November 15, 2001, - 9:09 am

Will Radical Islam Sue You?


If anyone will improperly benefit from the terrorist attacks, it’s the usual culprits–trial lawyers–and a new one: radical Islamicists. Lawyers and America’s organized radical Muslims have developed a whole new litigation racket to clog the courts.

First, there is Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Issa plans to introduce legislation to allow Arabs and Muslims who are “victims of racial profiling” to file discrimination lawsuits and collect monetary damages, “if profiling is not done properly.” This is ridiculous. Basically, Issa is telling law enforcement: Don’t do your job at airports and borders, or I’ll help everyone sue you out of a job and a bank account.

A reason we have so many terrorists within our borders, right now, is that law enforcement officials were restrained from examining enough individuals that fit an ethnic profile, due to political grandstanding like Issa’s. To this day, U.S. Customs officials are required to give complaint forms to all people stopped at the border and/or frisked. This guarantees that too many criminals and terrorists won’t be stopped and will pass over our borders, legally. Issa will make it even worse.

When, according to Issa, is profiling not done properly? Apparently, it’s when you are a congressman, an hour late for a flight and not allowed on the plane, as happened to Issa recently. He arrived for an Air France flight on Oct. 4, after the time required to conduct an adequate security check. He had all the signs of a suspicious passenger–a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia via Paris, an Arabic surname, and a late, harried arrival. The airline told him he’d have to return for the next flight, like any non-congressman in the same position.
But instead of playing by the rules set for us regular people in this time of heightened security, Issa had a tantrum and demanded to board, accusing Air France of profiling. Issa has a history of whining about “profiling”. As head of a California Arab-American group, he signed a proclamation decrying the “profiling” of alleged Asian spy Wen Ho Lee. At a June House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on the Justice Dept., he raised pointed questions with Attorney General Ashcroft, decrying the use of profiling and secret evidence against potential terrorists.

Though he is a Christian-Arab, Issa is the congressional sycophant for Salam Al-Marayati, head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who compared Islamic terrorists to Patrick Henry. Issa and Al-Marayati must have confused, “Give me liberty or give me death,” with “Give them Islam or give them death.”

Then there are AP reports that the Council on American Islamic Relations–a self-styled Muslim civil rights group that the FBI identified as a front-group for the Hamas terrorist organization–is gathering a list of hate crimes and referring “victims” to trial lawyers. But, just like slip-and-fall fakeries, there are few meritorious cases among the alleged “incidents of hate” and a lot of exaggerated opportunities for ambulance-chasing trial lawyers. In the past, CAIR’s examples of alleged discrimination and hate-crimes consisted of arrests and deaths of known terrorist leaders and articles exposing radical Islam in publications like Reader’s Digest, the Dallas Morning News, and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Then there is CAIR’s own hate-crime against Islamic scholar Khalid Duran. A heroic Muslim-American scholar who has for years dared to speak out against radical Islam and its support for terrorist groups, CAIR and other “mainstream” American Islamic groups hate him. And Duran committed the additional “crime” of serving as translator and senior adviser for the 1994 documentary “Jihad in America,” which exposes Muslim terrorist elements that flourish throughout America, including CAIR’s antecedent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine.

Recently, Duran sinned again, writing a children’s book promoting understanding of Islam, “Children of Abraham: An Introduction to Islam for Jews.” He committed the cardinal sin of enlisting the American Jewish Committee to publish it. That earned him a fatwah (religious decree) from Lebanese Muslim cleric, Abd al-Mun’im Abu Zant, to kill Duran. CAIR defended Abu Zant. Shouldn’t that make CAIR a defendant in a hate-crime lawsuit?

The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee is another group. AP reports it is busy compiling trumped-up “hate-crimes,” rounding up trial lawyers and engaging in its own frivolous litigation explosion. The AAADC opposes profiling terrorists–not surprising, since its key Michigan regional official, Imad Hamad, was a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist, according to the INS which opposed his U.S. citizenship.

But AAADC has no problem profiling other Americans, who are not Muslims or Arabs. Manny Cetner knows about AAADC’s profiling and fabricated hate-crimes. In Cetner’s West Bloomfield Township, Mich., neighborhood, where most residents are Jews and Christian Arabs and get along peacefully, a Muslim resident, Ben Nouri–with the help of the AAADC, brought a $10 million dollar discrimination lawsuit against Cetner and the two other Jews (but none of the non-Jews) who sit on his neighborhood association board. Their “hate-crime” against the Muslim: enforcing Township grading and structural codes to prevent flooding damage to neighboring homes. The phony lawsuit is draining Cetner and co-defendants financially.

With radical Muslim groups’ litigious maws in full force, every American should watch his pocket book and worry about his security.

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