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No Tears for NFL’s Adrian Peterson: BabyDaddy of 7 w Different Women Bears Blame for Dead Son He Met Just Once – UPDATED: 7 Kids w Diff Chicks

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE, 10/16/13: Well, the official count of Adrian Peterson kids out of wedlock is now up to SEVEN (he lied to the sports media about how many kids he fathered, and they didn’t fact check because, hey, he’s an NFL player, and they never lie). Yup, Adrian Peterson fathered seven kids with at least five different women. Uh-huh, sounds like a GUH-REAT father to me. ****

No tears from me for Adrian Peterson. He didn’t bother to meet the son he fathered and knew about for three months, until the kid was on life support and about to die.



Adrian Peterson, Ann “Ashley” Doohen & Joseph Robert Patterson All Bear Responsibility for Peterson’s Son’s Death, The Son He Met Only on His Deathbead

If you watched NFL football over the weekend, you probably heard the announcers and play-by-play guys tell you sob stories about the “heroic” running back Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, who played on Sunday, even though his two-year-old son died on Friday.

But before you join the chorus of commiserators, you might want to hear the facts. That includes the fact that Peterson never even met or knew about the existence of this son until recently. He saw his son once. That’s it. And he rarely sees the other two kids he fathered with two other women.

Peterson is no “heroic, anguished father” struggling to go on. He’s a careless sperm donor who fathered three kids with three different women and never married even one. His story is so typical of inner city America, and his kids’ fate–despite the fact that their father is a multi-millionaire–is headed in the same disastrous direction.

Peterson chose to be an absentee, out-of-the-picture dad, despite the fact that he, himself, knows what it’s like to grow up without a father. From the killing fields of America, Peterson’s father went to prison for ten years for laundering drug money for a crack cocaine ring when Peterson was 13. His father never married his mother, he has 13(!) half brothers (the number would be 14, but one was killed), and the cycle continues, since the only thing he learned from dad (other than athletics) was how to father children with many women and abandon them.

Adrian Peterson’s dead son was fathered when he had a “casual” sexual relationship with a trashy bimbo, named Ann “Ashley” Doohen. Doohen didn’t tell Peterson of the existence of his son until three months ago. But once he learned about the existence of his son (and DNA tests confirmed he’s the daddy), Peterson only met his son once, just before he died of severe beatings.

You see, because Peterson wantonly slept around and fathered children, but was absent from their lives, the careless and irresponsible mother of one of those children chose someone else to fill the void. Enter Joseph Robert Patterson, the replacement boyfriend chosen by Doohen. Patterson has a history of violent behavior (including an assault on an ex-girlfriend and her three-year-old son), and consistent with that, he beat Peterson’s and Doohen’s son to death.

At 28 years old, Adrian Peterson has two other children (that we know of–perhaps there are more) with two other women, a daughter, Adeja, and a son, Adrian Peterson, Jr. And Peterson doesn’t live with any of them. They are thousands of miles away in Texas, while he lives it up in Minnesota, making $8 million per year. In an interview, Peterson said family and friends tell him how his daughter reacts when she sees him on television. Too bad he isn’t concerned about his kids reacting to seeing him in person. Apparently, it’s more important for him to take time out for cover shoots for Muscle & Fitness Magazine than it is to be involved in his kids’ lives and try to prevent them from being savaged to death.

I’m no feminist (in fact, I’m the opposite), and it takes two to make a baby. These babymama sluts bear at least half the blame for what happens to their kids, and the selfish mother here, Doohen, should face charges for bringing this child-beater into her and her child’s life (sadly, she will face no charges). But men who sleep around, father children, and abandon them also bear at least half the blame for what happens to their children because in so many cases, such as Peterson’s case, they chose not to be around.

Yes, there are far too many outrageous cases where mothers demand exorbitant child support ransoms and refuse to let their kids’ dads see them. But, for at least the last three months of this kids’ life, that wasn’t the case here.

