September 29, 2005, - 7:15 am

Commanderatrix in Chief: “Desperate Housewives” Pick a Prez

Everything is wrong with ABC’s new show, “Commander in Chief.”
It’s not just that the show about the first female President is a weekly hour-long campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton. It’s not just that conservatives are mean and evil on this propaganda hour.
It’s that this is what a female President will be like as brought to you by Oprah and the women of “Desperate Housewives”–and the legions of female fans who love them. Do you want them picking the leader of the free world?
I don’t.

Geena Davis: Aging Stripper, Failed Athlete, yes; President, NO.

Here’s why. Every presidential election year, Harvard’s Shorenstein Center conducts 26 polls. Each time, the school finds that women didn’t quite know what was going on. Men, on the other hand, were more likely, during the preceding day, to have thought about the elections, talked about it, and read or heard about it on the news.
The University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center does a similar set of polls and studies each presidential election year, conducted by two women professors. The results of these studies are even more disturbing. Out of 25 questions on policy issues, women lag behind the men on most of them. In 2000, women lagged behind men in knowledge of all policy issues but one (on which they were equal).
The men knew more about the Presidential candidates’ positions on taxes, weapons treaties, gun control, and even “traditional women’s issues”–healthcare, education, and abortion.
Sorry, but I don’t want “Thelma and Louise,” Star Jones, and the women of “Desperate Housewives” picking my President. Keep them out of the ballot box and busy whining, crying, and obsessing over a broken nail and the handsome plumber next door, instead.
The women voters in these surveys bested the men on one issue: They knew what Oprah wore on the previous day’s episode. Just kidding. But it’s a safe bet.
So, when Oprah’s “O” Magazine (via Marie Wilson of anti-male Ms. Foundation’s White House Project) calls a show, “riveting”–as it did “Commander in Chief”–you have to question the agenda of the show, and the numbed minds who watch her show that also propelled “Commander in Chief” to the top ratings spot for its debut.
Then, there is the show, itself. Was it a weird coincidence that the very first scene features children singing “America the Beautiful–IN FRENCH? It gets worse from there: a joke about how if women were running the show instead of Moses, the Jews would have asked for directions, and been in Israel in a week, instead of wandering the desert for forty years.
No, they’d have spent forty years searching the tent closet for the outfit of the day and asking, “Does this make me look fat?”
Of course, an anti-female joke on the level of the Moses joke would never make it on the air–without Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and the whole gang of feminist hags bitching and clamoring for sensitivity training.
Then there are the evil Republicans. The Republican speaker of the House (played by Donald Sutherland) is described as “an S.O.B., a liar, and he cheats at poker.” His character is even more evil than that. The former personal secretary for the now-dead Republican President refuses to stay on with the female President, saying, “I’d feel cheap working for you.” Rude, mean, evil, gratuitously insulting. That’s the Republicans for you.
The actress playing the President, Geena Davis, wasn’t picked for the role by accident. Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and most other liberal women that have been mentioned in the role of President are hardly attractive–or even straight-looking. Davis was picked because she’s a former model and, unlike most women, she’s six feet tall. In heels, she’s taller than most of the male actors on the show. She looks commanding. By design. The women in real-life politics do not.
Davis, at age 48, had twin sons. Do you want a President who is busy nursing and raising twin boys? Someone would suffer–the American people.
And Davis’ politics are not far from your mind when watching the show. Geena Davis heads something called the “See Jane Foundation,” which promotes more female characters on television. What–there aren’t enough? From soap operas to “Desperate Housewives,” to “Oprah” to “America’s Next (Non)Top Model,” to “Sex & the City” syndicated re-runs, TV is dominated by women. The problem is that there aren’t enough men. And the men that are on TV (unless you count pro football) are incompetent, unemployed fools, absent dads, and loser criminals and drug users. Thanks, President Davis–having an estrogen fit–for not noticing.
Davis’ emasculated husband on the show is relegated to First Girlie Man–reminiscent of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s wimpy husband, Dan Granholm Mulhern, who–yes–took his wife’s last name. Sad. Very sad.
Davis tried out for the U.S. Olympic Archery Team–and failed miserably. And, like all women who fail miserably at something, she joined the militant feminist movement as an activist and spokeswoman. As an honoree and member of the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF), she has been outspoken in favor of Title IX–the federal law that feminist men-haters succeeded in using to drum men out of college and high school sports.
Donna Lopiano, a Davis friend and the WSF chief whom I debated on FOX Sports’ “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” supports absurd ideas like women coaching men’s pro sports. Get the analogy?: A woman coaching the New England Patriots is like . . . a woman coaching the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Commander-in-Chief.
We saw what a woman coaching the men did on this absurd Presidential TV show. The female President–for her first act as Prez–has our soldiers invade Nigeria and rescue a woman sentenced to death for adultery. Reality check: George W. Bush was President when the real-life Nigerian woman was sentenced to death. But hormones and PMS didn’t cause him to lose all grip and send the troops in to rescue the woman. He used diplomatic pressure, and the woman was spared–not kidnapped to the States like President Geena Davis did.
Either way, neither the TV female Prez–or the current real thing–saved the day. Women continue to face and receive these death sentences in Islam-dominated Nigeria and all over the Islamic world. The disposition of this one woman didn’t change that.
And hopefully, this one TV show won’t change the real-life political landscape of the White House.
But not if Hillary Clinton and her friends in Hollywood have it their way.

