October 18, 2005, - 10:53 am

Julie Myers, ICE Princess: Hearings Today on Unqualified Immigration Chief to be

We’ve been documenting the “As the ICE Nomination Turns” soap opera here for some time. And we’ve been extremely critical of , President Bush’s nominee to head ICE–Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Julie Myers, whom we’ve dubbed “” and the “ICE Princess,” is extremely unqualified.
A 36-year-old with no law enforcement or managerial experience (but a lot of cronyist connections) is not the person who should run the agency that enforces our immigration laws.
Today, unfortunately, may be the final very low hurdle Myers must cross to take her place atop the ICE Palace at 4th and Eye Streets in Washington.

Cornyn & Myers:

Why is Senator Aiding & Abetting Unqualified Immigration Nominee?

Last week, she was doing the rounds with the ICE “leadership” and Special Agents in Charge at the ICE Palace. Myers told them she was very confident in herself and her background. But she seemed to be telling herself that, Stuart Smalley-style, more than anyone else. I’m sure there are nurses who are, like Myers, overly confident in themselves and their background. But I wouldn’t hire them to perform brain surgery.
This afternoon, the ICE Princess is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is conveniently scheduled AFTER Michael Chertoff’s testimony before the same committee, this morning. Apparently, the official DHS/ICE thought on this is, a good portion of the Committee’s Senators will be so exhausted after taking shots at Chertoff, most won’t even attend Myer’s confirmation in the afternoon. Gee, what a vote of confidence in their own nominee: We’ll tire out the Senators because we know our nominee isn’t qualified and can’t respond to tough questions about her qualifications. Like way totally cool.
Also disturbing, word has it that Committee Chair, Republican Senator John Cornyn has taken a liking to Brunette Barbie. Agents are wondering, out loud, what was promised or exchanged between the two. One suggested, Cornyn “should have his own source for , no?”
Cornyn is going to be Myers’ “surrogate” through the testimony. Does that mean he will also play her surrogate for the next 3.5 years when ICE gets worse under her hegemony? Several Committee Senators have softball questions ready to go–questions provided to them by Myers’ team of tutors, protectors, and breast-feeders.
Cornyn’s staff recently had a whirlwind tour of the Southwest border, and we’re told that in exchange for his cheerleading for Myers, she or her crony Chertoff will soon re-deploy interior assets to the Southwest border–not to do anything concrete against hemhorraging illegal immigration, but nice window dressing.
Check the Congressional Record tomorrow to see who attended, how they voted, and what softball questions they “asked” Brunette Barbie. Since I’m away, I can’t comment ’til Wednesday Night about that.
In the meantime, all we can say is: Talk about someone who lucked out from the Miers hype. Julie Myers benefited most. Too bad we can only say the opposite for the country.

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When all the duties and reponsibilities of the job are spelled out you want individualism?

Walter E. Wallis on October 18, 2005 at 1:22 pm

Poor ice princess, Deb is out on the hunt

KOAJaps on October 18, 2005 at 1:47 pm

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