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12 Years a Slave: Racism, 2013, and My Beef with the Solomon Northup Movie

By Debbie Schlussel

12 Years a Slave,” in movie theaters today, is yet another movie about which I had mixed emotions. It’s an interesting story, the main character is a fine, admirable, and incredibly courageous man, and it’s based on a true story. But it appears to have been made for pure propaganda purposes, especially when we see what’s going on today in a culture that Solomon Northup–this movie’s protagonist–would probably abhor. But race-baiting is hip in our Obama/Kanye world.


Those who’ve looked into its historical accuracy say that this movie hews quite closely to the book of the same name, written by Solomon Northup, a free man from New York, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery for 12 years. However, the New York Times reports that many believe Northup embellished his story to tailor it to the former slave narrative from the time. It also reports that Northup’s book appears to have actually been written (and story embellished) by a White abolitionist with an agenda. We might have a hint of the movie’s own agenda when we note that one of the movie’s consultants is Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. (the man who accused the Cambridge police officer of being “raaaaacist!” for arresting him–and then they both had a beer with Obama, after he said the police “acted stupidly”).

My beef with this movie is that it was heavy-handed, and I feel like I’m being hit over the head with repeated two-by-fours of racism movies, when we have a Black President, Black reparations (affirmative action, minority set-asides, ObamaPhones, ObamaCare, welfare, etc.). This is like the fifth or sixth racism movie we’ve been subjected to this year, and that’s too bad, because this was probably the best by far of all of them . . . and the most honest in terms of historical accuracy and truth (maybe–read the New York Times link above).

There was the Jackie Robinson movie, which left out that he was a lifelong Republican (read my review), the lying, fraudulent “The Butler” movie (read my review), which made the Republican butler into some sort of anti-Reagan crusader he never was, a Nelson Mandela movie (or two), a Winnie Mandela movie (or two), and this. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head, and I’ve heard enough N-words uttered in these movies to last me several lifetimes. Ditto for the White on Black violence depicted over and over and over again. Yes, slavery happened, and racism is a part of American history. It is actually still practiced today in the Muslim world, and where are the movies about that?

But when will we see the movies about the current state of racism: Black racism against White people which I feel quite often, living as a White minority in a Black suburb where I grew up? (Just last night, two Black women at a movie theater threatened to beat and kill me, with the Black and White managers laughing at the racially-motivated incident and threatening to lock me up in the theater.) Where is the movie about murder for “Jogging While White” and assorted other racist crimes that occur every day in 2013 and don’t fit Hollywood’s preferred narrative on racism? When are we going to see the movies about how Black America itself has introduced a culture whose music (hip-hop/rap) and lifestyle encourages many fatherless children born to many women–with many of those children growing up hopeless, involved in drugs, and likely to commit crimes, especially if they are male?

These racism movies only serve to make Black Americans feel like they are still being oppressed, despite what they have achieved and who is Prez and so on. The movies only motivate more Black racism against the rest of us in America. There is nothing to resolve now, as far as issues present in this movie. That is the past. Slavery is long over. Sadly, I’ve spoken with many Blacks who still think they are slaves in America 2013, who still blame racism for everything that happens or doesn’t happen to them. Victimhood sells. Or Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be outta business. And Barack Obama would not be President.

I’m sure I’ll get the usual retorts from some readers that there are plenty of Holocaust movies, too, and I don’t get sick of those. Um, wrong. I reviewed just one Holocaust-related movie this year. And it was a documentary about Israelis who remained friends with Nazis after the War, despite the Holocaust. That’s something new. And the thing is–despite my maternal grandparents having survived the Holocaust, most of both sides of my family being wiped out in it, and my mother being born and subjected to a displaced persons camp in Bergen Belsen–I don’t ask for ObamaPhones, special treatment in university admissions and public hiring, welfare, and minority set-asides. And that’s despite the fact that the Holocaust was recent. Slavery happened long ago. While anti-Semitism is at its highest levels since the Holocaust, racism is at its lowest levels in White America. In fact, both anti-Semitism and racism–in poll after poll–are embraced most by one group: Black Americans. And the anti-Semitism is higher among wealthier, more educated Blacks.

But I digress. Now to the movie.

I cannot disregard the excellent acting by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays Solomon Northup, the free man who was sold into 12 years of slavery. Ejiofor, it should be noted, was born to Nigerian parents. So, none of his ancestors were victims of slavery in America. Northup was educated and a classical musician who played violin. He was upper class among free Black men and White ones, as well. I’m glad the movie shows that he did have White friends and allies (from New York) who were involved, after all, in freeing him from slavery. Unfortunately, that is a tiny, almost afterthought in the film. The one really good, anti-slavery man (Brad Pitt) is a Canadian.

We see Northup tricked by two men who say they perform in a circus and have a business opportunity for Northup to play in it. Instead, he was drugged, and wakes up in chains, and no one believes that he’s a free man. We see the indignities he must suffer as a slave, and the horrible things that happen. I could have done without the masturbation/sex scene at the beginning with another slave. Was this really necessary? We see the repeated violence against and torture of slaves. We see the disgusting things they are forced to do, sexually, as minstrels, as laborers, and otherwise. None of this is new. (Nor is the fact that there were free Black men in America at the time of slavery.) And it is depicted very forcefully.

The things I liked most about this movie are the smart things Solomon Northup did, such as making ink from blackberries, so he could secretly try to contact his family and friends in the North to seek his freedom. It reminds us that once Black Americans did value education and brilliance, and they taught themselves without affirmative action, set asides, favorable treatment, and the drug that is entitlements. There wasn’t much emphasis on this in the movie. And it reminded me, also, that there aren’t enough movies about the positive things educated Blacks have done, such as George Washington Carver’s many inventions, or the many Western towns developed and established by Blacks. Those movies would be inspirational. This just inspires more hate.