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19 Responses

Like Tom Leykis says, “The show is going to flop and Clinton is an ugly hag”

KOAJaps on September 29, 2005 at 7:40 am

I won’t watch this left-wing garbage. It’s becoming more difficult to find something on TV that is worth watching. It’s either pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-sex, or pro-violence. Even the sitcoms have dysfunctional family(?) units: i.e. single parents, gay parents, just to try to prove that this is normal in our society. Now they’re trying to get us used to the idea of Hillary as President. My bet is that the majority of Americans don’t buy it.

ken on September 29, 2005 at 9:03 am

Has anyone ever asked one of the major news networks why no woman has ever been the prime anchor for a major news network network? The networks have been very fond of pushing diversity on to political parties and presidents when it comes to make Presidential nominee selections, Supreme Court nominees, Senate candidates, even to the exclusion of other important factors.
Well what about it?
Why shouldn’t CBS be put into a spotlight, and asked this: Dan Rather miserably failed as your anchor, because he couldn’t resist the corrupt opportunity to put bogus documents on the air in an attempt to undercut the candidacy of a sitting president at a critical time in the nation’s election process. Why don’t you go with your frequently professed diversity ideal and select a woman as the prime anchor replacement?
ABC insists on running a prime time show that is a thinly veiled attempt to promote the idea of a woman being President.
Fine. If that is your ideal, then show us your complete commitment to the “diversity” agenda you want to push on us. Appoint a woman as prime anchor for the evening news.
Surely the networks would not want us to believe that their real operating principle is, “Do as we say, not as we do?”

Trochilus on September 29, 2005 at 9:25 am

…and hopefully somebody kidnaps former real-life
police officer Dennis Farina from his current TV gig working for a female police chief-who I’m sure is better than the affirmative action statistic appointed by Detroit and the world’s worst mayor of all time-and brings back ‘Crime
Story’ which has had some of us depressed after
it was cancelled after two years;maybe Geena Davis could play a stripper on it.

jaywilton on September 29, 2005 at 9:55 am

Though supposedly written as an “independent” (so as not to patently offend Republicans), we all know that the Commander-in-Thong is a Democrat down to her bikini wax.
What gave that away? Maybe it’s the fact that Steve Cohen is the creator of the show. Who he? A long-time Clinton campaign insider who held a top job in Lady McBeth’s press office in the 90s.
Mmmm, Cohen? Shilling for that well-known “Jew Bastard” ranter, Hillary Rodham Clinton. My, my… self-loathing anyone?
Of course, being a fantasy written by Democratic hacks, the very first episode has the Marines storming a jail in a sovereign country to save a woman from a fate worse than death. (And no, I don?t mean working as an intern in Slick Willy’s Oval office.)
The reality is somewhat different. The real Democratic President (with the First Lady’s backing, I’m sure) ordered the storming of a house in Florida, USA, to kidnap a small child and send him back to an evil communist dictatorship.
Reality bites.

