January 19, 2015, - 8:59 am

HUH? Look Who This Leading “Moderate” Muslim Imam is Comparing to MLK

By Debbie Schlussel

WTF?! The imam of the second largest mosque in America is comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. to Iranian ayatollah Ali Sistani and former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. He called these Hezbollah founders and financiers and human rights abusers “the Martin Luther King [sic] of our time.”


Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah & Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi


Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi & Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini

The Islamo-pandering fools and idiots in the Detroit and national media have taken to portraying imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, cleric of the second largest mosque in America, the Islamic House of Wisdom, as a “moderate” and “man of peace” in discussing ISIS. But, as I’ve noted repeatedly on this site, Elahi was tight with ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who chose Elahi as spiritual leader of the Iranian Navy. And Elahi is a proud open supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS. He was tight with sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the late spiritual leader of Hezbollah who issued the fatwa to blow up the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, murdering over 300 Americans in cold blood.

Elahi wrote columns in The Detroit Newsistan proudly praising the mass murder of Jews in various terrorist acts, and many members of his own mosque have been arrested and/or indicted by the FBI for Hezbollah terrorism, terrorism-related crimes, and immigration fraud. The youth leader of his mosque is in prison for murdering a Detroit-area Christian Arab who dared become engaged to a Muslim woman. Members of Elahi’s mosque sent me death, rape, and torture threats. But Elahi stands by all of these dangerous criminals and their acts of hate and refuses to condemn any of them. He also accosted me in federal court and Federal Marshals had to block him. That was after he sent me e-mails demanding I remove what I wrote about him, all of it true and documented. It’s well known to the feds that the guy is an agent of Iran and Hezbollah (even though he apparently committed immigration fraud and never declared those facts on his immigration application). “Man of peace,” indeed.

Now, Elahi is telling the world that the extremist, hate-filled, Holocaust-denying, Islamic leaders of Iran are “the Martin Luther King [sic] of our time.” That’s funny, given that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a proud, pro-Israel Christian minister who proclaimed that those who are anti-Israel are Jew-haters. The Iranian government and its ayatollahs don’t even pretend to hide behind the “we don’t hate Jews, just Israel” mantra. They admit they hate Jews. I highly doubt MLK would like being compared to Iranian leaders who finance HAMAS and Hezbollah mass murder. I definitely know he wouldn’t appreciate being compared to Iranian leaders who’ve executed countless Iranians for the sole crime of practicing Christianity and hanged Muslim Iranians for speaking out against Iran’s oppressive regime. That’s the exact opposite of what the march on Selma and MLK’s whole movement was about: civil rights for all humanity.

Elahi, in his online newsletter, proclaimed, “People like Ayatollah Sistani and former Iraninan President, Khatami are the Martin Luther King examples of our time. Reminding that President Rouhani brought an anti-violence and anti-terrorism push to the UN.” Hilarious. The very Iranian leaders who are executing Christians and financing HAMAS and Hezbollah mass murder stand for “anti-violence” and “anti-terrorism.” Uh-huh. Sure they do. And Elahi is on the warpath over the latest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons and says they should be outlawed. He also won’t condemn violence over the cartoons, just the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists because they are Sunnis, not Shi’ites. Yup, sounds very Martin Luther King-esque to me.

Not that it’s news that Muslims like hijackings. They like to hijack planes AND they like to hijack the names of others whom they actually detest, like King and other Blacks. Elahi’s congregants refer to Blacks as “abed” and “abeed,” singular and plural for slave/slaves. But the words are the Arabic and Muslim equivalent of the N-word.