I hope this is the last of this kind of movie I’ll see. But I know it won’t be. As I said, America–particularly the minority “civil rights” community–loves victimhood. That’s what sells tickets. That’s America’s mentality today.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, you crackaz. I deserve it because, 150 years ago, a free man of my complexion was enslaved.

To me, that was the point of this movie. There can be no other.

Watch the trailer . . .

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61 Responses

Dead on the money review. I am NOT going to go see another hate whitey movie, no matter how good it is. If you wanna drown in ethnomasochistic guilt, go for it.

I am gonna say a prayer for Channon Christian and Christopehr Newsome and the tens of thousands of victims of black on white violence that the MSM ignores.

The sound of the incessant beatings, rapes and murders which leave whites crippled at the hands of blacks drowns out the noise of the propaganda.

chuck on October 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Or how about the brutal rape and beating death of Arkansas TV anchor Anne Pressly in her own bedroom by a black thug. Her face was so disfigured by the beating they had to use dental records to identify her.

    This would have been plastered on national news if the perp was white. Instead, the story was pretty much buried and finding a pic of the now-convicted black murderer is like finding a needle in a haystack:


    DS_ROCKS! on October 25, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    And the Newsome Christian murders cry out for a movie being produced. If you’ve ever seen interviews with Christian’s father, he’s clearly lost his mind. In one interview, he said that he knows it’s not right to carry this much hate, but he can’t help it. More heinous is that one of the convicted took the stand – against the advice of his lawyer – and did a play by play of his part in the multiple rapes of Christian as her father sat in the audience. These can all be viewed on youtube, and if you have high blood pressure, beware.

    One would think that, given the nature of the crime, it would have made national news, much like the Manson family murders of 1969. And one would like to believe that national news is – or should be – color blind to crime. On the surface, this appears not to be the case. I’ve never known the story to get beyond the local Knoxville news (and of course, numerous websites).

    There used to be a website called Ghetto Bragging Rights, which glorified these murders – as well as numerous other black on white crimes, mostly against blonde Caucasian women. The excuse for these crimes was that they were a form of reparations, seeing as these girls’ fathers are descendants of slave owners. Again, those with high blood pressure, beware!

    hallton on October 26, 2013 at 12:41 pm

You only have to look at the background of Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. (the adviser) to see what’s wrong these days. The guy rode the affirmative action train his whole life and now has a big job at Harvard, a paid for house, a huge salary, fame and acclaim and yet he is still a victim and this country is racist, bigoted, and no good according to him.
When is their an end to people’s excuses and professional victimhood ?? It’s not my fault that I was lazy, skipped school, and flunked out of school—it’s the MAN’s fault.

It’s all such BS and there is no other group in this country that has such an entitlement mentality as the “african american” community. I’m so sick of it and it’s time for that crap to end and for everyone to be treated equally—-period !!

jimmyPx on October 25, 2013 at 2:38 pm

And this whole factor of black racism and Jew-hatred that Debbie brought up – combined with incessant attacks against police departments all across the country – has had the deleterious effect of bringing the national crime rate back upwards after years of decline. And the Democrats of today – sympathizers of criminal thugs, and many in the Congressional “Black” Caucus[sic] aligned with the New Black Panthers and other such groups – are not like the Democrats of 20 years ago where, scared of being labeled “soft on crime,” they gladly signed on to such tough measures as “three strikes” and so forth. Today’s motley crew of “donks” couldn’t care less about those who call them out on their criminal (and Islamic terrorist) sympathies. One such rogue being New York’s Bill De Blasio.

ConcernedPatriot on October 25, 2013 at 2:42 pm

One of the things that exacerbates all of this is that the 50th anniversaries of all the civil rights events of the 60s are taking place now, helping to set the climate for these types of movies. Will this happen with every victim group? The 50th anniversary of all the women’s events will be coming up in the next few years.

I generally don’t watch movies made after 1960, with very rare exceptions. The only thing that I don’t get to see are the vomiting and masturbation scenes. I guess John Wayne, Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck and Carole Lombard were able to come across effectively without them. Even the Communist propagandists of that era were, in general, a little more subtle than the garbage being made today (with a few exceptions such as North Star and Mission to Moscow.)

It is well known that in that era, the major movie studios took marching orders, both for left wing and, to some extent, right wing films from the Government with many of the movies. It would be naive to think that this is no longer happening. We just don’t hear too much about it, but I suspect there is White House collaboration in some of the racial movies coming out today.

Little Al on October 25, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    I’ve seen literally hundreds of Hollywood movies of pre-1960 vintage. I’m sorry, but most of them just weren’t very good. And many were really bad. The Europeans were well ahead of us back then. By contrast, I can think of at least 100 Hollywood films worth savoring from the last 10 years alone.

    Seek on October 25, 2013 at 10:12 pm

      If you read my comment a little more carefully, you will see that I did not limit myself to ‘Hollywood’ movies — I didn’t even mention that term, although the examples of actors and actresses that I gave were all American. I guess it depends whether you prefer the snobbism and departure from reality of many of the Weimar movies over the realism and down-to-earth character of the ‘Hollywood’ movies. Some of the Hollywood movies of that era are considered superb.

      Of course their politics were more conservative than those of many of the European movies. But the ability to identify with average Americans was considered a flaw by the stuffed-shirt elite.

      Little Al on October 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm

      And, of course, during the 1930s and certainly by the 40s, much of Europe descended into barbarism. I really don’t see how someone can just cherry-pick one short period in Europe and compare that with the U.S. as a whole. Germany includes not only the 20s, but the 30s as well. And Russia includes all the socialist realism trash as well as outright propaganda like Potemkin.

