October 3, 2005, - 11:10 am

ICE OUTRAGE: DHS Immigration Agency Employed Illegal Aliens in New Orleans!

It’s outrageous. But not surprising.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents returning from New Orleans say that the agency employed illegal aliens to serve ICE agents food during the ongoing relief efforts. Few of the servers even spoke English, the ICE agents report.
It’s just a tad outrageous that the lead agency charged with stopping illegal immigration (and doing a horrible job at it), employed illegal immigrants in New Orleans. How do you say “hypocrites” in Spanish?
What a joke! It would be funny, if it weren’t so disturbing. It’s just another illustration that ICE doesn’t care about enforcing immigration laws–a primary reason for its existence.

Marcy Forman, ICE Director of Investigations:

“Oversaw” Relief Efforts by Employing Illegal Aliens

Yet, ICE continues to waste money sending dedicated former INS agents, like Matthew Albence, a Deputy ICE Special Agent in Charge, to represent ICE at international conferences–like the one he attended in June in Japan–on “Developing a Coordinated Inter-Agency National Action Plan to Eradicate Trafficking in Persons.” Looks like in New Orleans, ICE was trafficking in a few persons itself. No international conference changed that.
Since ICE is not only the lead immigration agency, but also was the lead law enforcement agency in New Orleans following the hurricane, the ICE agents were in disbelief. Other law enforcement agencies were instructed to follow ICE’s lead. Did that include the employment of illegals?, the outraged ICE agents wondered.
Ask Marcy Forman-Friedman (or e-mail her), ICE Director of Investigations, who was running the show in New Orleans–or was supposed to be. Ask New Orleans ICE Special Agent in Charge Michael Holt. But don’t expect any answers from either. Reportedly, Forman is busy trying to become a Special Agent in Charge in Maryland, so she can high-tail it out of ICE headquarters in Washington, away from unqualified ICE Princess heir-apparent Julie Myers.
RELATED: If all of this weren’t bad enough, it looks like Katrina relief and rebuilding efforts are following Forman’s and ICE’s lead in the Gulf. In an equally disturbing story, today’s Wall Street Journal reports: “Undocumented workers are likely to be a major part of the massive cleanup and rebuilding.” Here’s another gem from the story: ” ‘They asked me where I wanted to go: to Houston, Atlanta, or back to Mexico,’ said Jose Luis Rivera, 39 years old and an undocumented construction worker from Veracruz, Mexico.”
Hint: “Undocumented worker” means illegal alien–illegal whether they are working for you and me, the relief efforts . . . and even Marcy Forman and the chieftains at ICE.

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HipÛcrita. What am I telling you folks? A true Republican or Democrat would fire the head person in charge. This is just the plans for the Neo-fascists (Neo-cons and Neo-Libs) want. Get your firearms ready folks, because, the proverbial caca is hitting the fan and caca is everywhere

KOAJaps on October 3, 2005 at 10:59 am

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Hired Illegal Aliens

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents who were in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina told blogger Debbie Schlussel that the agency hired illegal aliens during the relief efforts. According to the web site, ICE “serves the public by re…

La Shawn Barber's Corner on October 6, 2005 at 7:55 am

Immigration Police Hire Illegal Aliens

You just can’t make this stuff up! This sounds like it should be in The Onion.
If anything shows that any attempts to control illegal immigration are futile, it’s this, from Debbie Schlussel:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents …

Different River on October 7, 2005 at 4:56 pm

From what I’ve read from various sources, this is getting worse and worse. Crooked businessmen are buying up land in New Orleans and hiring illegal aliens instead of American citizens to rebuild it. It’s bad enough they have one kind of looter to deal with down there, now they have a new kind. The criminals posing as legitimate businessmen, the kind who’ve brought America into ruin with a wave of organized crime the Mafia could never have even dreamed of. Vicente Fox said illegal aliens take jobs that “even Blacks won’t do.” What he meant was that they take jobs that Blacks and other American citizens demand livable wages to do, considering the 13th Amendment of the Constitution. It seems the vultures are circling around New Orleans with his words in mind.

KnightoftheImpaler on February 28, 2006 at 9:51 pm

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