October 3, 2005, - 8:39 am

5 Years Later: ICE’s Moskowitz Has Tie to Elian Debacle

Did you see last night’s shameless “60 Minutes” interview of Elian Gonzalez, five years later? Clearly, the boy has been brainwashed to the nth degree. You’d have to be brainwashed to call Fidel Castro your “friend” and “father.”
I blame CBS, “60 Minutes,” and left-wing reporter Bob Simon for helping perpetrate this farce of an interview/”report.” Simon let Elian go on and on about how he missed his father when he was in Miami. Reality Check: Elian’s parents were divorced, his mother was his sole caretaker, and he barely ever saw or even knew his father. Where was Bob Simon on this point?
Not surprisingly, my favorite federal agent, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Special Agent in Charge a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” has a connection to Elian Gonzalez and the outrageous kidnapping and transfer of this poor kid back to Communist Cuba.

Miami Vice: Abu Moskowitz Defended This

As we’ve noted, Abu Moskowitz has a above all others (even though he oversees the heart of Islamic America in a post-9/11 world). And apparently this started with the Elian seizure by federal agents in 2000. At the time, Abu Moskowitz–a Clintonista and liberal–was Legislative Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. He was quoted in the Washington Post advocating the jack-booted kidnapping of Elian by Janet Reno-commandeered INS agents.
I’m sure Abu Moskowitz might feel differently if it were his child kidnapped into a life of hopeless Communism. But, perhaps not since he has reportedly welcomed one of the pro-tyrannists of our time–an –into his Bloomfield Hills home.

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Hey Deb, I’m a liberal and I am offended and pissed at the Neo-libs. I went from Democrat to Decline to State and am happy I did. Deb, I know you’re not a Neo-Con cuz your posts criticize both no all parties who are idiots. I am proud to be a liberal and love the real Democrats and Republicans. Maybe one day we’ll all live in peace.
I like the photo of the agent taking Elian away. The rifle the agent is using is an MP-5. German-made. Isn’t anything made in America???

KOAJaps on October 3, 2005 at 11:05 am

TO: KOA Japs..ie..KING OF ALL JAPS> You use (neo)What does that mean?also As far as german guns go; they do a good job.Just ask my fam…oh sorry they never made it out.I wonder what you are thinking,you are very hatefull.say hi to your coke head ‘felon 3rd. rate comic buddy artie,and still we want to know who is out to kill you,as you think?During the high holidays you come off very,well let’s just say you do not sound much better than the rest,(KING OF ALL Jjaps;KOA Japs.

danny on October 5, 2005 at 6:33 pm

Let me explain Danny. A real Republican or Democrat wants the borders closed. The people here want the border closed. Bush and his Skull and Bones buddy doesn’t. The Neo-fascist (Neo meaning new) want to prosecute Jews (Gaza and West Bank) but wants us to love the Arabs (read Deb’s stories). That’s what a Neophyte is
Why am I hateful? I love the Jews. My relatives fought to liberate the Jews during WW2

KOAJaps on October 7, 2005 at 1:19 am

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