      Many of the Europeans involved with film during the 20s came to the U.S. during the 30s. Did their artistic quality magically plummet when they came here? Of course some of them fled the country during the late 40s when they were asked to say they were loyal to the United States which had sheltered them from fascism and probable death. Too much to ask for their gratitude.

      Little Al on October 26, 2013 at 2:43 pm

“Northup embellished his story to tailor it to the former slave narrative from the time.”
Of Course he did, who’s narrative matters? Certainly not the slave masters. This critism is pointless.

“Black reparations (affirmative action, minority set-asides, ObamaPhones, ObamaCare, welfare, etc.”
Another bad written critisim, Obamacare = black reparations? Last time I checked, Obamacare is for the nation, regardless how bad of a written law it is, it isn’t just the negro health care plan, affirmative action is passe, no one applies that crap anymore, well not to blacks, we know stats say women benefit from that the most, not the negro.

“It reminds us that once Black Americans did value education and brilliance, and they taught themselves without affirmative action, set asides, favorable treatment, and the drug that is entitlements.”
—now this is on point. One of the worst things that happen to the negro was the great society bullshit, the worst drug on the planet is welfare, worse than any opiate.

Big D on October 25, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    “Another bad [sic] written critisim, [sic] Obamacare = black reparations? Last time I checked, Obamacare is [sic] for the nation, regardless how bad of a written law it is, [sic]..”

    Actually, Big D, Obamacare’s ostensible main purpose was to cover the uninsured, who were and are disproportionately black.

    skzion on October 27, 2013 at 12:15 pm

      “This movie just inspires hate”. From WHO exactly? Are you telling black people what they think? Instead, why not actually ASK some black people of different backgrounds/outlooks what they thought of the movie? Rather than emotionally venting via the faceless media of the internet.

      Brutus on March 5, 2014 at 7:00 pm

I had to read “12 Years a Slave” years ago in high school and it was astounding. Solomon Northup went through something that is unimaginable…he was a free man who was taken into slavery and remained in bondage in Louisiana for 12 years under various owners. The fact that the first thing he wanted to do when he regained his freedom was to rejoin his wife and children was inspiring and very cool (take note, modern black families!!!)

And the fascinating thing about the book was that he seemed to come through all of this without any hatred or bitterness. He did however, sue the two men who kidnapped him, but because of a DC law that prohibited blacks from testifying against whites, the two kidnappers could not be convicted and were released. But because of him, New York passed a law that aided in the recovery of free blacks who were kidnapped and sold into slavery.

If this movie stays true to the book, it will be a tough movie to watch. And if it stays true to the book, it should not be a story about victimhood, but about retaining your humanity and dignity no matter what the circumstances and overcoming those circumstances (even if it takes 12 years!). Chiwetel Ejiofor alone is worth watching in action on screen. You’re right Debbie…he is an excellent actor! And I’m glad he was chosen to play Solomon Northup, who to me is an American hero.

DTrain on October 25, 2013 at 4:06 pm

Plus the 24 year-old white math teacher who just had her thoat slit from ear to ear and murdered by a 6′ 2″ black teenager in Massachusetts.

Anyway, I just cannot take another blacks-as-victims movie when today’s reality is so overwhelmingly the reverse. Sorry, I just cannot take it anymore.

Rocky on October 25, 2013 at 7:26 pm

This is spot on, I’m with Debbie 100% on this statement
“And it reminded me, also, that there aren’t enough movies about the positive things educated Blacks have done, such as George Washington Carver’s many inventions, or the many Western towns developed and established by Blacks. Those movies would be inspirational. This just inspires more hate.”

Personally I don’t watch any of these movies, I refuse. Have never watched Amistad, The Help, Django, The Butler, etc and I won’t, ever either, that is for certain. When these writers/producers start making up to date movies instead of harping on what was, then and only then will I watch.

Big D on October 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Big D, remember that “Golden Age” of Black cinema during the 1990’s and early 2000’s (nicknamed “The BUPPIE Films). Movies like Love Jones, Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, The Best Man, Eve’s Bayou, The Wood, and several others. These movies featured many black cultural idioms (like Lovejones featuring Larenz Tate playing that Charlie Parker LP trying to impress Nia Long, or the little girl in Eve’s Bayou going to a voodoo priestess to put a spell on her cheating father in Eve’s Bayou), but they didn’t overtly focus on race and racial issues. You left out of the theater feeling good about love, life etc. (and if you had a date, it set the right vibe for a good night!). Those kind of films have not been duplicated (with the possible exception of “Think Like a Man”). Those were the days!

    DTrain on October 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Seriously, Debbie, again?!?!?!!!! Just like in the Meijer store?!?!!! Anyone see Thomas Sowell’s three part article on race at Townhall yesterday? Maybe it was done over a period of time, but a friend sent it to me yesterday. Some of Debbie’s commentary here sounds a lot like Sowell’s article. And Sowell’s article reminded me of first being exposed to black hatred of whites at age 4, when I was living in the projects on West 125th St.

But this blog is about a movie review, and I was called a racist and nearly hounded off a web site over a decade ago for even bringing up the supposition that there is such a thing as collective black on white hatred. I was excoriated by exclusively white people for mentioning those experiences, and ONLY two black dudes, whom I developed an off site relationship with to THIS day, contacted me privately and in a gentlemanly fashion, with TRUE discussion.

On site, I was told that it was just INDIVIDUAL blacks who did those things to me between 1960-1970, the height of those experiences. Problem is, those experiences have begun to happen again, since about 1995, increasingly so.

