January 2, 2014, - 2:24 pm

Buh-Bye, Bob Grant: Late NYC Talk Radio Host Attacked Me for Standing up to HAMASniks, Jew-Hatred

By Debbie Schlussel

Bob Grant, who died December 31, is being called the “father of conservative talk radio.” I’m not so sure that he was the sperm donor to the genre (there were others before him), and if he was, that’s sad. I didn’t wish him ill. But as I learned the news, I couldn’t help but recall my one and only experience with Bob Grant, when I was a guest on his radio show, and I had to hang up on him after he shut off my microphone and attacked me as “cheap” because he couldn’t handle the truth about a famous conservative’s open support for HAMAS. Conservative or liberal, the facts–while stubborn things–weren’t as stubborn as he was in refusing to face them. . . at least in my experience. Perhaps he was getting too old and was out of it, but, in general, a leopard doesn’t change his spots, especially in his 80s.


In 2009, Grant was trying to make a comeback on New York radio, and he began with an online radio show. My former agent, a great guy, suggested I go on Grant’s show, as I believe he was also representing Grant. And I obliged. But Grant didn’t do his homework. The topic was the death of self-identified HAMASnik and conservative Bob Novak, a self-hating convert away from Judaism, who wrote that Jews and Israel were behind 9/11. Upon his death, Novak was repeatedly lamented by hypocritical, phony conservatives, including David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin Fraudkin, The American Spectator, Townhall, Newsbusters, Hot Air, etc., all of whom will rightfully jump on liberals and leftists for being anti-Israel and pro-Muslim, but not when it’s a conservative like Novak. (And Novak wasn’t all that conservative, truth be told.)

Bob Grant, had he bothered to read my website or even just the headline, would have known my views on Novak. But, instead, he put me on the show, and started gushing over Novak. I disagreed and started pointing out why Novak was a bad guy. Grant couldn’t handle these facts or refute them. He couldn’t admit he was wrong, or respectfully disagree and make a viable argument against my views on Novak. So, he played the wimp card–attacking me personally as “cheap,” telling me he was “soooo disappointed in me,” and then shut off the audio feed from my phone, so I couldn’t respond.

If that’s any indication of the kind of conservative talk radio host Bob Grant was in his heyday, he wasn’t much of one. Again, I don’t know if that’s how he always was, or if he was already experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s (and I know many older people in their 80s who are very sharp–it’s just that Bob Grant wasn’t one of ’em). But it made him look bad and like a completely unprepared ignoramus. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote back on August 19, 2009, when it happened:

And finally, there is the incompetent, boring, octogenarian failed New York radio host with nine lives, Bob Grant. The guy is “only” 80 but he sounds like 180. And he doesn’t do his homework. This morning, I made the mistake of agreeing to be on his schlocky online radio show. Unfortunately, next month, this incompetent old fool will yet again have a radio show on Sundays on WABC. (I guess they needed to shore up that prized 80-95 demographic of hip, hot-roddin’ seniors.) It’s the second time I’ve done his show (and the last), and it’s clear he’s got many screws loose, that Alzheimer’s or dementia long ago set in with this guy. He’s one of the worst radio hosts I’ve ever heard. No, THE worst.

Without bothering to read my column on Novak (or do the tiniest bit of show prep ‘cuz that would actually make the show a tad interesting), he asked me about Novak’s death. I said the guy was a HAMAS supporter, Israel-hater, and anti-Semite. Grant didn’t care and said, “But he was a giant.” BFD. Who cares if an anti-Semite is a “giant”? That makes it right? Jimmy Carter is a “giant” in some liberals’ minds. And he says the same stuff Novak said.

When I talked about all of this stuff, Bob Grant said he wasn’t aware of Novak’s support for HAMAS or anti-Israel sentiment and didn’t believe me. Well, dude, I can’t be responsible for the fact that you’re 80 years old, don’t bother to read or do show prep on your guests, and are completely clueless and not all there. Since he couldn’t respond to any of the things I was saying, he first called me, “cheap”–yeah, Bob, insult the messenger, when you don’t have a clue how to respond to facts; that’s what’s really cheap.

Then, he said he was “disappointed” in me. I told him I was disappointed in him that he was not only completely uninformed but that he excused support for HAMAS and Israel-hatred that he’d pounce on if a liberal said it. Since he couldn’t respond to that he just said he just wanted to move on and repeated that he was soooo “disappointed” in me. Wimp. I said, no, I think we need to address this, and he wouldn’t, repeatedly calling me names instead. Then, he said there’s no point in having me on (because, hey, why have facts and information?). So, I hung up.

