May 11, 2014, - 4:51 pm

Mother’s Day: Hype Over Kevin Durant’s Irresponsible Single Mom is Absurd, Undeserved

By Debbie Schlussel

Is it just me . . . or are you also sick and tired of the gushing over Kevin Durant’s mother?



So, it’s Mother’s Day (or is that Mothers Day or Mothers’ Day?–I can never figure out for certain which one is right, though I believe it’s the first one I used). And for the last several days, the mainstream media have been gushing and drooling over NBA player Kevin Durant’s tearful speech thanking his mom when he won the NBA’s MVP Award (see the video below). The opportunistic, grandstanding NBA already took part of his speech and turned it into a “Happy Mother’s Day” ad. While Durant clearly loves his mother and calls her “the real MVP,” there’s a lot wrong with the undeserved congratulations for Wanda Pratt, Durant’s mom. Her behavior as a single mother risked his future, rather than guaranteeing it. It should be chastised, not cheered.

Being a good mother begins before conception. It begins with making good choices, like not choosing to become a babymama and have kids out of wedlock. But Kevin Durant’s mother made the wrong choice–not once, but TWICE. She had her first out of wedlock kid by age 18, and then she had another kid with the same man (thank Heavens for small favors) by the age of 21. Still not married. Not surprisingly, the man–Kevin Durant’s father, Wayne Pratt–walked out of their lives and didn’t return until Durant (he took his mother’s maiden name) was 13.

Here’s a tip: having kids out of wedlock is the best predictor that those kids will live in poverty and have it tough on a number of fronts–educationally, with illegal drugs, with premarital sex, crime, and so on. But Kevin Durant’s mother didn’t care. She went and had sex and two kids out of wedlock anyway. And for that, she’s being thanked and gushed over? For being a babymama and putting her kids into bad situations and poverty? Why should she be thanked for that? That’s behavior that shouldn’t be glorified. It should be condemned. But I’m the “backwards,” “old-fashioned,” “anachronistic,” “stuck in the ’50s” person for saying so.

NBA Ad . . .

Durant talked about how poor they were, how they kept moving from apartment to apartment, and that when they finally had an apartment of their own, they had no furniture. And everything else was a struggle. Well, you know why it was such a struggle? Because Kevin Durant’s mom chose to become a single mom. She chose that life. Why should we applaud her for that? She’s lucky that all three of her kids had athletic talent and that one of them became a multi-millionaire who could finance the rest of them for life if he wanted to. Without that, her kids would likely become just three more negative statistics resulting from illegitimate births, especially in Black America, where this is now the norm. And yet the NBA and the media think this is to be applauded and gushed over.

Kevin Durant’s mother is being applauded by himself and others for clothing and feeding and housing her kids. Um, isn’t that the basic expectation for someone who chooses to have kids? Wasn’t that her job? And didn’t she make it more difficult upon herself by choosing it this way–as a single mother and a teen? Yes. She did. The tough circumstances she put all of them through were circumstances of her making. That she overcame that isn’t cause for kudos. It’s cause for saying, well, she’s one of the lucky ones because she put herself and her kids in this situation through bad choices. And now we are supposed to applaud her for making things right and having the equivalent of Powerball-winning odds with one of her sons making it to multimillionaire NBA-dom.

Uh, sorry, no applause from me.

Kevin Durant and the NBA should be telling inner city America and the rest of American babymamahood that this isn’t to be applauded and gushed over, that these women are creating these crises for their kids. But that will never happen because the NBA won’t dare offend single mothers–who are fast becoming the majority in America and are already the vast majority in Black America, where it has its most loyal customer base. That also goes for the current roster of NBA players, the vast majority of whom were born to baby mamas and have never had fathers in their lives.

Political correctness has overtaken the idea of what is a good mother in America. And that’s why the media and the NBA and Kevin Durant are gushing over someone who really wasn’t a good mother after all.

Choosing to have kids on your own and putting them into poverty isn’t being a good mother.

Yes, I’ll say it. It’s the very opposite of good parenting and good mothering. When you choose to have kids out of wedlock, you aren’t a good mom. You’re just another contributor to America’s downfall.

So, sorry, but I won’t be wishing you or any of the millions of others like Kevin Durant’s mother a Happy Mother’s Day. You don’t deserve it, no matter what Hallmark and American Greetings and the NBA and Kevin Durant tell me.