But I’m glad to hear that the gentleman depicted in this movie carried himself with class and dignity, despite his excruciating hardships. And I’m always glad to see ANY mention of George Washington Carver anywhere. We learned a lot about him in the NYC public school system when I was young. A fascinating, incredibly intelligent and quietly dynamic personality, still affecting our lives today, in myriad ways. I wish someone would do a movie about him, and bring back a deep education about GWC to the American classroom. We could all learn a lot from his story.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 25, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Hey BigD, how ya doin’? I just reread yours and DTrain’s comments again, and what’s this?

“. . . worse than any opiate.” ?!?!?!!!! I sure hope that library card of yours has a razor edge on it. Some folks in your ‘hood might not like that remark. ROTFLMAO!!!

Careful out there, it’s not easy being the leader of a movement, seriously. That’s like walking through Harlem and saying negative things about Charlie Rangel.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 25, 2013 at 11:46 pm

One correction to this informative article. Barack Obama is not a Black President. He is a multi-racial President as he had a black father and a white mother. To his advantage he looks black and has used that to progress at the expense of the racist affirmative action program. Whatever happened to just wanting to be an American!

Fred Myers on October 26, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Although this isn’t the movie topic, I just wanted to remind you that unless they are African immigrants or the children of African immigrants, ALL people in the United States who identify themselves as “black” are actually mixed-race. Scientists say pure African genetic strains among “black” Americans disappeared in the 1950’s. A whole lot of different skin tones and genetic variations fit under the term “black”, so Pres. Obama is just as “black” as anyone else who claims to be.

    But I believe your concern fits the movie. Solomon Northup wanted to live the life of a free American, but the times and very treacherous men didn’t allow him to do so.

    DTrain on October 26, 2013 at 6:04 pm

DTrain, Yes I do, just normal everyday themes, I get exhausted by these films that just dwell on the past, I refuse to watch, who wants to leave out of a movie, angry, mean muggin’ your neighbor, lol, thats all those movies do to me, and i don’t like it.

Big D on October 26, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Same here Big D. I generally try to stay away from any movie or other entertainment that will leave me in a pissed off crummy mood or tempt me to even temporarily hate someone just because of the color of their skin. Although the book was powerful, I’m really torn on whether to go see it. It’s one thing to read what happened…some things you just don’t want to see on the big screen.

    I remember when I saw “Black Hawk Down”, I was the only black person in the crowded theater. Before the movie started, I was laughing and joking with my fellow movie-goers around me. After the movie was over and the lights came up, the same people I was joking with before were now mean-muggin’ me! I felt like throwing up my hands and saying, “Hey, I may be skinny but I’m not Somali!” LOL!!! Movies really can affect folks….

    DTrain on October 26, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Yes, movies really can affect folks. Leaving the theater in 1976, after seeing Mandingo, I wanted all white people on earth to die. I was a big Ken Norton fan, and couldn’t stand to see him getting repeatedly stabbed with the pitchfork in the giant pot of boiling water. Hollywood and governments, but I repeat myself (LOL!!!) take advantage of that.

Perspective is hard to come by, in both free and totalitarian societies. That’s why we need God to come back and set us all straight. Oh wait, was that a discriminatory remark? Set us all “straight.” What if we don’t want to be straight? ROTFLMAO!!!

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 26, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Sorry to bring this up, but, Reparations will get dredged up again.

Sal on October 26, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Reparations don’t need to get dredged up, they’re already here, plenty of ’em. They’re almost as common as . . .

GAAAAAASSSSSSSSSP!!! Peanuts at football games.


I just keep shaking my head at BigD’s statement about welfare being a more dangerous drug than opiates. How is it when so many people of my parents generation, the so-called “Greatest Generation,” who voted for FDR and thought the welfare state was SO divine, I repeat, how is it that someone, especially a young black man in modern America, gets such a mindset? BigD’s parents raised him right, and he kept the faith.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 26, 2013 at 6:59 pm

Well, I’m not at all interested in this movie. I hear and see enough anti-white propaganda now. The past is what it is, can’t be changed. Every Sunday during NFL season you see anti-white propaganda . Whites are constantly being made fun of during games, the sports media will not report it. Black players berade the whites and call them racial names and such. But that’s life in sports. College basketball and college football are going through simular anti-white “missions”. Don’t think we will ever see a movie that tells of the anti-white movement by the black community and the truth of how black slavery was nothing compared to white slavery years ago in other lands. Those in control wont allow it.

William on October 26, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Have you seen that direct tv commercial with the hillbilly family all dirty and bad teeth. Can you imagine seeing a similar commercial using a black family dirty with bad teeth?

    sal on October 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm

I can’t improve on DS’ review. She hit every mark. As she usually does. I’m with her.

But I will be bold in my opinion.

I dread a movie like this released at this time because I feel it bolsters the Black demographic who are destroying their own “culture” and some whites (and non-Blacks…) will be innocent victims to the ignorance of thug Blacks empowered by this flick that they are being held down by “the man”.. It happens more than ever now and I despise it.

Shelby Steele covered the ‘secret weapon’ many Blacks use and know of but rarely cop to (other than each other…)…that they have it made these days because many Blacks KNOW many, many whites will let them get away with their de-classe nonsense BECAUSE they don’t wanna be seen as raaaaaaacist. It’s high time Whites (and other non-Blacks) stop giving them this secret weapon. They don’t deserve it and it’s a nasty and sly trick

I’d never see this film in an audience full of ignorant Blacks because what happened to DS would happen to me as well. Sorry, I like to be able to enjoy my films. I’d watch it ANYDAY with an ArtHouse full of Libtard geeks than big-mouthed ghetto trash. The film will just empower their ignorance. I’ll Netflix this or see it where the General Public can’t bug me. I don’t know how DS weather’s that type of racism. This is the second incident in like 2 months!