espresso on September 29, 2005 at 11:08 am

Trochilus and anyone else, didn’t Baba Wawa get appointed as the ABC news anchor some years back, fail miserably, and get put on 20/20 with that pinko Hugh Downs (20/20 stood for both of their IQ scores)?
I’ve seen the commercials and the show looked like yet another heavy handed lefty indoctrination fest. I’d give it a year of overhype, then it will slowly fade. I know I won’t watch, as old Geena appears to be in Master Thespian ACTING!! mode as a tough Hillary chick not going to let the mean old men shove her around.

Jeff_W on September 29, 2005 at 11:14 am

Personally, I dont watch these kinds of series, nor do I watch Oprah. I like to think for myself when it comes to who I vote for, and why. I again, find it amusing what these polls shows. No liberal minded professor, male or female has ever asked my opinion as to what I thought in one of their polls. I always discuss issues thoroughly with my friends and family.
I am an artist with some college education, a married mother of 4, and a grandmother of 9 with no fancy degrees, but very educated in life as a whole. I homeschooled and taught my children their American Civics and history. I believe that people should take those courses all over again instead of allowing these “entertainers” to make choices for them. An entertainers life is based on reading scripts, they have no concept of how to think for themselves. They are brainwashed and in turn, they brainwash the public.
And we are the ones who made them wealthy and important. Go figure?
Joanie from Wisc.

Joanie from Wisc on September 29, 2005 at 12:32 pm

I say Debbie for President…and not the TV fantasy…the real thing baby!

Arthur Clements on September 29, 2005 at 12:32 pm

It is quite simple, this show is against the law. It clearly violates the limits on soft money contributions and should be sued and stopped immediately. It is clearly a candidate advertisement, Davis is a more attractive version of Hillary Clinton, especially with the reddish hair. Disney and ABC should be sued for violations of campaign contribution law. Someone needs to make the case and make this show stop before all of America is brainwashed.

pantherjad on September 29, 2005 at 12:48 pm

What is it with Liberals and the Presidency (on TV and in Films): The American President (crappy film with Michael Douglas as a liberal President which is shown every week on TBS), The West Wing (aka The Left Wing starring uber Moonbat Martin Sheen), and now Commander-in-Chief (yeah Geena Davis as the President, that’s really believable)?

Ripper on September 29, 2005 at 3:40 pm

Don’t worry about Geena. She will make waves the first few weeks until the public decides that the show’s pre-debut hype is what it always is–liberal fertilizer. Ever see Dennis Haysbert’s prez on 24? A real incompetent fool. He attacks foreign countries immediately after a nuke explosion, but recalls them in mid-flight. I won’t even get into his colleagues. Anyway, I didn’t think I’d want to see it. Judging from your comments, I made the right choice. Oh, by the way, the only reason that Geena’s character is a Republican is because the public doesn’t vote for Democrats.

Loser on September 29, 2005 at 4:47 pm

I completely agree Debbie, I have said from the get go that this was nothing more than a presidential barometer for Hil 08. On another note, actors who think they are political activists make me want to puke in general. I won’t even go to a movie that has Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, etc… without a full reporting from someone like you that the movie has ZERO political content and even then I can’t watch them without thinking what A$$H0les they are off screen.

Uncle Tim on September 29, 2005 at 4:59 pm

Jeff_W is entirely correct. Barbara Walters was appointed as the ABC News anchor for the ABC Evening News in 1976, but ratings declined to the point that by mid-1978, she was yanked and started doing 20/20. Roone Arledge re-cast the news as “World News Tonight,” and Frank Reynolds returned as its first anchor.
Connie Chung had a brief stint as the co-anchor anchor at CBS, but Rather took over sole duty, and the rest is . . . well, I don’t want to say “history,” because of Dan’s penchant for fiction. Let’s just say Connie ended up doing “just between you and me” interviews with the cameras rolling. Heh! (All information via Wikipedia)
But the networks have never really committed the resources to promoting and staying with a woman
anchor the way they did with Rather over the years, for example, despite ratings slumps. It took a scandal to bring him down, one in which he literally tried to bring down a sitting President during an election by promoting a bogus story using fake documents.
As for President Geena, perhaps the best we can hope for is a script where she suddenly blurts out “Beetlejuice” three times during a meeting of the Cabinet, is quickly declared “unable to discharge the powers and duties of [her] office,” under the 25th Amendment, and then banished to Cuthroat Island for the remainder of her term.