Adrian Peterson, who had three months to see his son but never did until rigor mortis was about to set in, is to blame for what happened to his son. Not just the guy who beat this kid to death and the womb donor waste of skin chick who allowed it. A father who only meets his son on his deathbed, isn’t a father. He’s a sperm donor who had sex. Nothing more. He certainly doesn’t deserve the outpouring of love and overwrought tributes that were all over TV and the sports sites, this weekend.

And we all end up paying, when these kids live and aren’t beaten to death. Because they almost always end up on public assistance and entitlements. Check out Exhibits A, B, and C, Travis Henry, Terrell Owens, and Warren Sapp–all of whom fathered many children and couldn’t pay child support after their NFL careers were over. (In some of these cases, the child support is ridiculously high, and that is part of the problem, but still . . . .)

The only victim here is the helpless, dead child who was beaten to death.

Adrian Peterson doesn’t deserve our sympathy. He deserves our scorn.

By the way, Adrian Peterson is from Palestine, Texas. I told you those Palestinians are nothin’ but trouble.

Exit questions: how much money is garnished from Adrian Peterson’s checks for child support? How many more kids will he father with how many more different women? And how long do you give him after his NFL career is over before bankruptcy sets in and his kids are on welfare?

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Scott I agree, no fathers to put a foot in their ass. A complete dystopia.

When Debbie 1st put this particular blog up, I was going to type a post in defense of A.J, just because of the previous articles written about him, were all in his defense, kinda, however, now, the baby count is up to 7. Glad I kept my mouth shut. ha ha. She hit her MC Hammer right on the nail.

Big D on October 16, 2013 at 7:18 pm


    Now Big D, will you be following my suggested curriculum?

    skzion on October 16, 2013 at 8:54 pm

No Sk, I will not, my only issue, is, and I admit at times, I think faster than I type, I do not re-read or proof my work a lot of times, because Im usually rushing (my line of work, my time is minimal, if Im on here, its just some short down time) sometimes I go back after it posts and see the same gobbly guk you do, and Im like damn, but get over it, Im not writing a thesis for my doctorate and you can discern my point being made, you do not need to be the syntax, grammar police. Get over it. Now if I wrote like an un-lettered, illiterate buffoon thats one thing, but you know better. Now move on. Good Night.

Big D on October 16, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    As I said, Big D, it all starts with accepting that you have a problem.

    skzion on October 17, 2013 at 12:37 pm

The fact remains that you do not know Ashely Doohen so you should not assume what type of mother or person that she is because she had a sexual relationship with AP. This man obviously preys on young women using his status as a celebrity. Where you are right is AP is a disgusting pig that should use his status as an NFL player to influence people in a positive way….instead he uses it to shack up with random women.

Chris on October 17, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Scott Skiles the white basketball player who coaches with the brooklyn nets has just as many kids as AP with multiple women. Not just 1 woman Scott Skiles wasnt even married. But I wouldn’t expect ppl that are bias because of race to know that. How come the Doohen girl didn’t let him know he had a child for almost 2 years? Can anybody do math 9 month plus 2 years. So for roughly 33 months he didnt know he had a child. I would have gotten a dna test as well. But on this sight it’s his fault that he beat the odds to make it to the NFL an make enough money to take care of his kids. He doesn’t owe child support. This is typical smear journalism. A lot of the times journalist know what kind of audience they deal with and for ppl to agree with this shows that the blogger knows how dumb her audience is and that they wouldn’t actually go do the research themselves. Just because it pops up at the top of google doesn’t mean it’s true. Explain what a illegitimate child is. Oh right by them not being married makes it not legit. Than again the bible says get married not to have children out of wedlock. So what… I thought church and state are to be seperate. So since you wanna past judgement what do you think the punishment for slander is or defermation of character. How can you really blame someone that just met his knew child and faithfully goes to work to support him and his children. He played that football game after his son died due to mental therapy. Brett Favre did it there wasn’t any talk about that.