I had to LOLOL at Seek being soooooo protective of his films. It’s his thing I reckon but I enjoy my films whether they have no approval or mass approval. I don’t need 99 Billion peeps to like it to bolster my opinion. I couldn’t give 2 sh**s!

Skunky on October 26, 2013 at 9:24 pm

Sorry but after working security for a movie theater in a black area,I’ve come to realize this show will have several shootings and stabbings inside and outside the multiplexes. Stomp the yard movies are also very popular to mess around in the lots when young unsupervised youths are involved.
I won’t be going to the show for a bit until the rowdies are done screwing around and making the movies a problem to enjoy. Thanks for the unity everyone.
Gates being a consultant is all I needed to hear. Not for me. He acted stupidly.

samurai on October 27, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Blacks and native Americans could kill 10 white ppl a day for the next
100 years and it would pale on comparison to what
White supremacist slave trading scum did for over 400
Years to men, women, and children. Often raping the women
And the very children they bore with them. In fact blacks were
Still being lynched for sport well into the 1960’s.

For you to make this an Obama – liberal conversation
Is disgusting. For you to think welfare (which more whites
Are on In this country) is some sort of tool that levelS
The playing field and makes up for the torture
Murder, rape and forced incest, mutilation and the very tearing
Of babies from the wombs of female slaves makes me want to
Vomit …

However I’ll go to bed tonight and sleep like a baby
Because your deep seated hatred for blacks is pure
Jealousy and misplaced admiration. You and your kind
Couldn’t break us an couldn’t kill us 400 years ago
And with all the traps you set for us by placing your guns
And drugs and disease into our communities we will be here another
400 years while the white race has the lowest
Birth rates in the USA and are being over run by
The Hispanics from neighboring countries.

Perhaps it’s natures way of providing a just payback
But your kind is dying and I’m relieved that
Within 4-5 generations from now mankind will be
Rid of your kind. Asia will be the military super power
And you will kissing the ass of Muslims for fuel for many many
Years to come …

John on October 27, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Y’know “JOHN,” I normally leave people like you in The Lord’s hands. There’s nothing to respond to, and no real way to respond. But I’m going to give it a try.

(i) Debbie has nearly been assaulted and killed by black people twice in the past couple of months, so you may live to see your wish of 10 white muhfukkiz killed by black people every second of every day for the next 1,000 years. But then, this web site would cease to exist, and you’d have no place to come and play, right? Then again, you probably have this cute little “poem” of yours already in Word, or is it Werd, and you have 99 other web sites you also post your brilliance to.;

(ii) Get rid of the honky name. “John” is unbecoming of a proud black man. Try Hakim, Ahmed or Khalid, something like that. No reason to carry a honky white muhfukkin SLAVE name around, right?;

(iii) If you get your wish, and believe me, I KNOW the worst time of trouble in the history of the human race IS coming, but believe me, blacks will not be the “favored” people when it does come. Not hoping for it, just passing along some information. YOU will have a SHORT time and be on a LONG list of people murdered in cold blood by the horrifying regimes that will take over the world. And that’s a shame, not just that blacks will be persecuted worse than ever, but that time and what it portends.

Have a nice time watching the rest of Packers-Vikings.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 27, 2013 at 9:50 pm

@ John, America has heard that argument many many times over “there are more white people on welfare, blah blah blah”
Even though numerically true, its flawed because, there are more whites in America, stop repeating what you heard and think first. I hate hearing that argument, like its suppose to justify, sloth. Just lame!

@ Alfredo, I also believe that welfare was not created out of benevolence. It was created to do exactly what it has done in the ghetto, make fiends, zap motivation, to completely undermind and usurp any independence on a large scale. Simple Logic tells you that releasing an un-lettered people, un-educated-unskilled people on society and then just throw sht at them in the form of entitlements would be detrimental to their will.

Big D on October 27, 2013 at 11:57 pm

BigD, not just black Americans, but everyone could take lessons in class from you. Why do I say that?

First, you are a black man, and could use a lot of excuses to conduct yourself in a way far different from what you do around here.

Second, I have seen you criticized for your writing style, called names, including by people I happen to like around here, as I do you, and all I have seen from you is thoughtful discussion. You do not take bait, you do not, at least to my knowledge, resort to treating people the same way I have seen you treated, you put forth your points boldly and in articulate enough fashion for me to glean the most important aspects of what you say.

Lastly, you are articulate with courage. Any black person who expounds on the ideals you do automatically sets themselves up for excoriation from all directions. You see the trolls we get here. I’m surprised that that National Action Network and Nation Of Islam hasn’t sent people here to scream bloody murder at you. Anyone like you who even mentions an ATTEMPT to form an organization based on the principles you discuss has a lot of class, dignity, and obviously personal power.

Trolls, blacks, whites, whatever color(s) you are, take note of the way BigD conducts himself. At least in my ten months here, that’s what I’ve seen. Class. And I’ve been on a BUNCH of web sites over the past 13 1/2 years, and seen a lot of scumbags, internet tough guys, and just plain classless people.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 28, 2013 at 12:23 am

    I appreciate the kind words.