Trochilus on September 30, 2005 at 10:55 am

BL Slob;if you wanna be taken seriously about
anything…try stripping.

jaywilton on September 30, 2005 at 1:21 pm

BL Slob brings out the usual pinko lib hypocritical argument about “just fictional characters.”
You, me, and everyone else knows if someone puts out a movie showing Arabs, black people, or other such liberal sacred cows in a bad light that Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, and every other left wing kook will be howling.

The_Man on September 30, 2005 at 9:53 pm

It’s funny how both true liberals and conservatives can speak in this forum. the real enemy is not us, the working stiff…well the people who do work. the real enemy are the ones making policy; creating bigger government; regulating the wrong things and deregulating what needs to be regulated. Commander in Chief and the likes are the byproducts of we, the people not getting together and creating one solid foundation. If we can get the honest libs and cons, work out our differences, then the Neo cons and Neo libs would not succeed, I won’t watch Commander in Chief. It’s ll Hollywood crap, but if we hook up and stop this damned in-house fighting, then guess what? There wouldn’t be crappy shows like this.
God bless America and capitalism, but censorship won’t work and being divided won’t help get to our goals. Our goals? Stop the NWO.

KOAJaps on October 1, 2005 at 12:35 am

Geena did pretty well in archery. She was 24th of 28 in the Olympic trials. I think she’s fabulous and CiC is my favorite fall drama.

koab on October 1, 2005 at 7:03 pm

Debbie, other than the fact that you are very conservative and feel as such to provide a counter point to what usually is a very ultra-liberal and equally biased Hollywood, I was actually quite surprised at your rabid criticism of the show.
Other than the fact that the Geena Davis character is to the left of you politically (though it seemed they tried to paint her in the show as more of a centrist (maybe a slightly left-of-center moderate) than a true far-left, in fact I heard little about her politics outside the “war on terrorism” except that she was an “independent” who was the VP of a Republican president), she actually reminded me of you in many ways in that her background in the run-up to president was based on being an intelligent, professional woman who like you was one of the few females active in noting the terrorist threat that others seem to pooh-pooh around her (they noted that before president she specialized in Middle East studies at an academic post and took an anti-terrorist view that was not typical of academia).
If you watched the show, you’d notice that her first move after the president died was to send Marines to just off the coast of the Gaza Strip to help the Israelis if needed in fighting terrorists while the administration around her was appalled that she would take an action they found to be so “biased”. She then noted to them how everyone in that former administration kowtows to too many people in the Middle East who privately have evil ideas against us.
And the emphasis on the woman about to be executed for adultery in Nigeria when everyone else was ignoring it and her willingness to step in and free her actually almost sounded like one of your columns.
What’s the deal with putting down in a matter that seems extreme and way too lengthy almost all women in politics or for that matter it seems sometimes, any woman who steps outside their house to use their brain or wants to play sports. What is the hangup here? It seems you certainly have a brain that you enjoy to and should actively use and your background doesn’t suggest that you abhor watching or playing sports, so I don’t get it, it’s almost like you’re being self-depricating. As someone who is close to your age, I can tell you that most guys in our generation actually find quite sexy someone who is both physically attractive and can be a challenging mental “equal” and have grown up in an era where we don’t feel “threatened”.

hairymon on October 2, 2005 at 9:20 am

Hey, wasn’t she Valerie in “Earth Girls are Easy” with that God-awful Jeff Goldblum co-starring in 1988? Man time flies. ;-p

Dairenn on October 2, 2005 at 1:37 pm

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