November 15, 2005, - 2:10 pm

Detroit FBI Has Huge Edifice Complex, Few Counterterrorism Results

Over the past few weeks, the Detroit FBI–very symbolic of the FBI at large–has been touting its self-proclaimed seriousness in pursuing Islamic terrorists in Michigan. But these stories are accompanied with details of the real story: its desire to get a huge, new multi-million dollar building.
While the press has been filled with gushing (mostly phony) articles like the front-pager by Detroit News (“Local FBI’s No. 1 job: Terror War“) and the one in yesterday’s Washington Times (and yet another story today by about 10,000 tax-paid agents and other police protecting billionaire NFL owners’ Superbowl), the true story is that the FBI in Detroit–the heart of extremist Islamic America, and across America has done VERY LITTLE since 9/11 to pursue Islamic terrorists, money-launderers, etc. By design.

Daniel Roberts: Detroit FBI Empire Builder in-Chief has Extreme Edifice Complex

In fact, Detroit FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel Roberts’ biggest “achievements” in the War on Terror are his pandering relationship with “former” Islamic terrorist and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad (who praised Roberts and his entree into the Islamic community for good reason–Roberts kowtows to, not investigates, them), (whose cleric is apparently an Iranian agent and operative of Hezbollah), his pursuit of a veteran in a wheelchair for sending an e-mail to another radical Islamic cleric at the time Nick Berg was beheaded, and his persecution of an FBI agent, Mike Thomas, for having the gall to investigate members of the controversial Detroit Al Qaeda cell (who planned to blow up sites around the world).
Do these sound like reasons that millions in your federal tax money will build Agent Roberts and the Detroit FBI cushy new digs? This man, Daniel Roberts, is not in law enforcement. He’s in empire building and has an incurable edifice complex. The whole FBI is exactly the same: a huge bureaucracy that sucks up to radical Islamic leaders and persecutes good agents who actually pursue Islamic terrorists.
And you wonder how 9/11 happened.

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Wait…you mean the Detroit News can sometimes be…sloppy…in their handling of the facts? GASP! REALLY? 😉

DetroitWonk on November 17, 2005 at 8:13 pm

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