To the dwindling number of women out there (including, fortunately, my own mom) who chose to do the right thing, the responsible thing, the now out-of-vogue and sadly unfashionable thing, and actually got married before they had children, you are the ones to whom I wish a Happy Mother’s Day. You are the ones who deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day especially to the women who actually choose to be mothers, rather than womb-and-egg-donor working women who see their kids once in a while, though the nanny or the daycare operator or the Xbox sees them far more. In fact, more and more in America, we should probably be wishing a “Happy Mother’s Day” to the growing number of castrated men who’ve surrendered their cojones at the door and become Mr. Moms like Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” instructed the women to force them to become. That’s America’s future, as women dominate college and grad school student bodies and graduate pools, and as they dominate and make more than men entering the work force.

And to the kids of those women who did not make that choice–to marry the father of their kids before having those kids–I feel for your kids who had the odds stacked against them from the get-go. I feel for them especially on this day when some of them might be rightfully confused about whom they are wishing a happy day to and why.


In case you are wondering, Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt, eventually married Wayne Pratt after Kevin Durant was born, but he left by the time Kevin Durant was one year old. He returned when Durant was thirteen and was in and out of his life. The Pratts eventually divorced.

Regardless of Mr. Pratt’s bad behavior, Mrs. Pratt slept with and had two kids with him without a ring on her finger. And that’s the most obvious hint that any woman can have of what’s to follow.

If you choose to bring kids into this world without a husband, you bear the responsibility of what happens to those kids. And, generally, what happens isn’t good.

And you don’t deserve America’s–or your kids’–thanks. You deserve their wrath.

You don’t make America better. You make it weaker.

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Did she really raise these kids by herself, or did the American taxpayer help by providing food stamps, housing assistance, welfare, Aid to Dependent Children, etc?

Let’s not give her a mother of the year award for bilking the taxpayer of their money to raise her bastards.

Jonathan E. Grant on May 11, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    At least she waited until she turned 18 to have her first illegitimate child. Most of them get pregnant as soon as it is biologically possible–around age 12. But you’re right–Durant should have thanked us, the taxpayers who supported them.

    lexi on May 12, 2014 at 11:20 am

    “Did she really raise these kids by herself, or did the American taxpayer help by providing food stamps…”

    As Barky would say, “she didn’t do that.”

    skzion on May 12, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    They didn’t live on tax payer money. You need to know the truth before you all cast stones. Her mom made her leave the house and man up. She didn’t want them living off of government assistance. She worked multiple jobs. She learned responsibility and overcame young mistakes. She owned it and they all became better for it. I bet all of you have had premarital sex and you may have got rid of your consequence or happened not to create an embryo in that moment. You do not know a person’s heart. She is one of the most humble, real, and genuine people I’ve had the privilege of being around on a couple of occasions. You honestly do not know the entire story. You too are not perfect and should not judge. Such a sad and misguided article Debbie. I feel sorry for you.

    BRok on May 10, 2015 at 12:32 am

I wonder if part of this adulation is because Durant is on the team that is playing the LA Clippers, owned by the evil Donald Sterling.

Little Al on May 11, 2014 at 5:41 pm

You’re right. I raised three boys with the help of my husband, their father. I did no less for them than she did for hers. In fact , we did more because he worked and we didn’t depend on the taxpayer money(other than his military check–but he worked for it). They never had to worry about if they would eat or have anything for their birthday or clean clothes and beds to sleep in. I’m amazed at the number of black and white girls now who seem to make it a priority to get pregnant before marriage. It’s in vogue. And they are given all the perks…baby showers galore and free college tuition…as they parade their baby bumps with tight fitting spandex tops.

Janis Nihart on May 11, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Janis, you have hit on one of my hot buttons. With so much “reality TV” out there these days I am seeing lots of aberrant behavior being touted as the norm. On shows with women shopping for wedding gowns, we have brides who bring their two or three kids with them to shop, talking about how they’ve known their fiance for ten years and have three kids together so the NEXT LOGICAL STEP is to get married. I think that step should have preceded Baby #1. Then on the Mothers Day edition of that show they celebrated the greatest mother/bride of all, a 40-something woman who is a school principal who just had triplets or quadruplets or something, and they gushed over how wonderful she is. Now what kind of example does that set for the children in her school when a role model like a black female principal gets knocked up and doesn’t bother to get married? Then she sticks the new babies in day care and waits to get married until she loses some of the baby weight. Huh??? Yep, that woman is to be celebrated.

