October 26, 2005, - 11:02 pm

Spencer Abraham: Former Bush Energy Sec. Whores Self to Fellow Pan-Islamists

, former Bush Energy Secretary, has made it official. He’s for sale to the Mid-East’s highest Islamist bidder.
John Harwood reported in his “Washington Wire” column in Friday’s Wall Street Journal that Abraham, who was Michigan’s U.S. Senator and is of Lebanese descent, just opened a “strategic consulting firm serving clients in Mideast and other markets.”

Spencer Abraham: Former Bush Energy Secretary, Current Pan-Islamist

As (and that column was quoted in The Washington Post), Abraham favored pan-Islamists from HAMAS front group CAIR and others from Islamic charities raided by Customs Agents for laundering money to Al-Qaeda. He invited a man tied to one of the Al-Qaeda-related charities to the Bush White House to give out post-9/11 “awards.” Abraham also took campaign contributions from Nijad Fares, the son of then-Hezbollah installed Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon.
We’re glad that Abraham has now come out in the open and made it official that–as we’ve previously lamented–he can be bought by the highest Pan-Islamist Mid-East bidder. We only hope he does not share vital energy secrets with them.
Don’t count on it.
Full Disclosure: Spence Abraham, when he was Vice President Dan Quayle’s Deputy Chief of Staff, wrote a recommendation for me when I was applying to law schools. But that was the Spence Abraham I knew who was good and decent–before he became a whore to radical Islamic causes once he reached the U.S. Senate and to date.

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Nice language, Mr. Davis. Your ignorance is such that you can’t make a cogent argument without lowering yourself to such. In any type of language, however, your argument is still vapid. When did Israel attack us? Can’t seem to recall. Recalling Arabic attacks is rather easy. Israel is a our friend and ally. You want to mess with Israel, then just wait for hell to break loose. God said He will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. I think I know which side is right. I know you’re tough Debbie, but no lady should have to put up with that nonsense.

Blayne on October 27, 2005 at 11:55 am

Eugene Davis, even if you’re not religious and believe in the religious mumbo jumbo of the New Testament, Israel is an ally and we must protect our allies to the teeth. Much like the U.S. will protect all of its allies. I find it hokey about the god thing but I will, as an American, will always support Israel. Yes, i am a pussy and won’t go to war but I would be damned if Russia, China or anyone from the Middle East attack Israel and not do anything. Israel is our ally and by supporting them, we are guaranteed peace from the Middle East. It’s through Israel that we’re not attacked, a buddy of mine went to Israel and studied under the Moussad to protect America. Israel is in the forefront on the war on terror, without Israel’s help, there would be 9/11 everywhere.

KOAJaps on October 27, 2005 at 8:30 pm

Eugene Davis, a/k/a, “Eugene From Albany” (isn’t it funny how “America – Sounding” his “assumed” name is?). This “Eugene” is probably nothing more than your average Muslim pretending to be an American so that his hate-filled rant wouldn’t be recognized as the hate-speech that it is, and that it would be taken for its “street credence”. Only a “Jihadist” would speak that way (sorry, Abdul, a/k/a, “Eugene From Albany”, but your dirty nightshirt is showing).
Muslims love to berate women, such as this phony “Eugene” did, in his opening sentences to Debbie. After all, this is what that demon-obsessed pedophile, Mohammad, taught his brain-dead followers to do – treat their women as chattel. Under Islam, anyone who speaks the truth about how repressive and violent that religion is is subject to death (look it up – read the Qur’ an, if you don’t believe me).
As I posted in a thread on earlier topics – these people are Muslims first and foremost (I don’t care if they’re former government officials). Their allegiance is only to Islam. They will never consider themselves to be American. They are here only to enjoy a better standard of living, to earn money to send back to their terrorist groups, and to plot against us.
Islam – The Religion of Peace…..LMFAO!!

Thee_Bruno on October 27, 2005 at 9:13 pm

Thee_bruno, Eugene’s prolly a Camel Jockitch.
Q: So why do they call Camels the ship of the desert?
A: Because it’s full of Middle Eastern Seamen

KOAJaps on October 29, 2005 at 11:31 pm

Good one, KOAJaps.

Thee_Bruno on November 1, 2005 at 12:20 pm

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