October 20, 2005, - 10:10 am

Denver Paper Cites Me in Al-Jazeera Grab of American “Talent”

Recently, we Al Jazeera’s hiring of American boob and former Marine, .
The latest American recruited for the Terrorist News Network’s English language propaganda channel is Gabriel Elizondo, a news assignment editor for Denver’s ABC affiliate, KMGH/Channel 7. He will now be a programming producer for the Terrorist New Network. Like the others, Elizondo speaks of “values” and claims it’s about some lofty journalistic career. But I’m sure the bottom line was $$$$, which the Qatari royal family’s endless funds (which exclusively fund Al-Jazeera) effortlessly satisfy. Nobody said the news business was void of whores.

Traitor: Al Jazeera’s new American producer, Gabriel Elizondo

The article about Elizondo in Denver’s weekly “alternative” paper, “Westword,” also quotes me about Rushing and his turn to Al-Jazeera:
” ‘When I’ve been outside the States, people have for the most part had a very positive view of the network,’ he [Elizondo] says.”
“Not so here, where Rushing’s recent media blitz was met with derision by commentators who aren’t buying Al-Jazeera’s recent reputation-softening efforts. Typical was ‘A Marine’s Dishonorable Service for Al-Jazeera,’ an October 7 Front Page Magazine called Rushing ‘a bigger boob than Anna Nicole Smith’s entire chest combined,’ and pointed out that onetime Al-Jazeera correspondent Taysir Alluni had recently been convicted in Spain of, in her words, ‘financing, recruiting and logistically supporting Al Qaeda.’ Al-Jazeera stands behind Alluni and has announced plans to appeal the verdict.”
Elizondo told “Westword” that, under him, “We’re [Al-Jazeera] going to offer a truly 360-degree view of the world.”
Yes, 360 degrees of Bin Laden.

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