    Howard piscuskas on November 22, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      Church and State? Do you know where all the laws come from. All laws come from the Ten Commandments one way or another. They are in their written form over 4,000 years old. When one says you will not KILL that is why people who do murder and are prosecuted for the murder are either put in prison for a long, long time or are executed. Another commandment says you will not commit adultery. Well, when our country years ago took that law seriously and understood the consequences of divorce there were exponentially many less divorces and a lot less children without Fathers and a lot less children being sexually and physically abused because they had no Father to protect them. Without marriage there is NO commitment to anyone to be a good Father or Mother. Did you even read and understand what Debbie Schlussel said or are you trying to JUSTIFY what you are doing in your own life?

      Paul on December 15, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Very judgemental. I dont know you but I’m going to assume you don’t know AP personally nor do you know Ann “Ashley” Doohen personally. The fact that a child died, was murdered, and you have no sympathy is sad. And you want donations?. Can I send you a link so you can pay me for reading this trash. Lol but hey its all in the life of a blogger. How about you use your “talents” and write something meaningful. Breast Cancer perhaps. Stop bearing judgement upon people lives. You are not God.

Ty on October 17, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Very judgmental? What about the Adrian’s baby boy that was unmercifully murdered by someone who was filling in for Adrian? How do you judge that? Or do you even care to judge in favor of the blood of that baby crying out for judgment. Abortion of babies has hardened the hearts all over this nation against the innocent and men who create babies without marrying their mother are saying out loud that all they care about is themselves and who cares about the defenseless children you created. Judgemental? No, being cold blooded,merciless, and a COWARD, that’s what being a NON-FATHER is!

    Paul on December 15, 2013 at 5:28 pm

I was channel surfing and came across Bill O’Reilly on Fox News and he made a comment to the person he was interviewing that Adrian Peterson had seven kids. My first reaction was I needed to google him to see for myself then I came across the article above. It seems like other articles are uncertain on the actually number of children he has. Now I understand after reading the article why Adrian didn’t seem to shook up when his son was beaten to death. If he wants to make all these babies then stay out of their lives, he needs to step to the plate and take care of the financially. The NFL should make certain this obligation is being made even if they have to garnish his wages.

Rick on October 21, 2013 at 8:47 pm

The military garnishes wages for child support…the NFL should follow suit. Who is going to support the children when his career is over past 30?

Coach Espinoza on October 22, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Reply to Coach: I’m retired air force, so I know for a fact the military does garnish wages for child support as well as other debts that GIs have. I don’t know if you saw ESPN’s 30 for 30 titled “BROKE”, but if Adrian Peterson has 7 children, he may be another athlete that declares bankruptcy shortly after his playing days are over. Hopefully, he saw this, so he doesn’t end up like those athletes.

    Rick on October 22, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    Au contraire, the military has the ability to garnish your paychecks because they are a part of the federal or state governments. A regular employer does not have the ability to garnish your paycheck without receiving a court order mandating that they do so…so this isn’t on the NFL nor is it in their jurisdiction; as it has to come from a court authority…and did you read anywhere that he does not take care of his financial obligation to the children and their mothers or are you just assuming that he doesn’t?

    Derek on October 29, 2013 at 8:02 am

Unbelievable. I understand there’s a point to be made about absentee fathers, but using the death of a child as an excuse to go on a rant about “waste of skin” “sluts” is the epitome of classless journalism.

Joe on October 27, 2013 at 10:31 pm

Before him it was given to me by my revered mother who died at the ripe old age of 92 years.
Its hard to do that when you absolutely know that your ex is
the only man for you. I suppose not the “phony”solders of Limbaugh’s disdain,’.