    Frankly, when bad behavior is not labeled as such, and when it is instead celebrated, why should we be surprised when we just get more and more bad behavior?

    MIGirl on May 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm– That’s my email if anyone would like to reply.

    So many of you make assumptions about people you know nothing about. Here I am speaking to people who are uncouth and plain ignorant to the facts, people, and realities that they are speaking of. No one is cheering on or encouraging young women to get pregnant and give birth to children, out of wedlock. Applauding someone who made mistakes in their life only to work hard, persevere, and make a difference in their life and the lives of their children is the only thing that this story about Wanda Pratt that matters. You all speak in generalities and display massive amounts of cognitive dissonance when you say things like “I’ll just assume that she liked to fuck and lot and get high, or vice versa.”-the reverend jaques or things like “To the dwindling number of women out there (including, fortunately, my own mom) who chose to do the right thing, the responsible thing, the now out-of-vogue and sadly unfashionable thing, and actually got married before they had children, you are the ones to whom I wish a Happy Mother’s Day. You are the ones who deserve it”-debbie (satan) schlussel, say these “facts” with no factual basis to back these things up. This is horribly irresponsible to the youth you claim to want to protect, who would read these blogs of yours and through young inexperienced blind faith, take your word for these imaginary realities and believe them to be true. It’s disgusting that you think you have the right to judge these people in the manner in which you have so vigorously judged them. You do not know or understand life outside of your very limited bubble and frame of experience and you do not have the right to say these things that you inherently believe. You need Jesus and to reevaluate everything you know because one day you will realize you know nothing just like every single one of us. I hate myself for having wasted the time and breath to try and reach out to you and make you see where your wrong especially since to properly dissect your blog i would need to go far more in depth and go line by line to show you every single falsehood in your words. But no one will read it and it would be a waste of my energy but i wish you all prosperity and hopefully a new mindstate in which in you can acept and tolerate but not judge lives different from your own and hop off of your self righteous horse for a moment and live as if everyone deserves respect and applause on mother’s day.

    Daniel Cruz on January 6, 2015 at 1:09 pm

      Well written Daniel!

      BRok on May 10, 2015 at 12:36 am

Yep, well made points. My ex likes to call herself a “marine mom” just because she allowed him to become a teen age alcoholic and juvenile delinquent that tried to assault me once when he was 13. She sought to be his friend like so many idiots with vaginas. She’s still the main one in his life, as I was demonized thoroughly and completely even though I never missed a payment or opportunity to have visitation and she allowed his step dad to openly exclude him from hunting trips and fishing with his own son. She encouraged him to join the Marines with the present leadership and wars. Some moms aren’t worthy of celebration.

samurai on May 11, 2014 at 7:03 pm

believe on May 11, 2014 at 7:04 pm

It’s all about positioning for the ultimate stud muffin injection these days.
Get those Athlete genes and it’s game on.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you but one day we’ll automate you.

Frankz on May 11, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Debbie, I understand where you’re coming from in this article about Kevin Durant’s mother, yes she made idiotic and selfish decisions, that we all agree on and shouldn’t be praised!

However, at the very sametime, not everyone who was raised by a single parent (or LGBT parents as well) turns out to be a bad or terrible person, and believe it or not, they’re some folks who grew up in the traditional “mother-father” household who tends to be ethically corrupt, so neither end should stand on the “moral-higher-ground”.

And are there improvements that can be made, the answer is “yes”, and I also agree with you between the lines in the source where you aid that the NBA (or any sports for that matter) should be lecturing against out-of-wedlock, babymamas, and/or babyfathers, etc., instead of being indifferent and nihilistic on it.

Sean R. on May 11, 2014 at 10:47 pm

But, then again, marriage has been transformed into its opposite because of, er, marriage equality, so why can’t motherhood be transformed as well? And the family? The liberals and leftists want to make the government the family.

Little Al on May 12, 2014 at 12:20 am

Okayyyyyyy, . . .

I really don’t have time for this, and I’m aching badly, with deep chills in my body. Using machetes on thistle makes me feel a lot like Ali-Frazier I. Frazier won, but took the worse physical beating. Whatever happened out in the fields today didn’t make me feel much like a winner, but it sure is cleaner up on the western hill. OW!!!

Little Al as usual, makes more good points in fewer words than just about anybody. Talk about a winner.

