December 30, 2013, - 4:05 pm

ICE/Immigration: We Keep You Safe From Dead Nazis’ Diaries & Harass Friends/Families of WWII Heroes

By Debbie Schlussel

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) isn’t keeping you safe from illegal alien murderers and terrorists in our midst. But it is keeping us safe from Nazi diaries. That’s what I learned by looking at the latest press puff pieces in ICE’s PR machine.



Robert Kempner (Top Left) Was a Jewish American Hero; ICE–Keeping Us Safe by Seizing the Rosenberg Diary Kempner Kept

If you flee those who hate America, and then help America against its enemies, don’t bother saving any souvenirs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will be at your family’s and friends’ doors ready to take the items and hand them over to liberal institutions. That’s what happened to the family and friends of Dr. Robert M.W. Kempner, a heroic German Jewish lawyer who fled the Nazis and became a top adviser in U.S. efforts to prosecute the Nazis after World War II during the Nuremberg Trials. (He also represented Jewish clients in Germany seeking restitution and was an expert at the Eichmann trial.) And the pathetic agency that is ICE is touting its seizure of the some of the documents he rightfully kept as one of the agency’s big stories of the year. The story is the outrage of the whole thing. Even more outrageous is that ICE is now the treasure hunting police for the greedy administrators at the liberal U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Since the aimless/rudderless ICE, Homeland Security’s largest agency, isn’t deporting many illegal aliens (the number is down ten percent from last year’s number of a scant few deported criminals), ICE needs other things to do to justify its multi-billion dollar budget. And as I’ve noted, ICE is spending a lot of time and resources seizing war souvenirs from the families and descendants of American soldiers and returning them to those who hate us. Now, ICE is touting its latest, most ridiculous seizure involving Kempner and the late hero’s friends and family.



ICE Officials Gush Over Seizing Rosenberg Diary for Liberal Museum, While Illegal Aliens Roam the Streets

Robert Kempner, when he was a law student and Berlin lawyer, was involved in exposing the Armenian Holocaust, at the hands of Turkish Muslims. Later, when he was stripped of his German citizenship and ability to practice law, he saw the handwriting on the Nazi wall and fled Europe to the U.S., where he became an American citizen. After World War II, Kempner became deputy chief counsel and was the chief prosecutor in the “Ministries Case” at the Nuremberg Trials. The U.S. government gave him specific permission to keep various papers and documents, which he had used in this capacity.

But Kempner and his family made the mistake of negotiating with the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which strong-armed them into donating the documents to the museum with various legal threats hanging over their heads. The museum–run by a bunch of greedy, selfish, self-righteous liberals who’ve hijacked the Holocaust to promote Muslims and other liberal causes–wasn’t grateful for the “donation,” however. Instead, museum officials were upset that not all of Kempner’s documents were donated to the museum, and they enlisted ICE to seize more papers from friends and associates of Dr. Kempner.

Now, ICE is bragging about the seizure of the “Rosenberg Diary,” written by Alfred Rosenberg, a leading member of the Third Reich and of the Nazi Party during World War II. Rosenberg was a close adviser and confidant of Adolf Hitler. As ICE notes, “Rosenberg was privy to much of the planning for the Nazi racial state, mass murder of the Jewish people and other ethnic groups, planning and conduct of World War II and the occupation of Soviet territory.” And his diary may prove to be an important historical document (he was hanged in 1946).

But the diary was private property to begin with. And at most, if any country had a claim to the document, it would have been Germany. Certainly, the U.S. Holocaust Museum had no dibs and no legitimate claim to the diary. But none of that matters when you have ICE agents at your door and Obama Justice Department officials threatening to prosecute and sue you into oblivion.

And to add insult to injury, ICE insults the memory of the great Dr. Robert Kempner, by claiming in its PR grab:

Contrary to law and proper procedure, Kempner removed various documents, including the Rosenberg Diary, from U.S. government facilities in Nuremberg and retained them until his death in 1993.