    Big D on October 28, 2013 at 7:05 pm

For nearly 300 years, United States citizens, citizens of a country founded on the concept of freedom, legally bought and sold human beings and based whole sections of their economy on it. That is bound to have lasting effects on a nation. A few other observations on this:

1.) Judging from the responses above, it is fascinating to watch how volatile the issue of slavery still is.
2.) It’s sad that because of today’s poisonous racial and political atmosphere, a major part of American history cannot even be put on film without eliciting some very angrey responses and accusations.
3.) This issue is still so tense that not ONE major Black filmmaker in the United States has ever made a film dealing with slavery. Quentin Tarentino, who made a spagetti western cartoon version of slavery with Django, is white, and Steve McQueen, the director of “12 Days A Slave”, is from Britain.
4.) But I can understand why no American black filmaker has touched the issue of slavery. It’s something most black folks don’t talk about out side of media and academic circles. My late great grandmother was born on the same plantation where her parents were slaves. When I ask her what her parents told her about slavery, she said “Nothing. They never talked about it.” And I run into the same issue with friends of mine who had elderly relatives who knew people who had been slaves. They didn’t want to talk about it at all. Even growing up, slavery was never discussed in my house. It was bad period of time people back then wanted to forget.
5. I think it is no accident of history that all of the former powerful slave-trading nations now have a neglible presence on the world scene (Spain, Portugal, etc. even England). And nearly all of the places in Western African where tribes sold captured people into slavery are now in civil war and squalor. God is not mocked…we sow what we reap. I only hope God has a special plan for the United States so we don’t fast become a nation falling in influence.

DTrain on October 28, 2013 at 11:41 am

Very well put, DTrain, and quite interesting. With regard to God, the United States, etc., he has a special plan for everyone. But the United States will indeed fall first, and the entire human race will be plunged in to extreme darkness and worldwide slavery for a brief, but horrifying period.

And I’m not trying to make an equation here, but your conversations with people who were actually touched, or very close to those touched by slavery, reminded me of something. People who went through horror don’t like to talk about it. I mean true horror, like slavery or terrifying combat conditions. It’s the same with people who saw combat in WWII, Korea or Vietnam. They don’t like to talk about it, especially the WWII vets.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on October 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Alfredo, that is an excellent point! I pray that the United States always stay strong, because the world without America would indeed be a terrible place!

    You also made an excellent point about how people react towards a horrific experience and I never thought about it like that. Because my friends and I all ran into that some roadblock when we talked to our elderly relatives. They all told us that those they knew who actually experienced slavery rarely if ever talked about it. Your vet analogy hit home, because my father was a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, and it was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about it. He finaally told us that at least 70% of his ROTC class from Tuskegee Institute were KIA in the Korean War, so he didn’t like to talk about it at all….

    DTrain on October 28, 2013 at 1:32 pm

As usual Debbie is in denial and is unable to accept the reality about white racism then or now in our nation.She inserts her “holocaust’ card for some reason but it has no currency anymore certainly not in the context of a fictional film and movie review.

I am sure she will whisper the Yiddish n-word to her peers about me that is how she deflects and makes excuses for her bigotry.

Debbie clearly has the pathological wounds of white racism in her cultural dna..The stench is present even on this site.


Greg Thrasher on October 29, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    Is this the same GT?

    “Right here..Right now….We must save ourselves from each other …..This is where our lives must change ..Right where YOU are when YOU read this…Reach Out and help our community navigate to a new promise [sic] land.
    Navigating though hopelessness not alone but together in a Occupy movement near you…Right Here……Right Now

    Respectfully Submitted
    Greg Thrasher
    Washington DC

    skzion on October 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm

      Yep … Alive and In Color

      Greg Thrasher on November 11, 2013 at 8:53 pm

12 Years a Slave: Racism, 2013, and My Beef with the Solomon Northup Movie

Best zi xiu tang site Review on November 1, 2013 at 4:53 am

I watched this movie and this review is spot on. If it were not for today’s race-flaming and the trendy white guilt, this would have been a good movie. It’s not a bad thing to show people the horrors of slavery now and then (even if you DO seem to somehow “forget” that there were actually WHITE slaves too and that actually ended a few years AFTER black slavery), but when you have to read, and hear, everyday about how if you’re white you should apologize, its so dang frustrating. If you have ANY view other than a modern-liberal view, then that view is obviously racist. No matter what it is. If you don’t like Obama cause he is destroying this country, then nope- it’s really that you don’t like him cause you’re racist. If you believe in the 2nt amnt cause you believe in human rights to defend one’s self, then nope- you like the 2n amnd cause you’re racist. You don’t like this welfare state? You’re racist. You feel that the evidence of that Travon Martin was a thug and attacked Zimmerman to cause him to shoot in S/D? You’re just a racist. What is sad, yet comical to me is that his movie will probably kill hundreds of white people before this year ends because of violent thugs seeing this movie and wanting revenge on whitey. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these thugs actually admit it. And if it DOES happen, you’ll still have the libby’s coming after the “ar15” (which only kills MAYBE a handful of people each year- if that)- but they will come for them to “keep us safe” of course- they care so much about us and NEVER forget that because if you do, and you call them out on their faults, you’re just a racist and you’re family prolly owned slaves 150 yrs ago.

James Roberts on November 12, 2013 at 11:57 pm

your bias in this essay is overwhelming. you possess the ability to jump from slavery to the holocaust to “jogging while white” all within a few hundred words. impressive

marcus on November 17, 2013 at 3:22 am


poop on December 6, 2013 at 6:10 pm

That you would write this:

“Gimme, gimme, gimme, you crackaz. I deserve it because, 150 years ago, a free man of my complexion was enslaved.

To me, that was the point of this movie. There can be no other.”

is precisely why movies like this are relevant and necessary and valuable.

It saddens me deeply that you are so deeply entrenched in your own nonsense that you cannot feel the empathy and humanity of this tragic story.