Fury, you’re a weewee weewee scawy wooking man. Having established that fact, let’s look at some facts. Debbie lives in a suburb of Detroit, has for most of her life from what I can gather. Lives around a lot of blacks, always has, from what I can gather. Can YOU, Furious George Flies A Kite, gather your wits about you for a REAL discussion?

Seems like none of you leftists ever can. It’s all about emotion, name calling, and so many of you leftists are intellectuals, yet when it comes to what’s wrong with Amerika, it’s all about emotion. Can you say, . . .

SATAN? I can. I know it when I see him.

Why don’t you address the article with talking points? Can you do that? Like, can you, kinda sorta, explain how the fact that the black poverty rate, which hasn’t moved a notch in the past half century, is a good thing? Can you explain why a 73% out of wedlock black birth rate is a good thing? Can you explain why it’s better that Daddy Has A New Roommate or any of that new age multicultural gobbledegook rather than a household having ONE husband (who is a MAN!), and ONE wife (who is a WOMAN!) is such a bad idea?

As for Debbie not knowing reality, try living in Detroit, or anywhere NEAR it, buddy. When Debbie’s parents were having her, Detroit was burning. Even tough New Yorkers were afraid of Detroit back then. Being within 100 miles of Detroit was considered a bad idea. Debbie knows reality, the way Bo knows baseball, football, opera, chess, wok cooking, and whatever the heck else he was supposedly good at.

Next time you and the gang at Media Matters, Politico, or the NBA send someone over here to spew, how about some substance? Kevin Durant loves his mother. Nothing wrong with that. But there IS something wrong with Amerika’s burgeoning propensity to embrace and anoint what was in my childhood looked upon as the aberrant.

God is not happy, Mr. Fury. One day he will make it known in a Fast and Furious fashion. Oh, let’s review, . . .

the word PROPENSITY. That is NOT the same thing as what’s in the tank on the other side of the wall from my stove. THAT is called, . . .

PROPANE. Which is not to be confused with the thing Eric Clapton sang a song about. THAT would be . . .

COCAINE. So put the spoon down, unfold those massive arms of yours, and . . .

DISCUSS. INTELLIGENTLY. Like Little Al, for example.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on May 12, 2014 at 1:44 am

Thanks, Little Al. I’d like to say I’m back, but I have some rare free time, for now. A lot of problems in my personal life, along with aforementioned financial issues. I’ll be around when I can, but the posts will likely be few and far between.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on May 12, 2014 at 2:54 am

Don’t know if you will post this Debbie, but have you ever wondered if there is something wrong with Mother’s Day full stop?

The Encyclopædia Britannica says it is: “A festival derived from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Formal mother worship, with ceremonies to Cybele, or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, were performed on the Ides of March throughout Asia Minor.”—(1959), Vol. 15, p. 849.

So does it have its roots in goddess worship, which is something the God of Abraham, the true God, condemns?

sue on May 12, 2014 at 9:21 am

apologies for my previous post which is a conflation of various concerns into sarcasm that doesn’t make sense.

Frankz on May 12, 2014 at 9:35 am

Apologies for my previous post which didn’t make a lot of sense.

Frankz on May 12, 2014 at 9:38 am

i wonder if durant’s old man found his way back into his son’s life now that he’s struck gold as a pro athlete…

kirche61 on May 12, 2014 at 10:18 am

The Raw Story is running an article about a Palestinian TV show (Pioneers of Tomorrow) that teaches kids to punch & shoot Jews and you guys are complaining about a mom who raised an upstanding citizen. Something to think about!

Lee on May 12, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Oh libtard Lee, can’t you and fellow libtard Claybaby just get a room and stop trolling here? You are not intelligent enough to educate anyone here. Sheesh.

    skzion on May 12, 2014 at 1:54 pm

There is really nothing to praise here. This mother allowed herself to get impregnated twice out of wedlock. She most certainly got public assistance during the childhoods of her boys.

Worr01 on May 12, 2014 at 12:48 pm

I think you’re being too harsh on Kevin’s mom Wanda. I think that she wanted her children to lead a better life than she did, and that she sought to instill some good values in her children, in spite of the path she had chosen (or found herself in).

Consider this December 2013 interview of her:

Interviewer: You were married at a young age and found yourself a single mother with two kids by the age of 21, yet you still raised them to be both respectful and successful. What were some of the values you instilled within them as individuals?