Call of Duty Ghosts trailer on March 30, 2014 at 12:55 pm

What ignorant cunt wrote this article

Mrs. Jayy on May 28, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Language like that makes you no better than the women you rail against. I have no doubt that if a man used that disgusting word on you,you would be hollering”sexist pig” for a year. It as bad as black people using the”N” word with each other and thinking it is okay.It is not. As far as this ‘baby daddy'{I really hate that term) thing goes,to,me it is an excellent reason to have contraception covered under the ACA. One unplanned or unwanted pregnancy could be a mistake by a couple of stupid people who let their hormones get in the way of common sense.More than one,stupid!! By the way,men are just as culpable in all this crap. Peterson never learned to keep it zipped. it must be one of those “I’M a man” things. Real men do not act that way.

    dave on July 27, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Now what? With the sad exception of poor Tyrese Doohen, isn’t it amazing that the safest thing for Peterson’s kids was the fact that he abandoned them. This man needs to go to prison. As punishment, and to prevent him from fathering more children.

G on September 12, 2014 at 8:15 pm

Listen, I guess if you want to be a blogger in the same vein as that chick who Trevor Noah just owned on the Daily Show then I guess go ahead. When you write in this style, it makes you sound like a bitter old hag jealous she doesn’t get any attention.

I’m a Vikings fan, and I’m NOT an AP fan by any means…your article attacks some people and some angles that are unwarranted.

Much like Trump’s, I grab em by the pussy and they just let me comment which people incorrectly described as sexual assault (it’s not assault if it’s not unwanted), is indicative of societal issues with how we raise our girls to be women. It’s not Trump’s fault, it’s not Tiger Woods fault, it’s not APs fault, it’s not Bill Clinton’s fault.

We raise our daughters on a steady stream of Disney Movies and chick flicks that teach them, be pretty enough, or do what he wants, and if you’re lucky, some day a rich man will come to whisk you away from a life of mediocrity. We do this to the point where we don’t even encourage our girls to be intelligent or enter mathematical and engineering trades.

The fact that AP has like 9 kids through 5 women is really nobody’s business but Adrian’s, his wife’s, the women he fathers children with, and the kids.

From an evolutionary standpoint, men are wired to procreate as much as possible, evolutionary psychologists actually hypothesize that much of the reason that men go through all the work to be famous is to spread their seed to as many high quality mates as possible.

It’s not an “inner city” thing, or even a racial thing. MANY of your famous actors and musicians have the same thing going on in their lives. People with good genes, want to spread their bloodline with others who ALSO have good genes. If it weren’t for these innate behaviors we wouldn’t be the species we are.

Ashley and Adrian have such a private relationship, that at the time his son died, when I googled it (because nobody was mentioning the angle that he was with his college sweetheart still) I was unable to even determine if they were together or married or what. Sites were just saying, “Here’s who he dated in college and he’s on and off again with, but we don’t know if they’re together”.

So, to label these other women sluts or trash is out of line. Even if they HAD looked online, due to Ashley’s insistence of standing by her man and not commenting online, or apparently even to friends willing to comment to TMZ, these women would have found no current info, leaving AP to lie.

I’d assume the reason he doesn’t have much to do with the kids is at the insistence of his wife…not surprising. And not to give him an out, but recent studies with MRI imaging to actually watch our brains in action have shown that when men are aroused, the part of our brains that deal with logic and reasoning literally TURN OFF. Not at a handicap, not a deficit, not a predisposition to not thinking. STOPS WORKING. This doesn’t happen with women, and so it’s hard to explain what comes over us.

We’re still human not animals, it’s our responsibility to think and act better, but women will never understand it because you get hit on all your lives, never having to approach a dude. If your brains did what our brains do, you’d all have slept with 100+ guys.

So, as a rich guy, who’s in better shape than 99.9% of humans, who before he got famous never got the time of day, who is now relentlessly pursued by some of the most beautiful women in the world, and if they decide to get nasty and trigger our brains to shut down….It’s a disadvantage.

Doesn’t excuse it, because a RESPONSIBLE man figures this out after the first couple times, and then stops putting himself in that position.