Again, not true. Kempner had specific permission from the federal government to keep these documents. But, hey, ICE, way to malign a deceased American hero who brought Nazis to justice (Kempner died in 1993).

Per usual, the libs at the Holocaust Museum got their way. Courtesy of ICE, they now have the Rosenberg Diary and other documents they seized with force. And they are “examining” and “studying” the diary.

Just now, I have visions of the last scene in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” in which the Holy Jewish Ark for which Indiana Jones risked his life is put in a dark U.S. government storage facility to collect dust for eternity.

You know that’s the equivalent of what will happen with the Rosenberg Diary. And the U.S. Holocaust Museum has as much right to ownership of that diary as the U.S. government did to the Holy Jewish Ark of the Covenant from the Jewish Temple in “Raiders.”

Way to go, ICE. I feel so much safer now from illegal alien criminals and terrorists in our midst because you saved me from the Rosenberg Diary.

Mazel Tov.

By the way, don’t look for things at ICE to get better next year. Remember who’s President and that the urine and fecal material trickle from the top all the way down.

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Alfred Rosenberg was the chief Nazi ideologue and Reich Minister For The Eastern Territories during World War II.

I’m not sure how confiscating his diary from a dead man’s estate benefits history and the truth. Because hey – the US Holocaust Museum thinks dead Nazis need more research.

Unlike say, the Qunelle neo-Nazi salute popularized by Muslim anti-Semites and copied by neo-Nazis. But America’s leading Holocaust museum has its priorities in order. And you can bet it won’t strong-press ICE to deport Muslim extremists now on our shores. After, all Robert Kempner was Public Enemy #1 to them.

NormanF on December 30, 2013 at 4:15 pm

This is what happened in France after the French Revolution and in Russia after the Bolshevik coup of 1917. The U.S. Government is just doing things a little bit more slowly.

And it may also represent political payback for election support of our President.

Little Al on December 30, 2013 at 4:30 pm

I hope the family sues the ICE and the Holocaust Museum.

Incidentally, the Holocaust Museum does not point out that the Muslims supported the Holocaust. Instead, they point to a few Muslims who saved Jews, as if they represent all Muslims.

I am further disgusted by the Holocaust Museum, as they are supported by the same people who believe in gun laws, racial quotas (“affirmative action”), big government, and socialism, just as Adolph Hitler did.

Also, the Holocaust Museum was created under false pretenses. The Museum foundation collected donations primarily from Jews, with the understanding that the museum would focus on the Holocaust, which was exclusively about wiping all Jews from the face of the earth. Instead, the museum is run by the Smithsonian/US government, and focuses on gays, gypsies, etc in addition to the Jews. Yes, it was bad that Hitler killed gays (he was a self hating homosexual), but he did not want to wipe out all gays in the world, nor did he want to wipe out all gypsies, just those under his control, and even then, they were given food rations that allowed them to survive in the camps, unlike the Jews, who were given no more than 100 grams of food AT MOST, a day. The homosexuals and gypsies were not worked to death. They were, for the most part, not used for medical experiments. Their life under the Third Reich was hard, but survivable. No so the Jews.

The Museum thus confuses the Holocaust with the experiences of others under Hitler. There is a big difference.

If the liberals really wanted to remember the Holocaust,they would support Israel instead of demanding that Israel dismember itself in the name of “peace.”

Jonathan E. Grant on December 30, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Correction to my comments.

No one knew under Nazi Germany who was a homosexual unless they were out. Everyone knew who the Jews were. Even when Homosexuals were in the camps, they could just claim they were cured, or fight on the Eastern front, and they were released. The Jews had no such “out.”

As for gypsies, their treatment was again much better than the Jews. They were not sterilized, they were not tortured like the Jews, they were not given the worst work assignments, etc.

Jonathan E. Grant on December 30, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Here is a little fact for everyone. Museums only have to keep donations of items to the museum for seven years. Then the donated good(s) can be sold or auctioned off.

It is amazing how many museum executives in Washington, DC end up with amazing art collections in their homes.

