November 7, 2005, - 8:42 am

Julie Myers Pulled a Cheney: Immigration Chief-ette to be Chose Self for Job

We’ve been very critical of the vastly unqualified , “President Bush’s choice” to head up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Department of Homeland Security agency charged with addressing the growing illegal alien problem.
Now, we put the term “President Bush’s choice” in quotation marks because it has come to light that she was, in fact, not President Bush’s choice at all. She was her own choice, say sources in the know. Yes, Julie Myers chose Julie Myers to head up ICE. Myers was in charge of finding the new Assistant Secretary of ICE, and–despite all of the well-qualified choices presented to her–she chose herself.

Julie Myers: When in Doubt, Pick Yourself

In fact, once Myers chose the new ICE chief nominee, only two people needed to sign off on it–her boss, 31-year-old Dina Powell (an Egyptian from Bush’s Texas), and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff (“Secretary Skeletor”).
We’ve always said that pillow talk is the most effective form of political speech. And, as we’ve written previously, Chertoff’s chief of staff is Myers’ husband, so, of course, he’d approve.

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Wow! Such modesty from a well-trained, life-long beauracrat. Nice. Deb, you’re the only one willing to dig into the cess of this crap and expose it. The MSM will continue to ignore thie “non-story”. That’s why you’re the best. F’- Howard & Artie!

Yiddish Steel on November 7, 2005 at 10:38 am

This sure aint the Republican party i knw and loved. Thanks for bringing ’em back Deb!

KOAJaps on November 8, 2005 at 11:53 am

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