February 24, 2014, - 10:46 am

Buh-Bye Bitch: Hezbollah’s US Congressman Announces Retirement Decades Late; Far-Left Hag Wife to Run

By Debbie Schlussel


Hezbollah’s favorite liberal U.S. Congressman, John Dingell Jr., announced this morning that after nearly six decades in Congress–SIX!–he’s finally retiring. It’s hilarious to hear the 87-year-old (he’ll be 88 in July) say the reason is that he doesn’t want people to say he stayed too long. Um, habibi, you’re a few decades–actually, a half-century, too late for that. Dead Man Walking Dingell is finally going to his crypt, far, far too late. [FYI, Dingell is Hezbollah’s fave lib Congressman because it has another fave, faux-conservatie Darrell Issa, on the “right.”]


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Dingell, as you’ll recall, defended and praised Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and U.S. Embassy officials in Beirut bombings; hijacked TWA 947 and tortured to death Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem in 1985; kidnapped, tortured, and murdered US Embassy CIA attache William F. Buckley (in 1984) and UN Peacekeeper and U.S. Marine Col. Rich Higgins (in 1988); co-perpetrated with Al-Qaeda the Khobar Towers bombing in which Americans were the target; created the IEDs that Al-Qaeda insurgents used against U.S. troops in Iraq; and runs a good deal of the illegal drugs and counterfeit goods trade in America. But, hey, John Dingell Jr. says Hezbollah isn’t a terrorist group. “I don’t take sides,” the schmuck said. Because, after all, he represents Hezbollah’s U.S. beachhead in Dearbornistan.

My late grandfather, Irving W. Schlussel–an attorney, prominent Michigan Democrat, and leading American supporter of the State of Israel–was friends with Dingell’s father, the late John Dingell Sr., who preceded him in the Congressional seat. I’ve previously posted the photos below of Grandpa Schlussel with Dingell’s dad, who was also a supporter of the Jewish State and Israel’s right to exist. His son is one of the most anti-Israel Congressmen by voting record. Sadly, this is a stark instance where unlike father, unlike son is the case. Dingell’s pop had class and cared about America. His son is a mentally-weak, feeble mind, who has also been feeble of body and displaying signs of early-onset dementia for years.

So, now, the Junior Dingell–who has been in Congress from his late 20s to his late 80s is finally leaving, decades too late. When he celebrated his 50 years in Congress, the Detroit and national media celebrated, as if being a high-paid, eternal welfare queen on the public dole and using it to favor Hezbollah, auto bailouts, and ObamaCare (all of which were his “sparkling” “achievements”) is something to celebrate. Career politicians aren’t something to celebrate. They are something to denigrate and snicker at . . . and remove from office.

So who will run for the soon-to-be-vacant Dearbornistan Congressional seat that also spans to include non-Muslim, Republican enclaves? Unfortunately, it will be Dingell’s haggish, annoying, know-it-all (but actually knows nothing), blowhardette wife, Debbie Dingell, heir to the Fisher Auto Body fortune. Think a thinner version of Carl Levin with peroxide blonde hair who thinks she’s a woman (but only the gynecologist knows for sure) and constantly shrieks about anything and everything. I debated this dingbat on local TV shows several times and handily kicked this humorless, stick-up-her-butt fraud’s ass each time. She couldn’t handle it, and in the green room was rudely spewing hate against me with a legal pad covering her mouth (she thought sound waves are blocked by pads of paper, apparently–newsflash: they aren’t). “Who is she?!” was one of her withering attacks.

If there is any justice, one or more of John Dingell’s sons from his first marriage–they also want the seat and have been waiting into their 50s and 60s for pop to finally take a hint and step down–will run, as has been rumored, against Debbie Dingbat. Debbie Dingbat, by the way, has her nose firmly implanted in the rears of the Hezbollah and HAMAS constituents of Dearbornistan. She was on the board of directors of ACCESS–the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services–a tax-funded Muslim welfare agency that funded divestment conferences against Israel, ran a Muslim illegal alien Medicaid fraud ring, helps illegal aliens get into the U.S. and game the system to stay here, and spent thousands training the Al-Qaeda Detroit terror cell so its members could get Commercial Driver’s Licenses and attempt to get HazMat Hauling Certificates. Debbie Dingbat also hangs out with HAMAS CAIR and actual Islamic terrorists, such as Imad Hamad . . . all while wearing a hijab (Islamic headscarf). Check out the photo below.