What a small heart you must have on January 1, 2014 at 5:16 am

Dear Debbie,
I was wondering what was the point of the masturbation scene also, however, that’s where the consensus ends, because all of your preceding and subsequent comments were very insensitive and hate-filled. As a therapist, I understand that nothing happens in a vacuum and that every action we take creates a future reaction. Like the Holocaust, any action motivated by hate will have consequences but the duration depends on the length and extent of the act. Slavery lasted nearly 400 years and the suffering that was endured didn’t end immediately, rather, sharecropping, Jim Crow laws, etc. were implemented to maintain oppression. Such oppression gets into the DNA of the offsprings and becomes the rule, not exception. Studies show that children born to stressful environments are more prone to hypervigilance which leads to higher cortisol levels, which drains one’s autonomic nervous system. Genetically, this can not be good for generations of children born into such an environment. Pain is pain, and wrong is wrong. To compare the sufferings of anyone to another is morally and ethically wrong. The Holocaust was wrong and my heart bleeds for those who suffered til this day and the same for slavery, women, tribes in Africa, the Native Americans, etc. In the future, do your research before you spread your hate-filled opinions! Crime happens every day irrespective of race! Let’s not focus on those committed by blacks b/c all races commit heinous crimes especially against women everyday! Last, let’s not forget how many mass killings occur in the U.S. every year by white serial killers because they were bullied or mistreated by their parents! Imagine if they had to spend a day in the life of a slave, they would have probably killed every white person when given the opportunity! Blacks are a lot more forgiving and rather internalize their hate which translates into more black on black crime vs. hate towards whites! You are just fostering more of the fear that so many whites have that if the shoe was on the other foot, we would do the same! But no worries, most blacks are too busy bringing each other down to ever bother a white person. So please, crawl back into hate-filled hole you came from and fester!

Cynthia Oladapo on January 4, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Dear Debbie,

My first thought as I read your critique of the film was, “where is the critique” and second, “you are some prejudiced, bigot”. Appalling that you consider, The Affordable Care Act and Affirmative action as black reparations. So in your humble opinion then I guess Jim Crow Laws/lynchings/lack of justice are part of this sweet black reparations package deal. Funny how white americans are so quick to rush through this section of history, except for the northern white heroes that fought against the evil southerns that ended slavery. I agree with Cynthia, we do have spiritual DNA that stays in us for generations. 400 years in this nations history blacks have been oppressed. That is a lot of pain and anger to dissipate but it won’t go without real dialogue, conversely the attitude of position and superiority held by whites will remain unless dialogue occurs. The plight of blacks in this country is a reminder that freedom isn’t free and freedom just does not mean limitless physical freedom of movement. We (Americans) must free our minds and souls from this bondage of guilt and anger.

Leamon Gill on January 8, 2014 at 8:05 pm

I can’t read past the part where you call affirmative action (the majority beneficiaries being white women and I’m shocked that a white woman doesn’t know this), welfare (majority beneficiaries being white people)and other poor people benefits “black reparations,” because it’s a huge advertisement of your lack of knowledge. So sorry, can’t finish the article, because your bias shows through, regardless of how chirpy you try to sound.

Dina Lee on January 13, 2014 at 2:16 pm

You Debbie Schlussel is a bigoted, racist, bitch. Your illogical review reaks of your deep seated hate for the black people. You hate everything black. You are biased and if left to your vise you will behave like Sarah Paulson in the film. A mute spectator, enjoying, vengeful, wishing slavery would have never ended so that a black man would never be a President.

Your thoughts are written in BOLD for all to read.

Jack Longman on January 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm

This review is woefully one-sided. American slavery is a nuanced and complicated subject with constant implications in today’s world. This is a feature film, nothing more, and though it condemns slave ownership, it depicts several white men as not only merciful and noble, but intelligent and of character far outstripping the status quo. To lump 12 Years a Slave in with Mandela movies is quite short-sighted. Different circumstances, different countries, different centuries. Before you belittle our half black president by attributing his achievements to the advantages of “victim hood”, make an effort to objectively look at the success of black men and women in America. Are you saying none have earned their achievements by themselves? The scope of these issues and black progress is far greater than that of your off-handed comments. I urge you to more carefully evaluate your own ignorant and biased outlook on race movies themselves.

Mixed Race American Woman on January 26, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Debbie you are racist with deep hate for people of color. I would recommend some Yoga.

Christian on January 30, 2014 at 11:08 pm

12 Years A Slave is a very important film and the fact that the writer views it as some kind of affirmative action agenda is as insulting as it is misinformed. Many historians would argue that the US have never come to terms with her slavery past. There are hate filled despots like yourself who believe that some kind of Zionist plot has been advanced on Western civilization since the awful specter of the Holocaust. Those people and yourself, do not deserve a voice in such a civilised society.

Johnny McCann on February 6, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I am a black woman and I must agree with one point in your post…..I am sick and tired of movies that perpetuate racism. I’m so glad Chiwetel Ejiofor has one the BAFTA for his awesome portrayal of Solomon Northrup, but my GOD can we please see a black actor in something other than a slave movie or a movie about maids??? Can a black person be in a mainstream Hollywood film without it being about oppression?? Or can there be at least a balance?

What I’ve come to realize is that hollywood is using these films to continue to remind us of our victimhood…..and the subtle messages it sends do more damage to both whites and blacks that we realize.

However, my agreement with you stops there. The rest of your article is completely and utterly racist. Many whites are quite embarrassed of their ancestors…..but instead of being apologetic you scream “get over it!” I mean c’mon…..someone has commented on this post that their great great grandparents were slaves….meaning she could have probably met them in her lifetime! Slavery did not end THAT long ago. 400 years of DEEP oppression where blacks were treated worse than animals and you expect it to “go away”? It may take the next 400 years for this nation to completely heal. Please read a book called “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” by author Dr. Joy Leary.

A recent study revealed that 70% of whites are unconsciously racist….. and are COMPLETELY unaware of their white privilege.

This is not an excuse for black on white crime but really…..people of ALL colors and races commit crimes!!! And kill each other! For every crime against a white person….there are probably 10 against a black or other person of color.

I’m so sorry you were threatened at the movie theatre…. but at least you weren’t given the same treatment as Megan Williams. Oh you know her….the black girl kidnapped by 6 white people, who proceeded to rape and torture her for days all because she was black. hmmmm….

