September 27, 2005, - 11:11 am

Disgusting Holocash Business Continues for Trial Lawyers, Liberal Groups

Welcome to the Holocash business.
As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors (plus my mother was born in Bergen Belsen camp), it is always annoying to read of the frequent gazillion-dollar settlements between trial lawyers–allegedly on behalf of Holocaust survivors–and companies, governments, etc. The money never goes to Holocaust survivors, but instead to the greedy lawyers who clogged the legal system with the suits–and worse, liberal Jewish groups to “distribute” the money to survivors. Right. Instead, the money to those Jewish groups often funds liberal, far-left, and even .
The latest case is the most outrageous. Why? Because the millions will come from us–the U.S. taxpayers. It gets worse. The U.S. government will also issue an apology on behalf of U.S. troops. Huh? The same U.S. troops who LIBERATED Holocaust survivors–including my grandparents? Yes, those same troops. Outrageous.
Yesterday, a federal judge in Miami approved a $25.5 million settlement between the U.S. government and Hungarian Jews whose valuables were stolen when a Nazi “Gold Train” was commandeered by the U.S. Army in 1945. The U.S. will also publicly apologize for pilfering by some U.S. troops.
Is it just me . . . or should the U.S. troops be celebrated for liberating concentration camp inmates, instead of having their government apologize for them on behalf of the misfeasance of a few?
Over the years, I’ve had so many Holocaust survivors contact me about how liberal politicians and Jewish “social service” professionals who are supposed to distribute settlement money to them, instead spend it on whatever chic liberal BS is in vogue at the time. Then they treat the survivors like criminals, when they dare ask for an accounting of what happened to the money from these multi-million dollar settlements. Don’t expect this to be any different.
Watch for the $25.5 million to go not to the Hungarian Holocaust survivors in whose name the suit was filed–but to a gazillion liberal Jewish professionals and their diversity programs, like .

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Hey Debbie, as an american jew this must really piss you off huh? The thing that puzzles me (and maybe you can shed some light) is why do jews (even liberal jews) put up with, believe in, support this islamist apologist crap the left is constantly spewing. I mean, those are their brothers and sisters over there being blown up on buses, in cafes, etc… I don’t get it? Saying the Palestinians are fredom fighters is like saying hitler was just trying to improve the gene pool. I can’t get my mind around it, any thoughts?

Uncle Tim on September 27, 2005 at 2:24 pm

Tim,it’s kinda simple;liberal Jews live for ABC
Wide World of Sports moments like James Baker’s
—k the Jews “trash talk.”For them Holocaustism/antisemitism is where it’s at.After all,how are they gonna answer Oprah’s ‘oppressed
by Hermes’ shtick. But,to the Jews who are kvelling(geeked)about this,what the —k is wrong
with you?$300-if you qualify?Is that gonna bring Raoul Wallenberg-who saved a lot of your tuchis’s back?He simply disappeared.And,regarding the thieving generals,under the circumstances,aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?

jaywilton on September 27, 2005 at 5:22 pm

Liberals have hijacked the memory of the Holocaust for their own purposes, because they see it as red meat that a group of white people claiming to represent white people would do such a thing. But they firmly deny it or sweep it under the rug when Communists and/or non-white, non-Western regimes like the Ottoman Empire and today’s Islamists do the same sorts of things or would like to if they had the resources and opportunity. I’m glad Ms. Schlussel sees this, with her background and all. I agree that it’s disgusting what these cheap lawyers and political pimps do, exploiting the atrocities of the Nazis for their own agendas. I respect her very much for seeing through it.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 4, 2006 at 2:25 am

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