CNN’s clueless Carol Costello had this extremist and terrorism supporter, Elahi, on last week, to condemn ISIS, which he’s also done on Detroit’s FOX News-run affiliate to the gushing of its ignorant boob of an anchor, Huel Perkins. Perkins and fellow ignoramus, Detroit Newsistan cartoonist Henry Payne, declared the extremist Elahi, a “moderate” because he condemned ISIS. But here’s a tip, you idiots”: Elahi is a Shi’ite cleric, and ISIS is a Sunni operation which murders Shi’ites, so of course he will condemn ISIS. But he won’t condemn Hezbollah or HAMAS. So, he’s a moderate how? I’m not surprised that the twins of vapidity, Perkins and Payne, would gush over this guy as they also both have shameless mancrushes on convicted criminal and open Jew-hater, CAIR-Michigan leader Delano Anthony Willis, Jr. a/k/a Dawud Walid. Ditto for Michigan Tea Party hack Andre Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (about whom I’ve written here before), who also drooled over imam Elahi and praised him as a “moderate.” What is Carol Costello’s excuse . . . other than being employed by the Crescent (or is that, Coran) News Network?

So, instead of celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today, maybe you should celebrate the “Martin Luther King [sic] of our time,” Iranian ayatollahs and mullahs.

Free at last? Not if you’re under their rule.


Convicted Murderer Khalil Chahine (left), Indicted Hezbollah Financier Talal Chahine (second from rt) & Their Religious Cleric, Hezbollah/Iran Agent Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi

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5 Responses

Sistani and Khatami should be judged the way that Martin Luther King Jr. preached: “by the content of their character”.
Stay safe Debbie!

PaulaMalka on January 19, 2015 at 9:47 am

Debbie, You very regularly post significant news articles that I see no where else in the media – one of your forte’s! This is so far beyond the realm of what any cognizant person could consider delusional that it’s a little scary to me. Scary because, while I will wait to see Obama’s presidential response to such lies of equivalence, I betting there will be none. I wish for this to go viral so at least he gets some push back from somewhere in the useless media feedback system. It irritates me that Obama continues to be the sole lone holdout of the free world leaders in statically refusing to accurately identify radical terrorist Islamists as just that. You write beautifully and thanks.

Nancy Brenner on January 19, 2015 at 10:58 am

Yup… I’m sure its more taqiyyah – a truly moderate Muslim would stand up for free speech, call for sanctions on Iran and other Islamic terrorist support havens, stand with Israel and support religious freedom, tolerance, brotherhood and peace throughout the world.

Imam Mohammed Elahi stands for none of those things. He has nothing in common with Martin Luther King, Jr. The truth is the extremists are mainstream Islam and are driving the Muslim bus. If Elahi were as he’s falsely represented in the media, should be the first to decry it.

He doesn’t. The people he lavishly praises and defends do not ever exemplify the spirit of the great American we are commemorating today and as Debbie rightly notes, he would have nothing to do with them. Freedom and justice are truly indivisible and the Elahis of the world will never grasp that simple truth.

NormanF on January 19, 2015 at 11:08 am

Carol Costello, the known Rush Limbaugh stalker, is the same Libtard hypocrite moron who thought it was a total knee-slapper (just like she’s a different sort of “slapper”…) when Bristol Palin got into a serious fight defending her family…but I reckon Stalker Costello would find it completely offensive if someone was to do such a thing to Moooooooslims or any other “protected” identity politic class. THAT is what is odious about that bubble-head. If you’re gonna be a proud Libtard you would think those crappers would at least try to appear consistent with their so-called core beliefs. THAT is what sickens me most about phony Libtards!

USA is just so hot to find and bear hug a “moderate” Moooooslim. That hope springs eternal but is something more fantastical than Tara Reid acing a nuclear physics major. Whether it’s the absolute ignorance to the Jew-hatred of “Christian” Arabs or thinking Moooooslims & Islam have NOT been winning since 9-11, most of the world today is far, far behind the reality of the dangers and utter pitch of Islam.

So I can see the “Proles” & dopes of today swallowing this swill. It’s more than annoying and peeps better start speaking up about it.

Skunky on January 19, 2015 at 11:15 am

Debbie just came across this story in case you don’t already know about it.


japple on January 19, 2015 at 12:08 pm

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