Wanda: Well, the values I instilled within [my sons] was to always work hard, to treat your neighbors as you treat yourself. To know that some of the decisions you make are not only for you but they affect other people. To persevere, to be determined [and] to work hard. To enjoy your life and trust your instincts. All of the things a mother tries to instill in her children, I try to instill in my sons. But they are still works of progress, of course. As I am!

And what was some advice you gave your sons on treating women?

That women are to be considered as the weaker vessel- in physicality but not in strength and emotion. All the different dynamics of who we are. But [women] are the weaker vessel. And men should take a rightful place with women, not to…abuse or be over them. But to take that position of respect. That position of honor. That’s what I try to instill within [Kevin].

I still try. They aren’t perfect. I’m not perfect, of course. But they try. And it’s always something I try to continue to talk to them about.

Interviewer: What about some advice you offered him as far as staying focused on other things? Temptation, that fast lifestyle of partying, etc.? I mean, Kevin is the guy that carries a Bible in his backpack, so clearly he carries his faith with him wherever he goes. But did you ever offer any advice as far as staying grounded?

Wanda: I wanted my sons to enjoy their lives. I wanted them to experience life. I didn’t want them to look back on their youth and say ‘I didn’t have a good time.’ So I wanted them to experience things. I wanted them to go out in the world and find out who they are and explore who they wanna be. I wanted that for them.

It didn’t change because [Kevin] was an NBA player, it’s the same goals that I had for him if he was someone who worked at the post office. I want him to enjoy his youth.

Interviewer: So of course Kevin recently just got engaged! What was your reaction to his engagement?

Wanda: Of course I loved it! I mean, this is my son and he’s getting ready to start leading a family. I mean, how wonderful that is. A mother loves that for her son. Of course, to see my son’s children…I was always told you can tell how well you raised your children by how they raise your grandchildren. So I’m looking for the evidence! [laughs] I don’t care what you all talk about, I’m looking for it in my grandchildren. Which I don’t have yet!

Interviewer: With you getting married at a young age, were there any concerns regarding them rushing or being too young for marriage?

Wanda: Well, no. Because I think we all are different. We all know [that] at that age, we think we know. So who am I to put a damper on who he says that he is? I mean, I’m your mom. Of course you take my advice but you say you’re in love and this is your woman- who am I to say that you’re not, you know? I just don’t have that authority. Even as his mother, I can’t be in that position. I just won’t assert my position as that person. I won’t do that.

When you have children, when you’re a mother and your children are adults like my children are, you have to trust that you instilled the right things. And I have to trust God that He is going to take care of them just as He took care of me in my youth. So that gives me peace. That really gives me peace.

Ralph Adamo on May 12, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    She got pregnant twice, and not simply once. This was not an honest mistake, but an effort to maximize her benefits at the time. Birth control existed back when she was getting pregnant(and I am not talking about abortion). I would be inclined to give this mother some slack if there had been a once time “Accident”, but not when she doubled down with a second public assistance pregnancy.

    Worry01 on May 13, 2014 at 5:36 pm

      It is funny how most of you on here just assume this woman was on welfare. She had a job at the Post Office and worked several different shifts. This woman took money out of her retirement account (yeah she was a government employee, not a recipient like most white people, and yes they receive more government assistance than blacks do,-check the stats if you can read) to pay for things for her kids. So what she had kids before she was married, she took care of them and didn’t use abortion as birth control like a certain body of people do. She was not Jesus Christ, she made mistakes and will make more, as we are not perfect. She took responsibility for her mistakes by taking care of them to the best of her ability. So what they were not rich, they had love and each other, as well as were shown the example of how to get up and go to work each day, which is a far cry from what quite a few little white bastards are being shown. I guess we should be yelling Happy Mother’s Day to Honey Moo Moo’s mom right?

      Investigate4yourself on October 6, 2014 at 9:36 pm

Yes in a perfect world she would have been married and then having two kids, but obviously she raised them right. They didn’t run the streets, get involved with crime. So even if it wasn’t the perfect situation, she was a decent and an effective mother.

Big D on May 12, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Hello Peoples. I am currently recovering from 2 small back-to-back heart attacks that I had 2 weeks ago.

I know that returning to this forum may not be the wisest thing to do. But I need the exercise, both mental and physical.