Jonathan E. Grant on December 30, 2013 at 5:29 pm

I think it depends on the nature of the museum and source of the donation, and any written agreement accompanying the donation. For instance, the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum has donations from many sources, and the rules governing them differ from donation to donation.

Little Al on December 30, 2013 at 6:12 pm

The seven year rule is an IRS/federal rule.

Jonathan E. Grant on December 30, 2013 at 6:47 pm

I hope people are noticing how totalitarian the Gubmint & it’s various and sundry auspices are acting these days. People better wake up.

*Justice Dept taking action on a “Knockout Game” crime but only when a white-trash freak hit a Black person (I condemn the crime but this is LAUGHABLE and unconstitutional, BTW…).

*Weird constabulary road stops where police ask citizens for DNA samples.

*Growing number of thug tactics by cops all over the country. (Like raid of Gibson guitars and some other private company that is slipping my mind now..)

*Gubmint buying billions of weapons & ammunition for HLS & other agencies when in general THIS Gubmint is as anti-gun as you can get.

*Maybe I am mistaken but the plight of Jahi McMath (13 YO) is a national story and I have not heard a story like this pre-ObamaCare. Smells like Dr Zeke Emanuel’s socialistic medicine concept coming out in full bloom (and don’t forget that 12-YO Kathleen Sibilius wanted dead (“Some live, some die…”).

The water is getting quite warm for the frogs…thanks so much Obama-Putin voters of 2008 & 2011!

Skunky on December 30, 2013 at 8:02 pm

No question about it. I used to say that I hoped the New Year would be better than the last one, but with the decline we are experiencing, I have given up saying that.

Little Al on December 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm

And they give medals and awards to Perry Woo for killing a subordinate. Go figure. Wonder how many days off he got in a timeoff award and how much money in his cash award for THAT?!?

1811forlife on December 30, 2013 at 10:12 pm

There’s a certain irony in ICE celebrating the seizure of private property on the behalf of the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
The Nazis were brilliant at seizing/stealing private property and justified it pretty much the same way.

Frankz on December 30, 2013 at 11:38 pm

This is nothing more than theft. Our government just waited until the legal owner of the documents had died before taking action. I am sure that the diary and documents seized will be stuffed into some virtually inaccessible corner at the museum.

worry01 on December 30, 2013 at 11:54 pm

“Just now, I have visions of the last scene in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” in which the Holy Jewish Ark for which Indiana Jones risked his life is put in a dark U.S. government storage facility to collect dust for eternity.”

First, a corrective: The movie was simply titled “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Only with the sequels did they include “Indiana Jones and …” in the titles. Second, I sorta’ get Spielberg’s suggestion in stuffing it away in a warehouse – that there were some items simply too dangerous/powerful to mess with. Buried in that government warehouse, the hope was it would never fall into the wrong hands. I wonder though if that scene didn’t inspire Syfy’s later Warehouse 13 series.

One might ask what better option could have been taken with that Ark. Give it to “the Museum” where Marcus could spend his days studying fine-grain sand (assuming his own face didn’t melt)? There was no Jewish state and no Jewish Temple. Rabbis would still be arguing about the divine significance of its discovery. As with the case of the Aleppo Codex, there would have been court cases over custodianship. The National Archives? Based on what they’re doing with the Iraqi Jewish Archives they might have sent it back to Egypt, where the Nazis would get another shot at it.

Maybe that warehouse was the best of bad options, and they were just lucky it wasn’t discovered when exposed in “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”.

Raymond in DC on December 31, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Wow, wouldn’t it be great to be a sanctimonious, arrogant government thief? No consequences, no accountability … a thief’s wet dream …

Pray Hard on December 31, 2013 at 6:20 pm

Holy crapoly!! Are Mike Holt, Kyle E. “Bully” Barnette and their little buddy Priceless all secretly running the show at BICE/ICE/HSI? Cause this inept shit sure seems like their type of mismanagement!! Thanks notanEVSfan for sending me this!!!!

icehole on December 31, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Doing everything except what we really SHOULD be doing. Sadly, this is ICE-2014.

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