing persons who are cute young White girls, your theory is proven wrong.

Jimmy Hoffa was neither female nor young. And not cute either. But our media’s fascination with his disappearance and government’s obsession with finding his body is unmatched by any Natalee Holloway hype. . . .

America cannot afford to solve every mystery. Real life is not “Sex & The City.” You can’t always get “closure.”

Sadly, the FBI, like a jilted lover, can’t take the hint and keeps coming back for more. Exhibit A: today’s latest Jimmy Hoffa dig.

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10 Responses

It looks like Mr. Zarilli is a business man now. You have incorrectly misspelled the organization. FYI, the correct spelling is La Cosa Nostra and not Cosa Nostra as you indicated in your blog. Not that I am a fan of government agencies, I would, however, caution you about writing stories related to the “commission.” Although they operate in secrecy, and are not in the lime light like they once were, believer me when I tell you they are up and running. I would have to say I am not convinced Mr. Zarilli is in financial distress. How could he be with ties the Vegas and reported 15-20 million a year in OTB (off track betting) in Detroit?

AR: Actually, real mafiosi refer to it as just Cosa Nostra, without the La. Cosa Nostra means “Our Thing,” FYI. DS

AR on June 17, 2013 at 12:13 pm


Nice story Debbie, proof positive that you have a great sense of humor.

“Who cares?” LOL!!! I agree.

. . . “Paris Hilton bed partners. . . .” LOL!!! Great line.

Other than the statement I keep mentioning, his infamous words of wisdom “sooner or later, everybody does business with everybody,” . . .

I can’t think of one reason why any American should even be THINKING of Jimmy Hoffa anymore.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on June 17, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Debby, a hitman named Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran also claimed he killed Hoffa. In a death bed confession( with a book on the market) Sheeran said he was the button man. Sheeran in his book also told of using his power as Teamster president of Local 206 in Delaware helped to get a senator elected to his first term( believed to be Joe Biden) After the victory Sheeran told his pals “we own this guy now”- that I believe. Book title is ” I Heard You Paint Houses” referring paint to blood splatter.

bobby99 on June 17, 2013 at 2:28 pm

I can just hear these conversations: Homeowner: I need this barn fixed, the city is fining me for it. Contractor: You can’t fix this, it all has to be torn down and hauled away, and that’s gonna cost ya.
Homeowner: Dialing phone. FBI: FBI, can I help you? Homeowner: I think Jimmy Hoffa is buried under my barn….

RT on June 17, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Members of organized crime in America seldom use the names “Cosa Nostra” or “Mafia” or “Mob” in reference to their own organization or group within the organization. The preferred term is “Outfit” or “Family” depending on the circumstances. Those other terms are mostly used by outsiders.

For the FBI to pursue the Hoffa case is absurd. You know for many years FBI director J. Edgar Hoover long denied the existence of the Outfit in America. To explain Hoover’s silence, according to several accounts, and from a variety of interesting sources (including Meyer Lanky), the Oufit purportedly had compromising photos of Hoover with his life-long friend and associate Clyde Tolson (whom he was buried next to). Hoover also liked to play the horses, and the Outfit would arrange for him to win with some “insider tips.” Still another reason that the Outfit has been considered to be “hands off” for serious FBI scrutiny is that the Outfit has in the past worked directly with the CIA on certain covert projects going back to World War II, and this partnership may even continue to this day.

I bring this stuff up because the FBI has never done a good job of fighting organized crime, and that tradition started with Hoover.

As for where Hoffa is “buried,” there is no reason to presume that he is buried anywhere, certainly not in any identifiable form. When the Outfit targets a prominent person for a hit, they would ordinarily do so in a manner that sends a message to others. So, for example, when a hit was ordered on long-time Outfit member and Hollywood insider Johnny Roselli–very likely in connection with his role in the JFK murder conspiracy (this was around the time that some US Government representatives were seriously investigating the JFK murder for the first time)–Roselli’s body was found dismembered in an oil can floating off the coast of Florida. Similarly, Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana (who was also set to testify iabout the JFK murder) was found in his home, shot in the back of head, and with multiple shots around his mouth, signaling a “do not talk” message to others. (The Outfit is not known for its subtlety when it wants to send a message.)

