October 2, 2005, - 1:12 pm

Absurd/Annoying Fat Chick News of the Week

As we’ve on this site, we object to the use of the politically correct euphemism “plus-size,” when it really means fat.
Thursday, USA Today “treated” us to the latest installment of fat chick activism: fat (they call her “plus-size”) novelatrix Jennifer Weiner and her obsession with fat women–having at least one in each of her books. “It’s important to me, because in so many books, . . . the big girl was the punch line or she would get Prince Charming and everything that came with it only after she lost a lot of weight.”

Separated at Birth?:

Fat Chick Authoratrix Jennifer Weiner & “Facts of Life’s” Mindy Cohn

This week, fat authoratrix Weiner’s best-selling chick-lit novel, “In Her Shoes,” comes out in movie form, starring decidedly non-fatties Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette.
And skinny Diaz is on the newest cover of “In Her Shoes” paperback because they wouldn’t sell with, say, Camryn Manheim on the cover. “You need the sizzle to sell the steak,” claims fat novelatrix Weiner. No, people don’t want to eat a steak that’s fat. They want lean meat.
But she’s not as proud to be fat as she claims. Weiner refuses to reveal the size of the gown she wore for the premiere of the movie. Sometimes silence truly is golden.

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It figures…oops no pun intended there, well OK, maybe a little.

Gray Tie on October 2, 2005 at 9:15 pm

The “fat chicks are people too” movement INSIST on missing the point that the reason the general public finds the appearance of overweight individuals repulsive is because of the myriad of physiological and PSYCHOLOGICAL health problems usually associated with obesity. Excluding the microscopic 2% who actually have a thyroid condition, the problem is a complete lack of self-control. Look at the babies and small children out there. Already have bodyfat percentages WELL about 30, I see young kids being bottle fed Pepsi and other high calorie, high sugar soft drinks along with snacking ALL day long, and I mean ALL day long. There is basically no exercise at all.
Instead of barking back at the outcry at this catastrophic epidemic America has on its hands, these people need to realize that if they want to be part of the solution instead of the problem, they need to accept responsibility for who and what they are. All journeys to the destination of personal growth begin with that.

Dairenn on October 2, 2005 at 11:08 pm

I’m fat. I’m unhealthy. I eat at Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr. (Hardees) and Mc Donalds. But I’m wealthy. I am not on ANY government support and if I were to get a heart attack, my checking account will pay for ALL expenses. These fat broads, tubbies, heffers, pigs, hogs, sows, cows, etc., are a heart attack waiting to happen and guess what, I’m going to have to pay for your health?
Fat Chick Authoratrix Jennifer Weiner & “Facts of Life’s” Mindy Cohn have better be wealthy, because, I am sick and tired of fatasses who eat all day and not work for a living. Guys who are fat? Guess what, their insurance is paid by them working
And you lardass broads, if you’e offended, take the GODDAMN FORK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! And look as hot as Debbie
Thank you

KOAJaps on October 3, 2005 at 11:15 am

I do agree that this “I’m fat and I’m proud” ideology is not healthy if it is used as an excuse to stay unhealthy. BUT I do think that for those that are obese or overweight, this thinking can be helpful in accepting where they are at the moment, but still recognizing they need to change their lifestyle in order to be healthy. If you are stuck in a pit of low-self esteem, you will not be able to out of the hole. We need to help people change their eating and exercise habits at different levels—health community, education in schools, and even governmental programs.
Another thing that annoys me about this fat and proud thing is the proclamation that obese/overweight girls are “curvy.” I mean seriously people? I’m curvy (in the right places) and a healthy weight so it’s like “really?” That’s just a pet peeve haha, but yeah we should treat everyone with respect, help them find the resources to make this lifestyle change, and they should still feel good about themselves—no one should be only defined by their physical state.

Jezy on April 27, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Words are a tool and the way you are using them is incredibly negative. Maybe try spreading positivity out into the internet.

Whitney on December 19, 2012 at 8:31 pm

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