The switch incident….I’d hardly call that brutal, he got hit in the genitals on accident. People bruise more easily than others, I picked my son up by the arms the other day playing and he got little bruises where my fingertips were.

How people want to discipline their children is their business until they’re actually BEATEN. The ONLY part of this punishment that made it illegal was that it left marks. Had he done something to prevent the marks, like made him wear thicker clothes, or not quite hit as hard, it’d been perfectly legal. That said, all current scientific research says it’s very detrimental to the psychology and personality of the children, and it should be a absolute last ditch effort in my opinion to spank a child.

With that said, in my opinion the circumstances that surrounded the incident don’t excuse the behavior but DO shed some light about why he did it.

Firstly, Adrian Jr, who is with his wife, is his favorite. It’s the only son he’s ever even photographed with, they actually were SHOWING that pic of him with Adrian Jr when the other son died.

Now, parents may say they don’t have a favorite, but it’s hard to argue when you don’t even SEE the others….maybe you still love them as much but if you did you’d stick up to your wife (who you hadn’t even married yet).

So, when an out of wedlock bastard child of yours does something like push your namesake off of one of those little ride on ponies in front of grocery stores, from a height of 3 or so feet and they’re 4, it could seriously injure them.

I don’t know what the dynamic between the two children has been, I know that the other child likely didn’t want to ACTUALLY cause serious injury. My thoughts are that he feels neglected by his father and is lashing out at his father’s prized son for attentions, ANY attention, good or bad.

I think that Adrian probably isn’t quite smart enough to put all that together, and basically sought to punish him the same way his parents did, and that a large part of America incorrectly believes is a more successful way to punish children.

I think AP didn’t know his own strength, and I think his anger go the best of him, and I think he DID probably regret it.

He’s what I call a hypochristian, a term which I’ve coined thanks to the abundance of Christians who hide behind their faith to rationalize that they’re good people due to cognitive dissonance.

He’s not a man of morals, or a man that God (who I don’t believe in but I’m talking about based on Biblical beliefs) would be proud of. Children out of wedlock, coveting others, greed, not doing unto others as he would like to him, etc.

I felt it was dishonest for him to allow the NFL to make this story up of a heartbroken dad pushing forward with work to keep from breaking apart, and not mention he hadn’t met him….

However, as far as the beaten deceased child is concerned, to me Adrian’s responsibility for the situation ends at the extra-relationship affair with the mom. This wasn’t a situation where she pursued him for support and he blew her off, even by her account. She didn’t even TELL him. That’s not Adrian’s fault.

Your demonisation of Adrian for not visiting the child despite having known about him for a whole 3 months shows your lack of knowledge with football players work schedules. The Patriots mantra for example is, “No Days Off” and they mean it. They get in at 5 AM watch tape, lift weights, practice till 5, “get off work” as far as not being required to stay later or attend more meetings, but then generally watch more film and study until 10 or 11 at night, or more.

There isn’t really an opportunity starting from spring training on to elimination from the playoffs, other than bye week, where you get a chance to get away. Looking at the date of his death, I doubt he could have made it to South Dakota. She could have gone to Minnesota, but there likely wasn’t urgency, nobody could foretell what would happen.

Lastly, you try to make some weak attempt and pinning the fact that the child’s mother got with the guy who beat the kid to death, based on the fact that Adrian wasn’t there for her.

People get with who they get with, my bet is she didn’t have a great family upbringing and herself doesn’t know what a good man is. She got with AP, questionable, and a bad guy in my opinion. Then she moved on to ANOTHER bad guy. Chances are before AP there was 20 other BAD guys, and now that her last man is in jail for good, she’ll end up with 50 other bad guys both from habit and guilt.

People may not know they want or need that attention, but there’s a reason people do it. I learned a long time ago not to bother rescuing women from bad guys, they inevitably just go back, or they move on to a carbon copy. Until they look inward and get help the cycle doesn’t change.

Danny on February 28, 2017 at 9:10 pm

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