December 5, 2005, - 12:53 pm

Jennings-ette: New ABC Anchoratrix Vargas Soft on Islamic Terror

When died, in August, we wrote about his career of sympathizing with Islamic terrorists and other leftoid fascisti causes (, , and ). We worried that Elizabeth Vargas was being primed for his coveted ABC News anchor spot.
Well, unfortunately, our fears have come to fruition. It’s official: Vargas is ABC’s new evening news anchoratrix (along with Bob Woodruff).
Last year, Vargas gave a softball interview to ne Stephen Georgiou), the pop singer turned HAMAS activist and fundraiser and no-fly list member. In fact, the very sympathetic interview was so softball that Vargas didn’t ask Islam if he’s a HAMAS supporter on camera during the interview. Instead of showing us the answer on the air, along with the rest of his phony, mush answers, she reported, “He said” that he declined to comment. Most of the disgustingly humanizing interview of a terrorism fundraiser was about what a nice, soft, snuggly guy Islam is (showing us his warm relationship with his young son, etc.).

Jihadi Journalist: ABC’s New Jennings-esque Anchoratrix Vargas

Perhaps Vargas was doing penance for marrying Jewish liberal singer Marc Cohn (of one hit-wonder “Walking on Memphis” fame), whom one music critic described as “your garden variety soft-rock wuss.”
Expect more of Vargas’ silliness, harmful views, and sympathetic-to-terrorists interviews to look forward to. Or not. You may note that ABC News has stopped running the promo, “More Americans get their news from ABC News than any other news source.” That’s because Americans have left ABC News and its network rivals in droves.
Just in time for Elizabeth Vargas.

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Yet another example of how the lefties just don’t get it. I don’t have the hard figures, but the typical liberal bastions of network news, newspapers, and movies are slowly fading off in the sunset from the articles I’ve been reading lately. If I’m not mistaken, all their numbers are declining.
ABC can hire Angelina Jolie or Mickey Mouse for all I care. I like most of normal Americans get my news from FOX News Channel these days.

Jeff_W on December 5, 2005 at 2:59 pm

Not sure how long the conventional networks will continue with nightly news. They are a dying breed.

wisemonkey on December 6, 2005 at 1:33 am

Who else would one expect to replace “Palestinian Pete Jennings”?
The requirements to host ANY network and most cable news show are;
A. The applicant must be a LIBERAL,
B. The applicant must side with America’s enemies (does anyone remember that most newscasters refused to wear the American flag pin on their lapels immediately after 9/11 because they didn’t want to “take sides”?),
C. The applicant must hate America (does anyone remember that most newscasters refused to wear the American flag pin on their lapels immediately after 9/11 because they didn’t want to “take sides”?),
D. The applicant must be hostile to conservative interviewees,
E. The applicant must have a knee-jerk, visceral hatred for Roanld Reagan, and George W. Bush,
F. The applicant must be anti-death penalty, but be pro-abortion.

Thee_Bruno on December 7, 2005 at 10:00 am

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