Yes, this is the guy–I just learned by googling, something he doesn’t have a clue how to do–who called Black people “savages” on his WABC radio show (and didn’t get fired for it). I can only imagine what he says about Jews when no one’s listening. And I won’t be doing his show again . . . ever. Assuming he’s still alive.

Bill P., the one listener, who has time to waste to listen to this–as we say in Yiddish–alta kaker [a very uncomplimentary way of saying he’s an old fool–literally means, “old sh-tter”], Bob Grant, left this comment:

Thanks again Debbie for not budging an inch with Bob Grant this morning!

Took him to the woodshed!

Calls himself a pro yet was completely unprepared.

And he sent this e-mail:

From: Bill P.
Date: Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 8:26 AM
Subject: The Bob Grant UBA Thing: EXCELLENT
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Hello Debbie,

Way to go. Proud of you. You stunned Bob Grant!!
I was surprised by his lack of facts.

Thanks Again, Debbie!!!

Bill P.

You and me both, Bill.

Not stunning, though, is the hypocrisy of the most prominent voices on the right–NRO, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Newsbusters, etc., who are really tolerant of Jew-hatred after all (despite their protestations to the contrary). The anti-Semite just has to be on “their side” of the aisle.

Yup, so that’s Bob Grant in his later days. And, as I say, if he was the same in his earlier days, let’s hope conservative talk radio has moved on.

Although, as I’ve pointed out on this site many times, in a plethora of ways it has not moved on. And that’s entirely the problem.

Buh-bye, Bob Grant. Rest In Peace.

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Debbie, thanks for this piece, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s talk show about an hour ago, and Limbaugh gushed over Bob Grant’s legacy, etc., and not realizing that Grant used complete apologetics for Bob Novak, and I’ve read your articles on Bob Novak DS, and to be honest, Mr. Novak was not that good of a person but a horrible person.

I also pity Bob Grant for being very boorish with you Debbie of allegedly cutting off your microphone when you detailed and illustrated the truth about Novak on what he exactly stood for of being a conspiracy-theorist and a 9/11-Truther of NOT recognizing that Islamic-terrorists did the 9/11/01 attacks.

I’ll give out a link regarding “absurdity” on why Bob Grant did this crap to you DS on his talk show, absurdity: “An absurdity is a thing that’s extremely unreasonable, to be foolish or not taken seriously, or the state of being so. Absurd is an adjective used to describe an absurdity. The word derives from the Latin “absurdum” meaning “out of tune”, hence irrational.”!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on January 2, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Yes, I was in my car, and also had the misfortunate of hearing Rush gush over Grant.

He may be senile, but I doubt he was any different when he was younger. Listening to al of them today, as you said, they are all the same. Why would he have been any different?

Little Al on January 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Debbie I too got to listen to Rush gush over Grant like a schoolboy. I was only able to do that because my big lib NPR listening boss was gone and I was streaming the local AM station via my tablet. Rush didn’t mention that he died just recently which struck me as odd given how he talked about him.

It was also very unprofessional how he treated you Debbie. It wasn’t your fault that the old man got caught with his pants down about Novak. Old boy Grant was just like all of the rest of the CINOs like Vannity(who thankfully was subbed today by Congressman Gohmert), Malkin, Barnes, Kristol, etc.in his denial about the jerk. May he rest in peace anyway.

Ken B on January 2, 2014 at 7:07 pm

And as I have said many times, one of the litmus tests of whether someone is really conservative is how they appraise people when they die. This site is unique in that regard.

Mandela, Grant, Zinn, etc.

Little Al on January 2, 2014 at 7:39 pm

As with liberals, all too many “conservatives” have a blind spot when it comes to supporting anti-Semites.

Michelle Malkin is no surprise. She used the contacts of her Jewish husband, and then cut his balls off like an SS officer. She is a complete air head.

Wait until Hitler supporter and draft dodger Pat Buchanan croaks. The conservatives and a few liberals will be bemoaning his passing like he was Jesus Christ (without the Jewish bloodline).

Jonathan E. Grant on January 2, 2014 at 8:35 pm

Speaking of Jew hatred, I’ve noticed of late that some of the formerly “conservative” blogs out there are now openly embracing Jew hatred and neo Nazism.

I wish I could get my hands on those mother fuckers. The moderator who is allowing it and the dumbass commenters, some Jewish, who continue to comment there.

