October 3, 2005, - 9:08 am

Sen. Collins Puts Hold on Julie Myers Nomination – FOR NOW . . .

Today’s New York Daily News reports that Senator Susan Collins of Maine has put a hold on the nomination of to become Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security over ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).
But don’t get your hopes up about this nomination being tabled. The liberal Collins, whose committee oversees the Myers appointment, told the NY Daily News, “I’m certainly inclined to support her.” Not a good sign.

Girls Club: Sen. Collins Still Supporting Unqualified Julie Myers

And the Daily News’ claim that Julie Myers is still on her honeymoon does not appear to be correct. Congressional Quarterly reported that , apparently to discuss ways to get this nomination through. My bet: The honeymoon excuse is a way to get her away from the controversy swirling around her lack of qualifications, in the hopes that mounting protests and opposition die down.
It’s feared this nomination will still be shoved through. Hopefully that’s not the case. Here’s what a commenter on this blog, who claims to have worked with Myers, :
You should really investigate Julie Myers’ prosecutorial record. She was only an AUSA for less than 2 yrs and never worked on anything more sophisticated than drug mule cases (where some poor fool swallows condoms filled w/Heroin to get past customs). – I know. I worked down the hall from her. Julie is nice enough, but she wasn’t that hard a worker and certainly shouldn’t be citing her stint as a Federal Prosecutor as giving her any relevant experience to run ICE.
Hopefully, we will hear more from this person with interesting insight into the real–and really unqualified–Julie Myers.
***UPDATE: Michelle Malkin points us to a Washington Times article by the intrepid Jerry Seper on more ICE agent dismay over Myers, specifically expressed by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA).

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