October 20, 2005, - 9:18 am

PBS Equivocates Illegal, Legal Aliens

Last night, PBS (which we like to call by its real name, “Palestinian Broadcasting System”) ran the first two installments in an absurd series on immigrants, “Destination America.”
The not-so-veiled point of the show, as detailed in the first episode (“The Golden Door”), is that illegal Mexican immigrants, like “Manuel,” are morally equivalent to your or my relatives and ancestors who came here LEGALLY. The show depicted the Border Patrol as this big high-tech monster, impossible to beat with its helicopters and cameras monitoring the border.
Puh-leeze. If the Border Patrol were so effective and so fully-staffed, we wouldn’t have thousands of illegals hemorrhaging just over the Mexican border each day. The Mexican portrayed in the PBS episode was making his 16th illegal trip over the border.

Flagrant Foul: Tax-Funded PBS Celebrates This Illegal Alien

More absurd was the comparison of this illegal to Norwegian and Irish immigrants who came here legally at the turn of the previous century and before.
My mother, an immigrant from Germany’s Bergen Belsen Camp, where my grandparents were concentration camp inmates, was rightfully outraged that her group, too, was lumped in with this illegal alien sneaking over the border. “We came here legally,” my mom protested.
A future episode will push for treating women with abusive husbands as political refugees eligible for asylum. Yes, we needed another easy excuse for yet MORE aliens. Because we don’t have enough already.
Unfortunately, the propaganda doesn’t stop when the program ends. PBS has a “Teacher’s Guide” to propagandize America’s young students with these “views” on immigration, including a mock trial of one of the “abused” wife illegals seeking asylum.
Aren’t you glad your forcibly taken tax money is given to this useless, anachronistic, publicly-funded network of leftist propaganda?
End public funding of PBS. And stop comparing legal immigrants to the hemorrhaging problem of illegals today.

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Ironically enough, PBS is ran by the USDOE and it’s a conservative. Go figure that one out.

KOAJaps on October 21, 2005 at 11:52 pm

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