October 9, 2005, - 1:00 pm

Absurd: Federal Agents’ Prez “Praises” ICE Princess, Disses Fellow Agents

Question: Why did Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association President Art Gordon diss the thousands of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents he purports to represent?
And why did he diss a courageous fellow officer of his organization and praise –the woman picked to head up ICE, who EVERYONE knows is ?
We wish we knew the answer.
Friday, Gordon wrote a letter to the editor in The Washington Times that dissed “the statements made by one FLEOA member regarding the nomination of Julie L. Myers [which] do not accurately represent the official position FLEOA has taken on this important nomination.”

Gordon: Out of Touch + Inept (Chertoff) = Completely Unqualified (ICE Princess)

That “one FLEOA member” is not just any federal agent. He’s Gordon’s fellow FLEOA officer, Matthew Issman–FLEOA’s National Legislative VP (a marked improvement over ICE Special Agent in Charge a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” who held that office in 2000). And ICE agents cheered on his comments in The Washington Times, with Issman questioning Myers’ qualifications. Issman is a career ICE agent, who knows what he’s talking about. Gordon is not (he works for ATF).
I’ve received many, many e-mail messages and communications from ICE agents, and NOT A SINGLE ONE has been in favor of Myers or in praise of her “credentials.” Clearly, Issman is in touch with the view of former Customs and INS agents who disagree on many things but are united in opposition to this career cronyatrix, the ICE princess in waiting. Gordon is not.
Gordon BS’ed as follows: “I believe there is great promise in her nomination. I now know that Mrs. Myers is acutely aware of the issues currently facing ICE, and I believe she possesses the necessary ability to deal with them.”
Puh-leeze. Gordon doesn’t believe any of this, and his ICE agent members definitely don’t. Even Myers (who, by the way, is “Mrs. Wood,” not “Mrs. Myers”) admitted in Senate hearings that she is NOT “acutely [or even mildly] aware of the issues currently facing ICE” and that she’d need constant hand-holding by the current incompetent leadership therein. On that, I believe her.
Questions for Gordon: What are Myers’ five strongest management credentials that have prepared her for such a high level management position? How many beats has she walked? How many investigations has she done? How many surveillances has she conducted? Does she even know how to use a firearm?
So what’s up with Gordon? Clearly, failed Homeland Security chief and guest-worker cheerleader Michael Chertoff (Myers’ former boss and now boss to her current husband) got to him. But Chertoff is not one of Gordon’s constituents. The thousands of ICE agents are.
He’s committing malpractice against them. As did the seven partisan Republicans who voted for the ICE Princess’ nomination in a committee hearing on Friday.
Gordon’s willingness to start a federal agent catfight over the ICE Princess is just a tad unseemly.
If the leader of the nation’s more than 23,000 federal agents doesn’t have any backbone, who does?
***UPDATE: I’m told by agents in the know that Gordon is no longer with the ATF, but is now with the TSA. I guess he needs to update his bio at the FLEOA website, which–at this time–still says he is with ATF.

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Please explain what difference it makes.
When the courts have made it impossible to perform your primary function all you can do is vamp until congress gets it’s shit straight – in other words, quite a while.

Walter E. Wallis on October 9, 2005 at 2:42 pm

There’s something else and when it rears its ugly head, we are all screwed. This is no longer America.

KOAJaps on October 9, 2005 at 11:42 pm

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