So, by taking everything that DS and the DS Usual Suspects have been saying in this thread, I’m getting the impression that Kevin Durant’s mom loved to f*** and get high (and vice versa). Whether it’s pandemic among young women (regardless of colour) these says, I cannot say. But it’s apparent that these baby-mamas tend to partake in such activity.

I do have to give her some respect (in light of Ralph Adamo’s post) when she claimed to have done the best for her children. But on many levels, this is the equivalent of getting the horses out of a smoky stable and closing the stable doors: you did the right thing in saving the horses, but you failed to check if the smoke will turn into a full blown inferno and what caused it in the first place. If the stable were to burn down, then the good deed is irrelevant.

Unfortunately, too many people are doing just that. “Oh, yeah. S*** happens when she f***s and gets high.” We bitch about the symptoms and the results but we never publicize the environment that fosters the problems. Too many people fail to take into consideration that discipline and morals have turned into lost arts. That in order to survive and thrive in a free, progressive society, you need to have order and restraint and to know your place. This is the paradox that we have to accept when one considers that just being alive is a privilege and not a right. (I should know.)

So as much as I respect Kevin for defending his mother, his mother should also accept accountability for getting herself into this situation.

And she should count her blessings that she doesn’t live in an Islamist theocracy: I hear that baby-mamas aren’t treated that well there.

My 2 cents. The End.

The Reverend Jacques on May 13, 2014 at 11:21 am

Can I get in on this circlejerk…?

Or is it an invitation-only club…?

Liz Katz on May 15, 2014 at 2:27 am

What a sad article. You must be truly miserable to write such hateful words.

Tim on May 15, 2014 at 9:21 am

A lot of you people are ignorant, and for the douchebag that wrote this article go lie on the nearest train tracks n kill yourself, you sound jealous and like you have nothing else better to do. It’s so many people out there that have had abortions and not even carried their children full term afraid of what people would say. Not only did she raise wonderful children but she helped bring them to their full potential by loving and caring for them with or without government assistance. FYI that’s why it’s called government assistance. I guess your against helping people who actually may need it. Even though the majority who use them are white, I just love how ignorant people like you make it seem like baby daddy’s and stamps are a black thing. Hmm..,,Which shows exactly what kind of a person you are. So go suck it.

Bethany Bicol on July 3, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Yea she makes some pretty good points but KDs mom could’ve given up after moving abandond her kids and other stuff but she just kept on supporting them and one of her kids made it do wat she made some mistakes and didnt get married before she had a baby happens to a lot of people what are gonna do put her down if u guys are gonna get on her for making mistakes i think your gonna have to find and get on other people black and white and i just think all the people hating are just mad cause they did all the “right things” and your son is not winning the mvp or making millions of dollars playing on one of the biggest stages in america and we have to applaud kevin durant to for making it through his struggle cause personally i don’t think i could the man went through alot moving from house to house fighting the odds and making it to the big stage so what alot of people are talking about her on mothers day cause for the most part every mother is a good mother in her own way and just cause they lived off taxepayer money would u rather have them living on the street yea some of you would like that no kevin durant or no wanda and im sure every mother in the world glhd a good mothers day and was praised the way they were supposed too

nah man on August 2, 2014 at 10:31 pm

Wow .. You guys are so petty especially johnathan E. grant.. Well guess what, I was raised by a single mother too. It wasn’t because my at her didn’t want to be here he was my best friend until he was tragically taken away from me at the age of 11. I’m now 18 and I’m a freshman in college and headed down the right path in life thanks to who? .. My single mother .. The woman who woke me up in the morning even after working all night. The one who bought all of my football equipment from middle to senior year ( now I play in college) .. The one who sacrificed many things to make sure I had a smile on my face. So if you have never been in that position then don’t judge it . It’s arrogant and insensitive individuals such as yourself that marginalize and stigmatize the ones who have it rough. You guys are the ones who give the youth no hope , no future . I’m single parent raised and I didn’t have to use one curse word to express my feelings. I’m single parent raised and I don’t sale drugs , I am in college. I have no criminal record. I’m single parent raised and you’ll probably never amount to any of my accomplishments in my 18 years of life. I’m single parent raised and all you did was add fuel to my fire and show me why I have to keep striving for greatness and prevailing over the incoming obstacles in my life. So while you’re sitting here blogging and criticizing single households, I’m out here grinding from 6 in the morning until 9 at night with my mom to push me forward to succeed just like KD and his mom .. But then again you’ll never know our struggles . None of you will .. In 10 years I’ll have a charity for single mothers. And if I can help spark one mind to be great then I will forever be successful while you guys sit on the computer and read about it. Bet on that