As for the site’s owner, I would like him to explain this publicly…

Amren is now Nazi on January 2, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Can’t say I ever listened to or cared about this Grant guy. As for Novak, please advise where he’s buried, so I can visit after I go heavy on the Coors. Regarding Buchanan, when the time comes, ditto, but I’ll first go heavy on the prune juice.

Not Ovenready on January 2, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Grant should have shown some courtesy as a host and some humility at not being able to know everything, not just because he didn’t do enough research. He should have said something like this: Wow, Debbie, I was unaware of that. I always thought Novak was this or that kind of guy. Well, you’ve given me something to think about for sure. I’ll checked it out and if you’re right, then Novak really was an asshole. Thanks for being on the show, would love to have you back on sometime. Have a good day, now. Good bye.

Red Randy on January 3, 2014 at 2:40 am

I’ve been researching Bob Grant catchphrases. “Get off my phone!” is one that Glenn Beck also uses. “You’re a fake, a phony, and a fraud” is another popular one. “It’s a sick world out there, and getting sicker” is another.

Bob Grant had a l-o-n-g history on the New York airwaves, and I’ve had the opportunity to listen to him my whole life. I HATED his act and avoided his show whenever possible.

Grant started fights with people and called people names. (Glenn Beck also took his “you sick, twisted freak.”) I never thought that he was intelligent. I never thought that he was funny. I always wondered how he stayed on the air. He never said anything interesting.

He was a conservative radio talk show “pioneer” only by the fact that he was early to the game (although he was not the first and took the place of someone similar before him). In my opinion, his program was just awful.

I’m not surprised what happened to Debbie, just surprised that Bob Grant had a show after 1990. The Bob Grant I remember was from the 1970s. Even with no talk radio competition he was awful.

Barry Popik on January 3, 2014 at 4:51 am

Bob grant was good at times. However, at other times he was completely unprepared. He also treated many callers he disagreed with in a downright distasteful manner.

A modern day bob grant is sports talk mike Francesca. This guy has people on hold for long periods of time only to berate them and cut them off if they disagree with him. He foes the same for callers who point out his errors. He comes off as another multimillionaire jerk. We are just reaching the tip of the iceberg with radio hosts like these two.

Glen benjamin on January 3, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Fully syruped up! Never heard of him before but another knobhead bites the dust!

Cassandra on January 3, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Miss Debbie, thanks for bringing out anti-Jewish people or people who should realize they are supporting anti-Jewish peoples. I’m sure some don’t take it seriously as they should. I’d not known about Grover Norquist , or Bob Grant, (e.g.) if not for you. We pretty much know the left is anti-Jew, for the most part. But there are some well known so-called, “conservatives” who are anti-Jew or anti-Freedom. Bob(liberal) and Bill Bennett, yes, Bill Bennett. Both are scum of the earth. Henry (I hate America) Kissinger, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels..ect… Dissapointing, but sometimes the truth is that way. Keep pointing it, we need to know these things.

William on January 3, 2014 at 4:29 pm

One would have to not watch Bob Novak to not know his stance on Israel. On every Crossfire or Capital Gang episode that the subject came up, he’d back the Muzzies. In fact, he even praised HRC for calling for a Pali state.

In fact, this was what struck me about CNN – their Conservatives were typically anti-Israel: it was true about Novak, as well as Pat Buchanan and John Sununu. I don’t know about Kate O’Beirne, but I’ve rarely seen Conservatives on that channel who were not anti-Israel.

If they were anti Israel, it’s not much of a stretch to accept that they were also pro Hamas.

Infidel on January 4, 2014 at 7:58 am

One thing that has always fascinated me, is that brilliant conservatives will spend countless hours analyzing the Constitution and current affairs, but won’t spend the one hour necessary to learn all the mistranslations of Torah and vicious anti-Semitism that created Christianity.

But regarding Hannity, my impression has been that he will punch anyone in the nose or come close when they bad mouth Israel. He seems rabidly pro-Israel.

The world is messy. Bob Grant probably shared a lot of similar disgust with DS and most of us about what happened to America, but he’s also subject to the Jew-baiting of his demographic.

TF: Clearly, you are easily duped by Sean Vannity’s BS. Here’s a wake up session for you:

Here’s another:

Clearly, he’s not punching these schmucks in the nose. He’s embracing and promoting them because they say what he’s really thinking but can’t afford to say.

Please get a clue. DS

the fog on January 4, 2014 at 10:28 pm

I am surprised and disappointed to learn that some of the other conservatives ie;Michelle Malkin have a problem with us.

Izzy on January 8, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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