In Hoffa’s case, the body has completely disappeared. This too was a message of sorts. If you cross the Outfit, they can arrange so that you “no longer exist.” Moreover, as this latest story proves, when the body is not found, there is not truly “closure” and Hoffa’s murder is consequently “immortal,” as these reminders pop up from time to time.

In all likelihood, Hoffa’s body was destroyed beyond recognition, such as would occur if his body parts were placed in metal can and sent to a smelting factory, or some such other method. (Remember the scene from the early bond film Goldfinger, where Goldfinger gets rid of an uncooperative crime member by putting his body in a car and then sending Oddjob to have the car crushed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHvIv01QNhA)

RA: People I know who were in the Mob called it “The Life” or “The Business” or–as you noted, “The Family.” DS

Ralph Adamo on June 17, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Unions came about as a group dynamic to counter what was believed to be unfair labor practices, etc. Labor is where one uses more “muscle” than “brains” in that one gets paid for muscle while others tell him/her what to do. Granted, unions have climbed higher into the “white collar” areas, most notably government–see what that has bought you! However, why would you not expect union leadership to get cozy with those who make a living “pushing muscle” into what is called “the rackets” and other business games?

For example: Now we have Obamacare, known as the Affordable Health Care Act or something along those lines. Mr. Insurance man sells protection–sound familiar? He wears white shirts and golfs with Mr. Government Man. Do you recall any insurance top level leader coming out to the American public and ranting against this move by central government?

When push comes to shove…doesn’t matter what color you shirt collar is, somewhere out there is some muscle that will join you in your efforts…as long as they get their “cut” of the action.

All you have to do is follow the rules…

RJ on June 18, 2013 at 8:54 am

The blame is on the American Public. One for electing Pond Scum and continue to elect them. Two for being Dumb by believing what the Media tells them, they go no further than the 5 o’clock news. The politicians get richer every day while screwing the public at the same time. We here who are the minority are the ones that are shafted and continue to get shafted.

Robert A. on June 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm

I heard that when Hoffa disappeared was the same time that the foundation for the Renaissance Center was being poured. Did they ever look there?

Just Me

Just Me on June 18, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    “Hoffa disappeared was the same time that the foundation for the Renaissance Center was being poured.”

    I’d heard the same thing when I lived in Detroit – the time frame sounds like it would be right.

    DS_ROCKS! on June 18, 2013 at 5:21 pm

For a column with only eight replies heretofore, there’s sure been a lot of “two cents worth” thrown in here, so I’ll throw in mine. LOL!!! Ever see a Noo Yawk hot dog cart? Usually, at least when I was young, under the brand name “Sabrett.” I think ol’ Jimmy Boy was most likely consumed decades ago, by various and sundry of my fellow Noo Yawkers stopping at those carts. ROTFLMAO!!! Actually, it’s not funny.

As for Italian gangsters, another monicker used is “racket guys.” There is a famous recording of John Gotti bragging in probably The Ravenite Social Club or one of his other hangouts, which was I believe may have been one of the tapes used to bring him down. I’m paraphrasing, but this is pretty close.

‘There’s always gonna be a Cosa Nostra. Ten, twenty, a hundred years from now, there’s always gonna be a Cosa Nostra. I, me, I, John Gotti, I said, there’s always gonna be a Cosa Nostra.’

As for the phrase “The Life,” that may vary from city to city. “The Life” is usually used by people in New York to refer generally to a life of hard core criminal activity, such as involvement with the Italian mob or otherwise, like armed robberies, murders and such. It was also widely used to refer to the world of pimps and hookers, most specifically those in the black community. All these terms are correct in one way or another, and in different cities or groups used differently.

Kind of like sandwiches, submarine sandwich or sub, wedge, hoagy, etc., same thing. For soda, it could be soda, pop, or other terms, all correct depending on where one is, and sometimes the color/ethnic background of the conversationalists.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on June 18, 2013 at 2:01 pm

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