Leik P on September 2, 2014 at 4:10 am

This Is For the Piece of shit that wrote this article Listen Up you Trailer Trash piece of Dog Shit Where do you get off being so disrespectful Who cares about what you think He loves his Mother So What Some Of us Are not privileged like you that had two parents OK Faget You should keep your fucking mouth closed you little bitch

ivrie on November 8, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Things happen unexpectedly in life. You adjust and progress forward….. She IS deserving. She did it by herself, has 2 good men to show for it, and she’s living exceptionally better than all of you. Seems she did great!

Jessica Fuente on December 11, 2014 at 1:39 pm

I have to completely disagree. She made mistakes alright? That is understood. But we all do in varying degrees. And the fact that you are insulting her and talking down about her disgusts me. Just because you are well off you think it is okay to judge someone’s situation? Screw you. She gave everything to those kids and that is all that should matter. A good mother pits her needs way beneath the needs of her children. Your lack of understanding for that screams to me that you are either A) jealous or B) a terrible mother for not understanding the sacrifices she made. It started with an unfortunate mistake (and it was more of the husbands fault for not sticking around anyway) and ended with Durant’s mother sacrificing everything for those kids. And now look at the success of them. Get over your own privilege and look at this from her shoes.

Zach Stacy on January 25, 2015 at 10:34 am

All of u ppl sound fucking retarded…the fact of the matter is she did what she had to do as a single mother.. would it be better if she was white..its not about tax payer dollars and none of that shit its about stupid ass racist dumb fucks like this bitch debbie and this rest of u fucking idiots..not everybody is born with millions of dollars to blow out they ass and I’m quite sure 99.9% of you dickheads arent living a life of luxury yourself…for any parent white, black, hispanic or asian to be a single parent and get the job done that is a achievement that nobody can take..not even this dumb bitch

Cj on February 17, 2015 at 12:16 pm

The author makes a TON of assumptions about the landscape of the average NBA player’s upbringing and family structure. Also, she sounds like a real cunt, and is freaking scary to look at.

Kyle on February 19, 2015 at 10:41 pm

Thanks for confirming that “classy” racism is still alive and well. In reading your rant about Kevin Durant’s mother being irresponsible in having children at an early age, why did you skip over the statistics of how many of those children grown up to become successful? of those children who become successful, how many of those children come from households with no structure? I think we are close to 1% . So even though KD came from a low income household, with a irresponsible mother she propelled him to greatness.
So let’s see someone who has less resources than yourself, raised a child in a neighborhood nowhere close to the quality of your own, and make this kid one of the greatest athletes in the world and of all time. Wait one more thing, the person was a black woman.. OMG, I get it now why your mad. Folks like you have nannies for your children, strollers from the UK that no one has ever heard of, college funds, and privates school tuition is chump change to you. However, you can not replicate the same success in your children. Let me help you out with a basic concept, a person against the odds with always have more to strive for than a person with a silver spoon in their mouth. Meaning, it’s hard for a upper middle class kid who has never need anything in their life to fuel themselves to beat the odds. Duh, what odds?? Think about that for a minute open-mindedly and it sink in.
Who am I, I was a teenage mom that had my first child at 18 years old and I was pregnant in high school. I’m an educated, professional and my child is an honor student and received a full scholarship to play Div. 1 basketball at a top 30 university.
Remember, it’s not how you start the game it’s how you finish. Or at least that’s the way people how have obstacles in their life think. How do you think? Is it working? Why are you so negative toward a family doing something positive?

J on March 11, 2015 at 10:05 pm

You are all walking talking diarrhea people (except for those against this piece of flaming garbage they are passing off as journalism). I’d rather have a young unmarried mother than any of you horrid freaks. How dare you talk down on a man loving his mother. Choke on a thousand dicks.