P.S. PLEASE stop calling OBAMA black. He is not. He is MIXED RACE. Oh….wait a minute I forgot we are still going by the “one drop” rule here in this country. MY BAD

alynne on February 18, 2014 at 11:37 pm

I will encourage any self-respecting black american to know that these movies are there to remind what happened to their forefathers.
They suffered cruelty beyond any imagination,the bigoted and uninformed are just ignorant but these things happened!

Timothy on February 28, 2014 at 8:05 pm


w on March 3, 2014 at 11:22 pm

This article is so depressing that it makes me cry. What you fail to understand is that African Americans have had to claw and come up for everything they’ve received thus far and will continue to until WE as human beings stop looking at people by the color of their skin first.

You will never understand what it means to be black and be followed in a store even though you’ve never stolen a thing in your life. To have people treat you differently because they’re surprised by the fact that you speak intelligently or that you have manners. You don’t know how it feels when you are truly a minority.

I don’t care if a white kills a black or black kills a white, it is ALL horrible when a life is taken. You making it all about race just emphasizes this disgusting stereotype towards whites and blacks while discriminating e many other races because you don’t even bother to think of them as significant at all to comment about them.

You give us president Obama because his father was black! but do you forget that his mother is white? Or does it not matter because of the old adage that if you’re born with 1% black blood in you, you’re considered black?

By reading this article, you’re telling me you really despise black people, and I bet that it shows in your life throughout, but you mask it as you feeling like a minority because you get a taste of what some of us feel like every day. Alienated, let down, maybe even a little guilty which you shouldn’t.

Do you think I like that fact that black people are known for being thugs and being uneducated? Or when they are educated, you come up with some flaw like it was a fluke. God forbid let a black person have money. You act as though they couldn’t possibly work hard for it, like there was a white hand in helping them get that way? That it was handed to them? That they didn’t work for it?

You can’t honestly tell me you believe every white person earned their money the right way. Go back to Rockefeller and tell me his hands were clean?

There’s not one movie that talks about a historical event that is truthful black or white. Every history book is full of stories told by those who were in charge and I believe whole heartedly that there are blatant lies laced in the broad truth.

You don’t like these movies because they promote racism against whites? I bet you believe Columbus to be a hero as well? It’s been alright for older movies to do blackface and make white people to look like a charicatures, but now that black people are telling their stories in their own way, it’s bad. It’s reverse racism. That’s amazing how that happens.

You know what I see when I watch a movie like 42? I see a man who loved to play baseball and worked hard to play in the majors. It didn’t make me want to go out and slap a white person and say “Give me reparations!” If you feel every black person comes out of these movies feeling hatred towards white people, you’ve missed the whole point.

You don’t know, and you never will just as I will never know what it’s like to be a white person, but what I do know is that I will continue to over come people like you with your skewed thoughts and prove you wrong. Hopefully, by doing so, change you’re thoughts on how you feel about my race as a whole because I don’t dislike you. I feel sorry for you. I wish you all the happiness in the world. God bless and take care.

Amber on March 4, 2014 at 1:10 am

I don’t think I have ever read a movie critique so and little bit of back ended critique in complimenting the film then switching to saying you are tired of watching films about slavery because they ‘white-hating films”. I am sorry but I just do not agree with you. For your information many films about racism and slavery have been made before Obama and Kanye. Do your research! Maybe none as dark and real as “12 Years A Slave” but do not blame hollywood for telling a story. You can start by blaming people for not knowing their history. If you believe that slavery movies are films that make blacks hate white people. then do not watch! If hollywood wants to make money making films about slavery. oh well. but do not blame African Americans who have long suffered this tragic period in history and still living with it today .. it is called MENTAL slavery. Whether or not hollywood wants to make films about racism and slavery, it still does not change what has happened. Slavery is considered a part of you’re a and our history as a citizen of this country.

Yes slavery did happen a long time ago. But we are not far from it apparently if it still goes on in the world today. It is no different. The story will be told over and over again for years in hollywood because it is not just ONE story, there are many stories. It is insulting and quite ignorant to believe that a hollywood film could be the reason why blacks do not like whites. If you can not watch a film that portrays the TRUTH, then you should not watch it. As an African American, I have watched all the racism and slavery films this past year.. (the help, the butler, mandela etc) and even from years before and has not made me hate any race, but a true reminder of how far we come, how strong we are and how much further we need to go.

Alayah on March 10, 2014 at 2:59 am

It’s refreshing to see that I’m not the only person who is sick and tired of “white devil” movies that accomplish nothing but stirring up racial hatred…specifically blacks against whites. I think this garbage started back in 1977 with Roots, another highly fictionalized “true” story designed to portray whites as hate-filled bigots whose sole pleasure in life was to inflict as much pain and suffering on blacks as possible.
We will never see movies realistically depicting black on white crime, black racism, or anything of the like. The condition of our country sickens me, and I believe it will get far worse before it’s all over.

Michael on June 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Oh shut up you stupid racist bitch. And tell your racist little supporters to shut up as well. If you don’t like the subject matter of a film then don’t watch it. Simple as that yet your primitive mind cannot seem to fathom the concept. There are plenty of films, TV series, and news shows that vilify blacks every single day yet you want to complain about a few that discuss the evils of slavery?? You must be retarded and racist. No one’s saying ALL white people are bad, only the few that are racist. So stop thinking an attack and condemnation on a racist white person is an attack on all white people because it isn’t. You moron.

Lionel on January 31, 2015 at 7:35 pm

Refreshing i thought i was the only person thinking like you am sick of the forced guilt me and you have to feel for the crime of being white.respect to you debbie

Darren parker on November 8, 2016 at 3:32 pm

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