November 9, 2005, - 1:03 pm

Me in Today’s WASHINGTON TIMES on French Muslim Riots

I’m in today’s “Inside Politics” column in The Washington Times, written by Greg Pierce.
The column notes my warning of likely riots by Muslims in France. (They got one thing wrong, though. I’m a “Miss,” not a “Mrs.”)
Here’s what the Washington Times says about me:
Told you so
The riots in France, which continued for a 13th consecutive day yesterday, shouldn’t have surprised anyone, says Debbie Schlussel, who more than three years ago warned of the problems caused by that nation’s flood of Muslim immigrants.
“I warned about Islamo-fascist impending doom in France in May 2002. But no one listened,” writes Miss Schlussel, a Michigan lawyer and Internet columnist.
Her noted that France had “between 5 and 10 million Muslim Arabs in that country of 60 million.” Because the immigrants have much higher birthrates than French natives, Mrs. Schlussel wrote: “One thing is for sure: in the next 50 to 100 years — maybe sooner — France will become a Muslim nation. Demographics dictate it.”

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You had the foresight and the courage to tackle a PC taboo.
The news coverage about what’s going on in France is also an abomination;
A. Not properly identifying who the savages are,
B. How the media conjures up all kinds of excuses for the savages’ behavior,
C. How they didn’t cover this story in the first couple of day.
Keep up the excellent work!

Thee_Bruno on November 9, 2005 at 2:47 pm

Can you see having (5-10 million) peace loving Muslim arabs ? We”re doomed with the one’s we have now.

danny on November 9, 2005 at 3:29 pm

Maybe not a “Mrs.”, yet… Having to constantly spell out “S C H L U S S E L” probably doesn’t get old, either. ;- ) You’re the best Deb, don’t let up on that tenacity, not even for Artie Lange.

Yiddish Steel on November 9, 2005 at 3:50 pm

Debbie; Pirates attack their own, in Amman jordan

danny on November 9, 2005 at 4:26 pm

If you ever want to work on changing from “Miss” to “Mrs.”, give me a call…LOL!
What’s even more stupid is the press is now trying to turn the French riots into a poverty issue. If it had been Christians or Jews doing this, the French would have long ago sent in the troops and the world would have been applauding.

The_Man on November 9, 2005 at 10:30 pm

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