Debbie & John Dingell w HAMASCAIR’s Dawud Walid, Hezbollah Agent Osama Siblani, and PFLP Terrorist/FBI Award Revokee/Sexual Harasser Imad Hamad

John Dingell’s toughest race in recent memory was the slugging he got from Rob Steele, a brilliant, successful surgeon. I hope he runs for the seat, now that the air has finally been cleared of Hezbollah’s American cryptkeeper. Steele, a well-spoken businessman and down-the-line conservative, has the money and the know-how to mount an effective campaign and would make a great Congressman.

In any event, buh-bye John Dingell. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. And by the way, when you finally meet your maker (which will probably be very soon), you won’t be getting any of those 72 virgins your Hezbollah cronies have been promising.

G-d knows you need them after decades with Debbie Dingell.

*** UPDATE: Forgot to mention that John Dingell also brought us the neo-Marxist crazy, John Conyers, another aging Demosaur (and Demo-sore). Dingell hired Conyers as his chief of staff and set off Conyers’ political career. May they both rot with the 72 Debbie Dingells.



Artwork & Design by David Lunde/Lundesigns

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11 Responses

I thought John Dingell would be there until he died.

Maybe Debbie’s next column can be about Piers Morgan.

Time for a “DLTDHYOTWO” or two (Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out).

Barry Popik on February 24, 2014 at 11:11 am

Well, the bad news is when Dingell dies, he will get his 72 virgins. The good news is that they are all horny men.

Jonathan E. Grant on February 24, 2014 at 11:35 am

Piers is now gone. I understand that Mr. Zucker, anxious to “Improve” the CNN brand, is seeking to upgrade Pier’s timeslot. Sources tell me that the two top candidates are Honey Boo Boo and the Long Island Medium. Zucker, unfortunately, does not have the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done to save CNN. A thorough, prompt house cleaning. Get rid of Miss Piggy, Wolfie and the bevy of ignorant, arm-waving harridans that infect the airwaves 24/7. Doing it piecemeal won’t work. It looks like Dingell will be replaced with Dingbat. This is S.O.P. for the Dems. We need to clean House……and the Senate…..

Victoryman on February 24, 2014 at 11:52 am

It’s about time that old milkshake left office. Now he’ll have to pay for his own diapers.

Lars on February 24, 2014 at 12:15 pm

“His son is a mentally-weak, feeble mind” Isn’t that a description of ALL liberals?

Tommy Thomas on February 24, 2014 at 12:21 pm

Although everything in Debbie’s article is true, Dingell’s pro-terrorist positions aren’t the only thing bad about him. What’s more, why haven’t Dingell’s House colleagues done anything to expose him for what he is?

For another interesting take on Dingell’s long overdue retirement, with an entirely different focus, see Forbes’ 6/7/2013 article about him. Here’s what Forbes concludes about Dingell:

“Several salient observations and lessons emerge from the Dingell saga. First, in spite of his execrable behavior, the voters of Dingell’s Michigan district have kept him in Congress since 1955, which makes him a walking advertisement for term limits. Second, Dingell’s House colleagues have responded to the decades of unethical, arrogant behavior by burying their heads in the sand – with not a hint of acknowledgment, let alone censure.

“In the end, Dingell should be remembered not for his longevity but for arrogant and abusive behavior that was an affront to ethical and enlightened government. Dingell’s father, who preceded him in the same House seat, used to say that what’s important is not how long you serve, but how well. One suspects he would not have approved of his son’s service.” http://www.forbes.com/sites/henrymiller/2013/06/07/rep-john-dingells-irresponsible-abuse-of-his-bullying-pulpit/

So add Forbes’ points to those of Debbie’s.

Ralph Adamo on February 24, 2014 at 2:45 pm

The headline should have read: Dingellberry Finally Falls Off of Ass and is Flushed Down Toilet Straight to Hell.”

DS_ROCKS! on February 24, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Now THAT, is not only hilarious, but a reply I wish I had thought of. DS_ROCKS! marches on.

    Debbie, the details of this man’s life and political bent as outlined in your article disgust and enrage me. To think he was an AMERICAN Congressman!!! Sounds more like an enemy agent. Oh wait, I COULD be lapsing in to redundancy with that one.

    Alfredo from Puerto Rico on February 24, 2014 at 9:20 pm

I’m tired of “Congressmen for life”; Pro-Israel or Not.

What does it tell you about this country that U.S. Congressmen get re-elected until they die (or are so old they have few years left)?

There is NO Santa Claus on February 24, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    What does it say about the morons that keep voting them into office???

    It is just ME AGAIN on February 27, 2014 at 1:44 am

I accidentally came across your blog site, and I have two words for it…fake news!

Candy Thomas on June 25, 2017 at 11:03 pm

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