Normal person on March 15, 2015 at 6:35 am

HI Bye Hater …Some for now some for later

k smith on June 7, 2015 at 9:21 pm

I love how all of you are so prejudiced and assuming that she had her children out of wedlock when in fact SHE WAS MARRIED and Kevin Durant’s father abandoned his entire family (something that was entirely out of her control). And even if she wasn’t married, so friggin WHAT. Marriage is not a guarantee for a perfect life, especially considering the 50% divorce rate. It’s unbelievable that you people have to try to bring this woman down in an attempt to make yourselves feel better and to politicize something that had nothing to do with you or your damn politics. Just because you get paid to write down your small minded little thoughts it doesn’t make you better than her or any other single mother out there. It just makes you a stupid bitch who is lucky there are enough idiots in the world that support you!

KEVIN's MOM on April 21, 2016 at 11:07 pm

Wow~Crazy how people never say anything nice. I wrote the ????????Declaration of Separation 2016???????? Guess ya’ll agree w/abusive 240 year Tyranny US Congress as well. U will b sad to know u have been a victim of Human Abuses just being An American. Our New Congress~coming soon~will put Women & Children first~THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.DECLARATION OF SEPARATION 2016~Learn the Truth about America ? & ????USA

Leslie Malpass

Leslie on May 7, 2016 at 10:52 pm

Wow…it’s ashamed of the comments you people are writing. Whether she used tax payers money or worked check to check, both him and her are well paid now. Where you are still working to contribute to government assistance, they are living nice choosing not to work. So keep talking about them, that’s depositing dollars in their pocket.

Kay on May 8, 2016 at 8:23 pm

She was married and worked two jobs to take care of her children. The parents broke up but their father was there for his kids. Racist much?

the truth on May 9, 2016 at 12:03 am

Wow. Very judgmental. It’s so sad that people automatically assume things. Is it because of the color of her skin? If she was Caucasian would the thought of taxpayer’s money come into the picture. And since when are we all perfect? Have we all done things the right way ALL the time? Please people… get off of your high horses and look in the mirror smh.

Bee on May 9, 2016 at 12:12 am

I’m white and I’m ashamed! First of all, you can’t get food stamps when you work for the United States Postal Service. She worked there for over 20 years. I bet most of you assholes wouldn’t have lasted a month. To work such a physically, emotionally and brutal job for 20 years says something about Wanda Pratt, she loved her kids so much she stayed in a shitty job. Have any of you worked for the USPS? Doubtful, because the job can ruin you physically, mentally and emotionally. If you haven’t worked for the USPS, you have no idea what I’m talking about. So shut the FUCK UP!!! Wanda Pratt raised a brood of responsible, hard working individuals. Isn’t that what every Mother hopes for??
OKC Thunder Fam

LINDA on May 10, 2016 at 2:03 am

This is the most ignorant article!! Sounds like you are mad because you want recognition. She did an awesome job raising her children under hard circumstances and if Kevin wants to acknowledge that then he CAN!! God blessed him with a platform to do so. She is giving back to single mothers and children WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! Besides bitching about someone that doing good and giving back. I hear you loud and clear HATER!!

Pamela G. on May 12, 2016 at 10:56 am

Ignorant and judgement and lacking the true facts!
Perhaps you have an agenda? Next time fact check!
Wanda was married to Kevin’s father!
She worked and did not live off tax payers money!
She raised good men who are doing more for society
and making lasting differences in this world!
What exactly had YOU accomplished?????
Seriously disgusting how people judge and many jump
On the train of lies especially when success happens

Sue on May 13, 2016 at 12:50 am

I’m super late but I just read this. You all should really be ashamed of yourselves, any mother that make sacrifices for their kids should be awarded. Yes, she had kids out of wedlock but at least she did not run out of her kids life. I was a child of a single mother who had a child out of wedlock and we did perfectly fine. I have three degrees , including my PhD, and I curently raise a child on my own. Oh if you are wondering yes it was out of wedlock. I make over 140K by myself and we are doing quite well. I also have family members that are single mothers who raise more than one child without the help of the goverment. Instead they do the same as Kevin mom and go work two jobs, if needed. People love to talk ish about black people like white folks can’t live the same. Or should I be like you all and say the reason why alot of marriages last in the white community because they allow one to commit adultery and take them back. I’m sorry black women don’t take that as much. Ughhh Iswear you all make me sick to my stomach. I will pray for you all. Have a good day.

Anna on July 14, 2016 at 6:34 pm

Haters gonna always hate! He is successful and you are not! He loves his mom more than your kids will ever love you!oh wait, your kids are probably flushed down the toilet! My bad! And this article and its supporters is the best example of the hate America has.

Christine on June 13, 2017 at 9:36 am

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